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The Who still got it, I don’t care about their age, they still play on stage great…

Here is the Who performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival this year and they performed with a full orchestra. Here is Roger and Pete performing their hit “Baba O’ Reilly”.

Yes, these two men are almost 80 years old, they’re just about there but they still perform great on stage. The way Roger and Pete used to perform, both men used to be very physical on stage… dancing and rocking to the music. You can see that they still try to perform like that but they aren’t as physical anymore ’cause of their age, ya know? They’re still great live performers.

I see a different video of this same performance in FB and there was a time where Roger tried to swing the mic in a circle that he’s known for doing that on stage but it looks like he can’t do that anymore. Instead, the mic wrapped around his arm. Even though Roger tries to dance a little bit trying to feel the music, I think he fell at the end. Keep in mind that Roger is almost 80, he can’t perform the way he used to anymore.

Even though Pete Townshend is also known for rocking hard on the guitar and jumping all over stage, he doesn’t do that much anymore either but he can still do the windmill move, at least.

I love the Who, always did. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands. I didn’t get their latest album but I’m now thinking I’m gonna.

Hopefully this performance was recorded ’cause I love to see them release this show as a live album. Maybe they will.


Book Review: “Who I Am” By Pete Townshend

Today, I finally finished reading, “Who I Am” by Pete Townshend. I never understood all the hate and disrespect toward Pete Townshend, and the Who. The Who has always been one of the my favorite bands for years. They’ve always been underappreciated and Pete’s guitar playing has always been over looked. Sure, they have been under fire, because of Pete’s never ending pedophile accusations, but no matter what you think of them, The Who, will always be known as one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands in the world. Their legacy will never die.

Pete is a guy who invented feedback on the guitar. He popularized what we all know, the power chord. He also popularized guitar smashing and is most famous for his windmill stage move.

This the most compelling rock memoir I’ve ever read. Everything about Pete’s life and music career is there. It starts from his childhood ’til now. Of course, the stuff that interested me the most in the book, is the career of the Who. I loved all the stuff he wrote about the Who’s appearance at Woodstock ’69. I loved reading all the details of the recordings for the legendary albums, “Tommy”, and “Quadrophenia”. I liked reading about Pete’s solo career, and the Who reunion later on in the years. He talked about the “Endless Wire” album and the Superbowl Halftime performance and all that stuff.

The book is not just about music. He has a lot about his personal life with all the women he had over the years. He admitted he hasn’t been faithful and he was a bit of a womanizer. He talked about his addiction with alcohol and drugs. Most importantly of all, the book was mostly about him being a victim of child abuse. Yes, he admitted that he payed to look at child porn websites on the internet, he was arrested, and his home was raided, but in his defense, he did all that for research. It was a mistake in his part and he confessed to it. He is against child porn and he helps other organizations to try to help fight it. It was also research for this book. Pete took part in a lot of child abuse charities and things like that. I think he wanted to publish this book as a way to bring awareness to child abuse. On top of all this, I never thought, Pete Townshend, is a pedophile. I always believed he was innocent and still do. He is just a man who is scared and angry at child abuse. Enough of that talk.

I believe the whole point of the book was that he wanted people to get to know who Pete Townshend really is, hence the title, “Who I Am”. It seems in this book, he wanted to clear the air about things. There was a lot of misinformation about Pete himself and his music career with the Who, and all, he just wanted to correct things. Get people to understand him better. This was the most honest and real rock memoir, I’ve ever read.

Pete Townshend is a guitar playing genius. I’ve always admired the guy. This is a must read for all music lovers and fans of the Who. Read it if you haven’t yet.


Miss the performances from the Who, Ray Davies, and Muse from last night’s Olympics Closing Ceremony? Watch ’em here…

I’m pretty pissed off at NBC. Makes me want to avoid that station as much as possible now. NBC cut the Closing Ceremony just to air that stupid Animal show, and the local news after. Bullshit if you ask me. NBC promoted the hell out of the Who being aired on NBC, but don’t know what happened here.

Anyway, enjoy the cut performances, here.

NBC is a crap network anyway.



Cool Video: The Who on the Smothers Brothers TV show, Keith Moon’s famous explosion!

This is such a cool performance, I just had to share it here. I’m sure Pete Townshend will talk about this incident for his upcoming rock memoir, so I can’t wait to read what Pete will have to say about this performance. Pete blames part of his hearing loss because of this performance, and I can see why. Pete was standing so close to the bass drum when it exploded. The bass drum explosion almost hit Roger too.

I also loved how John stayed out of everything. He’s like, “These guys are nuts, I’m not gonna let them smash my bass”.

This is one of the Who’s best TV performances though and a pretty historic one too. The Who, have always been one of my favorite classic rock bands. Always fuckin’ loved them!


Report: Pete Townshend to release “Who I Am” memoir, Oct. 8th in the US…

Pete Townshend and the Who, announced the release date for his memoir titled, “Who I Am”, set to release Oct. 8th in US, and Oct. 11th in the UK.

The book will focus on everything about Pete’s life. It will focus on his music career and his personal life outside of music. All of it.

More on the story, here.

I’m very excited for this book. Why? Because I am a huge fan of Pete Townshend and the Who. I’ve been a long time fan of the Who. I’m a fan of Pete’s solo career as well. The guy is a musical genius, love him or hate him.

I know Pete is accused of being a pedophile by many, but I think that is pretty much one of the reasons for this book. He wants people to understand him better in a more positive direction.

Plus, more importantly, I’m more interested in reading about Pete’s musical career. I want to know how he ended up joining the Who. How he came up with smashing guitars and doing that spin wheel arm thing he does on stage, when he plays the guitar. I want to learn more insight about the Who’s career as well. I want to know more about his obsession with guitars and stuff.

No matter what you think of Pete and no matter what happens to him legally, he will always be a rock n’ roll legend. That won’t change.

The Who were one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands on the planet, I fuckin’ loved them and still do. I’ll be getting this book for sure.


Report: Pete Townshend of the Who, joins the rock memoir bandwagon…

First Billy Corgan and now Pete Townshend, the rhythm guitarist for the Who, is now writing his autobiography. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012.

More on it, here.

I know Pete Townshend is not everyone’s favorite musician anymore because of his past with the law (his child porn case years back), but I think people should read this book to understand him better. I don’t think he’s a pedophile. What he did was research for this memoir ’cause something bad happen in his past that I think he wants to explain in this book.

I’m a huge fan of the Who. They are the most underrated classic rock band. Loved the Who for years, ever since I was a child. I’ve always been a fan of Pete’s guitar playing.

When Harper Collins release this, I’m pretty sure child organizations are going to try to stop them from publishing it, just like they tried to stop the NFL from booking them to play the Superbowl that one year.

I’ll probably buy the book when it comes out ’cause I’m more interested in reading about the Who’s music career.


Report: Child abuse organizations trying to get the Who off the Superbowl gig….

As predicted, Child Abuse organizations are desperately trying to get the Who off the Superbowl halftime gig. The Who were officially booked to play this year’s Superbowl halftime. As some may know, Pete Townshend was in trouble years back by looking up child pornography online as for research from his own child abuse experience as a child for an autobiography he was writing. He admitted to doing it but he was cleared of the charges after knowing it was just research.


What do you think? Do you think the Who should be able to play the Superbowl?

I vote yes.

I think Pete is innocent and of course, some others will always think he’s guilty no matter the situation. Pete was cleared of the charges, let the man move on already, you jealous bastards!


Report: The Who honored at “Vh1’s Rock Honors”…

The legendary rock band which they are well known for starting rock music with a “hard” edge, the Who, was honored at “VH1’s Rock Honors”. The tribute show to the Who was celebrated by other rock bands covering the Who’s songs by bands such as the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, the Tenacious D, The Flaming Lips, and Incubus. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey themselves performed at the end of the concert performing several Who songs.

The concert was to celebrate the music of the Who which included band members: Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwistle. The bands were introduced by celebrities such as Sean Penn, Adam Sandler, David Duchovny, Rainn Wilson and more.

The show will air on VH1 this Thursday night July 17th. Check your local TV times.

The Associated Press reports:


I’ll be watching this for sure.

I fucking love the Who!