Report: Stephen King speaks on the Dark Tower series. Who does he wants for Susannah Dean? You’d be surprised of his answer!

Stephen King, the author himself, spoke to “Entertainment Weekly” magazine for his thoughts on Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsmith being in charge for the “Dark Tower” TV series and movies. Stephen reveals he would love to voice the character, Blaine the Mono. For those who don’t know the character Blaine the Mono, it’s a fictional monorail train that talks.

Stephen also explains his casting ideas for the series. He doesn’t say who he wants for Roland, Eddie Dean and Jake, but he does have an idea who he wants for Susannah Dean, who is Eddie’s wife in the series. Who does Stephen King want for Susannah?

Who is that woman in the picture? Yes, that’s right. It’s Angela Bassett. If I remember correctly, Susannah does appear to be a black woman in the graphic novels.

Read Stephen’s brief interview with EW, here.

I do like the choice of Angela Bassett as Susannah though. She seems to fit the character perfectly.


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