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As odd as this sounds, Slash never liked playing guitar in front of people even though he’s considered one of the greats…

Guitar icon, Slash maybe considered one of guitar greats… he helped Guns N’ Roses become one of the best selling bands of all time and Slash had other great projects like with supergroup The Velvet Revolver, he also had a solo career and his longtime project with vocalist Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators… Slash has always been “self-conscious” and “insecure” about his own playing. He never liked playing in front of people and never liked wearing headphones in the studio.

He maybe one of the great rhythm and lead players but he always get so scared playing for people. Some of you may ask, if he doesn’t like playing for people, why does he always constantly tour with all of his projects? Well, I’ve read in other articles, he wears his top hat as a way to help him play more confidently on stage.

Read this little interesting article from Guitar World.

Slash maybe one of the greats but he has always been shy and insecure about his playing. He just plays guitar for himself pretty much and the way I see it, that’s how you play great guitar is play for yourself and not be a “show-off”. Slash was never the “show off” type like, “Hey, look what I can do, think you can play better than this?”.

Slash has always been a humble guy and that’s one of the reasons he’s respected.

Slash is a genius at both rhythm and lead. He’s definitely a riff master and he’s a fine acoustic player as well. Speaking of Slash, I’m a fan of all his bands and projects. I love Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and all the stuff he did with Myles Kennedy. Speaking of Slash & Myles Kennedy, I forgot they just released their 4th album this year and I have the first three. I forgot to grab their fourth album from Itunes but I’ll grab their new album sometime in the future.

Slash rules. He’s always been one of my favorites and he’s definitely one of those that sparked my own interest in guitar as well.


Purchased some new albums from Itunes today…

Just got an Itunes card today so I purchased 5 new albums from Itunes today so I can catch up with more 2018 album releases.

When I was younger, I used to listen to the band Disturbed. I used to listen to their album “The Sickness” which was the album that put their career on the map, but I don’t have that album anymore. I decided to get Disturbed newest album “Evolution” ’cause it’s getting good reviews everywhere. I’ve heard good things about it. I used to listen to the band myself so I already have an idea what they sound like. Disturb is a great hard rock band, though. They’ve always been a tight band and always wrote great hit songs, but I’m planning on listening to them a lot more.

As for the new Pistol Annies album, I’m not into new country music that much but these girls in the Pistol Annies are actually very good. Love them because they country music that sounds like actual country music. They don’t sound “pop” country if you know what I mean. The Pistol Annies are a talented group. Love them so much.

I’ve been a fan of Nita Strauss for a long while now and have been waiting for her debut solo album to come out. She’s been around in the music industry for years, but she never released her own album until now. Nita Strauss is a badass guitar player and very talented. Love her playing and I think the woman herself is sexy looking as hell.

As for Myles Kennedy “Year of the Tiger”, this album has been getting good reviews as well. He’s the singer for Slash’s solo project and Myles put out his own solo album. Looking forward to hearing this.

As for Slash’s new album, “Living the Dream”, I’ve been following Slash’s solo career for a long while now ever since “Apocalyptic Love” album. I’m a big fan of Guns N’ Roses yes but I’m more of a fan of Slash’s solo career. The stuff he does with Myles Kennedy is excellent shit. I’ve been reading about the new Slash album “Living the Dream” so I had to get it for myself.

There ya go. Enjoy!


Predicting the Guns N’ Roses “Coachella” set…

So Guns N’ Roses is set to headline “Coachella” this year. We all know that Slash, Axl and the guys will play all of the band’s singles and hit songs. Like I said before, I hope they throw in some non-hits in there as well.

I also have a feeling that when the reunited Gn’R finishes their set, the audience is never gonna let them leave the stage so there’s probably gonna be a lot of “encores”.

Here’s what the Guns N’ Roses “Coachella” set is gonna look like, I’ll list all the songs in no particular order:

Welcome To the Jungle
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Knocking On Heaven’s Door
November Rain
Paradise City
Don’t Cry
Civil War
You Could Be Mine
Mr. Brownstone
It’s So Easy
Live and Let Die
Pretty Tied UP
Dust N’ Bones
Rocket Queen
Sympathy For The Devil (Stones cover)

And maybe they’ll throw in a brand new song or two we haven’t heard before.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a killer set and will be interesting to hear what their set will sound like in LCD Surround Sound.


What would Guns N’ Roses play for their Coachella set?

Now that Slash and possibly other original members are coming back to GN’R for a headlining slot at “Coachella”, what will they play on the night of the show? Obviously, they’re gonna play all of their greatest hits. I would think they would play all the hits that Slash played on. I can see them playing songs from all Gn’R albums that night. They’ll play songs from the “Appetite” album, “GN’R Lies”, “Use Your Illusion I and II” and “The Spaghetti Incident?”. While I’m sure the band is gonna play all their hits, I hope they throw in some obscure songs from their albums aka songs that are not hits.

Will they play anything off of “Chinese Democracy”??? I don’t think so ’cause Slash didn’t play on that album. This show at Coachella is gonna be a big celebration of the original GN’R.

Regardless of who’s gonna be part of the lineup, I’m sure they’re gonna put on one sick show now that Slash is coming back finally. Trust me on that. Axl may not be as good of a singer anymore but I’m sure he’ll improve before the show ’cause he’s not gonna wanna disappoint the fans at all. It’s gonna be a great show I’m sure. Slash has always been one of my favorite guitarists of all time.

I’m sure they’re gonna stream the show live on the internet so I can’t wait to watch it. Hopefully they won’t make you pay to watch it. I’m a GN’R fan myself but only the original Gn’R. I never cared for the other guitarists. The other guitarists seemed like a GN’R tribute band to me. I’m glad the original guys are making a comeback finally.


Will the Guns N’ Roses comeback be a huge success? I would predict… yes!

So the original Guns N’ Roses is possibly gonna come out of retirement and make a big comeback for possible tour & new album. Could all that be a huge success? I would say so. Guns N’ Roses may have had many different lineup changes over the years but think about why Gn’R went to being a best selling arena band going back to playing the smaller clubs with the new lineups? The other eras of Guns N’ Roses weren’t as popular. I’m talking about the other guitarists that GN’R had in the 2000’s eras: Buckethead, Bumblefoot, Robin Finck and DJ Ashba. “Chinese Democracy” may have been a best selling album at the time it came out but still wasn’t a no. 1 record. Nobody really cares for the other Gn’R guitarists. The only reason people went to their shows anyways is ’cause people wanted to hear all their greatest hits.

I would think an original Gn’R tour would be very successful ’cause people prefers to hear Gn’R songs played by the original guys. The original guys who wrote all the hits: “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, “November Rain”, “Live and Let Die”, etc. People would rather hear all those songs by Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven. So if they’re serious on a reunion tour, hopefully they’ll be playing those large arenas instead of small clubs and smaller theaters. Only Slash and the guys can play those songs well. That’s what the people want.

Axl singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” without Slash playing that classic opening riff just doesn’t work. That song is only listenable when Slash is playing guitar on it. That’s what everybody wants to hear. This is why everyone wants the reunion to happen.

It could be a big selling tour for sure as I’m sure all the shows will sell out fast. It could make Axl Rose rich as hell again. They could become a mainstream band again for sure.

When the tour happens, hopefully they can play all the shows successfully without feuding again ’cause you never know they could start fighting again when they get back together. It could happen but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully Axl will leave his ego at the door this time.


Will original members of Guns N’ Roses reunite for tour and possible new album???

Will the original Guns N’ Roses lineup from the old days reunite for a tour and possible new album? I see a tour is a possibility but a new album with original lineup? We’ll wait and see on the new album. Will the original guys Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven come back?


If they are coming back, I don’t know if I’ll be all that thrilled to be honest with ya. Yeah, I’ve always been a GN’R fan myself but honestly, I don’t think Axl can sing anymore. I mean, listen to all the recent Gn’R performances in youtube and you would hear that Axl sounds horrible when he sings. He doesn’t have the powerful voice like he used to have. Most GN’R fans agree that he’s terrible on the singing.

In the two videos below, I’ll post an older live GN’R performance and a newer performance of Axl singing so I can show you the difference. See how much he changed in his singing. I think he lost the head voice is what happened. He sings way off pitch and he’s just terrible. He’s not a good live singer like he used to be.

Other than that, it would still be cool to see Axl and Slash bury the hatchet.


It’s good news that Slash and Axl Rose buried the hatchet but…

It seems that Slash and Axl Rose have buried the hatchet. The two guys started talking again after feuding with each after all these years. So does this mean there will be a Guns N’ Roses reunion with its original members? I don’t think it’ll happen but I can see Slash and Axl doing something musical together though. Maybe Slash will have Axl sing a song on his next solo album or something?


Only thing though, Axl Rose can’t really sing anymore like he used to. He used to be a phenomenal singer in the past but I believe Axl lost his great singing voice he once had. He can’t sing for shit. Listen to Axl with Gn’R in the video below. He’s not a strong singer anymore like he once was. His voice is terrible now. I’ll agree with some that he can’t sing anymore.


Slash’s “Apocalyptic Love” is probably the best album of 2012 so far!!!

I was very impressed by this album. Probably the best work Slash has ever done. I listened to this album a couple of times and you hear something new with every listen. I’m probably gonna be addicted to this album. This album sounds like a Guns N’ Roses record. It’s got that old school GN’R sound. Wow. No wonder Axl hates Slash! Myles Kennedy is the lead singer of this album. He sang the lead through every song. This album doesn’t have different vocalists like the last record Slash did. Myles sings just like Axl, except Myles is a way better singer than Axl. This is Slash’s best guitar work too. This album makes you want to forget Guns N’ Roses.

I hate most mainstream rock music ’cause it’s mostly pop stuff to be honest, but it’s very rare that something really good will come out and this is one of them. You don’t have to be a longtime fan of Guns N’ Roses either, to enjoy this album. It’s very good. I’m probably going to listen to this a lot and you should get it as well.


Report: Axl Rose banning Slash t-shirts at Guns N’ Roses concerts???

While I hate Axl Rose like most people, I find this a bunch of bull. Axl Rose is being accused of banning Slash t-shirts if fans are wearing them at his shows. I don’t think Axl would be responsible for this ’cause the way his attitude is lately, he wouldn’t give a fuck what people wear at his concerts. It could be the venue’s decision or this punk kid could be trying to make Axl look bad. I don’t think Axl would really care what shirts people are wearing in the audience ’cause it would be hard to see out there, wouldn’t you say? In the front row, I’m sure you can tell what shirts people are wearing but way in the back, no. I don’t think Axl has anything to do with this. Probably a silly rumor going around.

More on the story, here.


Report: Scott Weiland wants to rejoin Velvet Revolver!!!

Scott Weiland have been fired from Velvet Revolver a few years back due to having a bad attitude, being a drunk and having an ego problem, but things seem to be doing okay with him and the band now. Scott claims he have patched things up with the rest of the guys in Velvet Revolver. The band is getting along with him fine again. They still keep in touch like brothers. Scott revealed that he wants to rejoin the band for a few shows if possible. The other guys in the band are actually taking it in consideration ’cause they are having a tough time trying to find a new singer (they haven’t found anyone yet). Matt Sorum admits that it’s really hard to replace Scott.

Read the full article, here.

Look like they can’t find a different vocalist that would fit the style of their music. Only Scott’s voice can fit the music, so Scott is pretty much the star of the band, he can’t be replaced.

I’m sure everybody will accuse Scott of starting trouble again when he rejoins the band, but I don’t think that will happen. He rejoined Stone Temple Pilots and their latest run seemed to go fine with no problems. I think it’ll be okay if Scott rejoined Velvet Revolver. I like Velvet Revolver even though I haven’t bought their albums. I did hear all of their hits on the radio though.