Ozzy to undergo a very serious surgery that could determine the rest of his life, Sharon says…

This is really too bad and thoughts and prayers go out to Ozzy and also to Sharon and the rest of the Osbourne family. Sharon says that Ozzy is about to undergo a serious surgery that could determine the rest of his life. She won’t go into details and keeping everything tight-lipped for now.


Hopefully the surgery is not as serious as she says it is and he’ll be okay after. How serious is it? Could this mean that it could be the end of Ozzy’s music career for good? Could be.

Ozzy always had struggles and gone through many obstacles. He just continues to fight it all and tries his best to stay alive for his family and music. Even though he had struggles and all kinds of health problems, he continues to make music and tries to perform live ’cause he loves it so much, ya know? Even though he can’t perform live anymore, he still could make music in the studio ’cause he just finished a new solo album that he’s about to release real soon and you can betcha I’m gonna buy it.

I’ve always been a huge Ozzy fan. He’s always been an important influence and inspiration in my musical life. I’ve listened to Black Sabbath and his solo career for years and still do. Ozzy’s an icon and legend in the music business. He started it all pretty much… the “heavy metal” genre.

Yeah, he did the Osbournes TV show but even Ozzy admitted that show hurt his career a little bit but he went right back to the music after that.

I love Ozzy as a music artist and singer, always did. I’m still trying to collect all Black Sabbath albums he did and trying to get more of his solo albums too. Of course, the stuff he did with Randy Rhoads is best.



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