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We’re not allowed to have our own opinions anymore, everything have to appease the liberals these days…

Each time a controversial thing happens in the news and if you have a different view than the liberals, you can expect a nasty backlash from them. Regardless of your political views, everybody should have a right for an opinion. If you don’t agree with the liberals, you’ll get a lot of shit from them. They’ll call you bigoted, troublemaker, conspiracy theorists, etc. Almost every name in the book. The liberals blindly follow everything the MSM (as in Mainstream Media for short) says ’cause that’s what the MSM do. Report left-wing news stories and one-sided views so they create controversial stories for more ratings and more magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

You can’t have your own opinion on gay marriage. You can’t have your own opinion on gun control and all of this “Black Lives Matter” stuff going on. You can’t be realistic about Megyn Kelly or you’ll get called “sexist” and you can’t criticize John McCain ’cause of his war-hero status. You can’t even defend Walter Palmer hunting down a lion in Africa.

If your opinion is different than liberals, you’ll be looked at as “offensive” and “controversial” when you should have every right for an opinion all you want to. That’s what the MSM does. That’s how they manipulate and control people. Brainwashing is what they do. What they’re trying to do is to get everyone to think “liberal”. It’s not gonna work with me. I’ll never think “liberal” and will never align myself with the left at all.

Liberals really do believe what the MSM say and take them seriously when they shouldn’t. If you’re conservative this is why you should ignore liberals like the plague ’cause you’ll never win with them. They won’t give up arguing with you until you agree with them, that’s how they work.

It’s not happening with me. I don’t have to appease the liberals and won’t. I will always have my own opinions and views no matter how pissed off people get.

Liberal intolerance is predictably getting worse. That’s what the MSM is teaching them. The MSM is teaching liberals to become intolerant. This really is the beginning of the end. Fuck the MSM, seriously. All those so-called journalists need to hang themselves.


Libtards are being hypocrites over this Kim Davis stuff… are they really feminists as they say they are??? Hypocrites…

Liberals don’t like people fat shaming those who are obese. They’re all about preaching “fat acceptance”. Yet, here they are calling Kim Davis all kinds of names and saying offensive stuff about her weight.

Liberals don’t like men bashing women and calling them out. They’re like, “Waaaaahhhhh, you can’t bash Hillary ’cause she’s a woman” and they’re like, “Waaaaaaah, you can’t bash Megyn Kelly ’cause she’s a woman”. Well, Kim Davis is a woman and there’s a lot of liberal men trashing the hell out of her just like they trash the hell out of other conservative women such as Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and others.

In this day and age, it’s okay for liberals to bash “conservatives” and bash those who don’t agree with “gay marriage”. They call us bigots and troublemakers but they are the ones being the bigots and troublemakers. Bigotry works both ways. Bigotry seems to be the libtards favorite “word” these days.

Liberals… hypocrites like they always are.

Like I said before, our beliefs in believing in traditional marriage is just about over. If I got harassed by a bunch of liberals for disagreeing with gay marriage and if I called the police for all that, the police would probably do nothing. Soon they will probably jail me for disagreeing with gay marriage and everyone else who disagrees with it too.

The liberal party think they are big and tough but they are not. This proves that they can be more hateful than conservatives. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of bullies. It’s why it’s best to ignore them and avoid them like the plague.


Liberals really are horrible at defending gay marriage… they always come up with the same shit…

Liberals try their best to defend gay marriage but they fail every time. How? They always come up with the same shit. They can’t come up with anything new. That’s why liberals are a piece of work when debating liberals on gay marriage. Since the Kim Davis thing happened, the “gay marriage” debate started back up again.

Liberals always come up with the lame defenses when they try to defend “gay marriage”… here is the list of gay marriage defenses by libtards. They repeat themselves… always saying the same shit: “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get married”, “You’re a homophobe”, “How will gays getting married affect your life?”, “People who don’t agree with gay marriage usually are secretly gay themselves”, etc. etc. etc. You get the deal.

All that stuff is not worthy of a response. Libtards are really delusional and misinformed people. They can’t understand that marriage was originally supposed to be between man and woman only. We did our best to defend traditional marriage but we clearly lost.

It doesn’t make someone a homophobe for disagreeing with gay marriage. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. I’m tired of liberals winning at everything.

We have every right to give gay marriage the middle finger and like I said, sooner or later we’ll all get arrested for opposing it. Sit tight, it’ll come.

The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism. There’s no such thing as “right vs. left”.

I’m tired of liberals accusing the “right” of being opinionated when the left are just as “opinionated” when it comes to gay marriage. The left enjoys thinking “gay marriage” being an equal right is fact when it’s not. They think they’re smarter than us but they are not at all.

People who support or defend gay marriage are a bunch of losers. This country really is obsessed with homosexuality. Are they trying to turn us all gay? It seems like that is what this country is trying to do.


Oh come on, liberals were never proud of America until they got their “gay marriage”…

Before the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is supposedly now “legal” in all 50 states, this of course got libtards in America all excited. They were all jumping up and down like little kids at a birthday party. Before their gay marriage corruptly got legalized in the USA nationwide, I could have sworn that liberals hated America. For many years, liberals have shown so much hatred and disrespect. They kept politicizing everything that came their way with things like gun control, abortion, etc. The thing I’m trying to say is that liberals are not happy people until they get what they want. Liberals are these type of people when they are told “No” but they can’t take “No” as an answer. When they are told no, they keep begging until they get what they want. You know how when a child begs for a candy, the child’s mother says “No” and when the child cries and begs, she gives up and gives the child a candy? Well, that’s exactly how liberals act. They’re the type of people who will beg & beg & beg until they get what they want. What I’m trying to say is that liberals are a bunch of little babies. They really are.

I find it hilarious how “liberals” are all “patriotic” all of a sudden when they were never like this before the gay marriage ruling. I shake my head and like, wtf? Liberals were always negative about America… what are some good examples of their negativity? Well all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff for one. Their gun control obsession is another example… them wanting to take away our guns is just showing your hate toward America. Also, what about liberals hating religion and Christianity? Also, they’re hatred toward Conservatives and Republicans is another example. Liberals were never happy people from what I’ve seen. They were always attacking people who were anti-Obama and they don’t respect anyone’s opinions. They always have to fight & argue like children.

So how do you make liberals happy and get them to love America? Just give them what they want.

Us conservatives; however, we’ve always loved America. We love everything about this country and it’s why we’re here. So liberals acting all patriotic all of a sudden it’s just a bunch of bullshit.

I’m sorry but celebrating “gay marriage” isn’t “patriotism”. It just isn’t normal. “Patriotism” is loving the country for what it is and showing your love for the country by defending it and protecting it. What patriotism is, it’s trying to protect our homeland from bad people like terrorism and corrupted politicians. “Patriotism” is also showing that you love to live here. Celebrating gay marriage isn’t “patriotism”. “Patriotism” is the American Flag, not the fucking rainbow flag.

There’s a lot of loud mouth celebrities like Michael Moore and Ariana Grande bad mouthing America… there are tons of liberals with the same attitude. When was the last time you saw a liberal say something positive about America before the gay marriage ruling? I don’t think I have seen any of them say something positive about America. If you hate America so much then leave, simple? I don’t know why Barack Obama hates America so much, yet he became president… doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m sure many others wonder the same thing.


Viral video titled, “Not Alone” defends people who believes in traditional marriage…

Who’s ever came up with the idea of this video has got a lot of balls for sure. Of course this video is gonna upset libtard America. They really are taking away our rights in believing in “traditional” marriage, absolutely. I think this video is awesome. Yep, it’s now time to accept “traditional marriage” believers of who we are. That’s why I am done with facebook ’cause of facebook’s gay marriage obsession. I didn’t want to be a part of any of it. We really are getting bullied by libtards who don’t agree with us. So because we don’t agree with “gay marriage”, we get called all kinds of names like bigots, homophobes, etc. It’s just unfair really. Libtards really are a bunch of animals and they have gotten a lot worse.

A big kudos to the maker of that video. Thumbs up on that one and thank you!


The liberals & black people like to call everyone racist but they don’t call George Takei racist…

It’s no surprise to see that George Takei is playing innocent victim and he clearly defends himself… sure enough, liberals are praising the hell out of him going, “Oh George, you’re so right. You’re my hero… blah blah blah blah”.

I know what “blackface” means. I’m sure everyone knows what “blackface” means. The reason what George said was offensive is ’cause he was implying that Clarence Thomas is really a white guy pretending to black when Clarence is really black. That comes off as “racist”. When George wants to bring in “color” and mention the word “black” while bashing someone, that is still pretty racist no matter what you think of it. He was attacking a Supreme Court justice who is black and saying that he doesn’t belong there. George also called him a “clown” which is name-calling.

Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was a blackface in “Tropic Thunder”, that movie got so much controversy ’cause of it.

When George clarified himself in his facebook post, he still called Clarence Thomas a “Black Buffoon”:


What in the fuck is wrong with this country when Ted Nugent got into trouble for calling Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and when Paula Deen got in trouble for saying the “N” word 20 years ago, George Takei don’t get no flak for calling Clarence Brown a “clown in blackface”? Liberals love to call cops racist. They love to call George Zimmerman racist. They love to call anti-Obama people racist. They love to call the Confederate Flag racist but they don’t call George Takei racist. Instead they stand by him and still support him which is no surprise.

Yet, liberals go out of their way to attack Bobby Jindal for his Indian background which is pretty racist and that’s okay for them to do.

I don’t know about you but liberals are really whacked and messed up. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I ain’t afraid to say it. George Takei should be looked at equally as a racist too regardless of his political views. It’s amazing to me how “right wingers” get into trouble for saying offensive things but when liberal people say offensive things, they don’t get any shit for it. Unfucking-believable.



Facebook’s gay rainbow profile pics, an experiment to spy on your data???

This is interesting but at the same time, no surprise. While the Supreme Court shady ruling of “gay marriage” got facebook all excited and when they all changed their profile pics into a gay rainbow, they’ve must of fallen for a big scam. The rainbow pic was an experiment to mess with your minds. It was also an experient to get all of your personal data and spy on you.

Check these articles out:



I left facebook in perfect timing. 🙂

This was the big reason I left facebook, the gay rainbow. Seeing it all over people’s profile pics including all the celebrity & bands pages annoyed the hell out of me. So I said fuck ’em and left quietly without telling anyone. I don’t feel guilty leaving facebook as I still feel very happy about it. I’ve grown to hate facebook with a passion anyways. I got better things to do.