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Really TIME magazine? Crooked Hillary first female to win Democratic nomination is big news??? LMAO… WOW!!!

Just when the Fake News MSM can’t get any more stupider. Here’s TIME magazine, releasing this dumb video about Crooked Hillary being the first female nominee in a presidential election. Seriously? We’re all supposed to care about this? Is that supposed to be a historic thing, “first female candidate to win a nomination in a president race”? Yeah, she has a new book coming out, and they could be  doing this to help start a buzz for a Hillary 2020 as well. This video is just laughable.

What’s historic is that Donald Trump beat Hillary, Bernie and 16 Republicans to become the 45th President of the United States. How come TIME magazine didn’t do a video on that? Oh that’s right, the Fake News MSM are lapdogs for liberals. It’s a shame that the Fake News MSM are in bed with Hillary and they refuse to support our current prez.

This is just an excuse for the MSM to try and ram her down our throats some more. Hey Fake News, you can’t get us to respect Hillary… respect is earned. She lost the election ’cause we all despise her.

She lost. Get the fuck over  it, already! Nobody cares about Hillary.



Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be arrested for voter fraud…

During last year’s President 2016 election, Hillary couldn’t have won NY State. No doubt at all Trump really won that state ’cause the NY map showed mostly “red”. When it was announced that Hillary won that state, I was pretty shocked. The news tried to spin it that it was NYC that helped Hillary win but I don’t believe it at all.


With that being said, I think Cuomo got elected Gov. of New York due to voter fraud and he’ll probably do it again in 2018.

Hey NY State, it’s finally time to vote this corrupted asshole out. I know I will.


2 years ago today, Donald Trump officially announced he’s running for president… and now he is the president…

Two years ago today, Donald Trump made history by coming down the escalator with his wife Melania at Trump Tower to announce he’s officially running for president. Ever since he announced his presidential campaign, he has grown so many haters and doubters. People hated and people doubted him so much. Everybody pretty much went after him: Democrats, liberals, the GOP even went after him, the media, Hollywood, music artists. People got so mad at Trump and heads exploded over him but guess what? He won and beat them all. He even beat Hillary.

The NeverTrump crowd thought he would lose but they thought wrong. Well, here he is the 45th President of the United States. Deal with it, snowflakes!

I stood with him ever since that day he announced his presidential campaign. Never turned my back on him once. I’ve always been very loyal to Trump and still am now. I don’t care what the haters think. I stand with my president.

Trump is now officially 50% in approval ratings. While everyone is sitting there obsessively hating on him, Trump is already doing great things for America. The economy is booming, regulations going way down, Trump admin. cracking down on illegal aliens as promised, etc. Keeping almost every campaign promise.

We don’t have The Wall yet but we’ll get there before you know it. Trust me. We’ll get the wall.

Keep hating, NeverTrumpers. All you’re doing is helping his approval ratings and giving him a chance for 2020.


It’s turning out that Bernie Sanders is on the side of Muslims and not Christianity… Bernie the anti-Christ????

Bernie Sanders is getting scarier and scarier. Liberals and some independent voters really support this clown? Really?

First, Bernie attacked Russell Vought who is President’s Trump’s nominee to be the deputy director of the Whitehouse Management and Budget. Bernie viciously attacked Vought over his belief in Christianity. So Bernie is simply saying that Christians shouldn’t be in a president’s administration?


Then we have Crazy Bernie attacking Vought some more during a confirmation hearing. Bernie seems to be on the side of Muslims and not Christians at all:


Interesting. So Bernie is going around talking about how Trump is creating hate by saying things about Mexicans, Women and Muslims but then Bernie here goes around hating on Christian people. Calls Trump a bigot and all sorts of names. Well, bigotry goes both ways, Bern. Hating on Christian people is bigotry too.

Bernie says that this country is having a problem with inequality and intolerance well he should look in the fuckin mirror.

I’m not a very religious person at all but I do believe in people’s rights to be in certain religions and they do have a right to believe in Christ if they please.

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. I never supported this clown at all. Never liked him ever since the 2016 election started so for those who abandoned Bernie to support Trump instead, did a really smart thing; however, there are still a lot of dumb people who still support Bernie. Those die-hard Bernie fans would agree with everything Bernie says even if it’s wrong and even if what he said was full of shit.

Bernie scares me. I’m glad he isn’t our president. He probably would have welcomed Sharia law and the USA turning into a Muslim state. That’s what Bernie’s America would have looked like. Bernie is dangerous and evil. Would say anything for a vote.




NBC desperate in trying to get their “conservative” audience back???

Megyn Kelly is having InfoWars host/founder, Alex Jones on her new Sunday show on NBC. Even though NBC called Alex Jones a “conservative”, he never called himself that on INFOWars. Alex always said he is libertarian!

NBC is outraging a lot of liberals because Alex said Sandy Hook shooting was a “false flag” and no one died. For that reason alone, liberal media called him a “conspiracy theorist”.


NBC is obviously desperate in getting their “conservative” viewers back ’cause they lost a lot of viewers during the start of the 2016 elections after the way they treated Trump. NBC continues to get worse and worse with their fake news.

On top of all this, what gives the Fake News MSM the right to call Alex Jones a “conspiracy theorist” when the liberal media are the biggest conspiracy theorists around? They were the ones that made up the claims of Donald Trump colluded with Russia when there is no evidence and that was already proven during the James Comey testimony to the Senate.

NBC trying to get their “conservative” viewers back but it’s not happening with me. I vow to never watch NBC again.

Hey NBC, I know you’re trying to get respect back but respect isn’t begged for, it is earned. So if you want to get your viewers back then ENOUGH with your “Fake News” liberal bias garbage. That’s why a lot of us are switching off NBC which stands for “Nothing But Crap”. If you want your ratings back, then bring back “honest journalism”… the same goes for the rest of the media.


Hillary blamed her own party and the NY Times for her loss… yet Fake News MSM continues to kiss her ass…


Hillary still can’t get over it. Playing the blame game. She wants to blame everyone and everything. One excuse after another. When most candidates lose President elections, they don’t whine like a baby. Never before have I seen someone who won’t accept a loss. Most presidential candidates over the years who lose elections, just moves on and forgets about it but not Hillary. This cunt wants to blame everyone and everything when she can’t get the hint no one likes her. Even many on the left don’t even like her.

It’s funny that she even blamed her own party and The New York Times, yet the liberal Fake News MSM continues to kiss her ass and be a lapdog for her. Like most, I’m so tired of Hillary and wish she would go away for ever and ever.

Anyone who finds Hillary a likeable person has all kinds of mental problems themselves. If you find Hillary a likeable person, well you probably watch CNN, NBC and all that crap.

The reasons we didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016, the real reasons she lost the election:

  • Benghazi
  • The private e-mail server
  • She’s the most scandalous person ever
  • She’s a liar, a cunt, a vile and evil person

There, that’s it.

Hillary lost, Donald won. Unfortunately, the snowflakes hasn’t gotten over it yet.


Are the Clintons paying the media lots of money to make them look good and to make Donald Trump look bad? It’s obvious I must say…

It’s interesting how the media can’t think of one thing to criticize Hillary about. They don’t want to say anything negative about her at all for some reason. Everything the mainstream media says about Hillary is something positive. Whenever Hillary is in trouble for something, the media will be quick to defend her and protect her every time. Media obviously treats her like the queen. It’s really pathetic.

The way I look at all of this is, I really do believe that the Clintons are paying the MSM loads of money to make them look good when they aren’t really. If the media wasn’t getting paid then the Clintons would have gotten loads of negative criticism by the media and that’s what they wanted to avoid. I believe that Hillary Clinton is a huge narcissist and egomaniac. The woman loves herself too much. Everyone wants to accuse Donald Trump of being an egomaniac but I disagree. The egomaniac is no one other than Hillary.

How? Well, the bitch thinks she’s above the law for one. She thinks she can commit gov. crimes and get away with them all. She’s also one of the biggest liars ever. She would do or say anything to make herself look good and would say anything to protect herself. She also wants the presidency for herself and herself only. She can’t accept that she lost, making one excuse after another as for why she lost. She can’t get the hint that no one likes her. The media can’t get the hint either but they want to force us to believe that she’s a sweetheart when we are not buying that shit at all.

Hillary is an evil cunt and wish she would go away forever. Anybody who actually likes her has a lot of mental problems themselves.