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Why live streaming with musicians is becoming a thing… I might do a live stream as well…

So a lot of bands & musicians whether local or national has been doing live streams like crazy on the internet. They’ve been doing live stream acoustic shows at their homes through FB, instagram, twitter, etc. Why has free live stream performances by bands and artists exploded all of a sudden?

Well for one, since a lot of tours and concerts have been cancelled, many musicians are stuck at home now. Yup, ’cause of covid-19 and being quarantined. Many taking part in social distancing and all that shit.

The thing is now that musicians are holed up at home, they got nothing to do and many of them are just bored to death and they want to keep making & playing music. Many bands & artists decided to start writing songs for their next record during this quarantine and many of them are doing their concerts live on the internet instead which is a good idea.

Another reason for the live streaming is that bands & music artists just want to play music for their fans as a way to help get them through covid-19. Music is a healer and they want to help get rid of “stress” through these difficult times we’re in. Since a lot of music fans are holed up at home and many of us are bored, bands & music artists just want to continue to entertain us via live on the internet.

I’m glad “live stream” is finally a thing, though and I’m gonna join the bandwagon real soon. I’d like to do a live stream show of me doing cover songs ’cause I don’t have a new batch of originals yet. So my live stream would be cover songs only. I’m planning on doing a live streaming for two nights, both shows being a 10 – 12 song set which would probably be about an hour or so.

I’ve written down a list of all the cover songs I wanna do and came up with some great ideas. I think it’s important that I should do a bunch of cover songs that people know well and love. I’m going to be doing everything from old stuff to new stuff. Mostly hit songs you hear on the radio and stuff. I’ll be doing everything from oldies to classic rock to metal. All of it on acoustic. I think it’ll be fun. People will be surprised of the cover songs I’m about to pick.

This could happen in a few weeks. I need time to rehearse songs and might learn a few more.


Purchased some albums from Itunes earlier today…

Well today I just purchased 9 albums from Itunes.

I got the last three Grateful Dead albums that I needed to complete their 13 studio album discography. Now I have all 13 Grateful Dead studio albums on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I’m a huge Grateful Dead nerd or what they all call a Deadhead. Now that I have all their studio albums, I’m going to start collecting their live albums pretty soon.

I now have all 6 Alice In Chains studio albums. I have both the Layne Staley era and the William Duvall era. I love both eras of the band. I’ve been a huge Alice In Chains fan since the very beginning in the 90’s and still pretty loyal to that band to this day. I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always admired and respected that man.

As for Guns N’ Roses “Appetite” album, I used to have that album on CD a long time ago but didn’t have it anymore so I decided to get it back digitally. I’ve always loved GN’R and still do. I listened to the “Appetite” album at the gym earlier today and forgot how amazing that album really is. It’s a classic record for sure.

I’ve also picked up two more Clutch albums ’cause I’m really getting into that band. I think I’m gonna collect their entire album discography too. Clutch is an addicting band to listen to and I’m loving them.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!


Purchased some new albums from Itunes today…

Just got an Itunes card today so I purchased 5 new albums from Itunes today so I can catch up with more 2018 album releases.

When I was younger, I used to listen to the band Disturbed. I used to listen to their album “The Sickness” which was the album that put their career on the map, but I don’t have that album anymore. I decided to get Disturbed newest album “Evolution” ’cause it’s getting good reviews everywhere. I’ve heard good things about it. I used to listen to the band myself so I already have an idea what they sound like. Disturb is a great hard rock band, though. They’ve always been a tight band and always wrote great hit songs, but I’m planning on listening to them a lot more.

As for the new Pistol Annies album, I’m not into new country music that much but these girls in the Pistol Annies are actually very good. Love them because they country music that sounds like actual country music. They don’t sound “pop” country if you know what I mean. The Pistol Annies are a talented group. Love them so much.

I’ve been a fan of Nita Strauss for a long while now and have been waiting for her debut solo album to come out. She’s been around in the music industry for years, but she never released her own album until now. Nita Strauss is a badass guitar player and very talented. Love her playing and I think the woman herself is sexy looking as hell.

As for Myles Kennedy “Year of the Tiger”, this album has been getting good reviews as well. He’s the singer for Slash’s solo project and Myles put out his own solo album. Looking forward to hearing this.

As for Slash’s new album, “Living the Dream”, I’ve been following Slash’s solo career for a long while now ever since “Apocalyptic Love” album. I’m a big fan of Guns N’ Roses yes but I’m more of a fan of Slash’s solo career. The stuff he does with Myles Kennedy is excellent shit. I’ve been reading about the new Slash album “Living the Dream” so I had to get it for myself.

There ya go. Enjoy!


Album Review: Vinyl Floor “Peninsula”…


The band, Vinyl Floor, is from Copenhagen, Denmark. They sent me their 2nd album, “Peninsula”, to get reviewed and I had to give this album a listen to twice before writing my thoughts about the album. I was pretty impressed with the album. The album has a mix of rock n’ roll songs and slow ballads. The rock songs have some great guitar riffs and there is some pretty impressive guitar solos too! The songwriting is good. If you dig stuff like Coldplay, you would probably like this album. I was most impressed with the album’s sound quality. The sound quality is pretty amazing. The story behind the album of Utopia and Dystopia, is pretty intriguing stuff. The songs on the album has a lot of heart and you will immediately hear that once the album starts. This band may be from a different country, but once you listen to this album, they don’t sound like from another country. They sound like an American band, for sure!

You should really give these guys a listen and check them out.

The description of the album, “Peninsula”, is under the line below. Thanks for the band, Vinyl Floor, for sending me this album.



Dear reader!

Enclosed is the new Peninsula album by Vinyl Floor. The album will be released both digitally and physically on the 20´th of February 2012 by Karmanian Records. It will also be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Divine Records/Broken Silence.

Peninsula is recorded in Sweden in the summer of 2011 and is mastered by Ryan Smith, Sterling Sound, New York.

The Vindla String Quartet – who has played with Forest and Crispian and Nina Persson from The Cardigans – contributed strings on seven songs.

Other Swedish musicians contributed horns and lap steel guitar.

Vinyl Floor hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and Peninsula will be their 2nd album.

Peninsula is a concept album divided into two parts – the well known literary concepts of Utopia and Dystopia. Utopia is the image of perfection where happiness and love reigns. Dystopia being the contrast where depression, sorrow and forfeiture reigns. In the world of philosophy these concepts may occur individually, but as many might agree, the world is never just black and white. Vinyl Floor therefore explores the tension between these two concepts. However, on the album, Utopia and Dystopia are more than just concepts – they also appear as worlds for human beings to reside in.

In the Utopia part you may find dystopian tendencies such as doubt, broken dreams and enmity. In the Dystopia part you may find traces of conscience and regret but also glimpses of hope for a better future. This dynamic amalgamation is the focus of the album and comes to life via the lyrics, moods and artwork.

Speaking of a peninsula, one of its characteristics is the connection to the main land but it´s also part of the foaming sea surrounding it. In the album concept the peninsula is a metaphor for mankind: ’No man is an island’. A man can´t exist without a bond to the surrounding world. A man is defined by his surroundings.

The artwork has been provided with an old fashioned compass which can be placed in many directions. On the surface the compass navigates geographically but the meaning is both objective and subjective. ‘Where am I going?’. ’Where are we going?’.

The first track Frames and Orchids takes off with the natural cycle – birth and bloom/spring. Track six Diverging Paths marks the fall of Utopia and Dystopias emergence from the ashes of Utopia. Track seven Force You Through kicks off Dystopia and unleashes its dark powers. Track twelve Frozen Moon reveals an opening through which the listener can escape Dystopia and go back to Utopia. What is in between all of this is entirely up to the listener.

Web: www.vinylfloor.dk ½ http://www.myspace.com/vinylfloor           


Brock doesn’t like how Spotify is taking over the music business…

Isn’t it kind of hypocritical that the music industry goes to war against Napster (thanks to Lars Ulrich of Metallica), that they are mad at people for pirating free music, and then here comes this new software, Spotify? Spotify is similar software to Napster, except the only difference is that the major record labels are on board with Spotify streaming free music (Seriously, this makes the industry a bunch of hypocrites, think about it). Spotify became pretty popular quickly in the music industry. I used it for a little bit, thought it was cool at first, but I don’t want it anymore.

I’m slowly starting to move away from Itunes ’cause I’m not liking Itunes too much anymore either. Take up too much memory, I guess? I’ve been going back to buying regular CD’s instead of buying music digitally.


I miss the old days of music when there was no internet around. Back in those days, you had to buy music on cassette tapes, vinyl or CD’s. Not anymore. People aren’t buying music the old school way anymore. Sad really. I hate how you have to pay for Spotify if you want to listen to music without the advertisements. If you want to listen to music without the advertisements, just buy the damn album, and support the artist.

Spotify is garbage too, thumbs down.


The Listening Room: The Eagles of Death Metal….introducing my new favorite band!!!

I’ve recently discovered this band called, The Eagles of Death Metal. Now, try not to be confused with the band name ’cause they certainly aren’t death metal. They are old school rock n’ roll with a classic 70’s sound. It’s nice to hear that sound again. I know they’ve been around a long time since the 90’s I believe, but these guys are just becoming mainstream and starting to get more recognition. I saw them on Jay Leno last night, so I went looking at youtube for more of their videos.

Enjoy the laughs here. These guys are hilarious performers, their songs rock and I dig them. They are one of the good rock bands of today. I want to start buyin’ their CD’s now!!!


The Listening Room: The Eagles of Death Metal….introducing my new favorite band!!!

I’ve recently discovered this band called, The Eagles of Death Metal. Now, try not to be confused with the band name ’cause they certainly aren’t death metal. They are old school rock n’ roll with a classic 70’s sound. It’s nice to hear that sound again. I know they’ve been around a long time since the 90’s I believe, but these guys are just becoming mainstream and starting to get more recognition. I saw them on Jay Leno last night, so I went looking at youtube for more of their videos.

Enjoy the laughs here. These guys are hilarious performers, their songs rock and I dig them. They are one of the good rock bands of today. I want to start buyin’ their CD’s now!!!


Report: The Edge says the new U2 album is Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes inspired!!!

The guys in U2 are finally starting to be more open about the style of music of what’s on the new album, “No Line On the Horizon”. The Edge hints that the new album is Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes inspired. Sounds like U2 is going back to their tight rock n’ roll stuff.

More on it here:


Lets hope what they say is true. Their classic song “Bullet the Blue Sky”, is definitely Zeppelin inspired, lets hope they have more songs like that.


Report: Jimmy Page confirms Led Zep members will record new album and tour without Plant…

Jimmy Page’s reps confirms that himself, Jonesy and Jason Bonham will record a new studio album, and go on a long world tour in support of it. However, it still stands that Robert Plant will not rejoin them. Robert is happy with his bluegrass project with Alison and Robert are still friends with Jimmy Page and the rest of the band. Robert also gives the new band approval of going on without him.

The reason it’s taking so long for Jimmy’s new band to find a singer, is that they are looking for a perfect fit. It’s been rumoured for a long while that either Chris Cornell, Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy could land the gig as Robert’s replacement singer. Both Jimmy and Robert has said the new band won’t be called Led Zeppelin, they’ll have a different band name.

More on it here:


Look like they are getting real close to announcing the replacement singer very soon! Cool. I hope Myles Kennedy isn’t the singer but I am happy about the choices of Chris Cornell and Steven Tyler.

Although Cornell denied plenty of times that he isn’t joining the new Led Zep, he could be lying possibly, so he wouldn’t give out secret surprises.

I always pictured in my head Steven Tyler the Aerosmith singer being the frontman for Led Zep, Aerosmith has covered Led Zep tunes, and Tyler sings like Plant back in the 70’s.

I hope it’s either Chris or Steven, ’cause that would be pretty cool.


Jimmy Page needs to announce his new band soon, so he can kill the Led Zeppelin reunion rumors for good!!!

Jimmy Page still hasn’t announced his new band yet with a new singer. I feel he will sometime this year. The Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumours still don’t want to quit in the media. The rumours are giving Pagey and Plant a headache. Once Jimmy announces the new band, that will for sure, squash the Led Zep rumours for good.

Who ever the new singer is, I don’t think it will be Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. I’m sure the new singer will be a surprise and will shock the world, you never know who’s it going to be. It can be a completely unknown singer, somebody we’ve never heard of before or it could be a big name. Jimmy Page is always unpredictable. You just never know what that guy is going to do next. Don’t be surprised if the new singer could be Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes ’cause it could be a possibility as well.

As much as I love Led Zeppelin, fuck the reunion and fuck the Led Zep tour. If you were a true Led Zeppelin fanatic like myself, you would let the band go out on a positive note which was the Ahmet Ertegun O2 show. I actually agree with Robert Plant not rejoining them full time. Like I said in a post before, he’s too old for the rock n’ roll thing which is the whole fuckin’ point of tuning down keys in certain songs ’cause he couldn’t hit the high notes anymore.

He’s great with the country and bluegrass thing with Alison. Let him do that and let him move on. Led Zeppelin went out on a negative note with John Bonham dying and they wanted to come back to the O2 to play one last final show and go out in a good way. Leave it at that. Led Zeppelin continues their tour with Plant, they could fuck up their legacy by Plant not being able to sing anymore, so I’m all for Led Zeppelin not getting back together.

I want the guys moving on to new things, moving forward, not backwards. That’s what its all about. I’m looking forward to seeing what Pagey has in store for us with his new band and I know it’ll be really great. Pagey never dissapoints no matter what project outside of Zeppelin he does. Come on Jimmy!! Announce the new band soon ’cause the Led Zep reunion rumours are giving me a headache!!!