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Thoughts about major movie studios fighting back at Georgia’s “anti-gay” bill…

There’s a bill that’s about to get signed in Georgia that’s sparking a lot of outrage in Hollywood. The bill is called, Free Exercise Protection…. the bill has been sent to Gov. Deal to his desk for him sign and the deadline is May 3rd. What the bill does is that it gives ministers the rights not to be forced to perform marriages on same sex couples if they don’t want to and it gives real people like myself the right not to attend a gay wedding if they don’t want to.

I don’t see how this bill is “anti-gay” ’cause all it does is that it gives people the right not to perform marriages on same-sex couples and we don’t have to attend gay weddings if we don’t want to. That doesn’t mean we hate gays just because some of us still believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman alone. There’s still a lot of us who still believe in traditional marriage like myself. Ministers shouldn’t have to get forced to perform gay weddings and we shouldn’t have to attend one if we please. I don’t see anything “anti-gay” about that bill at all.

Hollywood is fighting back ’cause I know how freakin’ “liberal” Hollywood is.


It’s a shame that anyone who disagrees with same-sex marriage is quickly judged as “anti-gay” or a homophobe.

Our freedom of expression is in danger here… we can’t speak our minds on the homosexual lifestyle, we can’t talk about Muslims however we want to and soon we’ll be called “sexist” for talking about women in a bad way. Yeah, ‘Merica.


Video flashback: Hillary the liar on gay marriage and equality…

Since Hillary is out there being the gay rights and marriage equality champion, I figure I would give you a little Hillary flashback.

She said herself that she vows to defend traditional marriage. Welp. She lied big time.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary lied about their stance on gay marriage to get more votes. Plus they are both closeted homosexuals too, btw.


The libtard left goes on a love fest toward Pope Francis, yet he goes to meet Kim Davis… wtf???

Ever since Pope Francis had his visit here in the US to have his speech in Washington and to do a speech at the UN, liberals jerked themselves off about it. Libtards all over the internet were going, “OH MY GOD, I love Pope Francis, he’s such a cooool guy. Yay!”

Then he goes ahead and does this private meeting with Kim Davis ’cause he wanted to privately praise her for being courageous and gave her the advice to stay strong.


What do you think of the Pope now, libtards? Aren’t y’all the ones who rail against Kim Davis supporters? Well Pope Francis turned out to be a Kim Davis supporter.

Isn’t it interesting how libtards are totally silent about Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis? I haven’t seen any of them say anything about it.

I think libtards are probably pissed off about it, they just can’t publicly bash the Pope.


It’s interesting how the libtard left freaking out over Kim Davis and Nicole Arbour… don’t you have better things to focus on?

I just came up with another idea for a video rant for youtube. The libtard left like to freak out over the dumbest and ridiculous things like Kim Davis, Nicole Arbour, etc. It seems that each time someone opposes the left’s human rights movement anything that has anything to do with their human rights and “equal” crap, the whole libtard community will be angry at that. If you’re against gay marriage or even homosexuality itself, if you’re against abortion or contraception, if you’re against people who are fat/overweight, if you’re against equal pay for women, if you can’t accept the transgender, etc. prepare to get a kick in the ass by the libtard community. That’s all they’re for and that’s all they care about… their bogus “human rights” crap. The so-called human rights movement that’s going on by the libtard left is getting a lot worse for sure. Like I said, it’s getting even more difficult to try and win a debate with them. You can never get into intelligent discussions with them anymore ’cause all they do is call you names and you can never get into civilized discussions with them, ya know?

I don’t care about that “human rights” trash. I’m more worried about our corrupt and tyrannical government. I’m more worried about our corrupt and evil president. That’s the stuff I’m most focused on. That’s more important than all of this human rights garbage.

You think 9/11/01 was bad? Well wait until you see what Iran has coming for us. They can nuke us anytime they want to. The libtard left cares so much for their homosexuals but Iran does the most discrimination against homosexuals. They hang them and throw them off of buildings. All kinds of proof of that everywhere but no outrage from the left but they think Iran are the good guys. They support Obama working with them. Fucking pathetic if you ask me.

I’ll have a video rant of this pretty soon. I got a pretty good list of videos I would like to do.


Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, the debate against gay marriage supporters gets a lot tougher…

Yeah, so gay marriage is now the law of the land. I would say that I’m not proud of it. I’m very angry and pissed off for sure but what are you gonna do? The liberal left is obsessed with homosexuality. They try to force us to accept gay marriage. A lot of us try to defend traditional marriage, the way marriage was originally supposed to be but we’re losing for sure. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. Now that gay marriage is law of the land, the liberal intolerance will get a lot worse. Gay marriage supporters will never listen to people who oppose it at all. The only people they’ll listen to is the SCOTUS and the MSM. Liberals believe gays have the right to marry just because the SCOTUS and the MSM says so. They now believe that gay marriage is now a constitutional right just because the SCOTUS says it is.

Wrong. The US Constitution doesn’t grant the USA the rights at all for gays to marry. People don’t understand the meaning of “all men are created equal” or the 14th Amendment at all. Which those two are the reasons why liberals believe that gay marriage is a constitutional right. There’s no where in the Constitution where it gives gays the right to marry. Not at all. It’s just that we have a broken and corrupt Supreme Court. Last time I remember, liberals used to hate the Supreme Court but now they love them all of a sudden. Ya know, just because the SCOTUS says “gay marriage” is a constitutional right doesn’t mean it is. They could be committing a criminal act themselves. I think they did it out of conflict of interest. They probably did it to avoid a liberal backlash or just to make the Obama admin. happy. The SCOTUS justices were probably threatened by the Obama admin. by blackmail, lawsuit, etc.

Anybody that believes the SCOTUS and trusts them is a loser. Anybody that believes the SCOTUS has the right to change the laws of “marriage” is a loser. The US Government and the SCOTUS has no right to redefine marriage at all.

We gotta get Donald Trump in the White House and get our country back. We can change it back to where it was before. We can ban gay marriage again… there are other ways.

The point of this post is that debating about “gay marriage” with liberals is getting pointless and a huge waste of time. You’ll never win with them now. That’s why I try my best to stay out of the “gay marriage” debate as best as possible.

Kim Davis has all of her right to give the middle finger to gay marriage. Whether you like her or not, it doesn’t matter. I think she’s fighting to bring traditional marriage back is what she’s doing. She probably knew what she did was risky but she didn’t care. She wanted to bring back traditional marriage was her goal. She new that gay marriage is the law of the land but she didn’t care. She’s a real American and fought for religious rights is what she did. It apparently pissed off all the liberals which is great. She may have broken the law but whatever it takes to fight for religious freedoms.

Liberals are a bunch of losers. It’s interesting how they care about the law and the Constitution since gay marriage is the law of the land. They never cared about the law and the Constitution at all before that. Fuck ’em.


Kim Davis refusing same-sex marriage license isn’t tyranny… here’s what’s tyranny, y’all…

Libtards are all calling this Kim Davis stuff “judicial” tyranny. The reality is, it’s not tyranny at all. Liberals claim she broke the law now that gay marriage is law of the land. County clerks refusing to license same-sex marriage was never really a problem until gay marriage became law of the land. So now libtards care about the law?

This isn’t tyranny.

What’s tyranny is:

– A Democratic presidential candidate in 2008 snaked his way into the White House using fake birth certificate.

– A president disobeying and disrespecting the Constitution.

– Lying about everything.

– Committing government crimes and getting away with it: Benghazi, Operation F&F, The IRS, the VA waiting list, Obamacare, gun running operations, etc.

– A president making racial tensions a lot worse and dividing the country.

– A president destroying the economy and lying about it.

– Obama’s Iran deal.

That’s what tyranny is… yet libtards freaking out over some woman who believes in traditional marriage. This country’s obsession with homosexuality is really creepy and scary to be honest with you. That’s all liberals care about.


We’re not allowed to have our own opinions anymore, everything have to appease the liberals these days…

Each time a controversial thing happens in the news and if you have a different view than the liberals, you can expect a nasty backlash from them. Regardless of your political views, everybody should have a right for an opinion. If you don’t agree with the liberals, you’ll get a lot of shit from them. They’ll call you bigoted, troublemaker, conspiracy theorists, etc. Almost every name in the book. The liberals blindly follow everything the MSM (as in Mainstream Media for short) says ’cause that’s what the MSM do. Report left-wing news stories and one-sided views so they create controversial stories for more ratings and more magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

You can’t have your own opinion on gay marriage. You can’t have your own opinion on gun control and all of this “Black Lives Matter” stuff going on. You can’t be realistic about Megyn Kelly or you’ll get called “sexist” and you can’t criticize John McCain ’cause of his war-hero status. You can’t even defend Walter Palmer hunting down a lion in Africa.

If your opinion is different than liberals, you’ll be looked at as “offensive” and “controversial” when you should have every right for an opinion all you want to. That’s what the MSM does. That’s how they manipulate and control people. Brainwashing is what they do. What they’re trying to do is to get everyone to think “liberal”. It’s not gonna work with me. I’ll never think “liberal” and will never align myself with the left at all.

Liberals really do believe what the MSM say and take them seriously when they shouldn’t. If you’re conservative this is why you should ignore liberals like the plague ’cause you’ll never win with them. They won’t give up arguing with you until you agree with them, that’s how they work.

It’s not happening with me. I don’t have to appease the liberals and won’t. I will always have my own opinions and views no matter how pissed off people get.

Liberal intolerance is predictably getting worse. That’s what the MSM is teaching them. The MSM is teaching liberals to become intolerant. This really is the beginning of the end. Fuck the MSM, seriously. All those so-called journalists need to hang themselves.


Libtards are being hypocrites over this Kim Davis stuff… are they really feminists as they say they are??? Hypocrites…

Liberals don’t like people fat shaming those who are obese. They’re all about preaching “fat acceptance”. Yet, here they are calling Kim Davis all kinds of names and saying offensive stuff about her weight.

Liberals don’t like men bashing women and calling them out. They’re like, “Waaaaahhhhh, you can’t bash Hillary ’cause she’s a woman” and they’re like, “Waaaaaaah, you can’t bash Megyn Kelly ’cause she’s a woman”. Well, Kim Davis is a woman and there’s a lot of liberal men trashing the hell out of her just like they trash the hell out of other conservative women such as Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and others.

In this day and age, it’s okay for liberals to bash “conservatives” and bash those who don’t agree with “gay marriage”. They call us bigots and troublemakers but they are the ones being the bigots and troublemakers. Bigotry works both ways. Bigotry seems to be the libtards favorite “word” these days.

Liberals… hypocrites like they always are.

Like I said before, our beliefs in believing in traditional marriage is just about over. If I got harassed by a bunch of liberals for disagreeing with gay marriage and if I called the police for all that, the police would probably do nothing. Soon they will probably jail me for disagreeing with gay marriage and everyone else who disagrees with it too.

The liberal party think they are big and tough but they are not. This proves that they can be more hateful than conservatives. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of bullies. It’s why it’s best to ignore them and avoid them like the plague.


Liberals really are horrible at defending gay marriage… they always come up with the same shit…

Liberals try their best to defend gay marriage but they fail every time. How? They always come up with the same shit. They can’t come up with anything new. That’s why liberals are a piece of work when debating liberals on gay marriage. Since the Kim Davis thing happened, the “gay marriage” debate started back up again.

Liberals always come up with the lame defenses when they try to defend “gay marriage”… here is the list of gay marriage defenses by libtards. They repeat themselves… always saying the same shit: “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get married”, “You’re a homophobe”, “How will gays getting married affect your life?”, “People who don’t agree with gay marriage usually are secretly gay themselves”, etc. etc. etc. You get the deal.

All that stuff is not worthy of a response. Libtards are really delusional and misinformed people. They can’t understand that marriage was originally supposed to be between man and woman only. We did our best to defend traditional marriage but we clearly lost.

It doesn’t make someone a homophobe for disagreeing with gay marriage. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. I’m tired of liberals winning at everything.

We have every right to give gay marriage the middle finger and like I said, sooner or later we’ll all get arrested for opposing it. Sit tight, it’ll come.

The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism. There’s no such thing as “right vs. left”.

I’m tired of liberals accusing the “right” of being opinionated when the left are just as “opinionated” when it comes to gay marriage. The left enjoys thinking “gay marriage” being an equal right is fact when it’s not. They think they’re smarter than us but they are not at all.

People who support or defend gay marriage are a bunch of losers. This country really is obsessed with homosexuality. Are they trying to turn us all gay? It seems like that is what this country is trying to do.