The Who still got it, I don’t care about their age, they still play on stage great…

Here is the Who performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival this year and they performed with a full orchestra. Here is Roger and Pete performing their hit “Baba O’ Reilly”.

Yes, these two men are almost 80 years old, they’re just about there but they still perform great on stage. The way Roger and Pete used to perform, both men used to be very physical on stage… dancing and rocking to the music. You can see that they still try to perform like that but they aren’t as physical anymore ’cause of their age, ya know? They’re still great live performers.

I see a different video of this same performance in FB and there was a time where Roger tried to swing the mic in a circle that he’s known for doing that on stage but it looks like he can’t do that anymore. Instead, the mic wrapped around his arm. Even though Roger tries to dance a little bit trying to feel the music, I think he fell at the end. Keep in mind that Roger is almost 80, he can’t perform the way he used to anymore.

Even though Pete Townshend is also known for rocking hard on the guitar and jumping all over stage, he doesn’t do that much anymore either but he can still do the windmill move, at least.

I love the Who, always did. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands. I didn’t get their latest album but I’m now thinking I’m gonna.

Hopefully this performance was recorded ’cause I love to see them release this show as a live album. Maybe they will.



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