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Report: Leonardo Dicaprio wins restraining order against “delusional” woman claiming to be his wife…

Leonardo Dicaprio, wins a restraining order against a 41 year old woman claiming to be his wife and being the father of his child with her.  The woman has been writing letters to him that’s been mailed to his home where he lives, and she’s been trying to contact him, non stop.

Read more on it here at TMZ.

The question you have to ask is, how does this woman know where Leo lives? Well, it’s not that hard to track people down. They must of somehow look up celebrities home addresses on the internet somewhere, or maybe the phonebook or things like that. In all honesty though, I don’t think this Livia woman is dangerous, she sounds harmless. To me she sounds like an obsessive Leo Dicaprio fan trying to meet the man in person. Her way of doing it, maybe crazy, yes, but whatever it takes to meet your favorite star.

Leo is afraid of this Livia woman. Really? I looked up her myspace and facebook page, even though she’s 4 1, she looks like a young 20 year old. She’s good looking. She looks like a short woman and doesn’t look dangerous at all. Here she is, right here.

I can understand Leo is afraid of this woman because, of his previous slasher attack, Retha Wilson, but this Livia woman looks harmless to me.

Geez, it seems that Leo is getting all kinds of crazy women after him? LOL!!!!!!! No surprise. When you’re big, rich and famous, being the world’s famous hunk, you’re gonna be getting stuff like this. This kind of proves that Leo Dicaprio doesn’t realize how famous he really is.


Film Review: Inception

Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Tom Berenger and Michael Caine.

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Today, I went and saw the movie “Inception”, another film that I was looking forward to see for a long time. It is finally here, so I went and saw it. Before the movie, I did a little fun shopping for myself. Just got a couple of books from Barnes & Noble and a thing of Itunes cards to download albums with, that was about it. I didn’t buy any video games or DVD’s ’cause I didn’t see anything I wanted. When I buy videogames, I don’t just buy random games like a lot of video gamers do. I only buy a video game if there is something coming out that I really want ’cause PS3 games are pricey, I wanna make ’em worth it. Now on with my review…

Plot/synopsis: This is a heist film where Leonardo Dicaprio plays a father who is a thief, his name is Dom Cobb. He is an expert thief where he steal things that are valuable secrets. So what is Dom’s secret in committing these crimes successfully? He does them in dreams. Cobb and his men take control of the dream world to commit these robberies. There are a few rules in the Dream World, if someone is hurt in the dream world, they will experience pain in real life. If someone dies, they will be forced to wake up. Dom, was offered a heist job of “Inception” by a man named Saito, which he accepts, in order to get back to his two children. What “Inception” means it’s the implantation of a thought within a person’s mind. Ariadne (Ellen Page’s character) teams up with him as a guide to help what is haunting him. Does Dom successfully get the “Inception” job done in dreams? You will have to see the film to find out.

As I have predicted a long time ago, this film was very impressive. Very very very good, film. Christopher Nolan is such an amazing storyteller. Honestly, I LOVE his work more outside of Batman. You know what? I’m actually glad he was chosen to do Batman, because doing Batman indeed helped him make better movies other than, Batman. Even though “Inception” wasn’t a Batman movie, it sure did felt like one. It felt like a comic book movie even though this is an original piece of work. Chris Nolan has such an amazing imagination when it comes to writing. You gotta wonder, what goes on in that man’s head when he comes up with these crazy stories.

Yes, “Inception” is a big time special effects movie. Lot of CGI throughout the entire movie pretty much, but it makes sense. How else are they going to do that stuff? Ya know? I thought it was a perfect movie all around. No complaints here. Direction was excellent. Writing was excellent. The acting by the cast was just phenomenal. The special effects and the sound was a blast. It was action packed. It almost felt like a James Bond/Jason Bourne movie on acid. Hans Zimmer’s score for the film was amazing as well.

Most peolpe hate Leo Dicaprio, but I respect him and his talent. He’s not my absolute favorite either, but you can’t deny, this guy has got a lot of talent. His acting in this film was actually very good as well. Leo needs to quit doing these girly drama flicks and keep doing dark movies. He’s good at it. I really loved him in “Shutter Island”, and he was so good in this movie too.

Uh oh, do I have this feeling that Leo Dicaprio could get a serious role in “Batman: The Dark Knight 3”??? If the Riddler is picked as a villain, could Leo be the Riddler? Don’t be surprised. Christopher Nolan seems to have a fetish of working with actors that he already worked with in the past. So you bet your ass, Leo will get a role for the next Batman flick. Maybe Leo won’t get a villain role, but maybe a different character. Christopher Nolan is one of my top 5 favorite directors. I love all the work he has done. My favorite movie, “Memento” and “Insomnia” were both really good. Respect his work other than Batman please. Chris can’t do Batman his whole life, he’ll get bored with it. He needs to do different things like most film makers.

I look forward to seeing, “The Expendables” in August, which is my next movie I plan to see.

Score for “Inception” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Film Review: Shutter Island

Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Ben Kingsley, Max Von Sydow, Michelle Williams, and Jackie Earle Haley

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Today on a day off of work, I finally got to see, “Shutter Island” the newest collaboration of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio. Before the movie, I did a little shopping at Best Buy. I bought Ozzy Osbourne’s new book, “I am Ozzy” and picked up the game “Heavy Rain” for the PS3. I will talk about that stuff in another post, but lets go on with this review:

Plot/Synopsis: Leonardo Dicaprio plays a cop named, Teddy Daniels, he was also a former US Marshall. Teddy goes to Shutter Island with partner, Chuck Aule who is played by Mark Ruffalo. The two cops go to the Ashecliff Hospital on the Island to investigate a patient who disappeared from a locked room. This is a hospital for the insane, it is not a prison. Teddy and Chuck were on a case to help find a missing patient named, Rachel Solando. Rachel was put in the hospital a long while back because she drowned her own three children in a lake by her home. Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingley’s role) who is the head psychiatrist of the hospital wants Teddy and Chuck to help him find Rachel and bring her back to the hopsital alive. As Teddy and Chuck investigate, they begin to find strange and uncomfortable things about this hospital.

This film “Shutter Island” was actually made in the year 2008. It was supposed to be released last year around Halloween, I remember, but the film got pushed back to the month of Feb. of this year. So it’s been a long time. This is a film we’ve all been waiting for and it’s finally here.

On with the film, I thought the film was very impressive for a lot of reasons. It was a perfect movie. Is it a horror flick? I would think so. The storytelling of this movie is what impressed me the most. I liked the acting, the cinematography, the musical score was also great, but it’s the story that’s what got to me. The story to this movie was very dark. I think it’s the darkest movie Scorsese has ever done. Yes, Scorsese has done some pretty dark films over the years, but this one is totally different than his earlier films. Scorsese has done thrillers/horrors before like “Cape Fear” for example. So he’s no stranger to doing dark films.

The story kept you at the edge of your seat. You just want more and more. Never know what is going to happen next ’cause the film was very unpredictable. You think this is going to happen and that will happen, but nope, something else happens. I love films like that! I don’t want to talk about the whole movie ’cause there are some huge shockers toward the end of the movie.

This is Leo’s best acting in a long time too. Some may not appreciate him because Leo haters think he’s the type of actor that women drool over, but Leo’s role in this film I think was aimed at the “male” audience and not toward the women this time. This was more of a guy Leo Dicaprio movie, not a chick flick Leo Dicaprio movie. Hope you know what I mean by that. This is not the best Martin Scorsese flick ever made but it certainly is one of my favorites and it certainly is the best Scorsese/Dicaprio movie for sure.

If you like a good bone chilling horror flick, this is a good one for you. I’ll warn you, a flick like this will get you talking  and will get you thinking to yourself like, “wtf?” I mean, when the movie got over with and “Directed by Martin Scorsese” poppped up on the screen at the end of the film, the theater was dead silent for like ten minutes, then people started talking to each other. That’s how incredibly shocking this movie is. Do yourself a favor and see this soon.

Score for “Shutter Island” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Report: Mel Gibson to direct Leonard Dicaprio for untitled Viking film…

Well, look like this means Mel Gibson is definitely not doing “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” ’cause he just signed on to direct a movie about “Vikings” that will star, Leonardo Dicaprio. It looks like Mel won’t be acting in this “Vikings” movie, he will be directing this one.

After starring the leading roles in movies like “Edge of Darkness” and Jodi Foster’s “The Beaver”, look like Mel finally wants to return to directing again.

I personally think the only reason Mel went back to acting just for a few films is so that he can be accepted by his fans again after his troubles with the law lately. To be accepted by Hollywood and forgiveness.

Mel plans to start shooting this Viking film in the fall of 2010 which will come up quick. Since Mel will have to be out there promoting, “Edge of Darkness” and “The Beaver”, he won’t have anytime to play on, “Mad Max 4”.

Still though, never say never with Mel in Mad Max 4. Maybe he can just do a small cameo? We’ll have to cross our fingers.

I expect this “Vikings” film to be very bloody and extremely violent. The violence will be much worse than his previous directed films. Honestly though, I find Mel Gibson one of the best actor/directors out there. He’s amazing. I love his work with “Braveheart”, “The Passion” and I find “Apacolypto” an amazing movie.

Mel doing a movie about Vikings is a good choice and very interesting. I think Leo has what it takes to do action with his own stunts, ’cause he’s done plenty of action movies over the years.

Variety Reports:



Cool Video: Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” hits the internets, and the movie looks pretty freakin’ sweet!!!

As usual the amazing Christopher Nolan never dissapoints with his movies. His next movie after, “The Dark Knight”, is a film titled, “Inception” that stars Leo Dicaprio in the leading role. It’s a mix of sci fi and action. Looks like this will be a major special effects movie but anways, the film looks awesome.

Count me in the theater in 2010 for this flick. Looks badass!



Report: Warner Bros. team up with Leo Dicaprio to bring on a second “Twilight Zone” movie!!!

“Twilight Zone: The Movie” was brought to us by Warner Bros. in 1983, the film that originally starred Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow in certain storyline segments.

Warner Bros. has greenlighted, “The Twilight Zone” to return for another film so the film can be based on different stories from the TV series. Leo Dicaprio’s film company, Appian Way, has teamed up with Warner Bros to make the film. They already hired a screenwriter by the name of, Rand Ravich, who previously written, “The Astronaut’s Wife”.

Variety Reports:


Great news! I loved the first “Twilight Zone” movie, hope they do a good job with the second one.

I wonder if they’ll bring back Dan Aykroyd to continue the story of the Passenger where he is a werewolf. That would be totally cool if they brought the Aykroyd story back to the “TZ: The Movie” sequel.

Do you want to see something really scary? Ha ha! It would be great to hear Dan Aykroyd say that catchphrase again for the next movie if he gets signed for it! Come on Leo, get him!


BREAKING NEWS: Leonardo Dicaprio to star the lead in “Inception”, a film by Christopher Nolan…

Leonardo Dicaprio is in final negotiations to star in “Inception”, a sci-fi action film written and will be directed by Christopher Nolan (director of “Batman: Begins”/”The Dark Knight”). The film, “Inception”, will be released through Warner Bros. pictures. The plot is kept under wraps and will not reveal what character Leo Dicaprio is playing at this time.

Variety Reports:


What a nice ploy for another box office hit. Will this film be another all star cast like most Christopher Nolan films are?

Who else do you think Nolan will get to star alongside Dicaprio?

My money is on Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, and maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal as the female lead?

The cast to this film maybe interesting.


Report: “The Neverending Story” is getting remade too…

Now here is a remake that I actually think is worth deserving of a better film. Warner Bros. and Leonardo Dicaprio’s film company, the Appian Way, are in discussions of remaking, the family classic adventure, “The Neverending Story”. A film that tells the story of a boy who discovers a book which he reads, that he becomes the plot of the story. The story takes him to another world to meet all kinds of weird creatures and fascinating people.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


I liked the original a lot. Now that you think of it, think what they can do with that movie in today’s technology. This one can be a great remake if done right.


Film Review: Body of Lies

Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Russell Crowe

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Synopsis: Roger Ferris (played by Leo) is a CIA operative working in Jordan to hunt down terrorists who have been bombing civilian targets. Later, Ferris uncovers some new information from Islamist mastermind Al-Saleem. There are many terrorist attacks in Manchester, England which terrorists uses a wired cell phone to blow up buildings and people’s homes.

Ed Hoffman (played by Crowe) who is Ferris’s boss has his eye on Ferris keeping an eye on every move to make sure he is safe and alive. After Ferris lands himself in a small hospital after trying to catch the terrorists roaming the streets, Ferris falls in love with a nurse named Aisha who he became friends with at first.

During the movie, Aisha, Ferris’s future girlfriend/lover is kidnapped. Ferris blames terrorist leader Al Salim for taken her which he is protected in a top secret hideout. Ferris gets taken to Al Salim to help find Aisha. Does Al Salim an evil terrorist leader have Aisha? You’ll have to watch the movie yourself to find out ’cause I don’t want to reveal any spoilers ’cause there are shocks and twists in the movie.

My thoughts on the film? As usual Ridley Scott movies never dissapoint. He’s one of my favorite directors for many reasons. Ridley has a unique vision when he’s using the camera and telling stories. I really liked the story and the script for this film “Body of Lies”. It was more of a political film, to let the world know that there are terrorists still out there in this world today in real life.

The acting of Leo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe was of course, real good. Another reason I liked about this movie was how Ridley didn’t use too many big name stars. Most of the cast were unknowns. Russell and Leo were of course the only big names in the movie.

The story was sometimes shocking, it kept you guessing, it was unpredictable. While this is not the best Ridley Scott film ever made (I still think “American Gangster” is his best film), “Body of Lies” was very enjoyable. I really liked it. But it won’t be something I would watch again so I probably won’t buy the DVD.

Score for “Body of Lies” = *** (3 stars as in good)



Report: Nolan Bushnell himself speaks on being played by Dicaprio…says he’s thrilled!!!

Nolan Bushnell (pictured above) himself spoke his thoughts about him being played by Leo Dicaprio in the “Atari” movie. Bushnell says he’s thrilled and excited that Dicaprio is playing him. Leo Dicaprio is an iconic film star that has starred in movies such as James Cameron’s “Titanic”, “The Beach”, “Gangs In New York”, “Blood Diamond”, “The Departed” and more.

Bushnell also says there were many books written about the Atari videogame system but Bushnell says he knows about Atari games more than they do. He says that the screenwriters for the “Atari” film will get the facts right about the videogames.

More on it here:


Leo himself must an Atari videogamer if he was willing to sign to this role. Leo is a perfect choice for this role, since he does kind of look like Bushnell.