Johnny Depp may not take Heard’s money which makes me respect Depp even more…

Depp’s lawyer, Ben Chew, had a TV interview and he said that Depp may not take Amber Heard’s money after all ’cause he says what Depp did wasn’t about the money. It was about clearing his name and his reputation. In other words, Johnny’s not worried about whether Amber pays him or not. He doesn’t care. He just wanted to get his life and career back and that was all.

There has been a big debate on whether or not Amber will pay him but in all honesty, I say who cares? Johnny did what he had to do and his job is done so he’s moving on totally.

Johnny doesn’t care to get even more richer ’cause he’s already a freakin’ rich man, ya know? The guy is loaded. I’m sure he still gets a lot of paychecks from his movies he made over the years especially the Pirates movies. He doesn’t need the money.

Depp said repeatedly during his testimony, “Whatever happens, I just wanted to get my truth out”.

Depp has moved on and he’s a happy guy again it looks like so I don’t think he’s gonna push the move to force Amber to pay him. He’s done with the drama and bullshit.

Amber should move on with her own life and be more worried about her daughter than her obsession of bringing down Depp.

On a side note, happy belated to Johnny Depp as yesterday was his birthday. He couldn’t celebrate his birthday at home in the US since he is still touring in the UK with Jeff Beck but I’m sure he celebrated his birthday yesterday with Beck and the bandmates. I’m sure he celebrated with his two kids somehow, though.



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