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Saw “The Dark Tower” movie earlier today and it was freakin’ awesome surprisingly!!!

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Ron Howard has been trying to make “The Dark Tower” series happen for many years; he had a lot of difficulties and setbacks trying to get this project greenlighted. Studios kept rejecting the project and it was finally picked up by Columbia Pictures. The studio, Columbia Pictures was gracious enough to finally get it greenlighted and get the project going. The film also went through a few actors trying to sign on the leading role of Roland Deschain, the books protagonist. Javier Bardem was the film’s original choice for Roland but Javier bailed and the role was obviously given to Idris Elba instead. While I’m sure Javier would have done a great job, I’m glad the role was given to Elba ’cause Elba killed it. Elba knocked it out of the park; he was a total badass as Roland Deschain, I was impressed!

As far as the movie, “The Dark Tower” itself goes — I thought it was excellent! The film is getting mixed reviews by movie fans and getting trashed by critics but the last thing you want to do is listen to them. Just go see the movie yourself and then make your own opinion, that’s what I do. I thought the script was well-written and well-acted by the cast. The movie was an hour and a half long; it maybe a short movie but that’s because the book was short.

Yeah, the film overdid it with the CGI effects but what else are they gonna do when they keep switching to our world to Roland’s world where he came from, ya know? The CGI was needed for a movie like this. It was still a phenomenal movie, though. I fucking loved it all the way through. No complains at all. Definitely one of the best movies of 2017 other than “Logan”.

I thought Matt McConaughey played a badass villain like he always did. I think Matt did play a few villains in his career over the years especially his film “Killer Joe” (another great movie he did) but Matt was awesome as the Man in Black.

I thought the film was entertaining as hell. I had to go see it ’cause it’s one of my favorite books and I’ve been looking forward to this film for a pretty long time and the film is finally here!

Again, don’t listen to the critics, y’all. I thought the movie was brilliant and definitely getting the movie on BluRay when it comes out. Some of you may ask… how many Dark Tower movies are there gonna be? Will Eddie and Susannah be in the next one? I don’t know. Reading about the “Dark Tower” movie, this is a continuation of the 8 books so technically this movie isn’t based on any of the 8 books.

I can see Susannah appearing but Eddie, I don’t know. Something happens to Eddie in one of the books which I don’t want to say. Yeah, I know Eddie and Susannah are the two most popular characters in the series. The movie series is a continuation after the books so it’ll be hard to bring them both back. I’m sure the writers will figure it out, though ’cause this is Stephen King. Anything is possible with him, haha!

Again, don’t listen to the negativity toward this movie. Go see it and enjoy!



I think “The Dark Tower” trailer looks pretty sick, in my opinion, I’ll give it a chance…

So “The Dark Tower” trailer is finally out. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Tower books. I’m not a big fan of Stephen King’s politics and don’t like how he’s a Trump hater but despite all that, I’m still a fan of his work and his movie adaptations too.

This trailer is getting mostly negative reviews from what I’ve seen… actually the reviews are pretty much mixed but in my opinion, I think the trailer is fucking awesome.

A lot of people are like, “To those who read the book, will be upset”… I’ve read the book. In fact, I’ve read the book several times over the years of my life as “The Gunslinger” is one of Stephen King’s best books, in my opinion. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, it is pretty faithful to “The Gunslinger”, don’t listen to the critics.

Some of you ask, why doesn’t Roland Deschain (played by Idris Elba) have the hat which is depicted in the artwork of the books? Well in “The Gunslinger” novel, I think Roland lost the hat and doesn’t get a new one ’til in the later books. I don’t want to reveal any major spoilers, of course but I’ll leave it at that. Some are already asking where are Eddie and Susan, a married couple who are part of the second ka-tet? Well you won’t see them two until “The Drawing of Three” which is the second Dark Tower book so you probably won’t see them until the second movie. The first movie is an adaptation of “The Gunslinger” novel.

In the beginning of this trailer, you see Roland shooting at some creatures which are called the “slow mutants” just like “The Gunslinger” novel. The story is about Roland Deschain who is in search for the Man in Black whose name is Walter (a character who Matt McConaughey plays).

Once again from what I’ve seen of the “Dark Tower” trailer is pretty faithful to “The Gunslinger” novel. I’m gonna have to re-read the novel again before the movie comes out.

I’m definitely willing to give this one a chance and will see this one. I’m looking forward to seeing the “It” remake too. They both look real good! I’m so glad that “The Dark Tower” movie is finally here after all these years. I’ve been waiting for it for a pretty long time!


Stephen King is first to confirm “Dark Tower” casting… Idris Elba is Roland the Gunslinger, Matt McConaughey is “Man in Black”…


Stephen King himself is the first to exclusively report official casting for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” movie. Idris Elba has been confirmed to play Roland Gilead aka “The Gunslinger” and Matthew McConaughey has been signed to play The Man In Black which is the main villain for the series.

So does that mean that McConaughey is Randall Flagg? Because that’s who the Man in Black is. That could also mean that McConaughey will also be playing Randall Flag for the new “Stand” movie that’s gonna be in the works soon. So McConaughey will be playing Randall Flagg in both “The Stand” and “The Dark Tower” it’s looking like which is cool. McConaughey is a very talented actor and he can play anything. I know McConaughey can play a great villain ’cause he was a villain in the film “Killer Joe” which he was brilliant at.

I don’t know about Idris Elba playing Roland though ’cause Roland wasn’t a black character. Look at the “Dark Tower” comics by Marvel, Roland was a white dude, not black. That’s gonna confuse a lot of people for sure.

They need to cast someone for Jake too. They won’t cast anyone for Eddie & Susannah ’cause they don’t appear until “The Drawing of Three” which was the second novel so Eddie & Susannah will be in the sequel.


Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” film finally sets a release date for January 13th, 2017…

After being rejected by a few major film studios, “The Dark Tower” which the first movie will be directed by Ron Howard finally finds a new home… Sony. It’s good that Sony hasn’t bailed out on them and committed to making the movie with Ron. The first Dark Tower film which is untitled as of this moment will be released on January 13th, 2017.

Javier Bardem used to be signed to the leading role of Roland Deschain the Gunslinger but he changed his mind about the role and dropped out.


Who’s gonna be playing Roland? I’d still say Hugh Jackman ’cause he would be perfect for the character, in my opinion. Kurt Russell won’t be a bad choice as well. The books doesn’t get specific about Roland’s age but the way he is through the books, he looks to be around 40’s – 50’s. Middle aged. So the actor for Roland needs to be older.

They should start casting pretty soon I would think. I hope Ron makes the first Dark Tower movie really good and I predict a huge box office smash. This film series could be bigger than Harry Potter, The Hungers Games, LOTR, etc. Be on the lookout for another big franchise, y’all!


Finished re-reading “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King…

So today, I just finished re-reading the 7th and final novel of the “Dark Tower” series by Stephen King. There are actually 8 “Dark Tower” books actually, that includes, “The Wind Through the Keyhole”, the new one. After re-reading all 8 books which took me a couple of months, they are pretty long stories, I just want Stephen to keep these stories going. They were very addicting stories.

I can now see exactly why major movie studios keep rejecting this project so that these books can be made into major films. It isn’t because the movie studios think the stories suck. I’m sure they love ’em, but why won’t the major studios make these books into films that Ron Howard was planning? Simply put, like I’ve been saying before, the project is way too big and will be VERY expensive, that even Hollywood couldn’t afford. The Dark Tower stories are full of weird stories, unique characters, and strange locations that it’s going to be a lot of money to make all that. It will probably take tons of CGI work too. It’s a fantasy & adventure story, part western too.

I love the stories of Roland, Eddie, and Susannah. One thing to keep in mind though, that the entire Dark Tower story, doesn’t end too good as everyone would think. The ending of the story is going to piss a lot of people off especially “Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands” and Dark Tower VII. Stephen King is clearly not about pleasing the reader at all. He’s all about what makes the story works. He will write something, even if he doesn’t like it. He will write whatever is right for the story.

I hope Hollywood will start making these books into movies soon. If Hollywood won’t do it at all, then it would be much cheaper if they can be made into TV mini series instead. The stories are way too long. I don’t know how Ron Howard thinks he’s going to pull this off but it will be interesting. Javier Bardem dropped out of playing Roland earlier last year, and it was a bummer too. He would have made a good Roland.

If you haven’t read the Dark Tower series yet, you should.

I love Stephen King. He’s my favorite writer. I have collected most of his books and it took me years to get all his stuff too. I just love his writing style and he’s the best at writing stories better than anybody out there. Of course, there are other authors I admire who are right behind King like George R.R. Martin, and Dan Brown who are a few of my other favorites. Tomorrow, I’m going to start re-reading, “A Clash of Kings”, the third book of the Game of Thrones series, in time before Season 3.


Report: First Universal Studios drops, “The Dark Tower”, now Warner Bros. refuses to make it…

For reasons unknown, Warner Bros., all of a sudden refuses to make Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” series adapted from, Stephen King. First Universal bails out, now WB’s.

Variety reports.

While I do want these movies to be made into big screen movies and TV shows, honestly, I can understand why no studio wants to make it so far. Why? The Dark Tower has a total of 7 books. Ron wants to make 3 big screen movies and 2 mini series, which would be a bit too hectic for a studio to work on. Plus, I’m willing to bet, the budget is the problem. It’s going to be a very expensive project. Would probably cost billions to get these made. It would require a lot of CGI work and stuff ’cause of the different world that Roland is in. It’s going to be very challenging to bring these to the screen.

They’ll probably negotiate with Paramount next, but they probably won’t do it either. They might as well scrap the project if no one wants to do it. Even Javier Bardem don’t even want to do it anymore. This sounds like a pretty overwhelming project. Maybe Ron oughta shorten it up a bit, if he’s serious about this.


Report: Javier Bardem steps out of “The Dark Tower”, Russell Crowe to replace?

Deadline reports that actor Javier Bardem, has stepped out of Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower” series, with reasons unknown. Bardem has been slated to play as Roland Deschain of Gilead for a while now but looks like he changed his mind. Scheduling conflicts got in the way? He didn’t care for the script? Either way it’s disappointing that he’s stepping down ’cause I think he was perfect for, Roland. I’m kind of skeptical on Russell Crowe though.

If anything, I’ve been saying for years in this blog that Hugh Jackman would make the perfect Roland, so he’s my pick if Russell isn’t down.

The Dark Tower is a pretty risky and challenging project, so I hope Ron does it right and stays faithful to the books.


Report: Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower”, on it’s way to HBO???

Since Universal Studios dropped, “The Dark Tower” by Ron Howard and Stephen King, Warner Bros. is close to a deal with HBO. HBO may release the three “Dark Tower” films to theaters and they will also air the TV series on their station as well.

I’ve always thought HBO would be a great home for them. This would be good competition against, “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire”.

I’m looking forward to the Dark Tower series coming to the big screen and the small screen. I’m a huge fan of the books. Lets hope Ron does justice with them.

Deadline, reports.


Report: “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO, but as for the big screen movie, not sure yet…

While promoting the “Tower Heist” movie, Brian Grazer just said, “The Dark Tower” TV series will be aired on HBO. Since Universal dropped out of making the movies for the big screen, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard still haven’t found a movie studio for the films, but they are still looking.

MTV Movies Blog, reports.

HBO is a great network for the show, but it will be a big competition with other popular shows on that station. Shows like “Game of Thrones”, “True Blood”, and “Boardwalk Empire”. I don’t see how “The Dark Tower” is going to top any of those shows, it’ll be hard. “The Dark Tower” shouldn’t be aired on a Sunday night like a few of those shows are being aired on. I think “The Dark Tower” show should be aired on either Thursday or Friday night.

Another question I have is, Javier Bardem is confirmed to play Roland The Gunslinger. Will he still play Roland for the TV series as well? That’s a lot of acting.



Report: Stephen King himself, speaks on Universal canning “The Dark Tower”…

Yesterday, the shocking news was announced that Universal has decided to throw Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” series in the trash. Stephen King, the master of horror himself, was quick to respond to this. He writes to”Entertainment Weekly” saying that he isn’t surprised about Universal not wanting to do it. He also pokes fun at the “Fast and the Furious” series and says that Ron Howard is committed to doing the project. Ron will find a different studio to make the “Dark Tower” movies and TV series.

Read more, here.

Other than Stephen being a book writer, he knows a lot about the movie business. So he knows what he’s talking about. Stephen have been a screen writer, director, actor, etc. He’s done it all in the movie business, so he knows how movie studios work.

This is hollywood. It’s a tough business. You’ll run into a lot of big shots who is all about money & ego. I’m still rooting for Warner Bros. or Paramount to pick it up.