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Trump pulls Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 bill to try to oust him as House Speaker???

LOL @ all you liberals declaring victorious over Trump’s ACA repeal fail. Did the left win? Not so fast!!!! Trump is just playing with you and messing with your head.

Is this Trump’s way to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker? To replace him as House Speaker and then try to repeal the ACA?

Read this article and pay attention. I agree with you that the Republican healthcare bill is disastrous and even Trump agrees. The Paul Ryan healthcare is horrible aka Obamacare 2.0.

This is a work of genius by Trump… IT’S STRATEGY. Trump’s got a plan to get Paul Ryan out to a better healthcare plan that we all would be happy with


It’s clear that Trump doesn’t like the Paul Ryan “Obamacare 2.0” so once again, Trump a hero saving us from a disastrous healthcare bill.

Get Rand Paul’s healthcare plan introduced to the House and then we’ll see how quickly everyone gets on board! I like Rand Paul’s plan better.


The media can’t force me to respect Democratic politicians and get me to hate GOP people… respect is earned, not begged for…

We understand what the corrupted, dishonest and lying MSM is trying to do. They’re trying to get people to respect Democratic/liberal politicians and trying to get us to hate GOP/Republicans/conservatives. They’ve been doing this for over a decade and it’s old and tiresome for sure. The MSM thinks we’re stupid but we’re not really. The media will do all they can to make Democrat people look good when they are not really and they will make GOP/conservative people look bad when they are not.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of GOP/conservative people I don’t like but the media needs to let us decide that. The media likes to treat their opinions as “fact” when none of us are buying it at all.

Media makes lies about people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so they can make them look good which they were somewhat successful at. They got liberals and some independent voters to actually like them when they shouldn’t be trusted and not to be believing in. That’s the kind of audience the MSM likes to target… they like to target the gullible, they like to target an audience who are dumb and not smart. That’s why the media lies & deceives you. They still brainwash a lot of people and they do this hoping to win elections.

I’m not going to let the media control me and not going to let them control how I think either. That’s why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause we weren’t gonna allow the media to control us and deceive us like they do. Us voting in Donald Trump is just our way of saying “Fuck You” to the media. Like Michael Moore said, “Donald Trump winning election would be the biggest fuck you in history” which he was so right on.

Don’t get bullied and don’t get controlled by the media. Stay true to yourself and stick to your guns. There are still people who takes the media seriously and don’t let them bring you down either. That’s why you got to speak for yourself and don’t speak for others. Don’t speak for your friends and family. Don’t speak for liberals or conservatives. Only speak for you. Only make your own opinions and beliefs and stick with ’em. That’s been my attitude from day 1. Media is never gonna control how I think.

If I want to like people such as Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Tomi Lahren, etc. I will. I don’t give a crap what others think ’cause I’ll think how I want to think. As far as Democrat people goes, they have to earn our respect ’cause as of right now they are the most despised people in America. Democrats are corrupt to the core and it’s amazing how some still can’t see that. They have to earn our respect if they want it. Liberals lost the election this time for a pretty good reason.

The media really sucks ass and it’s sad that some people still continue to believe them.


5 reasons why I’ve been fed up with conservative community, think I’m done… I’ll think independently from now on…

I know the conservative community has been driving me up the wall lately. They’re becoming just as bad as liberals. Getting right up there I would say. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about turning my back on the conservative community and just think independently but with this whole thing going on with Tomi Lahren, I think that’s the final straw. After some conservatives not allowing Tomi to have her own opinion, I think I will think independently from now on.

What are 5 reasons to be disgusted with the conservative community as of late? For the past year, conservatives has been disappointing lately. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Many conservatives were anti-Trump throughout the primary election: The conservative party has been divided for this reason. Conservative presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and maybe a few others were anti-Trump for a while. They bashed Trump for a little bit during the primary election until they all finally decided to support him after election was over. Since those guys were anti-Trump, it got some conservatives in America to get on the Trump hating bandwagon.
  • Many conservatives support Ted Cruz which is someone they shouldn’t be trusting and can’t be believing in: Ted Cruz is a lying & corrupted snake. Always has been and continues to be. Even though Ted seems to be on the Trump Train, I still don’t trust the guy. I think he secretly hates Trump still. The conservative party has gotten so divided ’cause of him. Before Ted got on the Trump Train, he was weak on illegal immigration and was too friendly with Islam. I’ll never trust Lyin’ Ted and you shouldn’t either.
  • Many conservatives stood with Milo Yiannopoulos after his pedophilia comments: What Milo said wasn’t cool and I had his back until then. I had to stop supporting him and it’s a shame to see that many still do.
  • Many conservatives who supported Donald Trump and voted him in office seems to be bashing him in social networking now: I’ve been seeing this a lot on twitter now for some reason. After all that time they supported him and voted him in office, they wanna bash him now after getting sworn in? Some conservatives has been bashing his policies and him not doing enough to jail corrupted people in government. Things like that. Support our president you dumbasses, you’re starting to sound like those whiny liberals.
  • Many conservatives starting to be intolerant of other conservatives,  those who have a different opinion: Some conservatives who condemned Milo’s pedophilia comments and bashed him for it are starting to get called out by other conservatives. Some conservatives being intolerant to Tomi Lahren, not letting her having her opinion on being “pro-choice”.What is going on here? I thought the conservative community were “free speech” activists but apparently not! Sad!

Some maybe surprised that I’ve been bashing conservatives lately but it’s nothing new, I’ve been bashing ’em for a long time. I’m not on one side at all even though I’ve been accused of that many times.




So conservatives have a bit of an “intolerance” problem too even in their own group…

I just don’t get it. Those die-hard conservatives always call for liberals to be more tolerant toward them but they seem to get all pissed off when conservatives in their own community have a different opinion than them. Tolerant conservatives? Please. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives through facebook and twitter shitting on Tomi like mad only because she came out as “Pro-Choice”. Like I said in the previous post about this, I’m “pro-life” but if she wants to be “Pro-Choice” that’s her prerogative. Once again I thought those conservatives were “free speech” advocates? Apparently not!

Tomi has just been suspended by Glenn Beck from her online web show at the Blaze:


Sounds to me that Glenn Beck is afraid to lose some viewers if he kept her on which is pretty funny — Glenn Beck a guy who is not really a conservative himself. Glenn Beck a fraud who defended Barack Obama a lot (remember he once said Obama made Beck a better man?) and a fraud who is also anti-Trump. Beck also has weak opinions on illegal aliens and is also too friendly with Muslims. He calls himself a conservative?

It was a mistake for Tomi to team up with Glenn Beck on the Blaze but she said the only reason she got on the show was because it was an opportunity for her to speak her mind.

Yeah, Tomi is aggressive with her video rants but that’s why I love her. She drives liberals crazy and now she’s driving conservatives crazy which is awesome.

Ya know something, who cares if a conservative person has a few liberal views. It doesn’t mean they’re a liberal hiding in the closet. My god, people. There are many conservatives out there who has a few liberal views including myself. Like I said before, even Donald Trump has some liberal views. Trump is a friend to the gay community but conservatives never gave him hell for that.

I’m sure all conservatives have a few liberal views, a lot of them are just so scared to admit it.

I stand with Tomi. She should forget The Blaze and get on FOX News or something. FOX News would be perfect for her, in my opinion.


Tomi Lahren in hot water in conservative community for coming out as “pro-choice”… she may get fired from the Blaze ’cause of it???

Tomi Lahren who is a young conservative lady is in trouble in the conservative community ’cause why? She came out as “Pro-Choice” when she made an appearance on “the View”. See video above.

She maybe fired from her online web show at the Blaze because of it. The Blaze which is a media outlet owned by Glenn Beck.


The article says she maybe fired for her angry rants on the show but I don’t think so. It’s probably ’cause of her “pro-choice” opinion.

One thing I’m noticing in the conservative community is that they are becoming more “intolerant” of other conservatives for having a different opinion than theirs. Ya know, I’m totally siding with Tomi. I don’t agree with abortion, I’m “pro-life” all the way but if she wants to be all for “abortion” then that’s her opinion and she’s welcome to have one. I thought this was America?

Those conservatives are always complaining and crying about liberals being “less” tolerant toward them and now they’re being less tolerant toward other conservatives who disagree with them. I thought conservatives were all about “freedom of speech” and the “1st Amendment”?

I may be conservative but I have a few liberal views myself. Even Donald Trump has some liberal views but those conservatives never gave him hell for it.

Sorry y’all but those conservatives are driving me up the wall lately. I’m still disgusted that they still supported Milo after his pedophilia comments and now I’m disgusted that they won’t let Tomi Lahren have her own opinions.

I’m really thinking about becoming a more independent thinker myself. People always accused me of being a die-hard conservative but not really. Liberal/Conservative, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum.

Leave Tomi alone. She’s cool.






Is Tim Allen one of those conservatives who’s afraid to speak out about politics? He explained what it’s like being “conservative” in Hollywood…

Not too long ago, Hollywood actor and conservative, Robert Davi wrote an article at Breitbart urging other conservative actors to start being brave and start talking about their political views publicly.

I don’t think that’s going to happen ’cause it looks like a Hollywood actor being “conservative” might be very risky. Listen to what Tim Allen has to say about it.


So if an actor comes out as “conservative”, it could hurt his or her career for sure. For example: they would lose movie roles, they won’t get hired for more movie roles, their Hollywood friends would stop supporting them, they won’t be allowed to do interviews for the media, won’t be allowed at award shows, they would get backlash by their fans, etc. I can totally understand why many conservatives have to keep their political views to themselves.

So why is it that some other conservative actors like Chuck Norris, Jon Voight , Stacy Dash and Scott Baio being open about their conservative political views? Maybe it’s because they’re retired actors so they can now freely talk politics without Hollywood backlash, ya know?

I think Robert Davi is onto something, Hollywood conservatives need to speak out if they want to defeat liberal Hollywood. Would be awesome. It’s interesting how the world looks at being “conservative” as being controversial. What would it take to get people to realize nobody cares about liberalism anymore? I’m proud to be “conservative”. People don’t like it and yes, people has verbally beaten me up for being conservative but I don’t give a shit. I am who I am. I hate liberalism with a passion. Most everyone I know are very liberal people and if I’m one of the very few conservatives around here, so be it. I’m not gonna change for anyone at all.






NeverTrump idiot crowd, a new mental disorder???

I remember before the NeverTrump movement happened, liberalism used to be a mental disorder. Liberalism is still a mental disorder but it seems that liberalism has turned into the NeverTrump movement. Not only liberals are in the NeverTrump movement… there are also libertarians and some so-called “conservatives” that are in on the NeverTrump crowd as well.

I would definitely say that the NeverTrump idiot crowd is definitely the new mental disorder. Debating with those people is like talking to a brick wall for sure. I try my best not to debate politics with them but there are times when you feel that you must debate with them when they get out of hand ’cause they really do get out of hand a lot.

Most of those NeverTrump people are pretty much brainwashed by fake news MSM and social networking memes. Ya know, social networking memes… memes that attacks Trump on FB & Twitter. The NeverTrump crowd just love those anti-Trump memes. The funny thing is, most of those anti-Trump memes are always completely false and silly. They know this but they will never admit it. They just love attacking Trump out of pure entertainment and for their own amusement. They’re so obsessed with attacking Trump, it’s just crazy. They don’t care whether or not the info they share about Trump is wrong, they’ll do anything to attack Trump. That’s all they care about. That’s all they got, saying nothing but negative things about Trump… all the time.

I see liberals, libertarians and some so-called conservatives post anti-Trump stuff in FB everyday. No doubt, they are insane and misinformed people. Still thinking that the MSM is credible source of news. For many years on my blogs, I’ve tried my best to warn my readers not to trust the MSM but they never listen to me. Nobody really listens to me, unfortunately.

The NeverTrump crowd are a piece of work for sure. You say positive stuff about Trump or try to defend him, they’ll never listen to you. They’ll always think of Trump in a negative light no matter what you say. They really do think you’re wrong for supporting Trump. They’ll think you’re a despicable and horrible person when they find out if you do support Trump. That’s because the fake news MSM made them think that way. The MSM and FB memes are not a good way to get your political info. The reality is, it’s a good thing to support Trump and it’s what we really needed for the country.

There are those that still keep thinking that Trump doesn’t keep promises, more proof of MSM brainwashing. The reality is Trump has been keeping almost every promise ever since he got sworn in.

It’s really sad to me to see all these people in the NeverTrump idiot crowd continuing to get lied to and fooled by the MSM. They really believe they’re credible source??? I never trusted the MSM for a long time and still don’t.