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Why didn’t TIME magazine include Corey Feldman for the Silence Breakers? He totally deserved to be in there! He totally fits!

While my heart goes out to the victims known as the “silence breakers” as TIME magazine called them for this year’s “Person of the Year” award, I’m appalled that Corey Feldman was omitted from the award. Corey Feldman totally deserves to be in there ’cause he fits in the “Silence Breakers”. Why? The simple answer is that while Corey talked about “pedophilia” being a huge problem in Hollywood for years, he refused to name names until now.

Back in October, Corey claimed he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and people thought he was full of shit until they found audio recordings of Corey naming the predators during an interview with the Sheriff’s office. He told Matt Lauer during that interview with the Today Show that Corey had proof of all this to the police but nobody believed him.

Over the years, a lot of people thought Feldman was full of shit so has he now been vindicated finally? I would say so. I think even more people would take him more seriously now after this news got out:

My question is why was Feldman completely omitted from the Silence Breakers? He’s the true hero in all this, in my opinion. It was Feldman who first exposed “predator Hollywood” before anyone else got to.

While TIME magazine talked about sexual misconduct and predators in the “Person of the Year” article, they talked about most of it except for pedophilia in Hollywood. They mentioned Kevin Spacey, but they left out the fact that he tried to molest a 14 year old boy. Anthony Rapp didn’t get mentioned in this article at all. Child abuse in the industry has been completely ignored in TIME magazine.

Why? Shame on TIME magazine. They get even more disgusting. I’ll never buy that magazine or read from anything by them again.

At least they didn’t give Colin Kaepernick the award; that’s the only positive I can give it. They probably wanted to, but the only reason they didn’t ’cause they know they would lose readers if they did.



Thoughts on Matt Lauer firing, there are sexual predators everywhere you look, not just in Hollywood!

Why are people surprised about the firing of Matt Lauer? I’m not! I never liked that asshole anyways to begin with so good riddance! Lauer had the word “creep” written all over him for many years so I’m not surprised.

On top of that, there are sexual predators everywhere you look like the title of this topic says. It doesn’t just exist in Hollywood. There are predators in politics, journalism, sports and there are predators in real life too. They’re everywhere sadly!

It’s just that these predator men hide it very well. How are they able to get away with it after all these years? Well they probably found a way to silence the victim like giving them hush money, threatening their lives and sometimes the victims are afraid to speak out.

One thing for sure though, I find it unfair that so many people are bashing the victim for speaking out about it after all these years. Some of them are like, “Why didn’t the victim speak out about this a long time ago?” Well think of it this way… maybe the victim is afraid to speak about it ’cause he/she feels it’s a hard topic to talk about. Maybe they refused to talk about it publicly ’cause they’re trying to get it out of their minds, ya know? Maybe the victim is afraid they would get in trouble if they spoke about it. Now that all of this is going on, they just feel it’s the right time to talk about it. Now more victims are coming forward, they feel more comfortable coming forward. So give the victims a break.

Yeah, there are predators everywhere. They can be even your close friends and family. Be more aware of your surroundings and watch who you trust ’cause you’ll never know someone’s true character. There are a lot of sickos and pervs out there,  it’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of InfoWars, but this is a great article in regards to Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” tape. If you’re still upset about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” comments, maybe you’ll have a different feeling about that now that Lauer and NBC got busted since they were the ones who leaked the tape so enjoy this read:

It’s funny… NBC tried to make Trump  look like a sexual predator and now Matt Lauer gets exposed as a predator. This is the same network that gets all over Bill O’ Reilly and Roy Moore for sexual misconduct. Everybody in liberal Hollywood tried to make Trump look like a sexual predator but they get exposed for doing the same.

So does this make Trump innocent over the “Pussy Grabbing” stuff? Oh yes, absolutely! NBC started all of that, remember that.


Why are music award shows trying to shut out Taylor Swift?

The Grammy award nominations are out for 2018 and they are terrible like they usually are every year. Taylor Swift snubbed again in major award categories when she just put out a new album titled, Reputation. I am noticing more and more that music award shows are trying their best to shut out Taylor Swift. The Grammy’s didn’t shut out Taylor Swift completely; however, they did give her a nomination for something. They gave her a nomination for “Best Country Song” category, but it’s a song she didn’t perform herself. She wrote a song for Little Big Town called, “Better Man” and Taylor will probably end up winning that award too.

Check out the nominations here…

Grammy Nominations 2018: Complete List

Why are the Grammy’s trying to ignore Taylor Swift? Why are they snubbing her from major awards like “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year”? I think the obvious answer to that is politics. Are award shows upset that Taylor continues to stay apolitical in her career? Ya know, Taylor keeping quiet about her political views. Are they upset that she refuses to be a loudmouth about liberal politics and she won’t bash Donald Trump? Those are probably the reasons.

Another reason is that race could be a big part of it too. Have you noticed each year in the Grammy’s there have been more black artists getting nominated than white artists? This year there are mostly black artists nominated. Pretty much all artists nominated for “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” are black artists except for Lorde.

Yeah, no doubt the Grammy’s are doing all they can to keep Al Sharpton and all the race baiters out there happy. All of this have got to do something with race, absolutely. The Grammy’s are looking to be more like the BET awards nowadays.

Look… don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against black artists because I happen to like some rap/hip hop and R&B myself. It’s just that it’s unfair for these award shows to ram these rap and pop artists down our throats when there are many other talented artists that deserve these opportunities. I think it’s because some don’t want Taylor Swift hogging the award show spotlight and that’s what they’re afraid of.

I love Taylor Swift. I just think the music industry just stopped caring for her. Now they’re trying to ram Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar down our throats… artists that I don’t care for at all. Award shows are getting worse every year. Fed up with them all. I stopped watching all award shows and you should too.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I haven’t bought her new album Reputation but I’m gonna get it pretty soon. I love her previous album 1989. Yeah, I’m mostly into rock n’ roll and metal music but sometimes I have to listen to a little bit of everything else that’s out there.


Which mainstream news outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy”???

When Trump put this tweet up this morning, I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I laughed pretty hard out loud. This tweet is too funny. Seriously. I can’t blame Trump for ranting about the media this morning ’cause they must be driving him up the wall. That’s what the media is hoping to do… they’re hoping to drive him insane.

It should be easy to see that the mainstream media is so fake. They’ve always has been for years. They’ve been fake news long before Trump became president. When Barack Obama was president all they did was protect him like he was king. The media made Obama look like he was a good president when he was not. The media lied about so many things about Obama as a way to look good. All the media did under Obama was praise him and never once reported anything negative about him.

I mean, what kind of media do we have when all they do is make left wing people look good and make right-wing people look bad??? That is not journalism, y’all. It’s all propaganda is what they’re promoting. Everybody wants to deny liberal bias in the media, but it’s so easy to see. I don’t see how that’s so hard? There are still people who wants to mistakenly believe that the media is a credible source of news. If you’re one of those people then you’re one of those who are pretty lazy at research and pretty lazy at getting yourselves informed. A lot of people rely on the news for the truth and many refuse to make sure what the media is saying is correct when most of the time they aren’t. There are still too many people who watch the news on TV and read the news on the internet… and they actually believe everything they say. It’s really frustrating, ya know? I remember the days when tabloid newspapers were pretty popular in the past… well now the mainstream news are the new tabloids. Quite sad!

Most Americans are pretty much fed up with the media… that’s why we all voted for Trump to begin with ’cause we’re all smart enough not to fall for their bullshit. If you still like Obama, if you still like Bernie Sanders and see nothing wrong with Hillary then chances are you probably watch NBC, CNN, read the Washington Post, etc. We knew Trump was the right guy for president after we all saw how the media treated the man.

So what media outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy” award as Trump calls it? Well, all media outlets are pretty bad, but the worst ones are: CNN, NBC, NY Times and the WaPost. I despise CNN so much so I guess the “Fake News Trophy” award would go to CNN absolutely. CNN makes the National Enquirer look good.

It’s unbelievable that there are still people that follows the mainstream news and believes everything they say. When will the Fake News bullshit end? We need real journalism back like the old days. What Americans want to see is real journalism. That’s why FOX News is pretty hot right now ’cause sorry to say, y’all, they are more credible than any other source out there. That’s why people go to sites like Breitbart, Wikileaks and the Drudge Report ’cause they all report real stuff without any bias.

It’s disgusting how the media treats Obama and Hillary like angels and how they treat Trump like he’s a bad guy. Politics shouldn’t be this black and white at all but the media is trying to make it like that. Yep, liberalism is good for the country but conservatism is evil. That’s how the media looks at America and it’s disgusting. That’s not what America wants to see. We want fair and honest reporting on both sides.

For many years, I’ve tried warning you all about the media but all you liberal readers did was laugh at me and continued to believe what the mainstream news says. I love it when I try to debate politics with my liberal readers here and when they show me “facts”, they send me a link to the WaPo or CNN. The news sucks. Turn off your TV, stop reading the internet and stop reading the newspapers.

There’s a meme going around facebook that says, “Caution: The media is not a reflection of reality”. It’s true if you think about it.

So yeah, CNN definitely deserves the “Fake News Trophy” more than all the others. I could have sworn that CNN used to be a credible news network without the liberal bias but now look at them. It’s very sad.

Anybody that still watches the news and takes them seriously needs to get their heads examined.



Finished watching all of “Longmire” yesterday evening…

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I was meaning to post something about Thanksgiving but didn’t feel like posting on the blog much.

After my Thanksgiving meal, I decided to spend the whole Thanksgiving evening watching the rest of Longmire – The Final Season on Netflix last night.

This was such a good show. Most of Netflix’s original material when it comes to their TV shows and original movies are no good, but they actually have a few good things on Netflix TV. Longmire is one of their few good original TV shows. I’ve been watching Longmire since the beginning. This is one show that had everything: good acting, great writing and good filming. The show was filmed like a modern day Western. I look at it as part Western and part Mystery. It’s a mystery who-dun-it kind of show. The show can get unpredictable a lot ’cause you’ll never know who committed a lot of the crimes that were in the show. There will be some big shockers throughout the show too.

The acting by the cast was the best I’ve seen in a TV show in a long time. Everybody did good, but I was most impressed with Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips. Both of them stole the show and killed it. I think both of them deserve to win awards for this show. The characters and the stories are entertaining to watch, though.

Of course, the final season got a little more violent than the previous seasons… gotta save the best for the last.

Check out “Longmire” here:

I’m disappointed that Season 6 is the final season, but I don’t see this show ending for good ’cause the ending of the finale seemed like it just left open for more in the future. Does this mean that Longmire will have future reunion shows maybe? I think they will be back in the future like maybe for a TV movie or a limited run series kind of like what the X-Files did. Hopefully the show will be back for more.


Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix was surprisingly very good, definitely worth watching if you’re a fan!

Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game is one of my favorite books of his. It’s in the top 5 really. It’s a great book, and finally a movie has been made of the book exclusive for Netflix streaming. I watched Gerald’s Game last night, and I was surprised of how great it actually was. The movie was just as creepy as the book. I was also astounded at how faithful the movie was from the book ’cause it was pretty close.

Is it just me or is Hollywood getting much better with Stephen King adaptations to film? It seems so. Most S.K. movies have been pretty much garbage except the good films I’ve seen were: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Kubrick’s The Shining, Carrie (the original) and Misery. Then here comes new Stephen King movies for the big screen: The Dark Tower and IT which I thought both were really good. Now here comes Gerald’s Game for Netflix which I was impressed by. I think Hollywood’s goal is to try to improve S.K. films which is why they’re trying to remake a lot of them.

Keep in mind, though, S.K.’s The Stand is getting a big screen remake next, and that would probably turn out real good too.

Yeah, Stephen King is a liberal and he’s anti-Trump, but I don’t give a shit. I don’t care about an artists politics, it’s the entertainment I care about. I’ll still support Stephen King ’cause he’s a hero of mine. King was the one who got me into reading books and writing of my own. Yeah, King’s political views are whacky but he’s still a good writer.

Back to Gerald’s Game though, it makes me want to read that book again and I will. I may even re-watch the movie on Netflix tonight ’cause it was that damn good. You should check it out too if you’re a Netflix subscriber. Most of Netflix’s original movies and TV shows are garbage but they finally released something good.


America’s Got Talent did something right for a change, I’m impressed with Darci Lynne Farmer!!! WOW!!!

I gave up watching, America’s Got Talent, a long time ago. I just lost interest in the show and stopped watching. The 12th season of the show just got over, and the new winner for this season has just been announced. A young 12 year old named, Darci Lynn Farmer, is AGT champion for this year. I didn’t watch this season at all… since the internet have been praising about her a lot, it got me a little curious, so I decided to youtube her and check her out of for myself. She’s a ventriloquist, and she’s also a singer.

I watched a few of her performances in youtube, and I am very impressed. Actually, I was blown away. She gave me goosebumps and makes me want to watch more of her performances. When you watch her perform and you don’t smile at all, I wanna know what’s wrong with you?

AGT haven’t been choosing that many good winners lately over the years at all; maybe the last winner I liked was Jackie Evancho. I haven’t been impressed with many winners over the years. Finally,  here comes Darci Lynne who I’ve just became a new fan of. She’s very enjoyable and likeable.

If she keeps doing what she’s doing, she could be a huge star. After this, she’s probably gonna perform ventriloquist shows on a regular basis; if she goes on tour and performs a show around here, I would totally go. She’s very entertaining to watch for sure.

Congrats Darci! I can see her doing this for a living… performing shows for children and people of all ages.