Stone Temple Pilots honors Scott Weiland by posting different versions of their song “Atlanta”…

I just knew that the surviving members of STP were gonna pay tribute to Scott Weiland and they just did today.

On their website, they posted two different versions of their song “Atlanta”… which is the final track off their album, “No. 4”. They posted the full band version before the orchestra overdubs and they posted the orchestrated version. The orchestrated version of the song never made it on the No. 4 album so they released the band version instead for that album.

This is really cool stuff. “Atlanta” is one of my favorite songs by STP too as I think it’s one of their best tunes.

As you can see in the video below — Dean, Robert and Eric are listening to the song while fooling around with the controls and they do look very sad while listening to it. Proved that they really loved Scott.

See the band’s tribute to Scott Weiland here:


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