There are a lot of secret Donald Trump supporters out there ’cause they’re afraid of getting attacked by liberals…

With all of this controversy going on between Donald Trump with his illegal immigration and Muslim stuff, he has gotten a lot more supporters; however, more and more supporters are being secretive about it. In my facebook friends list, I’m noticing more and more Donald Trump supporters but a lot of them don’t want to show their support to Trump publicly ’cause they’re afraid of liberal backlash probably. They don’t wanna get unfriended/blocked by their liberal friends. I hear them, though ’cause liberals attack me for supporting Donald Trump all the time but I don’t give a flyin’ two fucks. I’m not afraid to voice out my support for Trump, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. He’s still my choice for prez. He’s the best guy for the job and agree with it or not, he’s our only hope for America. The rest of the candidates are all a bunch of losers and that includes Ben Carson and Ted Cruz… I don’t like them either. Trump is the best guy we have.

If you support The Donald, don’t be cowards by keeping quiet about it. Speak up and speak up loudly. That’s what I do. He’s the only guy who is the real deal while all the other candidates including the Dem candidates are a bunch of fakes and losers. I refuse to align myself with an old lunatic like Bernie Sanders who is a complete whack job and I still don’t get all the Bernie Sanders worship.

It’s pretty amazing how liberals slam us for supporting Trump. It’s okay, though ’cause I consider it a compliment really. They say we shouldn’t be supporting a guy like Mr. Trump ’cause they believe he would be bad for America. Well, that’s their opinion and their entitled to it but the sad thing is they treat it like they’re talking factual. As a matter of fact, we tried our best to tell liberals not to support Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton but they never listened to us but continued to support them. So if they won’t listen to us then why should we listen to them? If that’s how it’s gonna be, I refuse to support people who still think Barack Obama is a good president and I refuse to support Hillary supporters too. If you have noticed, I don’t debate politics with Obama defenders. If people defend Obama all the time then pretty much they’re gonna get ignored by me. Comments that defend Barack Obama will usually get deleted and ignored. People shouldn’t support Obama & Hillary at all, you can throw Bernie Sanders in there as well. So who to you to say that we can’t support somebody like Donald Trump? Here’s a big fuck you on that.

Trump is gonna win this election all the way, I just know he will. I’ve got faith and I’m praying for him. Go Trump!


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