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It’s turning out that Bernie Sanders is on the side of Muslims and not Christianity… Bernie the anti-Christ????

Bernie Sanders is getting scarier and scarier. Liberals and some independent voters really support this clown? Really?

First, Bernie attacked Russell Vought who is President’s Trump’s nominee to be the deputy director of the Whitehouse Management and Budget. Bernie viciously attacked Vought over his belief in Christianity. So Bernie is simply saying that Christians shouldn’t be in a president’s administration?


Then we have Crazy Bernie attacking Vought some more during a confirmation hearing. Bernie seems to be on the side of Muslims and not Christians at all:


Interesting. So Bernie is going around talking about how Trump is creating hate by saying things about Mexicans, Women and Muslims but then Bernie here goes around hating on Christian people. Calls Trump a bigot and all sorts of names. Well, bigotry goes both ways, Bern. Hating on Christian people is bigotry too.

Bernie says that this country is having a problem with inequality and intolerance well he should look in the fuckin mirror.

I’m not a very religious person at all but I do believe in people’s rights to be in certain religions and they do have a right to believe in Christ if they please.

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. I never supported this clown at all. Never liked him ever since the 2016 election started so for those who abandoned Bernie to support Trump instead, did a really smart thing; however, there are still a lot of dumb people who still support Bernie. Those die-hard Bernie fans would agree with everything Bernie says even if it’s wrong and even if what he said was full of shit.

Bernie scares me. I’m glad he isn’t our president. He probably would have welcomed Sharia law and the USA turning into a Muslim state. That’s what Bernie’s America would have looked like. Bernie is dangerous and evil. Would say anything for a vote.




Hey Pope Francis, you know else isn’t really a Christian? None other than Barack Obama!

I’m sure liberals are giving themselves a big hardon and jerking themselves off that Pope Francis claims that Donald Trump really isn’t a Christian but you know who else really isn’t a Christian? Like the title says none other than Barack Obama. It’s pretty obvious that Obama’s Christian faith is pretty phoney and fake. There is no way your precious Obama is a Christian. Obama’s “Crusades” speech is proof that he’s no Christian. Obama is always talking trash about Christianity. Christians are also being murdered and slaughtered all over the place but Barack doesn’t seem to have a care. He’s more caring to Muslims than Christians.

So who to you to question Trump’s religious faith when nobody ever questions Obama’s faith? When people do question Obama’s faith, they get called a racist and a bigot for it. So here’s a big FUCK YOU, Pope Francis, you communist child abusing asshole.


The Oregon shooting should prove that Obama is no Christian…

Obama claims he’s Christian but you know it’s a fucking lie. He’s no Christian at all and anybody that believes it ’cause Obama says he is , you’re delusional and messed up. Christians were the target of that shooting.

Christians are being targeted everywhere in the world and they don’t have any respect or compassion by Obama and his admission. For Obama not to bring up the fact that Christians were targeted at the Oregon shooting will show even more that Obama is no Christian.

If Obama was a real Christian, he would have been against gay marriage, gun control and he would support Christianity 100% but instead Obama supports Christianity 50% or lower.

It’s not a very Christian thing to do to ignore the fact that Christians are being murdered and slaughtered in the United States and around the world.

Yet, Obama is turning out to be the anti-Christ and disrespects Christians even more during his “Crusades” speech. Obama is a Christian? Heh… fuck you if you think he is.

Obama is a Muslim pretending to be Christian.


Honestly, Mike Huckabee is another GOP candidate I’m keeping my eye on too…

He’s so right on the money that Obama is the most anti-Christian president we’ve ever had. I’m not a Christian at all and have no desire to become one but I do respect Christians and Obama is definitely not one at all. If Obama keeps claiming that he’s “Christian” but he keeps showing a lot of disdain and disrespect to Christianity, he’s definitely no “Christian” at all. Especially after Obama’s ridiculous Crusades speech. Christians are being murdered all over the world and Obama doesn’t seem to have a care but spends most of his time praising and defending Islam. Obama a fucking Christian? You fucking kidding me?

Of course, like always, the delusional left will think Huckabee is insane, crazy, a bigot even for speaking the truth. The libtard left can’t accept any truth toward precious Obama. Even though Huckabee is right, the delusional libtards will attack him ’cause he’s GOP. No matter what is said about their precious Obama, libtards are gonna shrug it off and side with Barack anyways.

That’s why I hate debating politics with liberals ’cause they’re too fucking one-sided. They stay on their side at every turn and it’s pissing me off. That’s why I ignore liberals like the plague.

All liberals care about is their homosexuals.


Video: I guess this is good enough proof that libtards hate the bible and Christianity…

Mark Dice has got a lot of balls for this. This guy has been doing a lot social experimenting in San Diego, California to test how many gullible and naive people there are in this country. Turns out there are many of them which is no surprise. Most liberals are misinformed of what goes in America and this is proof of it.

Good work, Mark. I love how Mark messes around with the psychology of liberals… interesting. Liberals thinks he’s being serious on this petition which proves how naive they are. They don’t realize Mark is actually making fun of them. It’s a known fact that liberals are a bunch of Atheists, they hate religion for sure.


Ted Cruz destroys reporter on gays…. this is awesome!!!

I wasn’t a big fan of Ted Cruz but this is actually pretty awesome! He might just earn a “vote” from me just by this epic interview!

A reporters asks Ted Cruz one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard and he asks Ted, “Do you have a personal animosity toward gay Americans” I mean, what? What kind of question is that? Listen to Ted’s response. It’s awesome.

Ted says that the left is obsessed with sex which I agree. They’re obsessed with gay sex for the most part and all the left does is try to shove this stuff in our faces and try to get us to accept it. We all respect gays. Just not gay-marriage. Liberals accuse conservatives of having a “personal animosity” toward gays but we don’t.

Why would liberals be hurtful and offended about our views against “gay marriage” and homosexuals and all that stuff when they are not outraged at ISIS killing homosexuals? Like I said before, Iran does the most gay discrimination than any other country but liberals side with Iran over Obama’s nuclear stuff. Gays are getting murdered all over the world. Obama murdered his past gay lovers (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer). Is there any liberal outrage toward any of that? No.

All they’re worried about is shoving gay rights in our faces and trying to smear Conservatives for being against it.

I’m tired of the left shoving gay rights in our faces when what we should be really talking about is Obama’s imperial presidency and how he wants to destroy the country. I wanna talk about Benghazi ’cause I care about getting answers for Benghazi than anything else in politics.

This gay stuff is getting unreal.


Cool Video: David Bowie’s “The Next Day”…

David Bowie released the official video to his next single, “The Next Day”, which is also the title track for his new album. It was reported that Christians and other religious people were offended by the material in the video ’cause the song seems to have a negative message toward religion.  If you knew David Bowie’s career as well as I do, you would realize that Bowie is no stranger to controversial songs and videos. Bowie has always been the type of guy that he will send a message through a song whether people liked it or not. He still has that attitude to this day. The video to this song maybe dark and controversial but whatever it takes for David to send a message. Seems like David is trying to tell a story to this song.

I’m sure David is being unfairly accused of being hateful against religion or being a supporter of Satan, but I’m sure that’s not his intention with this song. I’m not sure what message David is trying to send but whatever he’s doing here, he’s just being artistic like he usually is. The man is an artist; not just a musician, also kind of like a painter or a visualist. He is just trying to depict things of what goes on in his mind. The man is very creative.

I like the video and the song too, by the way. I don’t find it offensive at all. How about that Marion Cotillard, hey? Ain’t she lookin’ pretty hot in this video or what? I would say so. Even though Gary Oldman had a few lines to say in this video, his acting is gold like always.

In Bowie’s defense, you just never know what to expect from the man. He has always been unpredictable like this. You just never know what the man will come up with next.