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Cop helps black woman finish her 10k run… why isn’t this story all over the mainstream news???

How come you don’t see this story all over the mainstream liberal news? The mainstream media wants to treat the police in a negative way and finally we get a positive police story.

Read on, y’all…


Do you see that story on CNN, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.???

I bet the Obama administration and Al Sharpton are mad at People magazine for publishing that article.

Cops are good people and they can have heart. They are not evil as the media is making them out to be. We definitely need more positive stories like this!!!


CJ Pearson on Ferguson… video worth a watch…

I absolutely agree with CJ here that we need to move on from this “Black Lives Matter” crap and move forward.

I’m sorry these things happen too but ya know? These things happen all the time and even if those kids that were killed were innocent and harmless, who cares. Once again, these things happen. Life moves on, it always does. I don’t understand why these things have to be huge news to begin with ’cause it’s all just a ploy to get ratings and money from the media. That’s why they’re all over it.

Another thing why are people feeling sorry for young kids getting killed when people of all ages get killed in cold blood all of the time? Why do we have to focus on one kid when people should feel compassionate for other lives?

While “blacks killing blacks” is a huge problem in America, absolutely… people of all races get murdered. Murder is a huge problem in America. Always has been. Whites getting murdered by blacks is also a huge problem that the media never reports.

Why do we have to focus on Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner? These things happen. They didn’t need to be big news, in my opinion.


Ferguson shooter who shot at two police officers caught!!!

The shooter who shot at two police officers in Ferguson has been caught by Ferguson police. The shooter turned out to be a young 20 year old African-American man named Jeffrey Williams. Surprised? We’ve all already predicted that the shooter was probably a black person.


And sure enough, you’re never gonna see the mainstream news media mention the race of the shooter like in CNN for example, they do reveal the shooter’s name but they refuse to say that he’s an African-American black male.


The same goes for NBC:


And everywhere else in liberal news media sites you will never see the media calling Jeffrey Williams an African-American or black. I’m sure the mainstream news won’t even post his mugshot in which you can see right here:

At least, NPR had the guts to call Jeffrey Williams an African American:


Can you see all the liberal bias in the mainstream media now? Why is the mainstream media so afraid to admit that some black people can be a bunch of thugs and losers? Why is the media so afraid to admit that blacks can be racist against whites too?

I really can’t stand our news media.


Dinesh D’ Souza calls out Obama and Holder on video…

Film maker and author, Dinesh D’ Souza, rants about Ferguson and as you can see, he’s not afraid to call out Holder and Obama on it.

Also, not only Obama and Holder are responsible for all this… all the dumbass libtards out there who joined in the cop hating bandwagon are responsible too. Obama and Holder taught liberals how to hate cops and all of this is really sad too. I know for a fact that liberals hate cops ’cause I see liberals making posts in facebook ripping into cops everyday. Liberals making hateful rants toward cops, posting articles about white cops shooting black people and posting a lot of articles on police brutality. They would also post a lot of memes disrespecting cops. It’s all a shame. I hate all of this going on. Liberals made “cop hating” okay.

I think there is a reason that Obama and Holder started all of this ’cause it’s just Obama’s way of declaring “martial law” as a way for him to continue his presidency after 2016. Remember in order to declare martial law either “civil unrest” or a war must be going on in order to continue his presidency and cancel elections. Well, this Ferguson stuff is “civil unrest” and it will go on for a long time so Obama can still be president after 2016. I think that is why all of this protesting and rioting was started.

Give it time. Soon it will be completely legal to kill cops.


Obama on Kimmel, “Ferguson was worthy of protest”… um, really???

How was Ferguson worthy of a protest when Michael Brown was proven to be a thug over and over again? It turns out that Michael Brown’s, “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie and Eric Holder admitted it was a lie. Many others are starting to admit that “Hands up, don’t shoot” claim was a lie. Eric Holder couldn’t charge Darren Wilson on anything ’cause why? Well, my belief is that Holder couldn’t find any evidence to charge Officer Wilson on something. Holder probably found that it was out of “self defense” on Officer Wilson’s part. So Holder have to continue to make even more lies that black people are being unfairly treated by police officers in America.

In my opinion, all the Ferguson protesting, rioting and looting was all for nothing. They wasted their time and didn’t solve anything.

So Obama and Holder’s response to the two officers getting shot was a tweet on the White House twitter page? Really? Then Obama appears on Kimmel?

If we had a real president, he wouldn’t appear on talk shows and wouldn’t send a statement on twitter. A real president would have gave a statement on live TV. A real president would have visited the two officers in the hospital to show his respects which I’m sure Obama himself wouldn’t even do. A real president would have united blacks and white, not divide them again.

The two officers getting shot were partly Obama’s and Holder’s fault, absolutely. They were the ones who incited those riots in Ferguson to begin with and they should feel ashamed of themselves. They need to be in jail for this but of course, nothing will happen to them.


Obama really is a piece of shit, wake the hell up, America!!!

Whenever police officers are killed or shot in line of duty, notice how Barack Obama only sends statements either through the press or on social networking. Whenever a black person gets killed by a white person, notice how Obama gives a statement by either a press conference or a speech. Obama gave a speech addressing all three Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

When a police man becomes a victim of a shooting, there is no speech. Just a statement through the press or online from Obama. That’s just another sign that Obama doesn’t give the police any respect. Obama hates the police. Told Americans to hate them too and he got exactly what he wanted. He taught America how to hate cops and he did a very good job of it too. Now he made shooting cops okay.

Like usual Obama, Holder, and the mainstream news media refuses to mention the race of the shooter or the shooter himself. Probably because the shooter is black and they are just trying to get away with racism against whites.

You can love the police or hate them all you want to but the lives of our law enforcement matter too. The hatred against cops has gotten way out of hand thanks to assholes like Obama, Holder and Sharpton. They need to be locked up.

Oh yeah and what the fuck is Eric Holder doing still being Attorney General? When is he gonna leave when he had that farewell party not too long ago?


Civil unrest is nothing new in the United States, get over yourselves!!!

I’m tired of seeing people in facebook acting like they’ve never seen a riot before. People destroying property and burning stuff out of a protest. These things are nothing new in America folks as “civil unrest” goes way back in the 18th Century:


I see people all over facebook saying bullshit like, “Oh, it’s sad that Michael Brown was killed but they shouldn’t burn the city down and destroy property, what is that gonna solve?” Boo hoo hoo, you get the idea, right?

They’re saying that like it’s the first time they’ve seen a riot.

It’s nothing new in America folks. There have been riots in America that were 10 x’s worse than Ferguson.

I know I said I was gonna be done talking about the Ferguson bullshit but just had to bring this one up.

I refuse to debate with people about Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin in facebook ’cause I know how intolerant those fuckin’ libtards are about this stuff. Predictably, I’ve seen libtards in facebook threatening to remove/block people if they said offensive things about their precious Michael Brown and they already removed a lot of people that sided with Officer Wilson. Part of why I hate facebook for a lot of reasons. They won’t let you have your opinion when you should have every right to have one.

People get into this black vs. white debate in social networking ’cause that’s how the mainstream media wants it. They eat this stuff up ’cause it helps their ratings for their news networks.

On top of all that, white kids get killed by black cops all the time for no reason and there’s never any outrage.

Whenever I have a different opinion than everyone else, I always get called “Crazy” or a “trouble maker” when I’m just expressing my opinion to a news story like everyone else is doing. This is why I believe that people on the internet is so messed up, I’m not gonna lie about that.

With all this being said, get over yourselves, people. There’s nothing to see there in Ferguson… these things happen all the time. It’s just a pretty big media frenzy, that’s all it is.


Final thoughts on Ferguson and Michael Brown… then I’m gonna shut up about this…

I love Ted Nugent’s response to the Grand Jury decision. What Uncle Ted said is pretty mean and harsh but he’s so right on everything he said. All lives matter, not just black people.

The last time I checked, there is this thing called, “innocent until proven guilty”. Well, Officer Darren Wilson have been proven innocent over and over again. Sure enough, people still think he’s guilty. America and the media today is certainly making it the other way around in this day and age, “guilty until proven innocent”. Once somebody is accused of a crime and makes the news for it, they are automatically guilty. That’s what sad about this country, ya know? It’s pissing me off. All of it.

It was also too predictable that social networking is gonna be all over it. I predicted that my facebook newsfeed will be full of discussions and debates about the riots and the Grand Jury decision. People in America are sad and disappointed about the riots and burning down the city in Ferguson. Why are people surprised? They’ve should have seen it coming. This what those race baiters… Obama, Sharpton and Jackson wanted. They incited those riots with of all their speeches. Those three men I mentioned wanted the protesters/rioters to destroy Ferguson and that’s what they’re getting. They’re not gonna stop rioting and destroying the city until they get what they want… Darren Wilson to get charged.

After all the stuff with Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman and now this, now an all out race-war is happening all because of Obama, Sharpton and Jackson. If you don’t think that the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman stuff didn’t have an influence in the Michael Brown stuff, then think again. If it wasn’t for all the protesting for the Trayvon Martin case, if it wasn’t for Obama, Sharpton and Jackson maybe the rioting wouldn’t have happened.

George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson should be heroes, not monsters. They did their jobs. What they’re supposed to do. Protect the community and their town. The problem is that it’s not the cops and law enforcement. It’s not blacks in America. I totally blame all of this on liberalism. If liberals would be less selfish and more tolerant… then this race war with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown would have never happened.

Race baiting and race mongering is still a huge problem thanks to Obama. I’m sad and disappointed about the violence in Ferguson and agree it’s unnecessary but that’s what Obama wanted. Obama likes seeing white people in danger and not feeling safe and this is what he’s giving us.

Darren Wilson did what he was supposed to do. The police don’t kill people for no reason. He was just doing his job. God bless him and his family. Mike Brown was a thug and a punk who robbed a store and when confronted by police, the punk tried to take his gun and resist arrest. That’s worthy of getting shot and killed. I’d do the same thing if I had a gun with a legal permit.


Major TV networks refusing to air Obama “illegal” amnesty speech that includes the conservative network, FOX News…

This is getting crazy but it doesn’t surprise me that the major news networks including the right-wing FOX News won’t be airing Obama’s “illegal” amnesty speech live on TV tonight.


CNN will be the only liberal network that will be airing it tonight at 8 p.m. As much as I hate to hear Obama talk, I’m probably gonna watch it.

The question is, why are other major news networks refusing to air the speech? My guess is the Darren Wilson verdict. They’re waiting for that “Breaking News” story for more ratings. They know that nobody in America will pay attention to Barack’s “illegal” amnesty and everyone is waiting for that Darren Wilson verdict.

Obama is about ready to get on TV telling everybody how he is about to break the law and shred the Constitution. That will be good enough proof of his dictatorship.