Purchased some new albums from Itunes today…

Just got an Itunes card today so I purchased 5 new albums from Itunes today so I can catch up with more 2018 album releases.

When I was younger, I used to listen to the band Disturbed. I used to listen to their album “The Sickness” which was the album that put their career on the map, but I don’t have that album anymore. I decided to get Disturbed newest album “Evolution” ’cause it’s getting good reviews everywhere. I’ve heard good things about it. I used to listen to the band myself so I already have an idea what they sound like. Disturb is a great hard rock band, though. They’ve always been a tight band and always wrote great hit songs, but I’m planning on listening to them a lot more.

As for the new Pistol Annies album, I’m not into new country music that much but these girls in the Pistol Annies are actually very good. Love them because they country music that sounds like actual country music. They don’t sound “pop” country if you know what I mean. The Pistol Annies are a talented group. Love them so much.

I’ve been a fan of Nita Strauss for a long while now and have been waiting for her debut solo album to come out. She’s been around in the music industry for years, but she never released her own album until now. Nita Strauss is a badass guitar player and very talented. Love her playing and I think the woman herself is sexy looking as hell.

As for Myles Kennedy “Year of the Tiger”, this album has been getting good reviews as well. He’s the singer for Slash’s solo project and Myles put out his own solo album. Looking forward to hearing this.

As for Slash’s new album, “Living the Dream”, I’ve been following Slash’s solo career for a long while now ever since “Apocalyptic Love” album. I’m a big fan of Guns N’ Roses yes but I’m more of a fan of Slash’s solo career. The stuff he does with Myles Kennedy is excellent shit. I’ve been reading about the new Slash album “Living the Dream” so I had to get it for myself.

There ya go. Enjoy!


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