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Glad I dropped Netflix, great timing… get ready for that platform to ram Barack Obama down our throats…

I cancelled Netflix not too long ago and then the next you know, I see some trailer with Barack Obama on it narrating some documentary about, nature and animals, “Great National Parks”, I think it’s called? That trailer making the rounds and sparking a buzz so I’m glad I’m off of Netflix and I’m gonna stay off of it for good.

Netflix are gonna start ramming the Obamas down our throats since now they are in control of it. I don’t want to put my money toward that garbage.

I’m feeling there will be more docs and shows with Barack and Michelle in them coming so yeah, good timing cancelling Netflix. Fuck Netflix and fuck them hard.

I have Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Prime Video so I like those more.

Obama is no longer president and he just can’t go away. Always gotta be in the public eye when the reality is no one cares about him anymore and he just needs to go away and disappear.

Last thing you want to do is listen to Obama about “science” and “nature” and all that shit as I’m sure he really knows nothing about that stuff.

Ugggghh, so glad I got rid of Netflix. Good timing for sure so I don’t feel bad getting rid of it at all.


5 Reasons why Netflix is mostly garbage…

So why did I drop Netflix completely and why they are mostly garbage and not worth paying anymore???

Well I can think of 5 reasons…

  1. They keep raising their prices: I think this is the big reason. They won’t stop raising prices either. Soon it’s gonna be a $20 a month streaming service, just not worth it anymore.
  2. Their original content is mostly garbage: Overyhyped movies and overhyped TV shows, you actually try to watch ’em and most of ’em end up not being that good. I did like the new “Texas Chainsaw” and the 3 “Fear Street” movies, though. Still am a fan of “Stranger Things”, “Cobra Kai” and “The Witcher”. I would have kept Netflix for those shows but not when they’re gonna keep raising prices.
  3. Netflix gone too political and most of their content is “leftist” biased, anyway: What do you expect when the Obamas and Susan Rice are still running Netflix? That’s another big reason why I refuse to put my money toward them. Other streaming services are pretty leftist too but they’re not as bad as Netflix, though.
  4. Most of the shows taken off Netflix & moved to other services: Like with Marvel shows being moved to Disney plus is a good example.
  5. They keep cancelling the good shows: I was disappointed when they cancelled “The Punisher” with Jon Bernthal. Now that show moved to DisneyPlus and looks like Disney is giving us a “Punisher – Season 3”. I hope so ’cause that is one show that I loved.

Enough said? I would think those 5 reasons are why many others have cancelled Netflix too. I hardly ever watch Netflix anyways and like I said, I watch Hulu, Peacock, Disney Plus more. Now that I have Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, I’ll be watching those a lot more too.

HBO Max is definitely the best streaming service and so far they haven’t raised their price yet and I don’t think they will so it’s a keeper. Prime Video is cool too, though… at some point, I’d like to watch the Prime Video shows “Goliath” w/ Billy Bob Thornton and “The Boys”, a superhero show that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately.

Netflix “used” to be cool but now it turned to complete shit.


HBO Max never wanted it but gonna get it, I think…

Truthfully, I never wanted to get HBO Max streaming service. After seeing “The Batman” in theater and hearing about Matt Reeves talking about having two other Batman spinoff series for HBO Max like “The Penguin” show and “Arkham Asylum”, I think I’m gonna get HBO Max this week. Plus there are other good stuff coming like the “House of the Dragon” Game of THrones spinoff show and there’s an IT prequel series coming and that “Batgirl” movie is coming there too. So with all this, I think I’m gonna get HBO Max after all.

I already signed up for the HBO Max add on through Hulu since I’m a Hulu subscriber… but I wondered if you signed up for HBO Max as a Hulu premium add on, you could use the regular HBO APP with the Hulu login and I just found out that you can do that! So I’m gonna get HBO Max for my Smart TV using the Hulu provider this week. I’m gonna figure all this out soon but not right away ’cause I won’t be streaming movies/TV shows much this week ’cause it’s Wrestlemania week so I’m gonna be watching a lot of wrestling this week.

The HBO Max stuff is gonna be next week. I’ll figure out how to get into the HBO Max app with my Hulu login ’cause they let you do that.

I’m really gonna ditch Netflix, I think simply ’cause they keep raising the prices and Netflix is now the most expensive streaming service so I’m gonna get rid of it this week I think. Get rid of Netflix and swap it with HBO Max. I don’t watch Netflix that much anyways ’cause there’s mostly garbage on it. There’s only a few shows that I like to watch on it like “The Walking Dead” and “Cobra Kai”. I’ve debated a long time on whether or not I should keep Netflix but I’m gonna get rid of it, I think. I’m all caught up with “The Walking Dead”, just gotta wait for the final season and there are other ways to watch the final season.

I’ll figure something out. I love watching TV shows and movies still but I do the TV watching at night mostly. It’s not good to binge watch during the day ’cause I like to do other things like going to the gym, playing my guitar, etc.


Chevy Chase’s response to people who thinks he’s a jerk is just golden… thank you Chevy!

Over the years, it was said by colleagues that Chevy Chase was a difficult guy to work with on TV shows and movies. He was called a jerk and a terrible person by other actors and film crew people that he worked with over the years.

Well Chevy, the man himself finally responds to his haters in a CBS Sunday Morning interview he did. It’s a good segment showcasing his career over the years too.

Chevy’s response to people that don’t like him? His simple answer was, “I don’t give a crap, I am who I am.”

Yeah, such a great response. The last thing you want to do is care what people think of you, ya know? If people don’t like you and if people think you’re a jerk, who cares. Just let negativity slide right by and keep being yourself. Keep on keepin’ on.

Yeah, I have haters too… I’ve had people over the years call me a “jerk” as well… I’m aware of that and that’s fine. I’ve been called a big bad internet troll and been called much nastier names. Over the years, people always saw me as the big bad Brock who was always mean and talked offensive stuff. I still get that even now believe it or not. It’s just funny, ya know? I used to defend myself of all the negativity I get but I’ve gotten way better at not giving a fuck what people think of me and that’s the right attitude to have. People don’t like you? Who cares. Give them the middle finger.

In reality, I think Chevy Chase is a good guy and he is probably a “friendly” guy, he’s just gonna get jealous haters the more success he gets and stuff, ya know? He may get a lot of people saying that he’s a “jerk” but that doesn’t mean it’s true either.

What’s wrong with “being yourself”? You can’t be yourself anymore. In this day and age, it’s almost a crime. You gotta be who other people want you to be and when you refuse to do that and not bow down to others, you’re all of a sudden the biggest jerk on the planet. I feel Chevy on this one.

I’m sure a lot of people are still shitting on Chevy after this CBS interview too.

Chevy’s a legend and a comic genius, of course people are gonna hate him for that reason.


The “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix was kind of a disappointment really… interesting concept, though…

Last week, I watched the “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix right away ’cause I was real curious about it. The storyline sounded intriguing on how two astronomers discovered that a comet is about to hit Earth and destroy humanity but nobody won’t believe them. The story had an interesting concept and all but the movie itself kind of sucked.

Bad cinematography and direction is what I didn’t like most about it. Writing could have been better, though. If you’re a leftist leaning person then you’ll probably like it ’cause the movie made Republicans look bad.

It’s a movie with an all star cast… a bunch of a-list actors in it but it still wasn’t that good. I thought the cast member of “Don’t Look Up” that did the best acting was Mark Rylance who played that tech billionaire CEO of Bash and I smell another Oscar nomination coming for this film for him? Probably and I also smell a few other Oscar nominations coming for this film too. And I guess another great performance by Leo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence was enjoyable too, though.

And the ending kind of sucked. This is a one-time watch for me.


Best moment from the Beatles “Get Back” doc was when Paul McCartney’s daughter Heather joins in with the band after seeing Yoko doing those weird chants…

The Beatles spent a lot of time rehearsing and recording for their album “Let it Be”. There was a day when Paul McCartney invites his wife and his daughter to try and brighten up the band members after working so hard. I think Paul brought little Heather in to cheer the band up some.

There was a funny moment in the doc when little Heather witnesses Yoko doing those weird chants and even Heather looked a little freaked out.

A few minutes later, Heather wanted to join in with the Beatles so she excitedly walks up to John’s mic and John looks at her, nodded his head letting her know it’s “okay” for her to sing with the Beatles.

To be honest, Heather was more enjoyable to listen to than Yoko, lmao. I thought this was one of the cool moments in the doc. It was funny.


Will be watching a whole week of wrestling this week, just noticed that…

Hmmmm, well today I’m gonna catch up with last week’s Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK. Tomorrow night will be WWE RAW, Tuesday Night will be the WWE Hall of Fame show, Wed/Thursday will be the NXT ppv “Stand and Deliver” which is a two night ppv, Friday night will be Smackdown and on Saturday/Sunday will be two nights of “Wrestlemania”. Yup, that’s a whole week of wrestling for sure.

Usually there’s a lot of wrestling to watch to watch on Wrestlemania week, usually happens every year ’cause that’s the WWE’s way of building up hype and to help promote Wrestlemania.

That’s a lot of wrestling to watch this week so I won’t be streaming any movies/TV shows this week.

I like to watch the WWE Hall of Fame live show every year before Wrestlemania ’cause it’s very powerful hearing the Hall of Famer’s speeches. The WWE will be officially inducting legends into the Hall of Fame for 2020 and 2021 ’cause there was no Hall of Fame show last year due to Covid. The Hall of Fame show is back for this Tuesday night which is gonna be on Peacock on Tuesday evening so can’t wait to watch that.

So happy that I signed up for Peacock ’cause just for the hell of it, I just looked on the WWE Network site and it got shut down today ’cause of the big move.

Not sure how to watch live TV on Peacock for WWE yet but I’ll figure it out ’cause I’m still new to this Peacock thing.


More on Peacock streaming, not so bad actually…

So I took a look at Peacock Streaming earlier this afternoon and it’s not so bad actually. Some cool shows and movies on there other than the WWE stuff. Honestly, there’s not a lot on there for right now but it’s still pretty new and I’m sure they’ll add more streaming content in the future. There’s not a lot of WWE stuff on there yet but that’s because they’ll make the full move later this month, only some WWE stuff are on there for now.

Once again, I only got it for wrestling but I’ll watch some of the other stuff on it like I wanna check out the John Wayne Gacy serial killer documentary that’s on there so that’s gotta be interesting.

The Peacock app isn’t available on my Samsung Smart TV so I’m gonna have to watch it on my PS4 instead or I could watch it on my computer either way.

I’m not sure how you can watch WWE Live yet their 24/7 live TV thing but I’m sure we’ll learn about that soon. “Wrestlemania” is on for two nights next weekend. So all next weekend, I’ll be watching nothing but WWE stuff since “Wrestlemania” weekend is quickly approaching. It’s always fun when Wrestlemania season comes around.


I’m now on Peacock streaming so I can continue to watch WWE…

Well I just subscribed to the new NBC streaming service they just launched called “Peacock”…. ya know, initially I wasn’t gonna get it… I never wanted it until then I found out that the WWE is gonna shut down their standalone streaming service, WWE Network and it’s moving to Peacock permanently. I had to sign up for Peacock if I want to continue to watch “Wrestlemania” every year and other WWE ppvs. If I want to continue watching NXT, WCW, ECW and other wrestling content on there, I had to sign up for Peacock ’cause I gotta have pro wrestling in my life. Y’all know by now I’m a big pro wrestling nerd so I gotta continue to keep watching my wrestling.

Anyway, maybe Peacock is worth it ’cause they have tons of other cool TV shows and movies on there as well. I subscribe to more than one streaming service ’cause I got rid of my cable box and online streaming is cheaper and it’s the way to go nowadays.

Now I can start watching the hit show “Yellowstone” which stars Kevin Costner… I’ve heard great things about that show and people’s been talking to me about it so I can now start that show anytime. Probably next week, maybe. Yeah, I’m kind of a TV junkie admittedly but I only watch TV at night and not during the day.

I had to sign up for Peacock for WWE Network alone. I hate and despise NBC so much so I hated to get it but man, I had to get it for wrestling, ya know? Had no choice.

I’m new to this Peacock thing so I’ll have give it a look later and start adding stuff to my watchlist. Now I’ll get to watch “Law & Order: SVU” ’cause Stabler is back which is exciting. I used to watch “SVU” all the time, though but stopped after Stabler left. Christopher Meloni rules! Great actor!


Sly Stallone hints at Rocky Prequel series for online streaming… Cool Idea, really…

Sly Stallone just hinted on instagram that he maybe working on a “Rocky” prequel series for online streaming. It’s a pretty cool idea really and I really think it could happen. The online streaming giants would be interested in it for sure. It’s not yet known whether it will go to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime yet but we’ll find out soon enough if it gets the greenlight that is.

I think the prequel “Rocky” series will go to Netflix possibly ’cause after the success of the show “Cobra Kai”, the “Rocky” prequel series could be just as big.

If you know Sly Stallone on how he wrote his scripts and his ideas, he always wrote them down on notebook paper. If you can read his handwriting. Sly hints that the Rocky prequel series would be around in the 60’s, around the time all those historical things were happening that Sly listed above.

Doing a little research, Rocky Balboa was 30 years old in the first Rocky movie and it was 1976 in that film… the same year the movie was filmed in. So since the prequel TV series would be taking place in the 60’s, Rocky would be in his 20’s. So they would need a young actor in his 20’s to play a young Rocky. Good luck to them on trying to find an actor to match Sly’s look and I’m sure they will find someone with no problem.

Sly’s goal with the series that he wants the show to get into more detail of all the characters that includes Adrian, Paulie, Mickey, Apollo Creed, Spider Rico, etc. All of them. So younger actors would have to play those characters too.

Will we get to see how Rocky first met Paulie? Ya know, Paulie who is Rocky’s alcoholic friend? I’m sure we’ll get to see more of Adrian’s life and especially Apollo Creed of how he got into boxing and all would be cool. We’ll get some more insight of how Rocky got into the loan shark business with Gazzo ’cause remember, Rocky was already into that before the first movie. We’ll see how Rocky first met Mickey and how he first got into Mickey’s gym ’cause we’ve never seen any of that yet. We could get more insight on the “Duke” Evers character too. There’s so many details we haven’t seen from the first Rocky. The prequel could be pretty useful, actually. I’m all for it.

The prequel series won’t go to Paramount+ or Disney+ since Rocky is owned by MGM… so Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime is probably your best bet. I prefer it go to Netflix so everyone can see it. The ratings for “Cobra Kai” is huge at Netflix so I think the Rocky prequel show will get a huge audience.

I’m totally all for it.