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Trump announces that Daytona Beach, FL will be his permanent home if he doesn’t make it past 2020…

Trump just announced on twitter that his permanent home of residence will be Daytona Beach, Florida if he doesn’t make past 2020 as president. Whether he gets impeached & removed from office or loses the 2020 re-election, that is where he’ll move to.

I can’t blame him since New York is still a blue state and he’s been dealing with harassment and bullying by Mayor Deblasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Trump hasn’t done anything wrong since the 2016 election… it’s just that lefties have a problem with their one-sided views in politics which is crazy. They hate Republicans & Conservatives so much, the left wonder why they lose elections? The left will stop at nothing to destroy people they disagree with, it’s pathetic.

If Trump gets impeached and removed from office by Democrats or if he loses re-election, that will be the end of the Democrat party. The Democrat party and the mainstream news media are both the enemy of the people. If you can’t see that then then you are brainwashed by the mainstream news media if you hate Trump this much.

I’ll never abandon support of Trump no matter what the haters think.


Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash @ the Mar-a-Lago in FL, full of celebs there last night including the Stallone brothers and more…

Donald Trump celebrated his New Year’s Eve last night at his FL vacation home in which he calls the Mar-a-Lago. This was a private party, an invite-only thing so only Trump himself got to invite whoever he wanted. Trump ended up inviting the Stallone family. Not the entire Stallone family… only Sylvester, Frank and Jennifer went. Guess the three Stallone daughters couldn’t go ’cause I guess it’s an adults-only kind of party. Looks like at the party there were all kinds of celebs last night. In the pic above you see Fabio and singer Connie Francis.

It may seem like that most celebs in Hollywood despises Trump but not really. There ARE plenty of celebs out there who support Trump… it’s just that a lot of celebs are secretly supporting Trump ’cause maybe they’re afraid it might hurt their careers if they publicly expressed their support for Trump?

I think it’s awesome that Donald invited the Stallone brothers who are Sylvester and Frank.

Sylvester Stallone is definitely on the Trump Train ’cause Stallone just gave Trump this gift which pretty much confirms that Sly supported Trump for the election:

That’s awesome that Sly is on the Trump Train which makes me like him even more now! I hope Frank Stallone gets the opportunity to sing at Trump’s inauguration. You remember who Frank Stallone is? He’s the one who wrote and sung on the “Take You Back” song from the first Rocky movie. Frank also had cameo appearances in all the Rocky movies too. Frank is a cool guy, I follow him on twitter and you should too.


Stallone family gets invited to Trump’s Florida home the Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve…

Well it seems like Donald Trump who is our president-elect has invited the Stallone family to hang out with the Trump family at the Mar-a-Lago in Florida for New Year’s Eve tomorrow. So the Stallone family to ring in the New Year with the Trump family? That’s what it’s looking like. In the first video above is Sly flying on a plane and he says he’s going to Florida to some “event” but Sly wouldn’t be specific. Sly was pretty tight-lipped on where he’s actually going.

So Frank Stallone who is Sly’s brother posted the video above announcing that he and his brother (Sly) has got invited to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve.

So what’s going on? Did Sly end up taking the job for the NEA Chairman in Trump’s administration after all? Is Frank Stallone going to sing at Trump’s inauguration? There’s got to be a good reason why Donald Trump wants to see the Stallone family. We’ll know soon. 🙂


Hogan’s Beach closed and being rebranded…

Hogan’s restaurant in Tampa, FL just got closed and it’s being rebranded to something else. They claim it has nothing to do with Hogan’s latest controversies but I think it’s a lie. I think it’s possible that Hulk gave up the restaurant ’cause if he stayed with it he could get a lot of customer complaints. It’s not a good time for him to be running a restaurant when he’s in hot water right now. I think the owners are protecting him.


Seems like a cool restaurant but the food pricing seemed pretty overpriced anyways.

Gotta love how karma works. I’m sure Hulk will open a new business somewhere else, though. He’s gotta continue to make money somehow now that he’s no longer working for WWE. He’s back to working independent wrestling shows again.


Why I continued the Trayvon discussions…

I was gonna give up the Trayvon discussions but up until the point where George saved a family from an overturned truck… I just had to post that story just so that I can show people that George is not the monster that the media makes him out to be. I also wanted to show a few useful facebook memes to bring up a point about a few things. I may have given up the Trayvon discussion in facebook but I think I will continue it here. I feel that this topic should not be ignored and I need to voice my feelings about this. I need to let my voice heard.

It’s interesting how people react to this story

In facebook, I’ve gotten too many complaints of people saying that I shouldn’t say stuff like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”. Well, it’s true if you think about it, right? If some punk kid or even a full grown adult was in your face and all of a sudden this person starts kicking your ass… what else are you going to do? You have to kill that person in order to survive; otherwise, you would be dead if you don’t do anything. You can’t just let this criminal kill ya. It’s gonna make him win and let him go free. Most importantly… you have too many family & friends who love and care for you. You have a whole life ahead of you… you can’t just let the criminal kill you. When people gets offended when I say things like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”… that means people are afraid to admit that they would do the same thing. They know I’m telling the truth and they hate hearing it.

If you had some guy slamming your head against the sidewalk, beating you with a baseball bat or smashing your head against glass or something drastic as that… there is no other way to escape from that stuff. The only way to escape from the brutal beating alive is to kill your opponent. Whatever it takes with a gun, knife or whatever weapon you could find. If you’re good at fighting yourself… you can even kill your opponent with your bare hands if necessary. Do whatever it takes to survive. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s completely okay.

These things happen all the time in America. It’s been happening for years. People kill other people for self defense. They usually don’t get arrested but even if they do get arrested — they are usually acquitted in trial.

There are also too many people who still see that Trayvon was a sweet innocent little boy and they think he was never a thug. That’s what the media and Trayvon’s family wanted you to believe. Have you ever noticed that Trayvon’s family never released that much photos to the media publicly? The only photos they released of him were ones of him that were younger than 17… back in the days when he did look innocent and harmless. They didn’t release any pictures of him wearing gangsta kind of clothing or anything like that.

Yes, there is a race war going on. In the media and out on the streets in various cities in the USA with different protests/riots going on. Obama just made the topic of race going even more with his last speech about Trayvon. His speech was pretty racist toward the white people.

People just hate hearing the truth that Trayvon started it all. That’s why people get upset and that’s why they go after people who side with G.Z.

Kids aren’t always good kids. They can be a bunch of punks and they can be little brats. I know — I’ve dealt with them myself when I was in school — they can be pretty violent. I’ve gotten bullied quite often and even almost gotten into fights with them myself. Kids aren’t always angels and people need to stop thinking they are. If you want kids to be “good” kids… they can be… it requires good parenting skills if you want them to behave as they get older.

After all the gun shootings and other violence over the years from Gabby Giffords, the Aurora movie theater shootings, the Boston Bombings, etc. What was the age range of the suspects of those crimes? Yes, that’s right… they were young kids, go figure. You have every good fucking reason to kill these violent little pricks. So don’t sit there and tell me that these kids don’t deserve to die.

If George didn’t kill Trayvon Martin and let him live… think how many more criminals acts he could have done that day. Trayvon could have killed someone or start a house on fire or something of that sort. Remember, kids aren’t always little angels. If you don’t want your kid to turn out that way, you need to be a good father and mother if you don’t want them to grow up to be a violent criminal.

If your life was being threatened by some kid… yep, they deserved to be killed. When there is nothing else you can do… there is no other choice and I’m sticking with it.


About the “he shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck” or “let the police handle it” arguments…

When people try to defend Trayvon Martin the best they can, the only arguments I can see them come up with is that, “he shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck” or “he should have” let the police handle it”.

Here’s my response to those two arguments:

He shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck…

One of the most popular arguments I’ve seen is that people claim if he didn’t get out of his truck then none of this would have happened. Wrong, and here’s why he got out of his truck. Zimmerman was driving to buy groceries and spotted this suspicious kid standing in the yard of someone’s home where he didn’t live. Trayvon was looking around and staring at him. On the reenactment video, George made it pretty clear that he didn’t have to get out and follow him but the reason he did that is ’cause he already called a police officer to the scene to pick Trayvon up. George just wanted to wait with Trayvon for the police officer to arrive, that was it. George didn’t really want any violence to come out of this thing at all.

If you watch the reenactment video, George didn’t confront Trayvon at all. George was just walking around trying to find him and when he was no where to be seen… George went back to his truck, and that was when Trayvon confronted him. Trayvon yelled from behind him, “Yo, you got a problem”, and George simply said, “No, no problem”. George went looking for his cell phone and Trayvon yelled, “You got a problem now?” Then Trayvon punched him in the face, and that’s when the fighting all started.

It was Trayvon that was confrontational from the very beginning. Trayvon staring at George just made him a little uncomfortable and that’s what made George have no choice but to go around looking for him. So some of you mistakenly believe that none of this would have happened if George didn’t get out of his truck?

Correction: None of this would have happened if Trayvon wasn’t so confrontational and cooperated with George. It was Trayvon that should have behaved more responsibly. All George was doing was doing his job.

Letting the police handle it…

A lot of people like to make it look like that George wasn’t gonna let the police handle it. They all want to make it look like that George was going to take matters to his own hands when all that is not true. Like I said. George was following the guidelines of the Neighborhood Watch. He knew exactly what he was doing. That’s his job if you see something suspicious, you’re supposed to call it in to police right away. George called the police like maybe once or twice before the shooting happened, and there was already a police officer on the way.

Keep in mind guys that these small gated communities and villages are pretty far away from police stations. That’s why the community has a Neighbor Watch ’cause the police can’t be around, all the time.

When you’re getting your head slammed into a sidewalk… do you honestly believe a cop is gonna rush over to stop it? George tried screaming for help (which I’m pretty sure it was him screaming for help in the background in that 911 call, not Trayvon) and no help came but when George was able to reach for his gun — that’s when he had no choice to do what he did.

George was gonna let the police handle things. Nobody will never admit to that. It’s just sad. Like I said, people will make up all kinds of lies to make Trayvon look good. Just like Trayvon’s witnesses lied that it was himyelling for help in the background of the 911 call when it was actually George screaming.

George did all the right things. He would have done the same to a white person. If he did it to a white person, then this case wouldn’t have been all over the news and nobody would have cared. George’s innocence was clearly proven in trial and sure enough — people are going to think it’s a broken justice system. People also mistakenly believe that George feels no remorse for it which I also disagree with. I’m pretty sure he hated to do it. I’m sure he still feels terrible that he did it but he had no other choice.

You would have done the same thing if you were in that situation. I would. Trayvon’s family members are a bunch of liars as well. They make claims that he wasn’t a thug and they tried their best to make it look like George was the aggressor — the people went along with it. Just wait until Trayvon’s criminal record gets released to the public. Just wait until videos and photos of Trayvon doing bad stuff. Maybe if someone shot video footage and photos of that shooting incident… that stuff could get released too.

Nobody wants to admit that Trayvon started it all. Like I said, I hope you guys don’t become jury members or lawyers.

George got the not guilty verdict. Accept it. Shut up. Move on. George should be able to move on with his life and leave this behind him.


All the drama that comes out of the Zimmerman/Martin case…

I know… this trial is controversial all around. People are addicted to talking about it. While most mistakenly believe that Trayvon didn’t deserve it, and there a handful of others who believe GZ is innocent. It’s a mixed reaction. Of course, when people side with GZ and think he’s innocent… people will look at this person like he/she is an asshole or something. It makes Zimmerman supporters bad for siding with him. I’ve never seen such a case that came out to be such a damn circus. It’s almost like a soap opera, indeed. I’ve had several people in facebook turn their back on me and deleted/blocked me just for agreeing that GZ did it for self defense. I’ve been called a racist for it too and all that stuff. This is why I was quietly following the trial before the verdict even happened. I didn’t really want to talk about it publicly ’cause I had a feeling I was gonna get a lot of bullshit from it. I really should have kept quiet and kept my opinion to myself. Oh well. I can’t please everyone. That’s not the way this world works, ya know?

There has been plenty of true crime cases over the years. Whenever I side with the defendant and thinks he/she is innocent… people had no problem with my opinion. It was all fine and good but here comes the Zimmerman case… people gave me a lot of shit for it. I mean really?

These true crime cases & big trials that makes the news are public stories. There’s going to be mixed reactions. The only reason people give you shit is because they mistakenly see Trayvon as this harmless little boy who didn’t “deserve” it. They’ll go after anybody who disrespects him and they’ll defend him no matter what it is said or no matter what has been proven. When people publicly side with GZ… they become the easy target and they end up losing a lot of respect from people around them.

Really, people? These are big national news stories that has nothing to do with us. Are there better things to get mad about over? Does this stuff have to do with our personal lives or our business? Really proves how dramatic and soap opera like people can really be. I’m tired of it.

That’s what trials are made public for. It’s made public for people to discuss their views and honest thoughts. It’s made for the people to decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.

I delete a lot of comments on Zimmerman trial ’cause most of you were acting dumb. Repeating the same discussion, “he shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck” or “let the police handle it”. You wouldn’t quit those postings. It was annoying me. Come up with something new. Something intelligent ’cause the three of you don’t do any of that.

Zimmerman didn’t do anything wrong. He defended his life, helped that small little community in Sanford, he was found not guilty, and it’s time to move on. You just need to accept things for what they are. Just imagine if Trayvon did break into someone’s home or start a fire on someone’s home. He could have done all that. That’s why George had to check him out to make sure he wasn’t gonna do anything stupid. That was all George wanted to do. Check him out. He got attacked by Trayvon and that was the end of it.

Zimmerman is not going to prison. They gave him his gun back, and he still plans on carrying it around which is good. He certainly needs his gun back since so many people out there hate him. I don’t think people will go near him after the Trayvon shooting. If someone tried to attack him again ’cause of the verdict… I can see George doing “self defense” again. Registered permits. Right to Bear arms. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is for is to protect and defend yourself. George did the right thing and I’m sticking with it. I don’t care how many people I piss off. Don’t like it? Go F’ yourself. Thank you.


All about the Neighborhood Watch – Sanford, FL…

Where the hell are you guys getting all your sources from? Yes, there are various Neighborhood Watch programs all over the United States of America. However, each one have different rules and regulations. I have found the .pdf document for the official Neighborhood Watch in Sanford, FL.

I read this whole document from start to finish. No where in it where I saw that “following” or “confronting” wasn’t allowed.

On top of that check this out… from this link… here.

Look at Page 8, “Recognizing Suspicious Activity”, and I’ll list the things that might of what made George do what he had to do. Why he had to watch Trayvon and follow him… here are the things that made George do this, short list:

– Gathering (loitering) for an extended or unusual period of time. Possible burglary, arson, or drug dealing. (Trayvon standing in people’s yards, walking in the grassy area, looking at people’s homes, I would call that loitering for sure)

– Behaving strangely. Possibly on drugs or illegal activity. (George saying, “He looks like he may be up to no good, like he’s on drugs or something”, staring at him, hands in his waistband, etc.)

– Going door to door, especially if someone goes to the rear of the residence. Possibly casing the neighborhood. (Walking along the grassy area, not the sidewalk, walking around corners, walking back, etc. )

The Neighborhood Watch is just for “extra” eyes and ears. Police can’t be around all the time. That’s why George had no choice but to shoot the kid ’cause there was no time for the police to rush over to see what Trayvon was up to. Use a little common sense right?

Also in that document. I don’t see anywhere where it says guns aren’t allowed either. Why? “Stand Your Ground” is key.

So there you go. George didn’t do anything criminal. He did all the right things. Sorry, but you clowns aren’t gonna get me.


George Zimmerman himself explains the whole shooting incident in this reenactment… watch and learn…

The stuff that was proven in the GZ trial pretty much matches the descriptions in this video. Watch and learn. Watch from start to finish. Yeah, George had every right to do what he did.

You can put him in trial as many times as you please but the results will remain the same, he will still walk out an innocent man.