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Watched “Wrestlemania – 38” over the weekend, pretty good… mostly predictable but a few shocking moments…

Yeah, I watched Wrestlemania 38 over the weekend. It was a pretty good ppv. Mostly “predictable”, the matches went by quick and there were only a couple of long ones. While it was mostly predictable, it was entertaining as hell show, though. They did a good job.

Only match I didn’t like was Charlotte vs. Ronda which was disappointing. Other than that it’s a good show….

Here are my favorite matches over the weekend:

– Seth vs. Cody
– Bianca vs. Becky
– Stone Cold vs. Kevin Owens
– RKBro vs. Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy
– Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn (I laughed my ass off, so hilarious)
– The Pat McAffee vs. Theory/Vince
– Roman vs. Brock (Pretty solid main event match)

Couple of shocking moments this year: Ronda loses to Charlotte (does this mean that Ronda’s WWE comeback was part-time and then she’ll disappear again???)

Damien Priest teams up with Edge… what was that about? Is Edge re-forming and reviving the Brood but with different members?

Not only Stone Cold wrestled his last match, Vince ended up having his last match as well .

I’ve been watching Wrestlemania every year and still do.

On with RAW after Wrestlemania tonight.


Stone Cold bio doc on A&E, totally worth watching whether you’re a wrestling fan or not… good!

Last night, I finally gotten around to watching the Stone Cold Steve Austin A&E doc. I was meaning to watch it on the night it came on but forgot it was on so I watched it last night via “On Demand”.

I’ve been a huge Steve Austin fan for a long time and I still admire & respect the hell out of that dude today. Yes, this guy a legend and a big name in wrestling for sure. He’s not just a big name in wrestling, he’s a big name in entertainment all around

What interested me most about this doc last night was how the Stone Cold Steve Austin character was created. When Steve first arrived in the WWE, he was at first a gimmick called the Ringmaster which he hated so much and begged for a different character which he got. Steve says he inspired the Stone Cold character off the “Iceman” Richard Kuklinski murderer. He was trying to come up with a new character name for WWE and naming all these dumb names based on ice and “cold” but Steve hated them all. Then his ex-wife came up with the name “Stone Cold” and it stuck. That name was a hit obviously. Then Steve had to create a new look for the character. He inspired the bald look by actor Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction” so Steve kept a shaved head over the years and then Steve grew the goatie to fit the look… that way he can look badass and look tough.

Then they came up with Steve’s ring attire, the black boots, the black trunks and black vest with the skull behind it. Now that Steve’s character was created, they had to give him something to do. Steve needed a villain for him to feud with then they came up with none other than Vince McMahon to be his arch rival. Ya know, the WWE owner/chairman was never meant to be an onscreen performer at first but he was needed. How was the Vince vs. Stone Cold feud inspired? Well according to the documentary, all employees at jobs has an evil boss that harasses and bullies their employees and all employees at jobs you work at has a boss you really hate & despise… so why not have that in a WWE storyline? Well obviously that idea worked ’cause the Stone Cold vs. Vince feud became one of the greatest of all time. WWE ratings were skyrocketing high during this time. Vince never wanted to be an onscreen performer in the beginning, he started off as color commentator but he was forced into it. This historic feud started when Mike Tyson were making those early WWE appearances.

I was impressed with that documentary. I’ve seen so many wrestling documentaries over the years and the Stone Cold by A&E is definitely one of the best. So whether or not you’re a fan of wrestling, it’s a good watch for all. You don’t have to be a fan of wrestling to learn wrestling history. This is a good doc to introduce you one of the greatest feuds of all time.

This doc definitely brought back a lot of memories for sure.

Even though Stone Cold is no longer wrestling and only makes occasional appearances on WWE TV, he still keeps himself involved in the wrestling business in other ways just to stay around it. That’s why he started his podcast which is the most popular wrestling podcast ever. Steve doesn’t do podcasts anymore so I just listen to older episodes as much as I can. His podcast show got so popular that he does his “Broken Skull Ranch” interviews for the WWE Network interview past and current WWE wrestlers. He also has his own TV show, “Straight Up Steve Austin”. Steve has also done some big screen movies over the years, he’s done some acting gigs. He’s definitely a multi-tasker.

Steve Austin is the freakin’ man and I hope to get the opportunity to meet him myself someday ’cause it would be cool.


WWE announces all the past superstars from RAW to make big returns to RAW 25th show this coming Monday…

Well, the WWE twitter page announced all the past iconic superstars from RAW who will be making big appearances on this coming Monday’s “RAW 25th” Anniversary show. I’m actually looking forward to this ’cause as a die hard wrestling fanatic, I’ve been watching RAW for many years myself. I’ve watched throughout the Attitude Era and I also watched throughout the Ruthless Aggression era (from 2002 – 2008). I still watch RAW today after all these years. Admittedly I do take long breaks from RAW every now and then ’cause sometimes they can get pretty stupid with their storylines. I remember taking a long break from RAW when all these “Celebrity Guest Hosts” was going on. That era was terrible, and I didn’t like the RAW anonymous GM era either. Other than that, RAW has always been a great show and still is.

As announced above: the Undertaker is making an appearance, D-Generation X, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will make comebacks as color commentator which will be amazing, looks like the nWo, the APA, the Dudley Boyz, Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin will all be making big comebacks this coming Monday night.

Only thing that gotten me scratching my head is that no Rock and Hulk Hogan? The Rock and Hulk Hogan were both very important to RAW. Ever since RAW has been on the air, Hulk Hogan didn’t make his return to WWE until 1993. Then came back again years later as the black and white Hollywood Hogan to reform the nWo. That Hogan and Rock feud was pretty epic stuff.

Will the Rock and Hulk Hogan actually make appearances this coming Monday? Hulk Hogan himself said on twitter claims he won’t be there but I think it’s possible that he and WWE are trying to keep it a secret. The Rock said nothing about a one-off return but again, he could be keeping it a secret too. I think we’ll definitely see them both on RAW, just my prediction. WWE is trying to keep it a surprise. The RAW 25th can’t happen without the Rock and Hogan ’cause they were pretty important for the show.

While Hulk Hogan was a pretty important part of RAW, it wasn’t really him that made RAW such a huge show. It was really Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Vince McMahon that made RAW huge. Without the legendary Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon feud in the 90’s, RAW wouldn’t have been around today. I think Vince McMahon will make a TV appearance on RAW Monday ’cause the Mr. McMahon heel character was what kept people watching RAW to begin with. Admit it, right?

I sure do miss the old days of wrestling, though. The good ol’ 90’s of RAW were pretty amazing stuff.

Will the Rock and Hogan be on this show? We’ll have to wait and see. It’s WWE. Anything is possible with them.


And that’s the bottom line ’cause Trump 3:16 says so…

Looks like Trump 3:16 just opened a can of whoop ass on CNN.

NeverTrumpers and liberals are in meltdown mode again after Trump just posted that… lmao.

Gotta love Trump’s sense of humor. He does have a sense of humor, why don’t you haters grow up and have one too?


George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin are liberals??? Well, that doesn’t surprise me…

Some of you are wondering what my thoughts are on the George Clooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin stories being all over the news in the world of politics. Okay, before you start reading this post… I’ll have to WARN YOU that this post is going to anger some liberals. So if you decide to read this post and get mad, it’s your own fault for deciding to so don’t blame me. If this offends you, I don’t give a fuck. It’s my blog… I write what I want.

Anyway, lets talk about the George Clooney thing first. George was at dinner with Steve Wynn and a group of other guys at some hotel in Vegas. Steve started talking politics. George didn’t talk, he just kindly listened to him but once Steve started talking Obamacare in a negative light —¬†George said nothing and¬†continued to listen to him. George didn’t want to get into politics discussion. While Steve was continuing to discuss Obamacare, he suddenly called Obama an “Asshole”. That’s when George finally got pissed and George responded with, “President Obama is my friend, don’t treat him like that”. Steve responded again with, “Well, you’re friend is an asshole”. Clooney storms off and leaves. Look the article up.

Secondly, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin took to his online podcast and said that he is “all for” gay marriage. I heard it in youtube and my first thought was, “Steve Austin is a freakin liberal???”. Many of you know my stance on the gay marriage thing. I’m one of those who believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve was created for a reason. I just think gay marriage isn’t normal. I have no problem with gay people but I have a problem with gay marriage. I have conservative beliefs as many of you know and feel no shame for it. I lost respect for the Texas Rattlesnake. Kind of funny coming from a guy who beat up his ex-wife Debra multiple times and Steve was arrested for it too back in the day. I think Steve talked about the gay marriage and defended it just to promote his podcast and get more listeners.

Sure enough, liberals on the internet are acting like George and Steve Austin are heroes. Liberals are like all over them.

Going back to the George Clooney dinner incident, all Steve Wynn did was tried to warn George about Obamacare and Obama himself and sure enough, George is just an ignorant liberal who doesn’t want to wake up about him. I think Steve Wynn is the hero for trying to wake people up about Obama and President Obama himself. So I’m siding with Steve Wynn on this one.

This is just more evidence that liberal media is getting so horrible. I hate it so much. It seems that the world revolves around them for sure and I’ve been saying it for a long time now.

Hollywood is full of liberals. The internet is full of liberals. Social media is full of liberals. Liberals are fucking EVERYWHERE, LMAO!!! WOW!

I don’t like the liberal community… they really bother me. Liberals can be pretty intolerant. It’s making me sick.

When will people who call out President Obama be looked as heroes? No… instead people wanna call us racists and troublemakers for disagreeing with Obama’s politics. When we disagree with gay marriage, we get called homophobes.

I don’t know anymore. Obama have definitely gotten some of his popularity back ’cause of Obamacare so it’s gonna be even tougher to get people to wake up about him. That’s all Steve Wynn tried to do. He just wanted to bring to your attention that Obama is a badguy. If Clooney just ignored him and blew him off like that, then Steve Wynn won. Clooney could have been a man and debated him about it but nope, he coward out and left.


Why wasn’t Stone Cold at RAW 1000 last night? I have the answer… (post UPDATED)

Everyone wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 to deliver one of his hilarious speeches and give a bunch of stunners, but we got no Stone Cold last night. Turns out that Steve wasn’t in St. Louis at all. He was in California filming a movie, so he couldn’t go. I’m sure he wanted to be a part of RAW 1000, and I’m sure RAW wanted to use him somehow but scheduling conflicts gets in the way. Austin wasn’t available.

More on the story, here.


CORRECTION: That article I posted above is wrong why, Austin 3:16 wasn’t there at RAW 1,000. The real reason why Austin wasn’t there ’cause he just had knee surgery, had nothing to do with his film career at all. He has a bad knee and is on crutches, so there’s no way he could perform that night, but Austin did watch the show at home, he said. He also said he would have loved to been a part of it but couldn’t. Read Steve Austin’s blog, written by the man himself, here.

In defense of wrestlers getting into the movies…

These days, more and more wrestlers have been getting away from professional wrestling to act in movies more. With wrestlers such as, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle are becoming pretty big movie stars lately. I’m sure many movie fans are accusing them of not having acting talent and I’m sure they think these wrestlers don’t deserve to be in the movies, but in this post, I’ll take a little time to defend them.

People think that wrestlers don’t have acting experience, sorry to say, but these wrestlers have PLENTY Of acting experience. How? Well, professional wrestling is acting. Think of professional wrestling as theater. Both wrestling and acting in movies are pretty much the same thing. When you have years and years of professional wrestling experience, you don’t need to go to college for acting or any of that stuff. Wrestling taught them how to be an actor. They don’t need to be on the Broadway theater stage or do commercials on TV to get their start. They can get right into the movies, right away.

Wrestling helps them become a big name, so they get recognized in the movies easier. The bigger these guys become in the wrestling industry, they accomplished everything they needed to accomplish in wrestling, that there’s nothing left for them to do anymore. That’s why they move away from wrestling, and move on to movies. So they deserve to be in the movies for sure.

I think Dwayne, Steve Austin and Kurt are all doing a good job in movies so far. I’ve seen some of their work recently. I expect even more wrestlers to retire from the business to focus on movies more. I think Triple H could be next. There are rumors he might be retiring from WWE soon, not sure. Triple H has been doing a bunch of straight to video movies for WWE Films. Triple H didn’t do any major big screen movies yet, but I’m sure he’ll get into big screen movies soon when he gets done with wrestling officially.


Thought: See? Stone Cold really is a tough SOB in real life…

In WWE, he was well known as the “Toughest SOB”. Now that he broke Sylvester Stallone’s neck in real life, well, that makes Steve Austin a “tough SOB” in real life as well. Stallone is a tough dude as well. Do you think anybody can break Stallone’s neck? No. Austin was somehow lucky to do it to Sly.

I’m pretty sure Austin really doesn’t care if Sly broke his neck in a fight scene with Austin. Austin would think that’s what “Stone Cold” is all about in real life, not in wrestling. He would think breaking Stallone’s neck as an honor for him. So for those who would think Austin may be worried about Sly being hurt, don’t be. I’m 100% positive, Austin LOVED every minute of it. People used to think Stallone is a tough dude, but Austin turned the tables and made Stallone look like a wimp.

The fight scene in the Expendables movie was real between Austin and Stallone. Stallone was willing to get hurt for it to make it look real. From the sound of things, this fight scene sounds fuckin’ brutal and can’t wait to see it. Austin would think of this as a historic moment in his career, breaking a legend’s neck who is responsible for bringing us Rocky and Rambo. Austin doesn’t feel sorry for Sly.


Report: Stallone proves he really has a broken neck by posting X-Ray photos…

Sylvester Stallone proves he really did get a broken neck by Stone Cold Steve Austin by posting his actual X-Ray photos over at Stallonezone. He also says Van Damme is full of crap and lying in that controversial video.

Check out Sly’s x-ray photos and read his letter over at Stallonezone:



Thought: WWE should book Sly Stallone to host Monday Night RAW…

Since it was reported that WWE is having celebrities as Monday Night RAW guest hosts, where celebrities get the opportunity to perform on Monday Night RAW for an episode up until this year’s Wrestlemania…I really think WWE should book Sly Stallone to host a RAW episode.

I think it’s very appropriate for WWE to ask Sly. Considering that former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin is in Sly’s next movie, “The Expendables”…this would be good promotion for WWE and Sly’s new movie.

Picture it in your head…Sly to run Monday Night RAW for one night? Making his own matches on RAW and feuding with other superstars like Chris Jericho and the Big Show?

I can see it happening.

I always wondered why Sly never performed in WWE as a celebrity guest although it’s no secret the man is a huge fan of wrestling. This would be a perfect time for Sly to get his chance.

Come on Vince, ask him!