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Predictably the left thinks they can let Kathy Griffin get away with her bullshit… not gonna happen this time…

Some of you are probably wondering about my thoughts on this… this whole Kathy Griffin beheading Trump thing. You would think the left would leave politics out of things for once  and condemn this but nope. I’m not seeing any of them condemning this at all. I haven’t seen them publicly condemn this all day. So I’m thinking to myself, “Wow… these fucking people secretly liked what Kathy did but they’re being quiet about it”. Instead of publicly applauding Kathy, they predictably try to defend Kathy and try to justify it by bringing Ted Nugent into it which is pretty fucking stupid.

One thing I’m so fucking tired of is the far left preaching “Hate”. They preach “hate” and “intolerance”. Accusing Trump of “hate” and “intolerance” when that’s all the left do. The left is getting even more hateful. I hate the left so much and getting to the point where I am really despising them all. They really are getting vile and evil. How are liberals becoming this way? Well, they learn to be this way by getting controlled by Fake News MSM for starters and they listen to corrupted liberal politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, etc. The left listens to these people and actually take them seriously.

Everyday, the left is getting more aggressive and hateful when it comes to debating politics with them in social networking. When the left disagrees with you, they resort to name calling and bashing. The left showing their true colors. Liberals attack me still and it’s getting much worse. The left wants to see the world how they see it but we conservatives just “tell things the way they are” but liberals can’t face reality at all. That’s why I believe they get pissed off so easily ’cause they can’t take the truth.

It’s funny watching liberal celebrities like Kathy Griffin, Katy Perry, Madonna, Stephen King and many others destroy their own careers in front of our very own eyes. They don’t realize they are hurting their own careers the more they hate Trump and his supporters. Some of you may say, you conservatives hated Barack Obama just as bad. Well there’s a pretty good reason we hated Obama ’cause what Obama did to the country over the last 8 years was real but all the left wants to do is live in this fantasy world that Trump is such a bad guy when he’s not really. The left really are brainwashed by MSM and liberal politicians.

There’s a meme in twitter that goes around that says, “The Election of Trump did not create the left’s hate, it revealed it” which is so true if you think about it. You’ve probably seen the meme before. Most memes are phony but there are only very few that I agree with and that’s one of them.

Left wants to talk about “hate” all the time and how it’s a problem in this country but they’re giving it even more of a problem the more they bash Trump & conservatives. They really are hateful toward conservatives & Trump supporters. I swore that I remember that my liberal readers attacked me on my blog like mad. I’ve gotten called “racist” and a “bigot” many times. I’ve also gotten called “misogynists” many times  just because I told the truth about women. Disgusting. So are the left hypocrites when they preach about “hate” all the time? Yes, absolutely! Look at how the left treats Sarah Palin, they said so many hateful and disgusting things about her. The left always go after people who are pretty “right wing”. The left are the good guys and the conservatives are the bad guys, is that’s how it’s gonna go in this country? Wow. When is this right vs. left crap gonna end ’cause I’m so tired of it.

Kathy Griffin should be investigated by Secret Service and also be thrown in prison but she probably won’t. It’s good that CNN fired Kathy finally but they waited for a while, though. They weren’t going to fire Kathy until they started losing sponsors. I hate CNN so much. CNN should be shut down and getting off our airwaves. We’re all getting tired of them. I don’t watch cable TV anymore. The only thing I watch on TV these days is pro wrestling like WWE but news on politics? Fuck that shit. Turn your TV off, everyone. Stop reading the papers too ’cause they’re just getting paid to brainwash you and manipulate you.

Kathy is a cunt for what she did. If a conservative did that to Obama or Hillary then his/her career would have been over pretty fast. It pisses me off so much that the left gets a free pass for their bullshit but it’s always conservatives getting into trouble. Sean Hannity is about to lose his job on FOX News ’cause he’s trying to push Seth Rich investigation. This is so messed up. I despise the MSM so much.


Video: Syrian gas attack survivor praises Trump on CNN but upset with Obama…


This is very cool! This is something that liberals and those anti-war conservatives don’t want to hear at all. Gas attack survivor goes on CNN to praise President Trump but calls out Barack Obama for not giving Syrian people enough protection. Yes on CNN!

CNN did it just to try to spin it into something negative hoping to try to make Trump look bad but it didn’t work. You can see that the interviewer was fuming in this video as he was praising Trump and trashing Obama. Toward the end of that video, she was trying to cut him off but he kept talking over her which is amazing.

When will people get through their thick heads that Obama is a weak leader and always has been? I get why some conservatives are critical over Trump’s Syrian strike ’cause some are still used to political leaders not doing anything. Many are still used to “all talk and no action”. That’s why they’re pissed at Trump ’cause he did something about it.


CNN deserves the name “Clinton News Network” ’cause they are lapdogs for Hillary… always has been…

One great thing that Trump did during his CPAC speech earlier today was that he finally called CNN, “Clinton News Network” which was great and totally deserved. Us Trump supporters and even some liberals who are all for Bernie have been calling CNN “Clinton News Network” for a pretty long time. It’s just that Trump never called CNN that until now. This was the first time Trump called CNN “Clinton News Network”.


Like most people I too am tired and fed up of CNN being ass-kissers to the Clintons. CNN really is getting worse and they are obviously being paid a lot of money by someone or some people to attack Trump. Who is paying CNN to make Hillary look good and to make Trump look bad? The Clintons and George Soros probably.

CNN sucks and so does other news networks. If you take them seriously and call them “credible sources” then I feel sorry for you.


President Trump gives fake news media a verbal beatdown during press conference… the media totally deserved that though…


I didn’t watch today’s press conference with President Trump bashing the media directly to their faces but I did read a lot about it, though. What Trump did was just glorious. This is the kind of Trump that we all love. It’s what we all voted him for pretty much. We love Trump ’cause we love him being the “tough guy”. Trump being the tough guy is a huge part of how he won the election to begin with.

The media spent a whole year or more during the primaries, bashing and attacking Trump like mad. Now that Trump is president, the media still won’t leave him alone. Now that Trump is president, the media is more aggressive than ever before. Well Trump finally couldn’t take their crap anymore and gave them a verbal smackdown during press conference earlier today.

I haven’t watched it yet ’cause I was busy doing other things but I’ll get around to watching on youtube tonight. I’m sure it’s real good.

I love it. When Trump calls out the media, the media predictably runs away and cry like babies. They don’t like being called “Fake News” and they don’t like Trump calling them out. They also cry “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of the press”. Well fake news media, you’re the one that wasted all that time bashing the man, how else do you want him to respond? Freedom of speech works both ways and he has the freedom of speech to respond to you however he wants to. You so-called journalists deserved that verbal smackdown earlier today, totally.

You know how when an internet cyberbully picks on someone and then that person calls out the cyberbully… then the cyberbully all of a sudden plays innocent victim? It’s the same thing that goes on here. The bully always plays the innocent victim when they are called out by someone. The bully is the media. They’ve always been bullies and troublemakers since the 2008 elections when Barack Obama got elected.

The media are this new generation of “tabloid” news. Quite sad. It’s amazing how dishonest the media is. They’ve been dishonest for over a decade. It’s nothing new. This is a huge part of why most Americans are all for Trump ’cause we’re fed up with the media’s crap.

Even though I admittedly still read the news on the internet, I don’t watch the news on TV, though. I don’t watch NBC, CNN or any of that garbage. Honestly, though, I do find myself watching Fox News more and more ’cause they are more honest than liberal networks. Love ’em or hate ’em, Fox News are the only real journalists left. I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but I do like to watch a few shows on there like Sean Hannity and “Justice” with Jeanine Pirro.

Our news media is so corrupt. They were the reasons why Trump won the election, they helped him. Keep up the hating and the negativity. Trump will win the 2020 re-election and you will never see a Democrat president ever again after that.


Yes, CNN deserves to get called out by Trump like that just like Obama was allowed to call out FOX NEWS…

It’s pretty funny how all the NeverTrump idiots out there are like, “Oh no, Trump called out CNN during a press conference. That is so inappropriate and unprofessional!”. Well, CNN spent the whole year attacking Trump and slandering him throughout this election. How else do you want him to respond? Do you want him to smile about it and say “thank you”? You want Trump to give CNN a pat on the back for it? No way. I can’t blame Trump for calling out CNN. You want to waste all that time bashing him and making up false stories about him that is not true then of course he’s gonna be mean in return. Once again, I can’t blame him and I would do the same thing.

The reason I love Trump is because he’s not afraid to speak out about how he feels and he’s not afraid to say to someone’s face. If he doesn’t like someone or something, he’s not afraid to say it. Trump is just being himself and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a free country, right?

Why was Obama allowed to call out FOX NEWS and blame them for all the hate he got by the “right-wing” community? Obama never got any flak for calling out FOX NEWS but Trump gets flak for calling out a liberal network like CNN. Throughout the 8 years of Obama’s presidency, all he did was blame FOX News for a lot of stuff. Obama got a lot of bad publicity and negative criticism by the American people and he thinks it’s FOX News’s fault for that. It’s pretty insane that when Obama calls out FOX NEWS, people are like, “Yeah, Obama is so right. FOX NEWS is terrible” and when Trump calls out CNN, people are like, “Boo hoo, Trump is such a jerk”. More double standard? I believe so.

CNN should be sued to the ground and they should get sued hard. I think that network should be shutdown just like Hulk Hogan shutdown Gawker successfully. I wish Trump would sue CNN but he probably can’t since he’s about to become the next president.

Believe me, I know what it’s like getting bad publicity and bad press so I feel Trump. This world is messed up and crazy. Don’t let people bring you down and don’t let ’em win. That’s Trump’s attitude and always has been. He said several times throughout the election and through his books that if people give him a hard time, he’ll give you a hard time back. That’s how he works. I’m the same way. CNN deserved what they got and I hope Trump decides to sue them one day if he’s planning on it. CNN shouldn’t be allowed at press conferences at the White House when Trump is president. They should be banned from the White House completely.


Hillary is sick, her health is getting worse and she shouldn’t even be running for prez anyways…

I didn’t watch all of the Dem Debate last night but I just caught the very end after watching a movie last night. I decided to tune in to the Dem Debate on CNN just to see what’s going on for laughs alone. Am I seeing things correctly? It seems that Hillary’s health is getting worse and she clearly showed that last night on CNN. Hillary speaking very hoarse and she wasn’t speaking clearly at all. Her throat didn’t sound too well at all when she speaks and I’m sure you noticed that too. Plus after her closing statement last night, I caught her coughing again before they went off the air.

My question is why won’t the media be realistic about her health? Is that why she was late showing up after commercial break during that one debate? She was in the bathroom taking her meds and coughing her head off?

Once again, people would think she has a cold but she doesn’t. Colds don’t last this long as I really think Hillary is in the beginning stages of some kind of “cancer”, no doubt. Hillary is sick and running for president? Wow. She shouldn’t even be running at all. Give it time. Hillary will get forced to drop out when her health gets worse. Even though she’s doing well in election and she’s probably gonna win the Democrat nominee, she’s gonna have to drop out anyway due to her health.

Her doctors probably advised her not to run for prez but she didn’t listen to them. She’s desperate is why she’s still running. Hillary is such a bitch and a cunt and she really showed that last night too. Bernie Sanders a whackjob like usual.

Give it time… one day Hillary will get the ambulance called on her and she’ll be carried out in a stretcher before you know it. She hasn’t been feeling well since after the Benghazi attack happened, maybe long before that. If she’s been sick for this long then she’s in the beginning stages of cancer for sure. She’s definitely sick, it’s obvious. It’s just that the media won’t be honest about it.


GOP Debate #5 review…

Yes, I did watch the GOP Debate #5 last night and I just wanted to give a review. So far, out of all the debates in the GOP race, I think #5 was the best one out of all of them.

Last night’s debate was entertaining as hell. Ya know, watching these GOP debates is kind of like watching WWE. You’re gonna see a lot of shouting matches and there was exactly that last night. Of course, Trump and Jeb Bush got into their usual shouting matches. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also got into shouting matches with each other.

It seems like that CNN had a huge hardon for Marco Rubio ’cause Marco was doing most of the talking than all the other candidates. I think they intentionally did that so Donald Trump and Ted Cruz wouldn’t talk as much ’cause you know the media is scared of those guys.

I don’t like Marco Rubio at all ’cause 1) He’s not eligible to be president either 2) He’s all for amnesty 3) He’s all for NSA spying. So I say no to Rubio in the White House.

While I lost my support for Rand Paul a long time ago, I’ll have to admit that Sen. Paul did a decent job. I liked how Sen. Paul was calling out Rubio on a lot of stuff like how Rubio was all for amnesty and the NSA spying.

When Donald Trump did get to talk, he killed it like always. I agreed with a lot of things he was saying like usual. When he says he wants to “Shut down the internet”, he didn’t mean to shut it down completely… just only sections of it so Isis wouldn’t gain access to the internet. That’s all Trump is saying but nope, everybody is like all “freedom of speech”, blah blah blah. It’s a safety issue is what it is.

Donald Trump killed the debate last night like he always does. People are scared of him ’cause he doesn’t fall for the politically correct crowd. I don’t care what anyone says, I still support Trump.

It’s amazing how the libtard left are calling Trump the next Hitler just because he tells the truth about illegal immigrants and Muslims. They all call Trump racist which is nothing new ’cause the libtard left calls everyone and everything racist. That’s all they can come up with and I’ll have another topic on that soon. Libs are playing the race card on everything and what’s even worse they are calling Donald Trump supporters “racist”. Keep in mind these are coming from the same people who call those who hate Obama as “racists”. “Racists” is an overused term thanks to the corrupt media and I’ll have a rant on that soon.

Back to the debate last night, it was good. Rand Paul and Trump did the best job but everybody else were losers.

I hope Donald Trump runs as an independent ’cause he talked about that last night and he’s really thinking about doing it. He’s really gonna do it, I think. Ben Carson is thinking about doing it too. I can’t blame them, though ’cause the “right vs. left” thing has gotten horrible.