All about the Neighborhood Watch – Sanford, FL…

Where the hell are you guys getting all your sources from? Yes, there are various Neighborhood Watch programs all over the United States of America. However, each one have different rules and regulations. I have found the .pdf document for the official Neighborhood Watch in Sanford, FL.

I read this whole document from start to finish. No where in it where I saw that “following” or “confronting” wasn’t allowed.

On top of that check this out… from this link… here.

Look at Page 8, “Recognizing Suspicious Activity”, and I’ll list the things that might of what made George do what he had to do. Why he had to watch Trayvon and follow him… here are the things that made George do this, short list:

– Gathering (loitering) for an extended or unusual period of time. Possible burglary, arson, or drug dealing. (Trayvon standing in people’s yards, walking in the grassy area, looking at people’s homes, I would call that loitering for sure)

– Behaving strangely. Possibly on drugs or illegal activity. (George saying, “He looks like he may be up to no good, like he’s on drugs or something”, staring at him, hands in his waistband, etc.)

– Going door to door, especially if someone goes to the rear of the residence. Possibly casing the neighborhood. (Walking along the grassy area, not the sidewalk, walking around corners, walking back, etc. )

The Neighborhood Watch is just for “extra” eyes and ears. Police can’t be around all the time. That’s why George had no choice but to shoot the kid ’cause there was no time for the police to rush over to see what Trayvon was up to. Use a little common sense right?

Also in that document. I don’t see anywhere where it says guns aren’t allowed either. Why? “Stand Your Ground” is key.

So there you go. George didn’t do anything criminal. He did all the right things. Sorry, but you clowns aren’t gonna get me.


12 thoughts on “All about the Neighborhood Watch – Sanford, FL…”

    1. George didn’t get physically involved. If he were to get physically involved that would mean “fighting”. I think that word “physically” was referring to fighting. George didn’t want to fight the kid. He knew the rules that fighting wasn’t allowed so he wouldn’t do it unless he was provoked first. Trayvon attacked him first aggressively. George had every right to defend himself. That’s why he was let go and free.


      1. That physically involved paragraph was just a warning that Neighborhood Watch members should let the police handle the “physical” violence and not you. Since the Trayvon vs. George fight happened so quick, there was no time to get the police there.


      2. Think about it, guys, really. I’m sure George didn’t want to fight with him and he didn’t want to shoot him at all. All he wanted to do was talk and check him out. Trayvon attacked him from behind and gave him a brutal beating. If George didn’t pull out that gun… I’m sure the police would have came to take care of it but by the time they got there, George probably would have been dead. Cops travel fast but not that fast.


  1. I organized and ran a neighbor wstch in a place I used to live in Phoenix.

    We had strict rules about not confronting. We were to report suspicious activity snd observe until police arrived.

    1. That’s Phoenix. Not FL. This is Sanford, FL. They all have different rules and regulations. Quit your lying. You guys were never Neighborhood Watch members, you’re just saying that to make Trayvon look good.


      1. I think you guys could be right that, “physical involvement” does mean confrontation too but I still stand by it that George didn’t confront Trayvon. Trayvon confronted him. The trial and the defense team had clear evidence of that. Trayvon hid someplace and then confronted him. Attacked him from behind. Use common sense.


      2. The reenactment video shows that Trayvon confronted George like George explained. You Trayvon supporters really need to get over yourself. You’re never going to prove his guilt. He’s never going to prison. No matter how many times his innocence is proven people will do anything to make him look guilty. Yeah, that’s not racist against hispanics or white people? Please.


      3. George didn’t break any guidelines in the Neighborhood Watch. I wish everyone would stop acting like he did. He did his job and did it well.

        I wish somebody was there with a video camera filming the whole thing. If it wasn’t raining, I’m sure somebody would be there videotaping the whole thing with cell phone camera or whatever. That would have been good enough evidence to prove that Trayvon was no little angel.


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