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Why we have every right to boycott celebs for talking trash about Trump and his voters…


Whenever Trump supporters like myself publicly announce that we’re boycotting certain celebrities for talking trash about Trump and his voters, NeverTrump people think we’re crazy for doing that. They’re like, whatever happened to enjoying the entertainment and keeping politics separate? Well geez, that’s kind of funny for them to say since many of them NeverTrump people boycott celebrities for coming out as ProTrump. When we Trump supporters boycott celebs for talking trash about Trump and his voters, the haters will start complaining and rail against us. Funny how that works, right?

Well, we have every right to boycott celebs ’cause we the American people are the ones helping celebs make a living out of what they do. We help pay them money to stay in the entertainment business. For movie stars, we’re the ones buying tickets to see their movies and no doubt most of our money goes to the actors for sure. How do you think they are able to afford these fucking $5 million mansions? They get that money from us. We pay them to see their entertainment. Same thing with music stars… we’re the ones buying their records and going to their concerts. Most Americans pay their hard earned-money for their entertainment. So we have every right to boycott  when celebs misbehave and acts like an idiot. Why pay money for celebs who are so anti-American and looks down upon us all the time? They don’t realize we’re their audience.

The same goes for TV talk show hosts: a lot of them write their own books, come out with their own products, they’re also entrepreneurs, they also have sponsors for their talk shows and we have the right to not support any of that stuff if we don’t want to.

When all they want to do is talk trash about Trump and Americans who voted him, it’s a turn off. Why would I want to spend my money toward people like that? I have boycotted too many celebs like Bruce Springsteen, Stephen King,  Johnny Depp, Madonna and others who are so anti-Trump and anti-American. I’m planning to get rid of CD’s and thinking about selling my entire Stephen King book collection. I could use the extra money and might have a yard sale this summer. A good idea!

It’s funny how NeverTrump people make fun of us for boycotting celebrities & companies that says bad things about Trump. It’s really simple, y’all. If they don’t want to support us, then we won’t support them in return. Fair is fair, right?

As far as celebs go, they really need to take Gene Simmons advice and “shut their pie holes” or else they won’t have a career at all. They don’t realize politics is damaging their careers.


Why you shouldn’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics…


There are liberals and independent voters in America who actually listens to these celebrities when it comes to politics and they actually take them seriously! You see these celebrities are nothing but a bunch of “know it alls”. Acting like they are political experts just because they’re rich and have a lot of fame. They ram their political opinions down our throats, treating them like they are facts. The sad thing is liberals worship these people as courageous heroes when they speak their minds. Um, no, they are not courageous heroes. Each time they open their mouths, they get into a lot of trouble. They don’t only get a lot of backlash by conservative people, they get a lot of flak by people of all types.

These celebrities are just brainwashed by the MSM. It seems like they have all the same opinions and viewpoint as the MSM does so they obviously watch the mainstream news a lot. They predicted that Donald Trump was gonna lose the election. They were wrong. They predicted that Karen Handle was going to lose the Georgia special election. They were wrong again.

On top of that, their political views are so wacky as fuck and it’s sad to see liberals agreeing with them and kissing their asses only because they talk trash about Trump. All these people pictured are a bunch of NeverTrump idiots. That’s why liberals love ’em ’cause they love it when celebrities get all over Trump. Liberals get entertained by celebs bashing Trump. That’s why they won’t stop what they do.

I don’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics ’cause I’m not gonna let them control me of how I think and that’s what they do. I’m not gonna let them tell me how to live my life either and they think they can do that. They think they’re more superior than us ’cause of their fame & fortune.

Sure, Donald Trump is a celebrity. He’s rich and famous too but he’s different than Hollywood. He’s a businessman and CEO. He’s not a movie star or a TV talk show host. He too talks a lot of politics but at least he lets America have a voice and doesn’t control people unlike those celebs above.

I used to support Hollywood and celebrities a long while back but now I think I’m done. I haven’t been going to the movies that much this year for a reason and stopped watching cable TV.

The media won’t quit what they do ’cause they use celebrities to help spread the message. They think it’s working for them but it’s not. It’s only getting celebs in trouble and it’s entertaining as hell to see many of them get into career suicide especially Kathy Griffin.

Sad what celebs have come to ’cause many of them are pretty talented. I used to like George Clooney but he turned into a liberal nut job. Wish all the movie stars and music stars would just shut up and do their job. They should listen to Gene Simmons and “Shut their pie holes”.


You can’t compare Trump to other celebrities… he’s a businessman… not an actor or a musician…

You know how when us Trump supporters try to tell celebrities to shut up about politics and then the anti-Trump people will try to make us look like a hypocrite by saying that Trump is a celebrity too? You can’t compare Trump to other celebrities ’cause he’s a businessman, a CEO. He’s not an actor who plays make-believe people and he’s not a musician either. Watch Mark Dice explain that in the video above when he destroys actress Alyssa Milano on twitter.

So us Trump supporters have all our right to talk about politics. What saddens me is that those anti-Trump and NeverTrump people always listen to people who says bad things about Trump. Whenever someone talks trash about Trump, the anti-Trumpers will love them for it.

People think we’re crazy for boycotting celebrities who says bad things about Trump and people actually believe that celebrities have the right to say these things. Really? The reason we boycott celebrities for saying bad things about Trump is ’cause we feel it’s important that we make sure that Trump has our back and full support 100%. We boycott to help fight for him. As long as he’s for us, then we’ll be for him. When he fights for us then we’ll fight for him. That’s how it goes in the Trump supporting community.

Celebs should stay out of politics ’cause they don’t realize that they are destroying their career the more they do. We just don’t want to hear their misinformed opinions. Tired of it.

Some might say I should do the same but I’m not a celebrity so I’m good. I can talk politics all I fucking want to.


Interesting how I’ve went from having no problem with celebrities to really despising the hell out of them…

I know I am a huge movie and music buff. Love both movies and music; however, I used to have no problem with famous people who give us all of this entertainment they do. I used to try to be supportive of all them ’cause I liked their art whether in movies or music. As a matter of fact, my blogs used to be blogging about movies, music and celebrities but I happen to give that up — quickly changing my blogging direction to mostly political discussion. I’m glad I did that too.

Celebrities used to be likeable people in the past but now no one cares for them anymore. Basically because of their die-hard liberal politics and them being Obama supporters. I totally blame this on Obama all the way ’cause the way he ran his presidency was all about Hollywood and celebrity. Obama thought he was a celebrity, that’s why he did what he did. Like I said in a blog post before, Obama used the power of celebrity to get political messages through people. That’s why Obama mostly awarded “celebrities” with the Presidential Freedom Awards and that’s why Obama mostly awards celebrities through the Kennedy Center Honors. That’s why Obama appeared on a lot of late night talk shows and things like that. It’s why Michelle appeared on Ellen a lot.

This is why most of Hollywood and the music industry are very liberal with their politics ’cause Obama made it like that. That was probably a huge part of how Obama got elected twice ’cause celebrities helped him.

Celebrities used to be cool in the old days but now I despise all of them except for a few. There’s a few good celebrities left that are actually cool. I still think Sly Stallone is awesome. Sly’s politics is mixed but at least he’s smart enough to keep politics out of his career. There’s a few other celebs who I have no problem with either. Other than that, I don’t really care about famous people anymore like I used to.

It’s really sad to see all these talented people that I used to like and admire but they’ve turned into nothing but liberal hacks: Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, George Clooney (yeah, I used to watch a lot of Clooney’s movies but I’m done with him now) and so much more to list.

Thank god for Trump. Finally we have a president who doesn’t give a shit about celebrities.

You sure you want to watch the Oscars tomorrow night? It’s gonna be full of Trump bashing and liberal politics throughout the show. Even though there will be mostly Trump bashing tomorrow there will also be celebrities begging for rights for women, transgenders, Muslims, refugees, illegal immigrants, etc. blah blah blah blah… you get the deal. Sad ’cause I’ve been watching the Oscars every year for a pretty long time. I’m gonna try to watch it tomorrow night but if the politics get out of hand then it’s time to watch something else.


More on when celebs get their nude photos leaked…

It happens all the time in the land of Hollywood. Their nude photos getting leaked to the internets for the whole world to see. The bigger the internet becomes and the bigger technology gets, the more this will become a huge problem. When celebrities get their nude photos leaked, they get all upset. They usually threaten legal action to those responsible who have stolen the photos and they’ll go to law enforcement for an investigation. 

If this happened to any of us when nude photos get leaked to the internet, law enforcement won’t be able to do anything about it. Probably because we’re not famous and rich enough. Celebs are able to fight back at leaked nude photos successfully ’cause of their fame and fortune. With them having lots of money, they get anything they want. 

When celebs become a victim of leaked nude photos, they usually blame the hacker rather than blaming themselves. The celeb will never admit that it was his/her own fault. They usually play the innocent victim and make claims that they have every right to their privacy. Yes, celebs have every right to privacy just as much as us but…

… when you take nude photos of yourself… you just invaded your own privacy. As soon as you take that first photo of your private parts, your privacy is gone. 

Like I said in a post before, taking nude photos of yourself may sound a lot of fun but at the same time it’s a very risky thing to do. You must do these things carefully and responsibly. Yeah, people take nude photos of themselves all the time. It happens. They just do it to show off to their friends or significant others mostly… it’s mostly done privately. My question is why would people want to do it on an Iphone when those things can get hacked easily. 

Leaked nude photos is happening more with female celebrities though. It happened with stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, etc. That’s the thing… the bigger these female stars get, the more guys will be looking for their nude photos. Guys are always searching google for nude photos of celebs ’cause who doesn’t want to see a female celeb nude? All guys do. When guys can’t find nude pics of their favorite female celebrity they’ll start trying to find ways to hack into their phones or laptop computers. Guys are obsessed with female celebrities. They will do anything to see their naked bodies even if it means hacking.

These celebs can try to fight back at leaked photos all they want to, they will always be online no matter how many sites try to delete them. For example, today on twitter, I just saw Jennifer’s uncensored pics and sure enough, twitter were quick to remove them. I’m sure Jennifer’s nude pics are all over adult porn sites by now, ya think???

Like I said, they shouldn’t have taken the pics if they didn’t want this to happen so yeah, of course it’s their own damn fault. They will never admit that either. 

Now Apple is getting the blame for this. Nobody wants to blame the celeb. It’s always gotta be the hacker or the technology company. People will instead feel sorry for the celeb and they usually stand by them. 

If a woman is hot and beautiful… chances are she’s gonna have nude photos in her collection of photos and guys will be looking for them. That’s the way the internet works. It’s a crazy world out there. Don’t get me wrong, though. I know not all beautiful women take nude photos of themselves but a lot of them do, can’t deny that. 

Celebs fight back at this stuff ’cause of their huge ego and self-importance. They should have known better. They think we’re not worthy of seeing them nude.



Why Q&A sessions with famous people online is getting so big these days…

More and more often, you are starting to see celebrities do online “Q&A” sessions with their fanbase on the internet. Mostly through social networking like facebook, twitter, etc. Celebrities have just started doing Q&A sessions over at Reddit with their AMA (Ask me Anything) so that’s a new thing pretty much.

Some of you may ask why is this a big deal??? Is it a ploy for more attention and to boost their egos even more? Maybe a little bit but it’s more than that. A lot of celebrities do this stuff as an opportunity to promote their latest projects mostly. It helps promotes their latest film, TV show or music album or whatever. It helps hype their projects up and get a buzz going.

Plus, another reason is celebrities are humans like us and this is just their way of showing it. They like talking to people like us and they do this online Q&A stuff to show they have personality. These celebrities also love their fans and willing to take some time to interact with them online. Celebrities like movie stars, music stars, sports stars, etc. are always so busy with their life and careers so they don’t have the time to chat online with fans so they schedule a certain date for an online session.

I think it’s cool that famous people do these things ’cause I’ll admit, I have an addiction reading this stuff. Reading the celebs responses are really interesting.

I participated in Q&A sessions before and yes I’ve gotten responses by celebs before. I’ve gotten responses by Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bret The Hitman Hart, the Ultimate Warrior and maybe a few others.

It’s really hard to get an answer from a famous person online during a Q&A session. In order to get a response, you have to come up with something unique and make it interesting as possible. Don’t ask questions that celebs get asked repeatedly ’cause you won’t get a response. Celebs get thousands of questions from their fans so they only respond to the best questions. So in order to get a response from a famous person, write something that’ll grab their attention. Flattering them is pretty much key.

Celebs are human like the rest of us and they want to find some free time to chat with us.

I like reading Q&A sessions from movie stars mostly ’cause I love the Behind the Scenes goodies that they give us. Reading the movie stuff is a lot of fun. It’s amazing how honest and real these people can be, too.


Brock’s top 10 favorite celebrity twitter pages…

So I’ve been in twitter for a while. The only reason I joined is just to read celebrity twitter pages just for entertainment and laughs. It is a fun site and kind of crazy.

Here is a list of my favorite celeb twitter pages that I find myself looking at almost all the time, in no particular order:

Brent Spiner https://twitter.com/BrentSpiner (formerly known as Data from Star Trek TNG. He’s a very funny guy, he maybe kind of rude and crude to his followers but he’s hilarious. Here is one page I can’t keep my eyes off of, his page has non-stop laughs, check it out, he’s awesome.)

Kim Kardashian – http://twitter.com/kIMKARDASHIAN (I have always been a fan of Kimmy K. and always respected her. No, not because she’s a reality star and because she posed nude for Playboy once. I respect her ’cause she’s also a fitness trainer. A lot of people probably didn’t know she’s a fitness person. Look at her tweets for proof, always talking about going to the gym, even gives her followers fitness advice, etc. She’s way fuckin’ cool, in my book!)

Jenna Jameson – http://twitter.com/jennajameson (former adult porn star and now the wife of UFC star, Tito Ortiz. She makes her page entertaining and funny.)

Stone Cold Steve Austinhttp://twitter.com/steveaustinBSR (who doesn’t like the Texas Rattlesnake? He is hosting next Monday’s RAW by the way, shall be a great episode!)

Michael McKeanhttp://twitter.com/MJMcKean (Most would know him as a member of the fictional rock band, Spinal Tap. I like his twitter page, very funny guy!)

Pee Wee Hermanhttp://twitter.com/PEEWEEHERMAN (the Great Pee Wee Herman. I’ve always loved this character. I even enjoyed his “Playhouse” shows. Call him a good guilty pleasure if you will.)

“Weird” Al Yankovichttp://twitter.com/ALyankovic (Al the man, his twitter site is very entertaining as always.)

Heyman Hustle or Paul Heymanhttp://twitter.com/heymanhustle (Paul Heyman known as the former owner of ECW wrestling company and partner for Brock Lesnar. If you scroll down a bit, you can see he wrote to me after I asked him if he will ever host RAW someday. Yep, my first celebrity twitter response! They do read and reply to their followers!)

Meghan McCainhttp://twitter.com/McCainBlogette – (This is the daughter of John McCain. I find her page quite addicting to look at it for some reason.)

Chris Jerichohttp://twitter.com/IamJericho (I like how Jericho uses his twitter to be in character to his followers, entertaining stuff. Plus Jericho rules!)


Report: Bettie Page hospitalized…in coma after heart attack…

A legendary supermodel, Bettie Page, who was known for her magazine pinups in the 1950’s has been hospitalized and in a coma after a heart attack. She’s been in the hospital for at least three weeks due to pneumonia but she suffered a heart attack when she was about ready to be released. She is now 85 years old.

In the 50’s, she has been one of the first supermodels other than Marilyn Monroe to appear in Playboy as a centerfold cover girl. Bettie Page has taken pics everything from bikini to bondage to totally nude to hardcore pornographic photos, she’s done it all.

Variety Reports:


Here’s a nude photo of Bettie that I like, I’ll link it instead:


Get well soon Bettie and hope she survives. She’s a legend, indeed.


Report: The Juice’s future in Nevada prison…

This article at the Associated Press:


….describes OJ’s future in a prison while they are planning to fight for an appeal. The Juice will be staying at, High Desert State Prison, in Nevada that is pretty much way out in the desert.


Google search photos of High Desert State Prison, in Nevada, so you can see what the inside of the prison will look like.

The Juice will be treated there like every other inmate, like I said before. The prison gaurds won’t treat him like he’s some sort of celebrity and famous person, they’ll treat him like a regular inmate.

OJ won’t be locked in a room so he can be safe from other inmates to be protected, he’ll be able to spend time with other inmates. The Juice will be in a small cell and he probably will be in a cell with another inmate, as most prisons has two inmates for each cell.

Meals will cost $2.18 per day and per inmate with inmates being forced to have a strict diet, but they will get priviliges to eat good meals like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and chicken.

Gabriel Grasso, one of Juice’s attorney’s, claims other prisoners will treat him well and make friends with him because the Juice has been buying other inmates snacks in the small county jail. Sorry Grasso buddy, but a “prison” is NO county jail. Inmates in a prison act differently than inmates in a county jail, big difference.

Most state prison inmates aren’t very nice people. Most don’t want to be talked with or don’t want to be messed with, you can even get beaten badily by a group of inmates even if you look at them for a second.

OJ will learn what a real prison is all about and seriously, I don’t think he’ll be able handle it, although, the Juice seems like a tough guy in the real world. Sure, there will be a lot of inmates that will think OJ is a god of a legend and they will be thrilled that a famous person is in their prison, but I’m sure there will be a few inmates in there that won’t be too fond of him. There will be a few in there that will be jealous of him and will hate him as well.

The prison life is no fun and he’ll realize it as soon as he spends his first night there. If you think prison life is easy and would be no problem, then you’re so wrong. Watch the reality show “Lock Up” on MSNBC, the shows are about what life in prison is like around the U.S. I watch MSNBC a lot because they have good shows on there and “Lock Up” is pretty interesting.

Some said here in my blog that the prison will treat OJ like a celebrity, well, I don’t think so. He’s not gonna like it, trust me. He’ll continue to fight to get released. Just had to prove my point.

When OJ is gone, I don’t see him being gone for good. Expect OJ to do in prison interviews with Matt Lauer, Oprah, Barbara Walters, etc. TV will be all over it.


Edit to add: Just found a video the Associated Press made of what it looks like at High Desert State Prison. Have fun Juice!

Report: The Juice will spend his Holidays behind bars!!!

This coming Friday will be a big day for the Juice!!! That day he will be sentenced to prison!!! Simpson’s journey to fame, fortune and criminal life ends here and now. The Juice will spend a minimum of six years in prison and could be held for life if the judge imposes maximum penalties or decides to run the sentences consecutively.

Yale Galanter who is Simpson’s attorney claims that the Judge is only punishing him for the murders of Nicole and Ron. He said, he and OJ will continue to fight for the Juice’s freedom. Is OJ angry and upset going to prison? According to this article, no, he isn’t at all. The Juice is very upbeat and in a positive mood about going to prison. In fact, the article says he is very excited about it, getting ready to fight for an appeal.

The Associated Press reports:


wOOt!!!!! This is great news!!! America don’t have to put up with the Juice for a very long time, hopefully forever. Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s in prison, OJ!!!