Report: Leonardo Dicaprio wins restraining order against “delusional” woman claiming to be his wife…

Leonardo Dicaprio, wins a restraining order against a 41 year old woman claiming to be his wife and being the father of his child with her.  The woman has been writing letters to him that’s been mailed to his home where he lives, and she’s been trying to contact him, non stop.

Read more on it here at TMZ.

The question you have to ask is, how does this woman know where Leo lives? Well, it’s not that hard to track people down. They must of somehow look up celebrities home addresses on the internet somewhere, or maybe the phonebook or things like that. In all honesty though, I don’t think this Livia woman is dangerous, she sounds harmless. To me she sounds like an obsessive Leo Dicaprio fan trying to meet the man in person. Her way of doing it, maybe crazy, yes, but whatever it takes to meet your favorite star.

Leo is afraid of this Livia woman. Really? I looked up her myspace and facebook page, even though she’s 4 1, she looks like a young 20 year old. She’s good looking. She looks like a short woman and doesn’t look dangerous at all. Here she is, right here.

I can understand Leo is afraid of this woman because, of his previous slasher attack, Retha Wilson, but this Livia woman looks harmless to me.

Geez, it seems that Leo is getting all kinds of crazy women after him? LOL!!!!!!! No surprise. When you’re big, rich and famous, being the world’s famous hunk, you’re gonna be getting stuff like this. This kind of proves that Leo Dicaprio doesn’t realize how famous he really is.


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