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Stephen King is first to confirm “Dark Tower” casting… Idris Elba is Roland the Gunslinger, Matt McConaughey is “Man in Black”…


Stephen King himself is the first to exclusively report official casting for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” movie. Idris Elba has been confirmed to play Roland Gilead aka “The Gunslinger” and Matthew McConaughey has been signed to play The Man In Black which is the main villain for the series.

So does that mean that McConaughey is Randall Flagg? Because that’s who the Man in Black is. That could also mean that McConaughey will also be playing Randall Flag for the new “Stand” movie that’s gonna be in the works soon. So McConaughey will be playing Randall Flagg in both “The Stand” and “The Dark Tower” it’s looking like which is cool. McConaughey is a very talented actor and he can play anything. I know McConaughey can play a great villain ’cause he was a villain in the film “Killer Joe” which he was brilliant at.

I don’t know about Idris Elba playing Roland though ’cause Roland wasn’t a black character. Look at the “Dark Tower” comics by Marvel, Roland was a white dude, not black. That’s gonna confuse a lot of people for sure.

They need to cast someone for Jake too. They won’t cast anyone for Eddie & Susannah ’cause they don’t appear until “The Drawing of Three” which was the second novel so Eddie & Susannah will be in the sequel.


I’m still blown away by the “Interstellar” movie… it really was amazing…

Could Christopher Nolan finally win his first “Best Picture” for his sci-fi epic, “Interstellar”??? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. The Academy have never been all that friendly with sci-fi movies over the years with the Oscars. There were several sci-fi movies that got nominated for Best Picture such as “Gravity”, “Inception”, “District 9”, “Avatar”, “E.T.”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Her”, and the original “Star Wars” movie. Yes, they all got Oscar nominated for Best Picture but of course, none of them got the win. So technically a sci-fi film never won a Best Picture nod before.

Could the Oscars this year make history and give their first sci-fi Best Picture win to “Interstellar”??? Like I said we’ll have to wait and see. I can see “Interstellar” winning for other categories such as Best original screenplay, best sound, best musical score, best cinematography, etc.

I also forgot to mention in my “Interstellar” review that the score to the film was killer. I’ve been impressed with Hans Zimmer as of late. He’s the best musical composer for movies today, in my opinion. I think I’m gonna end up buying the soundtrack for “Interstellar” pretty soon.

I would like to see it in theater again but the new “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” is coming out in a few weeks so I’m probably gonna see that instead. “Interstellar” really was a mind blowing masterpiece.

I’ve followed Christopher Nolan’s movies for years. The man’s a fucking genius for sure. Christopher Nolan is smart and honest. He knows what he wants. He’s very good at trying to get from what he sees in his head to the screen.

I think there’s gonna be a sequel to “Interstellar”, though ’cause the ending kind of left open for another movie. Could “Interstellar” end up being a trilogy of some sorts???

You should really go see the movie before it stops playing. It’s a long one but worth sticking through, trust me. So far, this is the best movie of 2014.


Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” trailer arrives online!!!

When Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” was first announced last year, I’m sure everybody expected it to be a dark & scary sci-fi with impressive visual effects and CGI and stuff — kind of like Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” — turns out that “Interstellar” looks to be a more realistic space movie. “Interstellar” looks interesting to me so I’m looking forward to it. It has a large cast of big name actors.




Reports: Matthew McConaughey, is game for Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”!!!

As soon as Christopher Nolan announced a release date for his next sci-fi movie, “Interstellar”, his first interest to play the leading role was actor, Matthew McConaughey. Nolan wasted no time to get into negotiations with McConaughey, and it seems that the actor is definitely game to starring the leading ’cause he just confirmed it. McConaughey, is officially set for the lead.

Still no plot details and no information on what character, McConaughey, will be playing. Even though, that there is no plot or synopsis, you can get the hint with the title, “Interstellar”. What is “interstellar”? It’s a location of travelling among the stars, like the Milky Way for example. So, it’s definitely gonna be a space travel kind of movie!

I sure hope the story will be interesting, and I hope the plot will have nothing to do with evil aliens and other space monsters. We’ve had enough of those.

See the story, here.

Next, we should see who gets the big female lead, and other supporting characters. We should expect another big movie, full of big name actors.



Report: Christopher Nolan interested in Matthew McConaughey for, “Interstellar”???

Christopher Nolan, seems to be already on the move to his next movie, “Interstellar”, a sci-fi film, and look like he wants Matthew McConaughey to play the leading role. No deal yet, Nolan just asked him. What is it with Nolan’s obsession with big name actors in his films? Still no plot details for “Interstellar”, yet, but you probably won’t be hearing of a plot synopsis for a while ’cause like always Nolan is also obsessed with secrecy. He likes to keep everything quiet until the actual movie comes out. Matthew is a talented actor, though, he’s one of the best in the industry. I like Matt’s southern accent. His speaking voice is cool.

Deadline reports.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #21: Frailty

I’m a day late on this ’cause I had a busy weekend. I was gone most of the day yesterday on Sunday. So here’s the next one called, “Frailty”, starring and directed by, Bill Paxton. It also stars Matthew McConaughey. It’s about this guy who confesses to an FBI agent about his father’s religion, which lead him to kill people believing that they were demons. Mathew’s character, Fenton Meiks, tells the story about his father’s serial killer past. This was one of my favorite films of the early 2000’s years. This movie was very dark and also kind of creepy. Bill Paxton’s acting is what made this film work. It’s a really good flick all around, and one of my favorite’s to watch around Halloween season.