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Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix was surprisingly very good, definitely worth watching if you’re a fan!

Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game is one of my favorite books of his. It’s in the top 5 really. It’s a great book, and finally a movie has been made of the book exclusive for Netflix streaming. I watched Gerald’s Game last night, and I was surprised of how great it actually was. The movie was just as creepy as the book. I was also astounded at how faithful the movie was from the book ’cause it was pretty close.

Is it just me or is Hollywood getting much better with Stephen King adaptations to film? It seems so. Most S.K. movies have been pretty much garbage except the good films I’ve seen were: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Kubrick’s The Shining, Carrie (the original) and Misery. Then here comes new Stephen King movies for the big screen: The Dark Tower and IT which I thought both were really good. Now here comes Gerald’s Game for Netflix which I was impressed by. I think Hollywood’s goal is to try to improve S.K. films which is why they’re trying to remake a lot of them.

Keep in mind, though, S.K.’s The Stand is getting a big screen remake next, and that would probably turn out real good too.

Yeah, Stephen King is a liberal and he’s anti-Trump, but I don’t give a shit. I don’t care about an artists politics, it’s the entertainment I care about. I’ll still support Stephen King ’cause he’s a hero of mine. King was the one who got me into reading books and writing of my own. Yeah, King’s political views are whacky but he’s still a good writer.

Back to Gerald’s Game though, it makes me want to read that book again and I will. I may even re-watch the movie on Netflix tonight ’cause it was that damn good. You should check it out too if you’re a Netflix subscriber. Most of Netflix’s original movies and TV shows are garbage but they finally released something good.



America’s Got Talent did something right for a change, I’m impressed with Darci Lynne Farmer!!! WOW!!!

I gave up watching, America’s Got Talent, a long time ago. I just lost interest in the show and stopped watching. The 12th season of the show just got over, and the new winner for this season has just been announced. A young 12 year old named, Darci Lynn Farmer, is AGT champion for this year. I didn’t watch this season at all… since the internet have been praising about her a lot, it got me a little curious, so I decided to youtube her and check her out of for myself. She’s a ventriloquist, and she’s also a singer.

I watched a few of her performances in youtube, and I am very impressed. Actually, I was blown away. She gave me goosebumps and makes me want to watch more of her performances. When you watch her perform and you don’t smile at all, I wanna know what’s wrong with you?

AGT haven’t been choosing that many good winners lately over the years at all; maybe the last winner I liked was Jackie Evancho. I haven’t been impressed with many winners over the years. Finally,  here comes Darci Lynne who I’ve just became a new fan of. She’s very enjoyable and likeable.

If she keeps doing what she’s doing, she could be a huge star. After this, she’s probably gonna perform ventriloquist shows on a regular basis; if she goes on tour and performs a show around here, I would totally go. She’s very entertaining to watch for sure.

Congrats Darci! I can see her doing this for a living… performing shows for children and people of all ages.


This year’s MTV VMA’s flops in the ratings hard… not surprising really…

I remember in the 80’s and 90’s the MTV VMA’s used to be watchable. They used to be good shows back then. In the 80’s that’s when acts like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Guns N’ Roses started getting huge recognition through MTV. Those three artists used to make the MTV VMA’s watchable and entertaining.

When the 90’s came around that’s when the grunge era exploded. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. They were all over the VMA’s in the 90’s.

Michael Jackson and Madonna were always prominent stars of the VMA’s back then.

The VMA’s now? OMG! I think MTV needs to get the hint that no one cares about them anymore. Back then they used to be “music”, what happened to that? Now they’re nothing but liberal politics and social justice warriors.

Sad, when I was a young kid in high school, I used to look forward to watch the VMA’s every year but now I don’t care anymore. I skipped the VMA’s this year and glad I did. I didn’t watch it at all. It’s not only liberal politics is the problem it’s just that music is shit on MTV. Nothing but garbage pop artists and rap/hip hop. MTV really sucks now. I used to watch MTV a lot when I was young… they were the reason I got into Nirvana.


Ralph Macchio is confirmed to reprise his role as Daniel Larusso for “Karate Kid” revival, it’s gonna be a TV show and not a big screen movie…

Well this is interesting… look like a Karate Kid sequel is happening after all but only thing is it’s gonna be a TV show; it won’t be a big screen movie. It will be a 10 episode TV series exclusively to be aired on YoutubeRed first but I’m sure other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others will get it later in the future.

The show takes place 30 years after the first Karate Kid film where Daniel Larusso had his iconic karate bout against Johnny Lawrence. Well, Ralph Macchio is set to reprise his role as Daniel Larusso for the “Karate Kid” revival simply titled, “Cobra Kai” for now. The story will center around Johnny Lawrence now owning the “Cobra Kai” karate school which was previously owned by John Kreese (who was played by Martin Kove in the first movie). The Larusso and Lawrence feud is back on again so it’s looking like they’re about to get their rematch? Seems so!!!

Read the full story here:

Read this article here on why Macchio and Zabka agreed to sign on this project:

I do remember that Hollywood has been trying to get Ralph Macchio on a new Karate Kid movie but he kept refusing. I think they were even trying to get Macchio to star in the remake that starred Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan but Macchio refused.

What do you think? Do you think that Ralph Macchio can still play Larusso after all these years? Yes, I think Ralph still has it. I think he’ll still play the character just fine but keep in mind, though, Macchio is 55 years old now… he’s no kid anymore like he was in the original trilogy.

Some of you may ask why is this show gonna be a comedy? If you think about it, the original trilogy had a mix of comedy, drama and action. So I guess they’re going for the same format for this show? Ya know, in the first Karate Kid movie… that movie had plenty of funny scenes especially all the “wax on, wax off” stuff.

In this “Cobra Kai” TV show, are we gonna see some other familiar faces from the first film? I think it’s a possibility. Maybe we’ll see that guy who screams, “Put him in a bodybag” and laughing his head off. Maybe we’ll see Martin Kove reprise his role as Kreese ’cause that would be fuckin’ awesome! Maybe Elisabeth Shue can return as well.

I’ll watch this show but I’m not gonna subscribe to YoutubeRed. I’ll wait for this show to get on Netflix so hopefully they make it streamable later. I’m a huge Karate Kid fan and glad this is happening.

Ralph is a great actor, though… loved him in other movies such as “The Outsiders”, “My Cousin Vinny” and can’t forget “Crossroads”. I’m sure he’ll do a great job playing Larusso again!


The mighty Slayer performs on Jimmy Fallon again and they killed it! WOW!

We really need more metal in this world. Not a lot of people know that metal still exists ’cause pop music, rap/hip hop and country are still dominating the music industry. Even though I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon anymore… I’m very proud and happy for him that he tries to give metal more recognition.

Slayer is one of my favorite bands and I’ve been listening to them for a long while now; I have six albums by them including their latest, “Repentless”. Slayer is the epitome of what true metal sounds like. \m/

I never saw Slayer live in concert myself but I’ve always wanted to and one day I will. They’re a great band. Metal needs another takeover in the music industry and it can happen. It seems that Jimmy is a fan of heavy music which is cool.

It may seem a bit unexpected of Jimmy to have Slayer  on his show but maybe he’s a huge fan of that band himself? The video above is a phenomenal performance. I’m sure just by having Slayer on Jimmy’s show introduced them to a lot newer fans. There’s a lot of music listeners who are still hung up on pop, rap and country so of course some are gonna be shocked to see Jimmy have Slayer on.


2nd “American Pravda” video is out… hey liberals, is this good enough evidence that CNN is fake news yet?

Van Jones exposed! Hell yeah! Are you surprised that Van Jones turned out to be a lying and corrupt loser? I’m not ’cause after all he’s a former Obama admin. official. Van Jones on CNN talking about the Russian conspiracy theory and then he’s caught saying it’s a “Nothing Burger”.

Like everyone else, I’ve always known that the Russian/Trump thing was fake and totally made up. There was never any proof until now. Thanks to James O’ Keefe, he’s providing us the proof so we can have something to back it up next time someone says, “You’re full of shit”.

I’m noticing that liberals aren’t saying anything about the “American Pravda” videos. That’s because they feel completely dumbfounded and they couldn’t believe that they actually fell for a news story that was pure fiction. I think liberals know that the media is all bullshit, they just love seeing them attack Trump.

Anyway, this Trump/Russia thing really needs to die and I think James O’ Keefe will do a good job on killing this fictional story.

This is why I try to tell you guys not to trust CNN and the rest of the media. I don’t even trust Fox news even though there are a few good hosts on there. The media sucks.

I hope O’Keefe destroys Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer ’cause I can’t stand those guys. I think he’ll get to them soon.


Hate to say it, liberals but FOX News Channel is still the top rated cable TV news… CNN is still right behind them…

I’m not a big fan of FOX News Channel but there are a few good shows on there. I’m actually liking Tucker Carlson, I love watching Sean Hannity and Jeannine Pirro’s “Justice” is my favorite too. I think I’ve watched “The Five” a few times. I’m starting to watch FOX News late at night every night ’cause TV helps me fall asleep.

A lot of people in America go to FOX News ’cause they’re tired of biased news everywhere else. Liberals accuse FOX News of being on the “far-right” but I don’t think so at all. That network is just one of the few real journalists left. The truth hurts, huh? I think the reason liberals hates FOX News is ’cause they know they’re doing well in the ratings and dominating the MSM. Deal with it, FNC is the top rated network on TV right now.

It’s funny when I bash Barack, Hillary but love Donald Trump… a lot of people accuse me of watching too much FOX News but I don’t watch a lot of it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I’m starting to watch it more often, though.

I don’t get my political info from TV at all. I get it by watching what’s happening to America and that’s pretty much it. It’s easy to see what politicians are doing to America and it’s clear that liberalism is the enemy of this country.

Most of our news media is corrupt to the core but FOX News is okay, though. I have no problem at all with FNC.