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Flashback: MSNBC mistakenly posted photo of Trayvon’s body…

Back in 2013, it was MSNBC that first posted the photo of Trayvon’s body but they did it by accident. Yes, MSNBC has gotten into a lot of trouble for it too.


The reason that people go after others for posting Trayvon’s dead body is not because it’ll upset the family and friends. It’s because it’ll prove that Trayvon wasn’t a little boy.

The media goes around showing this photo of Trayvon at 8 years old:

… but when you see the photo of Trayvon’s body you can see that he was way older. I think people should see the body so people could see that he wasn’t a little boy. That’s why the media gets all upset each time the photo of Trayvon’s body surfaces ’cause they can’t take the truth that he wasn’t a little boy. They’re trying to stop the truth from getting out. That’s why twitter took down George Zimmerman retweet of Trayvon’s body ’cause twitter is trying to protect themselves from a potential lawsuit by the family.

It’s real sad that liberal America can’t accept the fact that Trayvon was a monster and a little punk. He was the one who started this whole thing to begin with. George had every right to be suspicious of this kid named Trayvon.

Again, no matter what gets proven or what kind of evidence gets put out there liberals will always side with Trayvon. No matter what you think of this is, people are innocent until proven guilty. Well George was proven innocent. Time to accept it and move on.

I’m pretty sure George didn’t want to kill the kid but he had no choice. This is why we need our guns to protect ourselves from situations like this. If I was getting my ass kicked by somebody, I’d do the same thing if I had a gun with a legal permit.


Zimmerman deserves peace & freedom, he doesn’t deserve all of this hatred…

What will it take to defend George Zimmerman? I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m standing with him 100%. So the media is going off about George retweeting a pic of Trayvon’s body and they think George retweeted that ’cause he’s proud of the killing? Well, to be honest with you, George should be proud. I really mean that ’cause Trayvon was a little punk and a trouble maker. He’s not some sweet innocent kid like the libtard left is trying to make him out to be.

The left is accusing George of following Trayvon and confronting him. Not true. It was Trayvon who confronted George. Go to youtube and watch the reenactment with George and the police. Listen to all the dispatcher calls and you would see. Trayvon was on drugs or something listen to what George says on the dispatcher calls, “He looks like he’s up to no good.” And then George says Trayvon had his hand in his “waistband” which might look like that Trayvon maybe carrying a weapon so I can’t blame George for being suspicious about that. Trayvon was walking around that neighborhood, walking through people’s yards and looking through the windows of people’s homes as if he was planning to break in so I think Trayvon deserved to get checked out. If I saw someone walking around someone’s yard and looking through the windows, I would check it out too.

Think about it, if George didn’t kill Trayvon and let him live… Trayvon probably would have killed George instead. Then it would be Trayvon who would be getting some prison time for murder. So yeah, once again, George should be proud of killing that little punk.

All the facts and evidence of George’s innocence is all out there but sure enough, people will never believe anything. Once again, they only believe what the media tells them. I think the media destroyed George’s life thanks to race baiter Obama with his, “If I had a son” speech. All of this hatred toward George is due to Obama’s race baiting. This is how this “Black Lives Matter” movement started.

Trayvon wasn’t an innocent little kid at all. Get over it and learn to accept it.

George should have been awarded some kind of medal for his heroism but instead people treat him like a monster thanks to race baiter Obama.

I don’t care about Trayvon. He was a little punk who got what he deserved. Like I said, if Trayvon wanted to live, he shouldn’t have attacked George in the first place.


Want more proof that Trayvon violently attacked George? Even George’s medical records proves it…

If Trayvon wanted to live, all he could have done was cooperated with George and walk away.



George’s broken nose is all the proof you need that Trayvon was the first to react violently against George.

I’ve said many times before a long time ago that when your head is being slammed against concrete, you have no choice but to pull the trigger just to save your own ass.

I’m standing by what I say that Trayvon deserved what he got. Trayvon defenders are a bunch of losers… they’ll never believe anything no matter what kind of evidence that gets put out there.


It wasn’t just skittles & Arizona iced tea Trayvon was carrying, he was high on DXM syrup…

It’s funny how many still believe that Trayvon Martin was just some innocent sweet little kid who didn’t deserve what he got ’cause he was walking back home to grab a snack. He may have been grabbing a snack but it was way more than that.

The dumb kid was high on DXM cough syrup. He had an addiction with that. Yes, he did buy skittles and Arizona iced tea but the only reason he bought that stuff was that he could mix the DXM with the Arizona and skittles. It was part of his recipe for his DXM cough syrup.


The evidence of that is right here in his autopsy report, look under Hepatobiliary system:

Click to access trayvon.martin.autopsy.pdf

And Trayvon Martin wasn’t some little kid, he was 17 at the time which is pretty much a full grown adult. He wasn’t some innocent little kid at all.

The media tried to make Trayvon look good and George Zimmerman a monster ’cause the media is corrupt and dishonest.

Really, stop reading garbage news such as the NY Times and the Washington Post ’cause all they do is feed ya “one-sided” views. You’re gonna keep continuing to get brainwashed if you continue to read them.



Ferguson and the internet protesting over nothing for Michael Brown, get over yourselves… IDIOTS!!!

It’s now been confirmed by Michael Brown’s autopsy report that he was shot at close range and had marijuana in his system at the time of his death. Which means that it confirms that Michael Brown charged after the officer and tried to grab his gun like a lot of us have been saying.

All those riots and violence in Ferguson that continued on… all that stuff was for nothing and they just wasted all their time for that. All the liberals and the black community protesting this in social networking was a waste of time as well. Of course, they won’t believe anything no matter gets put out there.

Get over yourselves, IDIOTS!!! Micheal Brown was a thug and a punk just like Trayvon Martin was.

Ask yourself, if you had a black man no matter the age and he is about to kick your ass… wouldn’t you want to have him killed just to save your own life? I would have. If you let him live, then you would probably be dead instead. Think about it a few minutes, hey?

The officer that shot Michael Brown did the right thing. He was doing what he was supposed to do. Just like George Zimmerman did the right thing when he killed Trayvon.

What was the officer supposed to do? There wasn’t anything he could have done. I’m pretty sure the officer hated to kill Michael and didn’t want to do it but he had no choice. Michael Brown was dangerous. The autopsy proved that. Autopsies don’t lie.

Time to move on from this, people. The officer should have been a hero for this… he should have been awarded with a medal or something.


Why police officers can’t shoot to wound or taser violent criminals…

You all may wanna read this article. Why can’t police officers in the US shoot to wound or taser violent criminals instead of shooting them dead?  Simply because they aren’t a realistic thing to do. It only works for the movies and TV shows. Like I said before, even if the police tried to shoot to wound or use tasers that is still not stopping the criminal from attacking the officers. If the criminal turns out to be very dangerous and violent… only choice to make is to shoot to kill. Period.

This isn’t “Law and Order” or “Criminal Minds”. Guys. This is real life.


Officers shooting to kill Kajieme Powell and Michael Brown was the right thing to do.

George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin out of self defense was the right thing to do. Zimmerman wasn’t a police officer but he had every right to defend himself. Nobody wants to believe that Trayvon was slamming George’s head against a sidewalk ’cause there was no proof and no one there to videotape it but I do believe it ’cause George showed his facial injuries.

I’m getting real tired of people feeling sorry for black criminals who get killed ’cause they were violent. I’m not a racist at all but you have to be realistic.

Think about it ya know, when you get some black dude about ready to kick your ass or pulls a knife or a gun at you, what else are you gonna do? You have every right to defend yourself if you feel threatened by someone.

That shooting in St. Louis, think how worse things could have been if the cops let Kajieme Powell live??? Those officers in St. Louis just protected all those people including the cameraman who shot the video. The same thing with Ferguson.

If you get someone threatening your life, shooting to kill is the only option if you wanna live yourself. It’s the best thing to do.


Why I continued the Trayvon discussions…

I was gonna give up the Trayvon discussions but up until the point where George saved a family from an overturned truck… I just had to post that story just so that I can show people that George is not the monster that the media makes him out to be. I also wanted to show a few useful facebook memes to bring up a point about a few things. I may have given up the Trayvon discussion in facebook but I think I will continue it here. I feel that this topic should not be ignored and I need to voice my feelings about this. I need to let my voice heard.

It’s interesting how people react to this story

In facebook, I’ve gotten too many complaints of people saying that I shouldn’t say stuff like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”. Well, it’s true if you think about it, right? If some punk kid or even a full grown adult was in your face and all of a sudden this person starts kicking your ass… what else are you going to do? You have to kill that person in order to survive; otherwise, you would be dead if you don’t do anything. You can’t just let this criminal kill ya. It’s gonna make him win and let him go free. Most importantly… you have too many family & friends who love and care for you. You have a whole life ahead of you… you can’t just let the criminal kill you. When people gets offended when I say things like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”… that means people are afraid to admit that they would do the same thing. They know I’m telling the truth and they hate hearing it.

If you had some guy slamming your head against the sidewalk, beating you with a baseball bat or smashing your head against glass or something drastic as that… there is no other way to escape from that stuff. The only way to escape from the brutal beating alive is to kill your opponent. Whatever it takes with a gun, knife or whatever weapon you could find. If you’re good at fighting yourself… you can even kill your opponent with your bare hands if necessary. Do whatever it takes to survive. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s completely okay.

These things happen all the time in America. It’s been happening for years. People kill other people for self defense. They usually don’t get arrested but even if they do get arrested — they are usually acquitted in trial.

There are also too many people who still see that Trayvon was a sweet innocent little boy and they think he was never a thug. That’s what the media and Trayvon’s family wanted you to believe. Have you ever noticed that Trayvon’s family never released that much photos to the media publicly? The only photos they released of him were ones of him that were younger than 17… back in the days when he did look innocent and harmless. They didn’t release any pictures of him wearing gangsta kind of clothing or anything like that.

Yes, there is a race war going on. In the media and out on the streets in various cities in the USA with different protests/riots going on. Obama just made the topic of race going even more with his last speech about Trayvon. His speech was pretty racist toward the white people.

People just hate hearing the truth that Trayvon started it all. That’s why people get upset and that’s why they go after people who side with G.Z.

Kids aren’t always good kids. They can be a bunch of punks and they can be little brats. I know — I’ve dealt with them myself when I was in school — they can be pretty violent. I’ve gotten bullied quite often and even almost gotten into fights with them myself. Kids aren’t always angels and people need to stop thinking they are. If you want kids to be “good” kids… they can be… it requires good parenting skills if you want them to behave as they get older.

After all the gun shootings and other violence over the years from Gabby Giffords, the Aurora movie theater shootings, the Boston Bombings, etc. What was the age range of the suspects of those crimes? Yes, that’s right… they were young kids, go figure. You have every good fucking reason to kill these violent little pricks. So don’t sit there and tell me that these kids don’t deserve to die.

If George didn’t kill Trayvon Martin and let him live… think how many more criminals acts he could have done that day. Trayvon could have killed someone or start a house on fire or something of that sort. Remember, kids aren’t always little angels. If you don’t want your kid to turn out that way, you need to be a good father and mother if you don’t want them to grow up to be a violent criminal.

If your life was being threatened by some kid… yep, they deserved to be killed. When there is nothing else you can do… there is no other choice and I’m sticking with it.


Hmmmmm… where’s the outrage in this, hey???



Stealing this useful facebook meme for this blog! Roderick Scott was part of a Neighborhood Watch. This incident happened in New York State in a small town called, Greece. Shot a kid out of self defense after catching him doing criminal acts. There is no Stand Your Ground law in New York either and he was found not guilty anyway.

Where is the outrage in this? Do you see the white community being angry… starting riots and protesting justice for Christopher? I’m willing to bet the blacks will hail Roderick a hero for this too.

These things happen all the time.

Read the full story, here.

This case very similar to the Martin/Zimmerman story but slightly different.

I don’t hate Roderick for what he did, though. What he did was very heroic too, and I applaud anybody who defend their own lives from dangerous people no matter the age.