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My thoughts on Billy Bush’s NY Times write-up about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing”…

Ya know, I find it hilarious that Billy Bush has been going around acting like he “got” Trump. Billy thinks he exposed Trump and the left thinks he’s a hero for it. The left thinking he shouldn’t have gotten fired from NBC over the locker room banter tape.

I remember the locker room banter tape quite well. Billy was on the tape clearly joining in on the fun and Billy was also saying flirty things about women. Bush was caught on tape saying things like “Get out of the way, honey. Oh that’s good legs”. Billy was also laughing along with Trump when he was saying all those things.

Now Billy is playing the victim and playing “gotcha” moments with Trump. Keep in mind, that Billy is just another Bush! I repeat, another Bush! I think Billy is nothing more than another Bush trying to take down the Trump presidency. I also think Billy is just trying to get his job back at NBC.

Billy was on the bus clearly joining in on the fun with Trump, laughing along with him and now he wrote this NY Times opinion piece article saying that Trump was wrong? Liberals upset at Trump for saying “grabbing by the pussy” and you don’t see any liberal outrage at Billy saying things about a woman’s legs. Billy is no different and he’s no better.

On top of that, from what I’ve seen… I’ve never seen Trump questioning whether or not the tape was real. Sounds like more “Fake News” to me. I’ve did a little research and that source came exclusively from the New York Times. If that source came from the NYTimes exclusively then it is probably fake news.

Trump apologized for the tape and admitted his mistakes, yet people won’t leave him alone and won’t back off on him unfortunately. Billy was on the tape saying stuff about how hot a woman’s legs were, how come no one is angry at him too?

Liberals and the MSM don’t care. The only thing they care about is destroying Trump. Billy can say all kinds of perverted things about women and they’ll just ignore it. They’re just desperate to take down Trump and that’s all.

On another note, I myself wonder if the tape was real or not. Was the tape carefully edited? When the video came out, the camera showed the outside of the bus while Trump was saying all those things so there isn’t any real proof on whether he said those things or not. Just because Billy said Trump said all those things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Billy could be full of it just to make Trump look bad ’cause after all Billy is just another BUSH. Just remember that y’all.



Thoughts on the Kate Steinle verdict… we really need that wall more than anything now!!!

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Like most, I too am outraged and disappointed in the Kate Steinle verdict. The San Francisco jury letting Kate’s killer walk a free man. Not surprising really ’cause this fuckin’ country has always been too afraid to call what illegal aliens really are… dangerous monsters. No doubt that Kate’s killer was totally guilty ’cause there was video evidence showing Kate’s killer fleeing the scene and throwing the gun into the San Francisco bay. There were witnesses who took photos and video of the incident. That stuff would have been good enough for a “guilty” verdict but not not surprisingly, the jury has decided to side with Kate’s killer.

This just proves that the justice system in law is pretty broken. It always has been for years. I’m so sick of this country acting like illegal aliens are harmless and lovable people. Pretty crazy, ya know??? For some reason, this country has a big problem kissing illegals asses and I’m sick of it. Illegal aliens have always been a problem in this country. The media refuses to call them for what they really are and politicians refuses to call them for what they are. It’s just dumb.

This is why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause when he went down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency, and he gave that historic speech that’s when we all got on board to support him once he got into the topic of illegal aliens. Trump  blew us all away when he started calling illegal aliens for what they really are… dangerous and violent animals. Sure, not all illegal aliens are dangerous and violent. Some of them might be harmless but either way, they don’t belong here at all. We don’t want illegals living better lives than us actual citizens. We’re fed up with it at all and that’s why Trump got elected.

After the ridiculous Kate Steinle verdict, we really need that Border Wall more than anything. We need both Kate’s Law and the Border Wall. The Border Wall will be in honor of Kate. I used to believe the Border Wall wasn’t really as important but once again, we really need it more than anything now.

I’ve had it with liberals thinking there is nothing wrong with illegals… thinking they won’t hurt us. Are they fucking serious??? They’re defending people they don’t really know which is even more crazier. Liberals are so hung up on their “human rights” stuff that it’s gonna get us all killed. Liberals don’t care about actual Americans. It seems that they are more concerned about the well-being of Muslims and illegal Mexicans than us Americans which is sad. The reason is that liberals only care about control and more power. That’s why they do what they do. Liberals are delusional and mentally ill. I’ve gotten slammed by liberals for calling Muslims and illegal Mexicans violent. Got called every name in the book: racist, bigot, etc. I’m tired of it. We all are.

We really need to build the wall and deport them all. That’s what we elected Trump for. So far, Trump is doing a good job getting illegals out of the country with ICE but that’s not enough. WE NEED THAT WALL UP. The border wall is currently in construction right now but very slowly. Hopefully Trump gets a lot tougher on illegal immigration right now.

When will the left ever wake up on illegal aliens? When an illegal alien has a gun pointing at their face, would that be good enough for them to wake up then? No. They’ll still be afraid to hold them accountable after that. This country is messed up for sure.

Lets hope and pray that wall gets fully built before 2020. If not then Trump may lose my support and I’m serious about that. I’ll consider getting off the train. I’m saying I might. It’s not a definite yes.





Thoughts on Matt Lauer firing, there are sexual predators everywhere you look, not just in Hollywood!

Why are people surprised about the firing of Matt Lauer? I’m not! I never liked that asshole anyways to begin with so good riddance! Lauer had the word “creep” written all over him for many years so I’m not surprised.

On top of that, there are sexual predators everywhere you look like the title of this topic says. It doesn’t just exist in Hollywood. There are predators in politics, journalism, sports and there are predators in real life too. They’re everywhere sadly!

It’s just that these predator men hide it very well. How are they able to get away with it after all these years? Well they probably found a way to silence the victim like giving them hush money, threatening their lives and sometimes the victims are afraid to speak out.

One thing for sure though, I find it unfair that so many people are bashing the victim for speaking out about it after all these years. Some of them are like, “Why didn’t the victim speak out about this a long time ago?” Well think of it this way… maybe the victim is afraid to speak about it ’cause he/she feels it’s a hard topic to talk about. Maybe they refused to talk about it publicly ’cause they’re trying to get it out of their minds, ya know? Maybe the victim is afraid they would get in trouble if they spoke about it. Now that all of this is going on, they just feel it’s the right time to talk about it. Now more victims are coming forward, they feel more comfortable coming forward. So give the victims a break.

Yeah, there are predators everywhere. They can be even your close friends and family. Be more aware of your surroundings and watch who you trust ’cause you’ll never know someone’s true character. There are a lot of sickos and pervs out there,  it’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of InfoWars, but this is a great article in regards to Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” tape. If you’re still upset about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” comments, maybe you’ll have a different feeling about that now that Lauer and NBC got busted since they were the ones who leaked the tape so enjoy this read:


It’s funny… NBC tried to make Trump  look like a sexual predator and now Matt Lauer gets exposed as a predator. This is the same network that gets all over Bill O’ Reilly and Roy Moore for sexual misconduct. Everybody in liberal Hollywood tried to make Trump look like a sexual predator but they get exposed for doing the same.

So does this make Trump innocent over the “Pussy Grabbing” stuff? Oh yes, absolutely! NBC started all of that, remember that.


Which mainstream news outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy”???

When Trump put this tweet up this morning, I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I laughed pretty hard out loud. This tweet is too funny. Seriously. I can’t blame Trump for ranting about the media this morning ’cause they must be driving him up the wall. That’s what the media is hoping to do… they’re hoping to drive him insane.

It should be easy to see that the mainstream media is so fake. They’ve always has been for years. They’ve been fake news long before Trump became president. When Barack Obama was president all they did was protect him like he was king. The media made Obama look like he was a good president when he was not. The media lied about so many things about Obama as a way to look good. All the media did under Obama was praise him and never once reported anything negative about him.

I mean, what kind of media do we have when all they do is make left wing people look good and make right-wing people look bad??? That is not journalism, y’all. It’s all propaganda is what they’re promoting. Everybody wants to deny liberal bias in the media, but it’s so easy to see. I don’t see how that’s so hard? There are still people who wants to mistakenly believe that the media is a credible source of news. If you’re one of those people then you’re one of those who are pretty lazy at research and pretty lazy at getting yourselves informed. A lot of people rely on the news for the truth and many refuse to make sure what the media is saying is correct when most of the time they aren’t. There are still too many people who watch the news on TV and read the news on the internet… and they actually believe everything they say. It’s really frustrating, ya know? I remember the days when tabloid newspapers were pretty popular in the past… well now the mainstream news are the new tabloids. Quite sad!

Most Americans are pretty much fed up with the media… that’s why we all voted for Trump to begin with ’cause we’re all smart enough not to fall for their bullshit. If you still like Obama, if you still like Bernie Sanders and see nothing wrong with Hillary then chances are you probably watch NBC, CNN, read the Washington Post, etc. We knew Trump was the right guy for president after we all saw how the media treated the man.

So what media outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy” award as Trump calls it? Well, all media outlets are pretty bad, but the worst ones are: CNN, NBC, NY Times and the WaPost. I despise CNN so much so I guess the “Fake News Trophy” award would go to CNN absolutely. CNN makes the National Enquirer look good.

It’s unbelievable that there are still people that follows the mainstream news and believes everything they say. When will the Fake News bullshit end? We need real journalism back like the old days. What Americans want to see is real journalism. That’s why FOX News is pretty hot right now ’cause sorry to say, y’all, they are more credible than any other source out there. That’s why people go to sites like Breitbart, Wikileaks and the Drudge Report ’cause they all report real stuff without any bias.

It’s disgusting how the media treats Obama and Hillary like angels and how they treat Trump like he’s a bad guy. Politics shouldn’t be this black and white at all but the media is trying to make it like that. Yep, liberalism is good for the country but conservatism is evil. That’s how the media looks at America and it’s disgusting. That’s not what America wants to see. We want fair and honest reporting on both sides.

For many years, I’ve tried warning you all about the media but all you liberal readers did was laugh at me and continued to believe what the mainstream news says. I love it when I try to debate politics with my liberal readers here and when they show me “facts”, they send me a link to the WaPo or CNN. The news sucks. Turn off your TV, stop reading the internet and stop reading the newspapers.

There’s a meme going around facebook that says, “Caution: The media is not a reflection of reality”. It’s true if you think about it.

So yeah, CNN definitely deserves the “Fake News Trophy” more than all the others. I could have sworn that CNN used to be a credible news network without the liberal bias but now look at them. It’s very sad.

Anybody that still watches the news and takes them seriously needs to get their heads examined.



Trump doesn’t need to be on covers of magazines, he’s got better things to do like “Making America Great Again”!

I love this tweet by President Trump. What Trump just did here was that he basically told TIME magazine to fuck off and leave him alone.

Why did Trump turn down the “Person of the Year” award this year? Well here’s a little flashback y’all…


Time magazine attacked Trump on the cover by calling him the “President of the Divided States of America” instead of calling him the “United States of America” which was pretty cruel and uncalled for! It was also pretty unprofessional and bad journalism at best. TIME magazine also bashed him in the actual article from last year too. I’ll never forget it.

Then here comes this tweet by Time magazine themselves on twitter claiming what Trump said was full of shit and you know this tweet was a flat out lie by Time magazine…

TIME magazine is obviously trying to save themselves from bad publicity. Trying to save themselves from their readers boycotting and unsubscribing from their shitty magazine.

Ya know, who cares. Trump doesn’t need to be on covers of magazines anyways ’cause he has way better and more important things to do like making America great again. I remember when Barack Obama was president, he did too many magazine covers and was featured in interviews in a lot of them too. Why? It’s because Obama was obsessed with the fame and he was a bit of a narcissist. Trump however doesn’t care about the fame ’cause he’s already famous.

Sure, ever since Trump got elected he may have done plenty of TV interviews, but they were mostly done at the White House. Ever since Trump got elected and sworn in, he hasn’t done many magazine covers which is good.

I loved how Trump called out TIME magazine and told them to fuck off. It was awesome.

What happened to news magazines like Newsweek and TIME? They’re both garbage. They’re both lapdogs for the Democrat party just like the fake news MSM so fuck ’em. TIME magazine was probably planning to attack him again this year.

Trump is so focused on his presidency and doing all the things we elected him to do. Trump doesn’t care about fame and publicity.

I hate how everything is so liberal nowadays. Think about why Trump won ’cause we’re fed up with all the liberalism.


Is Roy Moore innocent or guilty? I don’t know but I’m gonna wait…

Some of you are probably wondering my thoughts on this whole Roy Moore thing. The story that the Washington Post that broke out in the news last week:


Conservatives on Facebook and twitter have been defending Roy Moore and siding with him like crazy. It’s interesting how conservatives responds to stories about “sexual predators” in the news. When it comes to liberal Hollywood being caught as sexual predators, conservatives are quick to condemn them; however, conservatives refuses to condemn GOP people on their own team. It’s not the first time conservatives sided with right-wing people who gets accused of being a sexual predator. For some reason, they just won’t admit that there are sexual predators and sick perverts on both sides of the spectrum.

For right now, I can’t support Roy Moore until I see how this story is going to pan out. What if the WaPo and Leigh Corfman turns out correct? What if Moore ends up turning out guilty? Will these conservatives condemn him then? You just never know.

There are sexual predators, pedos and sickos all over. It doesn’t just exist in liberal land. That’s what these conservatives want to believe and they won’t admit it. Conservatives really are that one sided. I’ve always been accused of being on one-side but I’ve never was. Conservatives do drive me crazy a lot sometimes and I’m not afraid to call out their bullshit too.



Joy Villa exposed as a fake conservative and she’s also a Scientologist?

This is interesting. Joy Villa, the so-called superstar in the Trump community is in hot water right now. What is it about? Well, it seems that she has been exposed by some Trump supporters that she’s a fake supporter and she’s also a Scientologist. She has been caught supporting Bernie Sanders and saying negative things about Trump before she supposedly got on the Trump train.

Trump supporters called her out for this, yet she put out this statement on twitter and seems to have responded to it all. It’s funny how she calls it “bullying campaign” and calls it “discrimination” ’cause we called her out on being a secret Scientologist. Discrimination against people who are Scientologists, really? LMAO!

Joy Villa got herself a lot of attention in the Trump  community by wearing MAGA at the Grammy’s, and now she’s trying to get even more attention with her supposedly running for Congress. She can’t be a real conservative ’cause Scientology is pretty much for liberalism. She’s definitely a fake conservative. Just a liberal pretending to be one. She’s a pop singer and part of the industry so you can’t trust her

Yes, there are a lot of douchebags on the left, but there are also a lot of douchebags on the right-wing side too. Douchebags on both sides of the spectrum. Joy Villa tricked Trump supporters into thinking she’s authentic, but she turned out to be a fraud. I wish I never bought her music… well, no more spending my money on this woman ever again.

So Trump became president, that means there will be many douchebags trying to leech off of him and his supporters to get more fame and more attention. She’s doing a good job of that. Well, her 15 minutes of fame is just about over. Many Trump supporters have already turned on her ’cause of all this, but there are some delusional Trump supporters who are still on her side.

Ya know, you don’t have to support and agree with everything on your side. I never was like that even though I was accused of doing so. It’s about being honest and real about everything. Don’t be afraid to call things for what they are. If you’re conservative and if someone on the right is being an idiot then don’t be afraid to say so. There are some others on the Trump team that I don’t even like for example: Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter, Laura Loomer, etc. Just to name a few, they’re all scum bags.

Joy Villa is a cunt for what she did. Another one to put on the boycott list, I guess. Time to delete her albums off my Ipod then.