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Amber Heard is definitely gonna lose the trial, Johnny Depp will prevail 100%…

Well the trial is gonna be over real soon so I thought I would post more thoughts on it. I read that the closing arguments is scheduled for May 27th. The trial will continue on Monday ’cause I believe Amber has more witnesses to testify.

I haven’t been watching the trial lately but I have watched some clips of Amber’s testimony this week and I’ll try to watch some of her witnesses over the weekend. There is no need to watch a lot of the trial anyways ’cause I know Johnny will win no matter what ’cause Amber has nothing. She’s done. As a matter of fact, Johnny already won.

When the verdict will be finally read which will be for a while, I predict the judge is gonna throw out Amber’s countersuit and give Johnny the victory. Why?

Simply because Amber has no hard evidence of Johnny physically abusing her. She has no medical records, she made no appointments to the doctor…. no trips to the emergency room and no surgeries of any of her injuries. She admitted that she didn’t have any of that stuff. Why didn’t she go through all that? It’s because she had no serious injuries like she claims. All those photos she showed of herself prove nothing at all.

The Depp lawyers got onto her about her “fake” photos.

I love Depp’s lawyer, Camille, though… that lawyer with the long dark hair. I usually hate lawyers but this one is awesome. She is fierce and really tough. Johnny hired a good one there for sure. Looks like she had a lot of experience of exposing fakes and liars in the court room.

Johnny’s fine, he’s got this y’all. Amber’s side is also doing a good job of proving Johnny’s innocence the more they spew their bullshit. There’s no need to watch Amber’s witnesses ’cause I bet they were paid a lot of money to make Johnny look bad. Getting paid to kiss Amber’s ass. They’re just gonna talk a lot of shit about Johnny without any proof so no need to watch ’em.

I will watch the verdict reading live on the internet though whenever that maybe. The closing arguments will be next week where the jury will discuss the case behind closed doors. It may take them a few days though ’cause there’s a lot for them to discuss. So it’s still gonna be a long while for the verdict. The trial will definitely be over for good before the end of this month, though.

When Johnny gets the victory, I want to see Amber’s reaction. She’ll probably get upset but how much upset will she get? Will she storm out of the court room? Will she cry her eyes out, like cry for real this time? Will she start screaming and yelling at people? You’ll never know with this woman.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how it’s all gonna end, though.


That’s it for the Johnny Depp vs. Heard trial for a while as it won’t pick back up until May 16th… the Heard testimony was entertaining as hell, though…

So I watched the last of the Heard testimony. I watched most of it, though. I was at the gym earlier today and then after the gym, I relaxed all afternoon listening to the Heard testimony.

The Heard testimony was entertaining as hell throughout, though. It was a freaking joke all the way through. There are people out there that actually believe this nutjob of a lady? Johnny and everyone else in the court room definitely needed a well deserved break to be away from this trainwreck of a lady for a while.

She just sat there blabbering and on and on and on for hours how Johnny is a monster and wife beater and she even went as far as accusing him of being a rapist too. Like what?

Accusing him of stupid shit like smashing a bottle but she can’t remember the drink of that bottle, all she said was “hard liquor”. She can’t remember the exact drink ’cause she made it up is why. Shoving bottle up her vagina and funny thing is she can’t remember if the bottle inside her was broken or not. She claims her vagina was bleeding and all that stuff? Where’s the proof of that? DNA evidence? Medical records?

All those pictures she showed today prove nothing either ’cause she could have set all that up to make it look like he did it.

Also, all the fake crying. You knew that was coming, right? She cried a lot to make herself look upset and “scared” but from what I saw, she spoke with no emotion really. Not a single “tear”. She goes from crying really hard to looking really “normal” real quick. That is some really bad acting.

Where is the proof of all that bullshit? Witnesses? Medical records? Amber seems to love recording video/audio of Johnny so much. Was there ever videos of Johnny beating her up??? The only video you saw of Johnny being a little “violent” was him slamming cabinets, pots and pans but so far, they had never showed a video physically hitting or being physically abusive to Amber at all. Not one.

I’m pretty confident that Johnny is gonna win this ’cause she has nothing. I think this drama will be all over before the end of this month, the verdict will be read sometime at the end of May. Johnny sued her for $50 million and Amber counter-sued him for $100 million. I think Johnny will win and the countersuit will get thrown out.

Again, I don’t care about celebrities and their problems but this is an important one ’cause “men being physically and verbally abused by women” is real and it’s a problem all over America. Domestic violence doesn’t have a gender as it goes both ways.


There’s no way Johnny Depp is gonna lose the trial, he’s gonna win all the way!!!

I watched some of the testimony of that wacky Amber Heard psychologist, the stupid blonde lady who seems to be one-sided and it definitely seemed like she was hired to lie for Amber. There was a part where that Heard psychologist was going off about how Johnny is a monster and sexual predator and all that… talking all kinds of crap about Johnny’s problems. Then one of Johnny’s lawyers started getting onto her about only basing that information she got from Amber’s report and she got it from medical records. Then the lawyer asked the psychologist if he met Johnny Depp and talked to him about all that stuff and she admitted that she never met him at all. Never spoken to him directly.

This wacky psychologist or a shrink, acts like an “expert” and thinks she’s knows it all but never talked to Johnny face to face? If you think you know so much about someone then you talk to him about them but this whack job never did. It’s hilarious. There’s a big sign that Johnny is gonna win right there.

And I also listened to the Amber Heard testimony today and it’s hilarious to watch. She’s just rambles on and on and on about Johnny’s drug and alcohol addiction and how he’s an abuser and all that. Trying to make him look like a monster… but she’s just talking like with no emotion, ya know? Of course, here comes the crying part… she tries to make herself look angry and sad but there were no tears, though. She didn’t really seem upset at all… just her rehearsing her bad acting. She tries to show pics of her bruise on her arm which is clearly doctored and fake photos of Johnny’s cocaine.

I know Johnny’s gonna win. You don’t even have to watch the entire trial… even if you just watch it a little bit, you can immediately tell that Johnny’s gonna win all the way. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Even those on the trial that side with Amber, you can still tell Johnny is gonna win. They’re already having a tough time trying to prove that Johnny is the abuser.

I’m not worried about Johnny losing the trial and you shouldn’t either. He’s gonna kick ass! Amber’s testimony was comical to watch, though… I couldn’t see myself dating someone like that.


Judge rejects Amber Heard’s motion to dismiss trial… interesting how she tries to stop trial just before it’s her turn to show her side of the case isn’t it???

I haven’t been listening to the Johnny Depp trial but I do try to watch some clips of it here and there and this one is interesting.

Earlier today, Amber’s lawyers tries to stop the trial just before it was Amber’s turn to show her side of the case but the Judge says, “Nope, the trial is going forward”. Why? Simply because the judge rejected 2 lawyer statements and kept 1 for later… also, there’s plenty of evidence showing that the trial can go forward.

So really that’s a big win for Depp. It isn’t over yet but it’s the right step in the right direction.

Now Amber’s side have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of that Wash Post op-ed… ’cause Rottenborn claims she didn’t write the headline and he claims Amber didn’t write the article to defame Depp. Not only that she have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of her article, she also have to prove how she didn’t defame him.

Yeah, Depp’s side accuses her of being the abuser and Amber’s side accuses him of being the abuser. Which side do you believe more? If you believe Amber more than you are dumb. Johnny is good at defending himself and he actually shows evidence backing things up and so far, Amber has nothing. Johnny is more believable.

So the trial continued earlier today with a few more witnesses, I think.

Then tomorrow it’s looking like Amber herself will testify. Ya know, it is interesting that Heard’s team tried to stop the trial just before it’s their turn to show their side of things especially when Amber is set to testify tomorrow. What are they afraid of? They know they are losing that’s why. They are afraid that they will show that they have no evidence of Johnny being a violent monster and all. Johnny is winning and they know it. More and more, it’s looking like that Johnny is gonna win the trial and today showed that.

I’m gonna try to listen to some of Amber testimony tomorrow. No doubt, she’ll lie her head off non stop and say a lot of things that piss you off. It’ll be interesting to hear her side of things.

Johnny is winning my respect more and more especially today.


Why Johnny Depp is an inspiration during defamation trial against Amber Heard… a few reasons I can think of…

Man, Johnny Depp is getting my respect more and more. He is all done testifying in his trial against Amber Heard. I haven’t watched his final testimony yet but I’m gonna get around to it this weekend.

I must say that Johnny Depp is a huge inspiration throughout all this. Why? I can think of a few reasons why…

  1. Even though Johnny have to be forced to listen and see so much bullshit, negativity and drama that so many would be scared to put up with, Johnny stays strong and continues to smile throughout it all. He’s not letting the bullshit bring him down and not letting his past haunt him. This is what a strong and brave man looks like.
  2. Johnny is an inspiration ’cause he’s not afraid of the truth, no matter how hard and brutal it gets. He the type of guy that will tell the truth even though it may hurt others, he’s gonna say it anyway. Johnny is an honest man who is not afraid to be “real” about everything. He sticks to his guns and he means well.
  3. He’s waking more people up and bringing more attention to the fact there really are toxic, mean, short tempered and abusive women out there. Men becoming victims of domestic violence by women is real and it happens. Even if women aren’t physically abusive to men, they can also be verbally abusive too. Women can also be such bullies to men.

I’ve never been beaten or punched by another women in my life but I have dealt with psycho and obsessive women before, it’s definitely no fun at all. I won’t go into details. I’ve also seen some great men whose lives were destroyed because of the bad women they were with.

I’m beginning to think that maybe it is actually kind of good to remain single and stay alone to avoid women like Amber Heard, ya know? Yeah, many women out there may be beautiful, hot and gorgeous but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be nice. There are lots of beautiful and hot women with all kinds of issues and problems and sorry to say, many of them can be very “bitchy” too. I know some are gonna come around and call me a hateful “misogynist” but the Johnny Depp trial is making it okay to call toxic women out.

It is finally time to stop letting women getting away with their shit. Yeah, yeah, I know not all women are “bitchy” and yes, there are good ones out there. If I were to get a girlfriend and lover in my life and don’t get me wrong, I still hope for that, I’m just gonna choose my partner very “wisely” and be careful.

I think Johnny is teaching all men out there a pretty good lesson. Never being afraid of the truth and never let negative stuff bring you down.

Sure, Johnny has done and said some bad things in his life and he admitted that during the trial but we are all human are we? We all make mistakes in life.

Johnny’s been winning my respect more and more so for that, I’m gonna buy Hollywood Vampire’s music real soon and planning to start collecting Johnny Depp movies on BluRay. I’ve always been a fan of his, though. I definitely grew up watching his films over the years.

I think he’s definitely gonna win the trial, Amber is done.


Thoughts on Mike Tyson airplane fight… why would you want to mess with a pro fighter to begin with???

Everybody’s talking about this, Iron Mike Tyson, boxing legend repeatedly punching someone on an airplane. I’m sure Iron Mike didn’t start it ’cause he seems like a type of guy that wouldn’t start fights with people unless he was provoked first. Iron Mike just wanted to peacefully ride on a flight like everyone else and didn’t want to be bothered but of course, some punk 20 something kid sitting behind Mike decided to mess with him.

My question is, why would you want to mess with Iron Mike? Mike is a huge dude and tough in real life. You saw how he fought in the ring in his past career and Mike is still tough as nails in real life. If you’re thinking about messing with Iron Mike Tyson in public then you might want to think twice for doing so. Probably not a good idea. The kid probably deserved it and had it coming anyway.

Why would you want to start something with a pro boxer, pro MMA fighters or even a pro wrestler??? Yeah, pro wrestling is fake but still a lot of pro wrestlers are still tough as nails. You wouldn’t want to mess with any of ’em.

My guess as to why some punks would want to mess with pro athletes is for attention really. They’re curious to see how they would react…. desperate to get their attention and things like that.

Whether you like these fighters and athletes or not, you don’t start a scene with them in public ’cause I would think you would get a pretty good lesson by them, a pretty good ass kicking. Sure most of these fighters would keep “fights” in the ring or in a MMA cage only but I’m sure they would react physically if they feel threatened.

If you see these pro fighters or wrestlers out in public, it’s best to leave them alone ’cause you’ll get something you’ll regret.


The Johnny Depp defamation trial just proves that women can have toxic behaviors and can be physically & verbally abusive toward men too…

So this week, I’ve started watching some of the Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit trial against Amber Heard. I watched the first three videos of Depp’s testimony on Day 2 and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

I usually don’t care about celebrity power couples and don’t care about their personal problems but this one, however, is definitely worth following, in my opinion. I’m totally siding with Johnny and after listening to him speak, I’m siding with him even more.

I’m impressed and blown away by him. If you think Johnny Depp enjoys all this “fame”, think again. He hates the paparazzi and he doesn’t like getting mobbed by fans that much either. Depp maybe one of the biggest names in Hollywood but he never saw himself that way. He never cared about being a “big” name. He just wants to live a normal life just like you and me, ya know? He’s just a very humble guy who is never full of himself and after listening to some of his testimony, there’s no ego in that guy at all. He got into Hollywood ’cause it was the only way for him to make a living and stuff since he was struggling to get work when he was young, ya know? He never wanted to be an actor, anyway… he wanted to be a rock musician originally.

I love how honest and real Depp is. It seems he is willing to tell the truth no matter how brutal it is and I like people like that! Listening to Depp and tell his truth and side of things, I love watching Amber, though. Her blank stares and you can tell she’s pissed when she’s listening to him. She’s not allowed to speak when he’s speaking so when Depp says things she doesn’t like or disagree with, she’s sitting there writing on her notepad. Sometimes she makes these facial expressions like she’s uncomfortable or pissed. When she gets pissed, she’ll start talking to her lawyer sitting next to her. It’s funny stuff.

I’d like to say though that toxic women like Amber exists and they are real. When will that be publicly known? There are plenty of toxic women out there that can’t be trusted and lots of women with the worst tempers. Some of them can be violent and physically abusive to men too… so yeah, absolutely men can be victims of domestic violence for sure.

I’m not defending men beating up women ’cause that’s definitely wrong too… it’s just uncool either way, ya know? I’m tired of women getting away with their shit toward men just because they are a “woman”, ya know? Women can also be verbally abusive toward men… yelling and screaming, calling men names and swearing their heads off… start all kinds of drama. ugggghhhhhhhhh… instead of women being hold to account for their toxic behaviors, instead they are championed like heroes.

This is why marriage isn’t for me. You wanna know why I’m a 45 year old guy still unmarried? It’s because I want to be that way honestly. Maybe I’d like to get a girlfriend yes but “marriage”? Probably not. Marriage isn’t real anyway… it’s just a paper… get married and you belong to the government. You get a divorce, you’ll go through all kinds of bullshit and I don’t want to go through all that myself. Dealing with alimony and all that crap, ya know? I’m kind of happy being an unmarried guy.

Anyway, back to Johnny Depp as he is explaining his story, you immediately want to believe him right away ’cause he looks and sounds believable. Amber Heard just pisses you off just watching her listening. The blank stares, writing on her notepad constantly and talking with her lawyers. Crazy.

I’ll be following this trial and it’s pretty likely Depp is gonna win.


Bruce Willis quitting acting due to getting diagnosed with aphasia… sucks but prayers to him…

More shocking news… it’s looking like iconic action star, Bruce Willis is getting forced to retire from acting due to getting diagnosed with aphasia. Aphasia is a condition that robs you the ability to communicate. Meaning you won’t be able to speak well and won’t be able to understand others.

I’m sure Bruce is fine now and “aphasia” is kind of starting to kick in a little bit but he’s probably gonna get way worse sometime later on. Some of you may ask, is “aphasia” treatable? For some you can recover from it but it’s mostly permanent from what I read so it’s looking like Bruce’s acting career is gonna be done for good.

While it’s sad news, Bruce had a great career run. The movie “Die Hard” was his breakthrough role, the very first one, the film that made him a box office megastar. He was an actor before that film ’cause he had several other film roles before that one and he got his start in the TV show “Moonlighting”.

After that film, he went on to star in even more box office blockbusters like “Look Who’s Talking”, “Hudson Hawk”, “Death Becomes Her”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Armageddon”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Unbreakable”, “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “The Last Boy Scout”, “The Jackal”, “Mercury Rising”, “Sin City”, “The Expendables” etc.

Over the past several years, it seems Bruce stopped doing blockbuster movies and just doing mostly straight to VOD movies ’cause he’s got a bunch of those too through Netflix and Hulu or where ever else you stream movies.

I’m sure he’s got more Straight to VOD movies coming even though he’s quitting and after they get released, that’s it.

Being an actor requires being able to speak and understand others so he can’t act if he’s gonna get this disease, ya know?

This sucks. Most Hollywood actors are terrible but there’s a few good movie stars left and Bruce is one of them. I’ve always been a fan of his. Speaking of Bruce, I’ve been re-watching a lot of his old movies lately. He’s a phenomenal talent too. He wasn’t just an action star, he tried every genre and was good at it.

This sucks but I wish him well. He was another actor who loved acting and saw it as a passion which is why he kept working film after film nonstop. Now it’s looking like he won’t be able to do it anymore.

Be well, McClane and prayers!


When it comes to Bob Saget’s death, what are they hiding?

Well Bob Saget’s family were successful at getting autopsy reports, photos and videos of his death blocked and they will never get released to the public. Why?

If he died of a simple fall backward like they claim then they would release that stuff. Yeah, “privacy” was used as an excuse and the photos/videos being too graphic was being used as an excuse too but what are they hiding?

I feel he died of something much worse.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist that he was murdered but maybe the “accident” he had was something much worse than a simple fall and they didn’t want to get that out? Anyhow, don’t rule out a murder/homicide ’cause that can be possible too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be that.

The family knows what really happened to him and it definitely wasn’t a “fall” ’cause from what I’ve read, everything doesn’t add up at all. He had severe skull fractures… so bad that a simple fall couldn’t have caused that, ya know?

Sure, a simple fall backwards and hitting your head on the floor can kill ya definitely but that won’t give you head fractures that bad. Anyway, it’s very rare that people die of a “simple fall”. Most survive that. I fell on the floor and hit my head many times and I’m still alive and breathing. I hit my head against a car door once.

The real truth will get out there, though. I think Bob’s friends and all the “Full House” crew deserve to know what really happened. So how come no one is talking and why are they hiding stuff?


Chevy Chase’s response to people who thinks he’s a jerk is just golden… thank you Chevy!

Over the years, it was said by colleagues that Chevy Chase was a difficult guy to work with on TV shows and movies. He was called a jerk and a terrible person by other actors and film crew people that he worked with over the years.

Well Chevy, the man himself finally responds to his haters in a CBS Sunday Morning interview he did. It’s a good segment showcasing his career over the years too.

Chevy’s response to people that don’t like him? His simple answer was, “I don’t give a crap, I am who I am.”

Yeah, such a great response. The last thing you want to do is care what people think of you, ya know? If people don’t like you and if people think you’re a jerk, who cares. Just let negativity slide right by and keep being yourself. Keep on keepin’ on.

Yeah, I have haters too… I’ve had people over the years call me a “jerk” as well… I’m aware of that and that’s fine. I’ve been called a big bad internet troll and been called much nastier names. Over the years, people always saw me as the big bad Brock who was always mean and talked offensive stuff. I still get that even now believe it or not. It’s just funny, ya know? I used to defend myself of all the negativity I get but I’ve gotten way better at not giving a fuck what people think of me and that’s the right attitude to have. People don’t like you? Who cares. Give them the middle finger.

In reality, I think Chevy Chase is a good guy and he is probably a “friendly” guy, he’s just gonna get jealous haters the more success he gets and stuff, ya know? He may get a lot of people saying that he’s a “jerk” but that doesn’t mean it’s true either.

What’s wrong with “being yourself”? You can’t be yourself anymore. In this day and age, it’s almost a crime. You gotta be who other people want you to be and when you refuse to do that and not bow down to others, you’re all of a sudden the biggest jerk on the planet. I feel Chevy on this one.

I’m sure a lot of people are still shitting on Chevy after this CBS interview too.

Chevy’s a legend and a comic genius, of course people are gonna hate him for that reason.