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Slash’s “Apocalyptic Love” is probably the best album of 2012 so far!!!

I was very impressed by this album. Probably the best work Slash has ever done. I listened to this album a couple of times and you hear something new with every listen. I’m probably gonna be addicted to this album. This album sounds like a Guns N’ Roses record. It’s got that old school GN’R sound. Wow. No wonder Axl hates Slash! Myles Kennedy is the lead singer of this album. He sang the lead through every song. This album doesn’t have different vocalists like the last record Slash did. Myles sings just like Axl, except Myles is a way better singer than Axl. This is Slash’s best guitar work too. This album makes you want to forget Guns N’ Roses.

I hate most mainstream rock music ’cause it’s mostly pop stuff to be honest, but it’s very rare that something really good will come out and this is one of them. You don’t have to be a longtime fan of Guns N’ Roses either, to enjoy this album. It’s very good. I’m probably going to listen to this a lot and you should get it as well.