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The “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix was kind of a disappointment really… interesting concept, though…

Last week, I watched the “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix right away ’cause I was real curious about it. The storyline sounded intriguing on how two astronomers discovered that a comet is about to hit Earth and destroy humanity but nobody won’t believe them. The story had an interesting concept and all but the movie itself kind of sucked.

Bad cinematography and direction is what I didn’t like most about it. Writing could have been better, though. If you’re a leftist leaning person then you’ll probably like it ’cause the movie made Republicans look bad.

It’s a movie with an all star cast… a bunch of a-list actors in it but it still wasn’t that good. I thought the cast member of “Don’t Look Up” that did the best acting was Mark Rylance who played that tech billionaire CEO of Bash and I smell another Oscar nomination coming for this film for him? Probably and I also smell a few other Oscar nominations coming for this film too. And I guess another great performance by Leo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence was enjoyable too, though.

And the ending kind of sucked. This is a one-time watch for me.


“Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”, a brief review…

So I saw Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” in a movie theater at the Cape Cod Mall last week in Cape Cod, Mass. When I go on vacation like once a year, I like to try and go to the movies just to kill some time and stuff. I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan and I’ve seen all of his movies. Yes, I love them all including his newest one, “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”.

It’s another winner for Tarantino, he did it again which didn’t surprise me. All of his movies are good and they never disappoint. “Once Upon a Time” is filmed in the similar format like all of his movies: different story lines in one film, almost 3 hours, the usual cool selection of music (which Tarantino is known for) and the film having a lot of dialogue.

This was an interesting movie ’cause it showed what life in Hollywood would have been like in 1969. It was nearing the end of the golden era in Hollywood. I remember in the beginning when this film was in development, Tarantino was going to make this film about the Manson family murders and this film turned out to be about that for a little bit. I was hoping the whole movie would be about the Charles Manson murders but it ended up being something totally different. Instead, the film mostly focused on how the Hollywood movie era was changing in 1969.

I was most interested in how the film depicted the life of Sharon Tate. While the cast of the film did a good acting job, I was most impressed with Margot Robbie who played Sharon Tate in the film. She did the best acting job, in my opinion and the appearance by Bruce Dern was cool too. Of course, Al Pacino is always a show stealer. Even though I think Brad Pitt and Leo Dicaprio are both overrated actors, I thought they were entertaining as hell in this movie.

This film was also funny as hell as it was also named a “comedy”… there were a few scenes in the film where I can’t help but crack out laughing especially the ending of this film. Tarantino always had a crazy and wacky sense of humor and he really showed that in this film for sure. There’s a mixture of genres in this film: drama, western, action, comedy and even a little bit of horror was thrown in the mix.

I don’t agree with Tarantino’s left-wing political views but he’s still a talented film maker and I wish he would keep making movies until he dies but he vows to retire at his 10th film which is disappointing. I’ve always been a huge Tarantino fan. I try to collect all his movies for my BluRay/DVD collection when I can and I’ll be definitely buying “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” on BluRay for sure.

“Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” turned out be a really great film. Loved it a lot. You should see it too.


First Al Gore meets with Trump about Climate Change, now Leonard Dicaprio… who’s next Neil Young???

First Al Gore had a meeting with Trump and his daughter Ivanka to talk about Climate Change. Now Leo Dicaprio joins in. Everybody is probably wondering, did Trump change his stance on “Climate Change” & Global Warming and all that stuff? No, I don’t think he did have a change of heart about Climate CHange. Maybe Al and Leo are just trying their best to convince Trump that Climate Change is real? Maybe Trump is just doing this for his daughter Ivanka, who knows? Maybe Trump is just experimenting a little and doing some research. That kind of thing. Maybe Trump is just trying to find different ways to help the country so he invites Al Gore and Leo Dicaprio in.

A lot of Trump supporters I’m noticing has been freaking out about Climate Change fanatics meeting with Trump and I don’t know why. I think it’s actually cool that Trump is doing this. It shows his professionalism and show he’s a great negotiator. It shows that Trump is not on one side of the spectrum. Once again, Mr. Trump gets along with everybody including liberals. No doubt that Leo is a very liberal guy as well but I give him the kudos to have the balls to meet Trump. Most liberals are afraid of Trump but not Al and Leo. Those guys are adult enough to be civilized with Trump so other liberal political figures should take note.


Who is Trump planning to meet with next? I wouldn’t be surprised that Trump invites Neil Young to Trump Tower to discuss the Earth and Green Energy and all that stuff. Neil seems to be a Climate Change expert too. Hell, maybe Bernie Sanders would even get invited to Trump Tower. Now that the election is over maybe Donald and Bernie would bury the hatchet but I doubt it, though. Bernie is way too far on the left, he hates anything Republican but I can see Donald meeting with Neil Young sometime, though. That’s a possibility.


Leonardo Dicaprio surprisingly never won an Oscar before but I think he’ll get it this time…

Leonardo Dicaprio never won an Oscar before. It may seem like he has already won one but he never did if you do a little digging. He’s been nominated 4 times at the Oscars over the years in his career but he never won any of them. I think he’ll definitely get his first Oscar this year, though (sorry Matt Damon). “The Revenant” was indeed Leo’s best role in his career. In the past, I used to think Leo Dicaprio was an overrated actor. There were only like a few other roles that I liked him in. Other roles that I thought Leo was really good in were “Gangs of New York”, “The Departed”, “Shutter Island”, “Inception”, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Django Unchained” but other than that, Leo’s best performance was in “The Revenant”.

Like most people I never liked “Titanic” as I thought it was an overrated as hell movie. “Gilbert Grape” is overrated as well. He’s starred in too many overrated films and that includes, “J. Edgar” which I never liked (and it wasn’t because of the gay stuff in the movie, it just wasn’t good).

Leo is a talented actor, I guess. He always has been. I think he deserves his first Oscar which is long overdue and he’ll absolutely get it with “The Revenant” ’cause once again, I thought it was his best role in his career. “The Revenant” will probably sweep everything at the Oscars. I prefer “The Revenant” to be the big winner over “Mad Max: Fury ROad”.

If you haven’t seen “The Revenant” yet, you gotta see it for yourself and you would see how amazing Leo’s performance really was. He’ll blow your mind in this movie. I’m definitely buying “The Revenant” when it comes out on BluRay, hell yes!


Film Review: The Revenant

Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy

Directed by: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

So today, I actually went and saw “The Revenant” movie starring Leo Dicaprio.

Plot/Synopsis: A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820’s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

I was gonna wait for DVD rental on this one but since so many people said so many great things about this movie and how great Leo’s performance was I had to see it myself in theater right away out of curiosity. It turned out to be a beautiful and amazing film. It was wonderfully directed and beautifully written. The cinematography is pretty impressive stuff. “The Revenant” is a revenge movie and a survival movie both at the same time. As the synopsis says above it’s about a frontiersman (or a hunter) who is a part of the fur trading group and his own team stabs him in the back. It’s also a movie about war against the Indians.

The film was pretty violent, dark and a bit gory too. So this is all over the Oscars? Wow. Usually the Oscars aren’t too friendly with dark & violent movies but I’m surprised this movie scored a bunch of nominations. This movie will probably sweep everything at the Oscars ’cause the film really was that amazing. The music was beautifully scored. The action scenes weren’t meant to be entertaining… they were meant to be kind of “scary” and gritty.

While Leo’s performance was indeed really good as I thought this was his best role in his career, I was also impressed with Tom Hardy. Tom played a really good villain in this movie. Tom was a badass really. Leo was a badass in this movie too. Does this movie deserve all the Oscar praise? Yes, absolutely. Leo is definitely gonna win his Oscar for this role. To be honest, I was never that big of a Leo Dicaprio fan but the guy gained a lot more respect from me after seeing this movie. So I guess you can say that I’m a fan of Leo now. Maybe that guy has talent after all? Leo can play anything that throws at him.

Before trashing Leo about getting all the praise and awards about this movie, you need to see for yourself before you judge. It really was an amazing film and it’s definitely pretty high up in the top 5 films of 2015.

Score for “The Revenant”: 5 out of 5 stars as in “Excellent”


Right-wing community goes nuts over Leo Dicaprio bear rape scene in “The Revenant” movie…

Come on people, it’s just a freaking movie, geez! I find nothing wrong with the bear scenes in “The Revenant” and like I just said, it’s a movie. I repeat, JUST A MOVIE!

This is just another example why the right-wing community has been driving me crazy as of late. They can be just as bad as liberals. The right-wing community has been outraged over this thanks to Matt Drudge and his big mouth.


I think “The Revenant” looks awesome and I’ll proudly go see it when it comes out in Jan.


I’m so glad Christian Bale is playing Steve Jobs instead of Leo Dicaprio…. thank god!!!

One thing that I’m thankful for is that Leo Dicaprio did a good move pulling out of the Aaron Sorkin scripted, “Jobs” movie. Today, Aaron Sorkin himself just confirmed that Christian Bale is playing Steve Jobs.

There’s a lot of people complaining that why is Hollywood doing another Steve Jobs movie when they just did one with Ashton Kutcher? Yes. I know there is another one and I did see the Kutcher version. The Kutcher movie was pretty good but I didn’t think Kutcher played Steve Jobs very well. The movie was well written and was surprisingly pretty faithful to Steve’s story but Ashton wasn’t a good fit to playing Steve Jobs.

Christian Bale is a perfect fit and I think he’s gonna kill it. Of course, he’s gonna kill it. He’s fucking Christian Bale. He kills every role he plays in. My three favorite movies that Christian Bale has ever played in were: “The Fighter”, “3:10 To Yuma”, “American Psycho” and “American Hustle”. I’m sure there’s more great movies he played in but those I listed are my favorite.

He was an okay Batman but not the greatest, though.

As far as the Jobs movies go, I’ve heard that the Kutcher and Bale movies are gonna be completely different. Kutcher’s version was a straight up biopic, Bale’s version is not gonna be. I’ve heard that Aaron Sorkin only wrote three really long scenes for the film, that’s it. The Bale film is not gonna be what you think it is.

I’m looking forward to Sorkin’s “Jobs” movie. I’m just so glad Leo Dicaprio is no longer involved. I can’t stand Leo. Now that Bale’s in, I’m definitely gonna see this!


Cool Video: Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” trailer is finally here!!!

Things to watch out for in this film: 1. Foot fetish cameos 2. An actress to steal the show (most likely Kerry Washington will have a scene that will make the audience go crazy, Tarantino is usually good at giving women the best scenes) 3. Tarantino to give himself a cameo in this movie?

I really can’t wait for this movie. I’m a huge Tarantino fan, love all of his movies, that includes, “Jackie Brown”, and “Death Proof”, they’re both great films as well.

Enjoy the trailer here. It’s too bad Kurt Russell dropped out of this movie though, I really wanted to see him in this.


Report: Leonardo Dicaprio buys red slippers from “Wizard of Oz” for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures…

Love Leo Dicaprio or hate him, this makes him a really good guy for this. Leo buys, the red slippers you see in the photo above that were worn by Judy Garland in the legendary film, “The Wizard of Oz”. There were 4 slippers used, and one pair was used for the close up shot seen in the pic above. Leo wasn’t alone on spending money for the slippers, he had help with Steven Spielberg and other donors.

Of course, they wouldn’t reveal how much the slippers are worth (so they wouldn’t attract thieves). They are probably worth a fortune, so I can’t blame Leo for having other people help out. Those slippers are pretty historic and they deserve to be in a museum or some sorts.

Read this press release, here.


Report: Leo Dicaprio in negotiations to star in Quentin Tarantino’s next flick, “Django Unchained” as a villain…

Quentin Tarantino has been wanting to work with Leo Dicaprio for years, and looks like now he’ll finally be able to. Leo is getting close to a deal to star as the main villain for the spaghetti Western film, “Django Unchained”. Dicaprio will be playing an owner of a club called, Candyland, in Mississippi where he would treat women as slaves. He also has males pitted in “mandingo” style death matches.

It looks like Will Smith is not agreeing to star in this movie so far, so it looks like Will Smith will be out. Idris Elba, Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx are backups in case Will does officially say “No”!

Read more here @ Deadline.

I hope Will Smith does back out ’cause I thought he was a bad choice anyway. If anything, I would like Jamie Foxx to star in it more. Jamie is very popular and he would sell the movie more than Will Smith, in my opinion.

I’m glad Leo will finally get to work with Quentin.

People maybe getting tired of Leo Dicaprio, I am too, but you can’t deny that Leo has been in so many great movies. I think Leo and Quentin would make a great team up.

Will Quentin get another chance at the Oscars for this film, “Django Unchained”? Too early to tell but we’ll wait and see how the movie looks first.