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Cool Video: David Bowie’s “The Next Day”…

David Bowie released the official video to his next single, “The Next Day”, which is also the title track for his new album. It was reported that Christians and other religious people were offended by the material in the video ’cause the song seems to have a negative message toward religion.  If you knew David Bowie’s career as well as I do, you would realize that Bowie is no stranger to controversial songs and videos. Bowie has always been the type of guy that he will send a message through a song whether people liked it or not. He still has that attitude to this day. The video to this song maybe dark and controversial but whatever it takes for David to send a message. Seems like David is trying to tell a story to this song.

I’m sure David is being unfairly accused of being hateful against religion or being a supporter of Satan, but I’m sure that’s not his intention with this song. I’m not sure what message David is trying to send but whatever he’s doing here, he’s just being artistic like he usually is. The man is an artist; not just a musician, also kind of like a painter or a visualist. He is just trying to depict things of what goes on in his mind. The man is very creative.

I like the video and the song too, by the way. I don’t find it offensive at all. How about that Marion Cotillard, hey? Ain’t she lookin’ pretty hot in this video or what? I would say so. Even though Gary Oldman had a few lines to say in this video, his acting is gold like always.

In Bowie’s defense, you just never know what to expect from the man. He has always been unpredictable like this. You just never know what the man will come up with next.


This article, “Rick Santorum declares war on heavy metal” is fake, a tabloid…

There’s this article going around the web, facebook and other sites, a Rick Santorum article titled, “Rick Santorum Declares War On Heavy Metal”. In the article has a small quote where he said how the genre corrupts the minds of young kids. How the genre turns kids suicidal and all that stuff.

The article is not true. It’s fake and made up. Some idiot with too much time on his hands, trying to make him look bad online because of his religious beliefs. Hoping, it’s a way to turn off Santorum supporters.

There’s no evidence or proof where he said that at one of his campaign rally’s.

In reality, Rick supports the Constitution, 100%. So he would believe in the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech. He would not put a ban to a genre ’cause he doesn’t agree to it.

I bet Rick himself would respond to that article sooner or later. He supports us Americans and cares for everyone, even the metal heads. I’m positive he won’t ruin things for us.


Report: Roseanne Barr blogs about pedo priests…

Roseanne Barr, former TV star and the ex-wife of movie star, Tom Arnold blogs her thoughts about pedophile priests and parents who take their kids to catholic churches. She believes that any parents who take their kids to churches should lose custody.

It’s sparking some controversy online:


My thoughts? She actually brings up valid points. Despite her bad spelling and grammatical errors, I agree with her blog. It maybe over the top, but it’s her way of saying that there are still pedophile priests out there molesting children. It’s still going on. She’s putting the blame on parents who take their kids to churches for not being aware of the dangers of the priests.

I’m sure religious people that read that blog, are probably hating on her for this, but there is some truth there.

Religion is evil in so many ways.