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Why haven’t we been seeing Melania Trump our first lady on covers of magazines at all???

When Barack Obama was president, Michelle Obama the previous first lady was everywhere on the newsstands. Michelle was on almost pretty much all magazine covers you see. Ever since Trump has been elected president have you ever seen Melania Trump our current first lady on any covers of magazines? It’s been a little over a year now and I’ve been going to the bookstores all year long. I browse the magazine newsstands at Barnes & Noble all the time and I don’t see too many magazines with Melania on the cover.

James Woods pointed this out on twitter that if the Trumps were Democrats then Melania would be on the cover of every magazine then.


The magazine industry do put Melania on the covers but they only put her in the tabloids putting her in a negative light. No doubt the magazine industry are ignoring Melania. Have you seen her on covers of women’s magazines such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Vogue”, “Elle”, “Marie Claire” and magazines such as those? They don’t even put her on men’s magazines such as “Maxim”, “Stuff”, “GQ”, “Esquire”, “Playboy”, etc. WTF?

Melania is definitely a beautiful and stunning woman. Everybody knows it and even the magazines knows it. It’s obvious that the magazines you see in newsstands refuses to put her on the covers ’cause they are afraid to lose their liberal readers maybe? Why are they so afraid to put Melania on the cover? If they ever put Melania on the cover putting her in a positive light, no doubt, those issues would fly off the shelves like mad. Melania is very popular. She’s loved by everyone in America (well she’s loved by everyone except liberals, of course) — having Melania on the cover of a magazine would be a hit.

Maybe another reason is that they’re afraid to put her on the covers is ’cause of her nude pictorial she did for GQ magazine once. During Melania’s modeling years, she was on all kinds of magazine covers but nowadays you don’t see her on magazine covers anymore.

The obvious answer is ’cause most magazines are pretty liberal… there are liberal bias in all of them too. Magazines are also in bed with the Obamas, Clintons and Democrats which is sad really. They shouldn’t be afraid to put Melania on the cover ’cause like I said above, it would be a big seller and they know it.

The anti-Trump crowd knows Melania is beautiful, they’ll just never admit it publicly.

I used to buy a lot of magazines to read but I don’t buy too much of them anymore except the only magazine I buy is Guitar World magazine and that’s about it. Next time I hit Barnes and Noble, I’ll take a pic of the women’s magazine rack and see if you can count how many magazine covers that has Melania on ’em. I bet you won’t find one.



How to spot fake Trump supporters… yes they are out there…

If you want to know what my thoughts are on Trump bombing Syria last Friday night, I am all for it 100%. The strikes were 100% justified and Trump had every right to do it. I totally support that move 100% but of course, it isn’t gonna make some happy. Apparently, all the “No War In Syria” fake Trumpers are freakin’ out about it and they still are right now. What the good thing did about this Syria strike was that it helped expose all the fake trumpers out there and this is a good time to weed ’em out of your life.

When the 2016 elections started prominent Trump supporters on twitter such as Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and people such as those did all they can to help get Trump elected but now that Trump is president, those people I listed are bashing Trump on social media. They’re bashing Trump on twitter and yet they claim they’re still supporting Trump. I sided with those fake Trumpers a little bit but admittedly I shouldn’t have. I’ll never side with them again ’cause all they’re doing is trying to divide the Trump base.

Admittedly, I almost flipped on Trump myself a little bit but never again. It was over the Omnibus bill that I was upset over but I got over it and now I understand his reasoning for signing the bill. Yes, the bill sucked and even Trump knows it. He signed the bill ’cause the Omnibus gave billions to the military which was desperately needed and omnibus definitely helped drain the swamp. I got over it quickly, but just to let you know, I never really abandoned Trump and still support him 100%.

There are gonna be Fake Trumpers out there who are going to trick you and try their best to get you to get off the Trump Train so you gotta watch out for those people I listed above and not trust them at all. There are gonna be people who pretends to support Trump aka people who secretly hates him, but they will never admit it publicly so I would suggest you not bother trying to get them to admit it ’cause all they’re gonna do is fight and argue with you.

How do you spot a fake Trump supporter??? Well lets see…

  • When you see twitter/facebook profiles with MAGA material on them and they’re always bashing Trump publicly: This is the biggest sign. You see profile users with MAGA material and hashtags and all that… they claim to be on Trump train but they’re always bashing Trump. Bashing Trump on everything.
  • They previously supported Bernie: If you’re a Fake Trumper then chances are you probably supported Bernie Sanders as president at first. They switched to Trump to avoid voting Hillary Clinton after Bernie got robbed. I’m noticing that most Fake Trumpers were former Bernie supporters anyways. This is another big sign.
  • They are not 100% conservative, somewhere in the middle so they still have some liberal views: If you have a mix of liberal and conservative views then chances are you’re not gonna like Trump ’cause Trump is 100% conservative.
  • They talk like liberal snowflakes: They’re just as bad as liberals. Actually, they’re getting much worse than liberals. The Fake Trumpers can be just as intolerant. If you have different opinions then they do be ready for raging temper tantrums by them.
  • They pick on you for believing in Trump 100%: It’s getting harder and harder to defend Trump ’cause the Fake Trumpers will get on your ass about it. They’ll do anything it takes to get you to flip on Trump so watch out for that.

That’s about all I can think of for now but you get the idea.

I almost fell for it that it was okay to criticize Trump, but it’s just the Fake Trumpers trying to intimidate you so don’t listen to them at all. Just keep supporting Trump all the way through no matter what they say.

My question is, why do these Fake Trumpers claim to be supporters when all they’re doing is bashing him all the time? If they’re not happy with Trump then get off the fucking Trump Train, it’s not that hard? All those people I listed above acts like they’re leaders of the Trump base but they are not. They don’t speak for us. We Americans speak for ourselves.

Why would people claim to be MAGA when all they’re doing is trashing Trump? Well some are just desperate for attention for themselves and that’s all it is really. Trying to get more fame by riding Trump’s coattails. That sort of thing.

I think these Fake Trumpers just wants Trump to fail like the liberals do… just trying to get Trump to lose 2020. The fake Trumpers really are haters. They’ll never admit it even if you try to call ’em on it. They’ll immediately get defensive and say things like, “we’re free thinking Trump supporters”, “We can’t agree with him on everything”, etc. You get the deal.

Look, I don’t agree with Trump on everything. There are some things he does and says that I disagree with… I’m just not gonna lose my temper about it and support him still. I’m not gonna abandon Trump just because he made some mistakes or does something wrong.

All the know it alls out there need to shut the fuck up and let Trump lead. You don’t tell him how to do his job. To all those “We didn’t vote Trump for this and that”, they were never on Trump train to begin with. Why do we have to divide the Trump base when we shouldn’t? We should all be in this together like how it used to be. The Fake Trumpers want him to lose 2020 but they will fail. Just watch.

Once again, just people trying to make it look like Trump doesn’t have true supporters. Make no mistake about it, the real Trump base is all fine and good. We’ll win 2020 easily once again. Don’t listen to the haters and keep supporting Trump no matter what anyone says. They hate that and that’s why they get pissed at you.


Liberals are definitely brainwashed by social media & the MSM… here’s how…

You want to know why liberals are so scared to death of conservatives and why they hate them so much? Want to know why liberals don’t know much about conservatism and why they are confused? It’s simply ’cause they’re brainwashed by social media and the MSM.

Perfect example of this is that I haven’t seen one liberal talk about the youtube shooting. Usually when a shooting happens in America you see liberals giving their thoughts and prayers on all of them. All of them except for this one ’cause why? The shooter who shot up youtube headquarters in California was identified as a young Iranian Muslim woman named, Nasim Aghdam.


I haven’t seen one liberal talk about this publicly. NOT fucking one. Why? Probably because a Muslim was suspected in the shooting this time and it didn’t fit their narrative. We’ve been trying to tell people that Muslims are violent for decades and they spent decades not believing us. Do they believe us now? I believe so. Maybe that’s why they’re silent ’cause they feel dumbfounded about Islam being peaceful and they don’t want to admit it publicly that it’s not peaceful.

I’m sure liberals knew a Muslim was involved in this shooting and they don’t dare say it ’cause it would make liberals look bad. They are careful not to destroy their party and the mainstream media will bury this story quick enough. Watch for it.

Liberals scream gun control when children are the victims, but they don’t scream gun control when an illegal alien shoots someone with a gun (like the Kate Steinle story for example) and they don’t scream gun control when a Muslim is suspected in a shooting.

Why is this you may ask? It’s because social media and MSM are controlling liberals. They are brainwashing them how to think and how to speak. That’s why you see trending topics in social media being mostly “liberal” headlines. It’s why social media like FB and twitter are trying to fight alternative news sites by calling them “fake news”. Ya know, sites like FOX News, Breitbart, the Drudge Report, etc. It is why FB and twitter are trying their best to censor conservatives.

Why do you think liberals have a tough time trying to understand how corrupt Barack Obama and the Democrat party are? When you try to tell them that, they laugh at you and ignore you. Instead they call Trump and Republicans corrupt. Why? It’s because they’re being controlled and brainwashed by social media and the MSM. They are telling them how to think. This is why liberals have one-sided opinions most of the time. Brainwashed by social media and the MSM.

Liberals get most of their info ’cause they see the liberal trending topics. They also join liberal FB groups like Being Liberal, Occupy Democrats, The Other 98% and crap like that. I see liberals in FB everyday re-sharing bullshit memes from those groups I listed. Liberals actually believe those things and it’s just pathetic, ya know? They actually thought Trump was gonna lose the election ’cause those groups told them so. That’s how gullible and naive they are. They actually believe most of the crap that’s put out there in the news… ya know… fake garbage like “Trump not delivering promises”, “Trump sleeping with women”, “Trump going on vacations”, “Trump going golfing”, “Trump colluding with Russia”, “Trump disrespecting McCain” and blah blah blah. You get the deal. It’s fucking crazy.

Social media and the Fake News MSM are not gonna give up the brainwashing. It’s gonna get much worse ’cause of the midterms. Trust me on that. It’s real sad. I’ve always believed that this “Right vs. Left” thing is pretty bad but it’s gotten much worse now. Liberals hate us much worse than ever before.

I despise social media and the MSM so much. It would be nice if we could unite somehow and someday. Unite and start loving each other again ’cause back and forth hate is doing us no good.



Now that the new “Roseanne” show revival scored 18 million in TV ratings, hopefully Fake News and the rest of TV will get the hint of what Americans want to see… GOOD TV!

I’m pretty sure CNN, NBC and other liberal networks are in a jealous rage ’cause ABC scored huge ratings over the Roseanne reboot premiere. The Roseanne reboot premiere scored 18 million in ratings. Yep, 18 million people in America watched the show last night and I was one of those who watched the show.


There is liberal bias everywhere on TV and ABC proved that it doesn’t have to be. Yeah, the writers for the “Roseanne” show are all liberal and I’m sure they wanted the new show to be all liberal but they couldn’t. I’m sure they had to go for Roseanne Conner to be a Trump supporter ’cause Roseanne Barr is a Trump supporter in real life too. I’m sure Roseanne herself had to teach the writers a lot about conservative politics ’cause I’m pretty sure they don’t know anything about being conservative.

Hopefully Fake News TV will get the hint of what America wants to see. We want to see good TV. Good TV is coming back but very slowly. If Fake News and the rest of TV wants their ratings back then they need to stop their bashing of Trump and conservatives. Get back to reporting the news and real stuff.

Can’t wait for the next episode ’cause the show is great so far. Hopefully the show doesn’t go downhill and I’m sure it won’t.



Watched the Roseanne premiere last night and it was really great!!! Making TV great again!!!

I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms with the exception of a few of them. The only sitcoms that I watched over the years of my life were “Roseanne”, “Seinfeld”, “Frasier” and “Home Improvement”. They were the good sitcoms, but other than that I’m not a fan of sitcoms much.

Last night, “Roseanne” returned to television after like 20 years of being off the air. I used to watch the old “Roseanne” show obsessively when I was young ’cause it was one of the sitcoms that was actually good and watchable. The show is back and the whole gang is back too. Yeah, everybody from the original show has pretty much returned.

I watched the full hour of the new “Roseanne” last night and I was pretty impressed with the show actually. It was very enjoyable and watchable all the way through. I wasn’t bored one bit. The writing was really good for a sitcom and the show was well-acted by the whole cast. Most importantly, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman both still got it after all these years so it doesn’t surprise me. Roseanne can still do her trademark laugh really well. John Goodman has been away from the small screen for many years due to his movie career. John was already a big movie star before “Roseanne”, but I’m sure “Roseanne” helped boost his movie career ’cause he starred in many big roles over the years after the original “Roseanne”. Now John is back and it doesn’t surprise me that he still can play Dan Conner pretty well.

It was said in the new Roseanne revival that Roseanne and Dan Conner are gonna be Trump supporters and conservative people. When I watched the show last night, it turned out exactly that… Roseanne and Dan being Trump supporting conservatives while other people in the family are liberals especially Jackie Harris who is Roseanne’s younger sister. Laurie Metcalf reprises her role as Jackie for the new revival. In this revival Jackie is a die-hard liberal and in the premiere, shows Jackie and Roseanne arguing over politics most of the show which was entertaining as hell. Something we can all relate to in real life.

The show wanted to depict what families lives are really like during these political times. Yeah, I’m sure a lot of families out there have mixed political views.  A lot of families out there have political arguments just like in the new “Roseanne” show. It’s like in real life, ya know? That’s what I liked about the show. I think the goal with the new show is that it wanted to try and bring liberals and conservatives together. Ya know, the show was about unity the way I saw it.

Some may think that the new “Roseanne” show was aimed directly to a conservative audience but not really. The show is for liberals too. There were both conservative views and liberal views in the new show. It had everything: pussy hats, Nasty woman, abortion, gun rights, freedom of speech, transgender, homosexuality, etc. I’m sure we’ll get even deeper in politics in the upcoming episodes. This was only the beginning.

With that being said, I was very impressed with the show. Finally a show on TV that I can actually watch ’cause I don’t watch much TV hardly at all. Most of my TV watching is on Netflix and WWE Network. I play video games and watch movies most of the time too so I don’t watch much cable TV.

I thought it was a really good show and I plan to watch every Tuesday night until the Season finale. I’m sure the season premiere of “Roseanne” did very well in the ratings. I predict the ratings did really big so we’ll wait until the rating numbers come in.


Thoughts on this Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump thing…

Some of you may want to know what my thoughts are on this whole Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels thing. It has been going on in the news for a while. There’s a whole media frenzy over this ’cause why? The Russian collusion thing is dead and the media knows it. So now the media have to figure out a different way to destroy Trump and now they’re giving this Stormy Daniels thing a try.

Stormy Daniels an adult porn star is accusing Trump of having an affair with her back in 2006 while he was still married to Melania Trump. She is also accusing Trump’s personal lawyer of paying her $130,000 of hush money to keep her silent about it. She’s also accusing him of other crazy stuff like she was threatened physically if she didn’t remain silent about the alleged affair and all that stuff.


To be honest, I haven’t been following this story much ’cause like most I’m sick and tired of all the the negativity and fake news bullshit against President Trump. I mean, Trump is doing good things for America. He’s doing a lot of good things for America but the media refuses to report positively about him still. All the Fake News media wants to do is hate, hate, hate. That’s all they got really.

The question you’re probably wondering is this, is the alleged affair with Stormy and Donald true? I don’t know. Nobody knows ’cause there’s no proof of it. Even if it is true that Stormy and Donald may have had a sexual relationship, that should be none other than Trump’s personal business. Even if it’s true, I’m not surprised ’cause he’s fucking Donald Trump, ya know? He’s the worlds biggest billionaire and the most famous person in the world, so I won’t be surprised if Trump slept with other women other than his wife.

Keep in mind that men who are rich and famous can be like that. Rich people live crazy lifestyles. That’s what a lot of Trump haters can’t understand. Many rich and famous men cheat on their wives all the time. It’s pretty common in Hollywood. I’m not surprised if Trump slept with a lot of women in the past ’cause the dude is an alpha male and he’s rich. I can see why a lot of women would want him.

Even though Stormy is accusing him of a lot of things at least she’s not accusing him of “rape” and she’s saying it was a “consensual” thing. As long as it was consensual sex then Trump did nothing wrong and did nothing illegal so it does not have grounds for impeachment when the affair happened over a decade ago.

The thing is, this cunt of a porn star is just another ego-driven idiot trying to get her 10 minutes of fame and get rich off of Trump. Just another lunatic trying to leech off of Trump’s fame kind of like how Joy Villa the Scientologist fraud. Stormy is just another dummy trying to boost her career. I’ve never heard of this Stormy Daniels until this story came up.

One thing I’d like to say though is that it’s very wrong for people to get into Trump’s private life to begin with. Like I said, this is Trump’s personal business. If he does happen to sleep with a lot of women… who fuckin’ cares! He’s a man and some men can be like that. There are many men out there who are players and womanizers. Sure, Trump may have chased women in the past but I’m sure he doesn’t anymore, though.

Whether or not the affair is true, I don’t care either way. There are more important things to worry about like “Making America Great Again”. That’s all I’m worried about. This country is already great again and it’s going to be even greater. We still need to drain the swamp in Congress, the FBI and the Media. We’re on our way to doing all that.

I ignore this Stormy Daniels story ’cause all it is it’s just another way for the Trump haters to try and take down the Trump presidency since the Russian collusion thing didn’t work. The Stormy Daniels thing is gonna fail too. Just watch for it.


Thoughts about the historic President Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting agreement… it’s just amazing, really…

This is a pretty historic week for President Trump and the United States of America. As you probably heard by now the South Korean security adviser announced that Kim Jong Un says he will refrain from any further nuclear and missile tests. Not only that, South Korea announced the big news that President Trump has agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un the man himself sometime by May of 2018. It seems that Kim Jong Un is all game for meeting President Trump in person. Trump wants to speak with Kim in hopes of denuclearization.

After this announcement was made, it seems that other countries such as China, Russia and South Korea are all for this meeting to happen so that’s good news.


Ya know, it’s funny. After Trump’s nuclear button tweet, liberals freaked and said Trump is gonna get us all killed and start World War III. Well I’m sure libtards are upset ’cause neither of those are gonna happen. Donald and Kim are gonna get together for hopeful peace talks. Will President Trump be successful at getting peace with North Korea? Yes, I predict Trump would be successful ’cause why? Trump is one of the best negotiators out there. That’s a huge part of why we all elected Trump ’cause Trump is the master at negotiation with people. Read his book, “The Art of the Deal”. If you read that book… the book is all about negotiation and winning. Trump will do exactly that with Kim Jong-un. If Trump can do that, it would make Trump the best president in history and liberals in America will have to admit that as well. Liberals are already starting to admit it.

My question is will Trump have to travel to North Korea to meet Kim or will Kim have to travel to the United States to meet Trump at the White House? We’ll find out real soon, though. They gotta figure something out.  I predict Trump will end up travelling to North Korea. Trump will probably have to go to Pyongyang where the North Korea government is and where Kim spends most of his time at.

This is also an automatic re-election for Trump and there’s a Nobel Peace Prize possibility. I think one day liberals will have to get forced to admit that Trump is a great leader, give it time. Liberals are still hating, yes but at some point they will have to get forced to admit Trump is doing good things for America. It’s gonna piss them off yes but they’ll have no choice to admit it. They can’t thank Obama for this one and they know it too.

Trump is doing a fantastic job and I’m so impressed with the man. I never regretted my Trump vote at all and will proudly vote for him again in 2020.