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The new Stone Temple Pilots album was pretty damn good, I was pretty surprised by it!!!

The new Stone Temple album is surprisingly really really good. Freakin’ loved it. Listened to it while working out at the gym today. When these guys kept going on without Scott Weiland, I have had my doubts and didn’t think they would be able to do it without him but they did. They still kill it and they still sound like STP even without Scott on vocals. The new singer sounds pretty close to Scott anyways.

Only very few iconic bands can go on without their original singers successfully for example Van Halen did it with Sammy Hagar, AC/DC did it with Brian Johnson, Genesis did it with Phil Collins and now STP did it with Jeff Gutt.

STP got a lot of backlash trying to move on without Scott but give them a chance. The new singer took a while to grow on me. Now I’m a fan of STP again.

I think I’m going to be listening to this album a lot. It’s a keeper for sure!



Stone Temple Pilots still being disrespectful and arrogant pricks to Scott Weiland even when he’s gone…

So Scott Weiland died, and now STP just released their 25th Anniversary edition of their iconic album, “Core”; the album that made the band famous to begin with. Are they doing this in honor of Scott? Maybe,  but I don’t see it that way at all.

I think the band are trying their best to stay relevant after Scott’s passing. They tried to replace him with Chester Bennington for a little bit. They were gonna have Chester be the frontman of STP full time but before Chester died, he left STP. Then STP decides to continue to look for a new singer by doing their own online competition thing. In this article, STP confirms they found someone, and already making new music with that new singer. They still have plans to continue as STP under the new singer.


The only reason I think they’re releasing this “Core” 25th Super Deluxe version is just to hype up the new STP with their new singer. Period?

STP already lost a lot of fans after vowing to continue STP with new singer. Why is the band continuing on without Scott? Well, I remember that the guys in STP, the Deleo Brothers, did two side projects in the past; they did the bands Talk Show and Army For Everyone which both of those bands flopped in record sales. Is that why they refuse to change the name ’cause they’re afraid that the next album would flop in record sales? Yes, I believe so. They’re desperately trying to get people interested in new STP album with new singer… that’s the only reason I can think of they’re releasing the “Core” 25th Anniv.

If this band want to continue on… hey, that’s their prerogative but I wish they would realize that STP is Scott’s baby. Scott wrote pretty much all STP albums himself, and wrote the band’s biggest hits. Will STP continue to be successful with new singer? My prediction: I don’t think so. In my opinion, I think this is career suicide for the band. Scott didn’t want this band to continue on, that’s what Scott sued them for to begin with, ya know?

Now that Scott is gone, the band believes they can freely do whatever they want now, so I’m sure they feel proud that they can continue on with STP  without any legal problems. The surviving members of STP are no doubt arrogant jerks. They wouldn’t have had a career if it wasn’t for Scott anyways, so technically the guys in STP are disrespecting Scott. I’m sure Scott is rolling in his grave.

Watch the new STP album with new singer bomb hard in record sales ’cause no one will buy it. I don’t think any other singer could make STP music the way Scott did it. Scott made STP, no other singer could do what he did. I agree with most people… the guys should change the band name.


Stone Temple Pilots honors Scott Weiland by posting different versions of their song “Atlanta”…

I just knew that the surviving members of STP were gonna pay tribute to Scott Weiland and they just did today.

On their website, they posted two different versions of their song “Atlanta”… which is the final track off their album, “No. 4”. They posted the full band version before the orchestra overdubs and they posted the orchestrated version. The orchestrated version of the song never made it on the No. 4 album so they released the band version instead for that album.

This is really cool stuff. “Atlanta” is one of my favorite songs by STP too as I think it’s one of their best tunes.

As you can see in the video below — Dean, Robert and Eric are listening to the song while fooling around with the controls and they do look very sad while listening to it. Proved that they really loved Scott.

See the band’s tribute to Scott Weiland here:



There’s no such term as “accidental overdose” it was made up by the mainstream media, idiots…

“Accidental overdose” is not an actual term. It was totally made up by the mainstream media and the sad part is that most people take it seriously. So just because the media says it then it must be true, huh? (sarcasm)

I repeat there is no such thing as accidental overdose. They not only called the Scott Weiland death, “accidental overdose”… they called Heath Ledger that too. They only call it “accidental overdose” when a famous person dies. The fake term “accidental overdose” is just a lame ass excuse used by the media to describe a death of a famous person who died of drugs that they took on “purpose”. It doesn’t make sense to call an overdose “accidental”. It’s just silly. Foolish if you think about it. If you take drugs, you are purposefully doing that to yourself. If you die of it, then it’s your fault. Drugs don’t find their way into human bodies accidentally. There’s nothing “accidental” about it.

The term “accidental overdose” was used so this famous person who died of drugs wouldn’t get so much flak for it from the public and I’m pretty sure the media lied about it being “accidental”. Why did they choose the words “accidental overdose”? To avoid lawsuit from family members? Maybe that’s a part of it. Maybe the family wanted it that way as well?

Why not be realistic about it and call it just an “overdose” ’cause that’s what it really was technically.

That term “accidental overdose” first came up when Heath Ledger died. There is a such a thing as “accidental death” but it’s not the same thing as “accidental overdose”. I do know that the term “accidental overdose” means that he never intended to commit suicide but whether it’s an accident or not, it’s a suicide no matter what you think of it. If you take drugs, you did that to yourself.

When a famous person dies and they call it “accidental overdose”, it’s just the media’s sneaky way of never admitting that this person did it to themselves. They can’t accept the fact that they did it to themselves. They can’t take the truth and it is bothering them. So the media calls it “accidental overdose” so they don’t lose their viewers and their audience.

Just a few things to think about for a few minutes.


Media being politically correct on Scott Weiland death, why are they calling it “accidental overdose”???

Some media outlets, mostly the ones with the liberal bias are calling Scott Weiland’s death “accidental overdose”. Um, really? The way I’m looking at it, there is really no such thing as “accidental overdose”. You give yourself drugs and damage your body, you are doing that to yourself so it definitely was no accident at all. I think the media calls it “accidental” as a way to be friendly and try not to be “offensive” by calling it just an “overdose”.


This is just one of the million reasons why I hate the mainstream media ’cause they get politically correct on everything.


Scott Weiland died of drug overdose after all, no surprise, though! We all knew that anyways…

Yep, Scott definitely lied to all of us about staying clean for sure and here is the proof of that. His wife also lied that he died clean.

We all knew he was messed up before his death ’cause all one has to do is watch his live performances with the Wildabouts and listen to him during his interviews.

Now people are starting to come to an understanding of why STP booted him out of the band.


He may not have been on the heroin anymore but he was definitely into other drugs and this proves it.

Even though Scott was a junkie and had a lot of problems… he was still one of my favorite rock singers and I had so much respect for him musically. I grew up listening to his projects over the years with STP, Velvet Revolver, etc.


Finished listening to all of Scott Weiland’s music…

So I’ve finished listening to all of Scott Weiland’s music through Apple Music streaming. I’ve listened to all STP albums, listened to all of his solo albums (even his Christmas album which was really good) and I also listened to the two Velvet Revolver albums. Ya know, everything he did outside of STP was really good but I think the best work he’s done out of STP were the two Velvet Revolver album, The Wildabouts “Blaster” album and Scott Weiland’s Christmas album, “The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year”.

I was really impressed with the Wildabouts “Blaster” album ’cause it’s a great rock album. You should check it out yourself. I also dug his Christmas album, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” ’cause it showed that Scott could sing all kinds of music and not just rock n’ roll. The Christmas album was a pretty ballsy album for him to do but I loved it a lot, though.

I really liked the Velvet Revolver as I thought “Libertad” and “Contraband” were both pretty tight albums.

It’s a shame that we lost Scott ’cause he was a rock genius. While he was most known as a rock frontman and singer, he wasn’t just that… he was a rock legend and icon. Whether you liked his music or not, I’m pretty sure everybody heard of that name, Scott Weiland. Everybody knew that name from somewhere.

So you have to ask yourself, is it now time to induct STP into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Not yet. They still have a few more years in order to be “eligible” ’cause their first record “Core” has been out for 23 years now. In order to make it in the Hall of Fame, your first album needs to be out for 25 years. STP still has two more years to go so in two more years, they’ll make it in, I’m sure. They’ll make it in the Hall of Fame in 2017.

It really is a bummer that Scott’s gone now ’cause I was hoping he’ll get his chance to reunite with STP and Velvet Revolver.


Scott Weiland’s final interview before his death was really hard to listen to, WOW!

Here is Scott Weiland’s final interview before his passing and it was a pretty hard interview to listen to. As you listen to Scott speak, you can definitely tell he was either high or drunk on something. Probably a little bit of both. Scott isn’t usually like this in interviews either. When Scott isn’t high or sober during interviews, his interviews were almost always intelligent and he was talkative most of the time but this interview was horrible. You can tell he wasn’t feeling good at all. His responses to the questions were like one or two words and a lot of pausing. You can tell that the interviewers knew that there was something wrong with Scott, they were just being “friendly” with him. Yeah, there’s no doubt that Scott got himself back in the drugs again.


Will Stone Temple Pilots put on a tribute concert to honor Scott Weiland? They could, I can see it happening…

I think the surviving members will honor Scott in some way and give some kind of tribute for him like maybe release unreleased material of STP music or they could put on a tribute show or both. Chester Bennington may no longer be involved in the band anymore but I can see STP getting a bunch of well-known singers together to sing a bunch of STP songs. I think they should do a tribute show for Scott for live TV. I can see it happening for sure, we’ll have to wait and see, ya know? I think the surviving members of STP will put on some kind of tribute thing for Scott just so they can show that they still cared for him. Fans are gonna expect them to do some kind of tribute thing and they’re not gonna want to ignore the fans. They gotta put on something and I think they will put on some kind of show for the fans. Give it time, y’all. I think they will do something for us STP fans, they won’t ignore us for sure.

Over the weekend, I’ve been on a listening binge of STP albums celebrating Scott’s music. While I do love all STP albums with Scott on them, my favorite album would have to be their third album, “Tiny Music”. Like most people, I would have to agree that “Tiny Music” was their best album in their career.


5 positive things to say about Scott Weiland…

The mainstream media and some music fans wants to say all kinds of negative stuff about Scott Weiland. Over the years, I supported the man the best I could and he always had my back and support almost most of the time. I would always try to defend the man too. No matter what anybody thought of Scott, I always supported the man. I’ve always loved Scott’s music since the days when STP started coming out in the 90’s. He’s been a hero to me since high school.

What are 5 things about Scott that are positive about him?

  • He was a great vocalist, musical genius and a great live performer too:  Love him or hate him all you want to, you can’t deny that the man is one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time. The man really knew how to sing. When he sings, his phrasing is so good and he knew how to make his vocals sound melodic. He doesn’t just sing along with the guitar riff like most singers do, this guy actually SINGS and did it well. He was also one of the best live performers around and knew how to put on a show ’cause he was a showman and entertainer.
  • He had a real passion for music:  Even though the doors kept closing on him with STP and Velvet Revolver, he just kept going musically with either his solo career or the Wildabouts. He had a big passion for music for sure and you can’t deny that. The man loved what he did and he showed it.
  • He appreciated his fans & supporters: Scott was really good with his fanbase. He appreciated them all. He would interact with fans online with his instagram/facebook/twitter and all that stuff. Plus, he is willing to meet fans out in public and take photos/sign autographs or whatever. Scott was a pretty classy guy.
  • He gave the best interviews: Scott always gave the best interviews in the music press ’cause I’ve read a lot of them. He always gave honest and intelligent answers. I’ve always enjoyed reading or listening to his interviews. I’ll admit that sometimes his interviews can get pretty weird but that’s because he was probably high or drunk on something but other than that, he can give some really cool interviews.
  • He was a pretty strong and tough dude:  He may have had all kinds of negative stuff thrown at him but he knew how to stay above it all. Even though he didn’t get along with STP and the Velvet Revolver, he kept on keepin’ on. Staying strong and lived life the way he wanted to.

That’s it. I didn’t think he deserved to be called a “trainwreck” and all that stuff ’cause we all have our problems. Despite his problems, he was a good man.