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Thoughts on Elon Musk officially being the new owner of twitter… bye bye Jack Dorsey and good riddance!

Well yesterday was a pretty history making day as you all know Jack Dorsey the man who founded/started twitter has sold his “twitter” platform to Elon Musk, aka the billionaire who owns Tesla. Elon Musk offered to buy twitter for $44 Billion shortly after Elon bought some of twitter’s stock. The twitter board tried to block Musk’s offer and sale at first but later Jack and the twitter board accepted to sell twitter to Musk. Now Elon Musk is officially the new owner of twitter.

That was a deal they couldn’t refuse… 44 Billion is a lot so now they are all rich people ’cause of that deal. I’m sure the former employees and staff of twitter split that money with everyone. I’m sure Jack kept most of it, of course. I think Jack Dorsey was looking like that he was getting ready to move on from twitter anyway.

This is a big deal… twitter censorship is way out of control and it’s ridiculous. Finally, someone came around to stop it all. A lot of prominent conservatives were banned from twitter like Milo Yiannopolis (SP?), Bill Mitchell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump and Juanita Broadrick was just banned on there a few weeks ago, I think.

So many conservatives were banned/locked out of twitter permanently including myself. Yes, I guess I got banned on twitter just for using the word “cunt” in a tweet and I got banned for that, lol. I didn’t get banned by a moderator or anything, it was an automatic algorithm thing. I tried to restore my regular account but twitter intentionally makes it difficult on ya to keep you out. I still try to get into my original twitter account but still can’t.

Now that Elon Musk is the official new owner of twitter, hopefully ALL banned conservatives would be coming back and restoring their original accounts. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into my original twitter account real soon and hopefully none of us will ever get banned again just for having “conservative” opinions.

It’s pretty obvious that lefties hate “free speech” and “conservative opinion”. It’s hilarious, ya know? I’ve had lefties get on my ass for years for having different opinions and view points than theirs. I’ve had lefties get onto me about the usual topics like gay marriage, abortion, lgbt, gotten called a racist for criticizing Islam and been attacked for saying stuff about “black lives matter” and shit like that. If that isn’t hating “conservative” opinions then I don’t know what else it is. The thing we say aren’t offensive or controversial at all. The media just wants to make it seem like it’s wrong to have conservative views. We shouldn’t get banned or censored for saying any of this stuff, it’s ridiculous.

What Elon did was incredible. He’s definitely a master negotiator… I’m impressed and blown away. What he did was very heroic. Hopefully he keeps his “free speech” promises and twitter will no longer target conservatives.

Twitter is now under the ownership of Elon Musk so there will be lots of upcoming changes. I’m sure the twitter design and features will stay the same, though… it’s just going to become private pretty soon and lots of changes. Hopefully we get our banned accounts back too, lol.

We’ll see how this goes and yes, I’m a die-hard conservative and pretty proud of it!


No surprise that Facebook is losing users and stocks… it’s about to become the next myspace…

Ya know, I find it funny that tiktok was to blame that facebook lost uers and its stock market. It’s like, seriously?

Um no, the real reasons everyone is not liking facebook anymore is for several reasons listed here:

  • Massive censorship… all the fact checks, getting suspended or what they call it “FB jail” is a huge problem and people are fucking tired of it. This is one reason people leave.
  • FB being a platform for liberals… it seems that FB is intentionally turning their social media platform for liberals only is that their goal? Seems so. Conservatives are getting suspended like crazy but lefties don’t get any punishment for saying stupid things, what gives?
  • Not enough privacy… this might be one of the big issues FB has… not enough privacy like they keep promising.
  • FB steals information when they claimed they don’t… they’ve been exposed for that, remember?
  • Seems like FB is a cesspool for drama and trolls… another reason people leave is cause of the drama and bullshit. Getting cyberbullied by people is a big problem, ya know? You can’t trust anyone nowadays, including your own friends and family. This is another reason people hit the “deactivate” button.

I can go on but those are the big ones, I would say. Really though, the no. 1 reason people leave is really the massive censorship going on.

Of course Zuckerberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything and blames tiktok.

I’d like to leave FB but I have my own reasons for not leaving. There’s a couple of reasons why I stay but I would rather keep those for myself.

FB losing users and stock market is no surprise and Zuckerberg should have seen that one coming. FB used to be fun but right now it is horrible.


Jack Dorsey CEO of twitter is stepping down, good riddance finally but that doesn’t mean twitter is gonna get better for all…

Well the shocking news got out today that Jack Dorsey the creator and longtime CEO of twitter is stepping down. Good riddance ’cause that guy is a huge piece of shit… a die hard leftist that hates conservatives and Trump supporters.

Yeah, twitter censorship is out of control right now and it’s much worse than ever before. I got permanently locked out of my regular twitter account and can’t get back into it at all ’cause of it all. I didn’t get kicked out ’cause of a mod, it was an automatic algorithm thing which is also a huge problem for all. You say a word that twitter doesn’t like, it’s an automatic ban kind of thing and that’s kind of what happened to me. That’s okay ’cause twitter is shit anyway.

Why is Dorsey stepping down? The reason is not yet known but my bet is that the reason he’s calling it quits is ’cause probably all this pressure of him getting accused of “censorship against conservatives” is a huge part of it, ya think? He’s getting accused of that so much by Trump, James O’ Keefe of Project Veritas and other huge name conservatives… Jack Dorsey just testified for it not too long ago, I remember.

Yeah, censorship against conservatives is a huge problem no doubt but it’s a problem for lefties too. Some liberals are getting censored too I’m hearing about but the hardcore right got it the worst, though.

It sucks so much ’cause you want to speak your mind and express your opinions but it’s hard to do ’cause you’ll never know you’ll get fact checked, get flagged or worse go to social media jail or get permanently suspended. You want to speak your mind of an article you read so you posted it and bam, get sent to social media jail.

It’s wrong and unfair. Social media isn’t fun anymore ’cause of all this censorship going on. It’s totally unreal.

They’re probably gonna get a new guy to run twitter but that doesn’t mean it’ll get better. Twitter censorship is gonna get a lot worse, I’m feeling. They’ll just get a new guy who is another leftist blowhard.


Onlyfans banning pornographic content but still allowing nudes… um, what???

The site onlyfans has been catching a lot of buzz for a long while. What is it? It’s a content subscription service made by London, UK… where you have to pay to see people’s stuff.

The site became extremely popular and blew up for so-called, “sex-workers” ’cause the site allowed nudity and hardcore pornographic content. Yes, X-rated sex videos and pics used to be allowed but not anymore. The over explicit content on onlyfans are now banned on the site but nudity is still allowed.

In my opinion, “onlyfans” is an evil website and should have never been created. So people think that posting X-Rated and pornographic stuff onlyfans and paying for it to see it as “sex work”??? No not at all.

In my opinion and sticking with it, I think “onlyfans” is prostitution, really. Why would you want to do that? Force people to pay to see you naked and have sex with someone?

Even if you still use the site to not post sexual content and use it for “clean” stuff, it’s still evil.

Those that join the site to do “sex work” or not, are just desperate for money and that’s it. They don’t care about you. It’s just amazing that people would pay a lot of money to see only fans garbage.

Selling your bodies like that is just wrong anyways. There are other ways to make a few extra bucks you don’t need to do “onlyfans”. Have some respect for yourself.


Is it getting less and less fun vlogging for the internet? Damn Record labels, they always want to ruin the fun for everyone!

First music lovers were getting sued left and right for illegal downloading, file sharing and all that stuff… and now the legal bullshit doesn’t stop there.

Youtubers, FB vloggers and things like that want to post their video blogs. Ya know, they want to film themselves walking around out in public talking to the camera and stuff. People want to post that stuff for fun but these copyright pings keep hitting on people. Yeah it’s ’cause there’s a song playing in the background that is owned by a record label and it’s fucking bullshit if you ask me.

There’s nothing you can do about removing a song in the background but you get copyright pinged/flagged anyways. It’s not social media’s fault, it’s all the fucking evil record labels. You want to post a vlog of yourself walking around and you want to post your lifting videos at the gym but you get copyright pinged. Musicians want to cover songs by their favorite bands & artists but again, copyright pings affects them too sadly.

It’s all a shame. I stopped posting vlogs at youtube ’cause of the strict rules and now “advertisements” being played during videos. Vlogging used to be fun for everyone but not so much anymore. Many youtubers quit youtube for that reason ’cause we’ve had it with all this.

We just want to share cool and interesting content with the world but the major record labels just want to ruin everything for us. It’s frustrating that when you post a video and it gets pinged automatically ’cause of a copyrighted song on it. We’re all tired of it.

I love vlogging myself but as stated above, all the legal stuff ruining the fun for everything. Getting ridiculous for sure.


Is this getting sent to social media jail thing getting out of hand? Yes, it’s becoming a problem with all platforms, sad really…

This never been a real problem until now… ya know, getting sent to social media jail… getting your social media accounts banned/suspended/locked out or whatever. Social media used to be all for “free speech” until now. What happened?

You would come around think, “You think it’s only happening to the right wing community”… no, censorship is happening for the left too but yeah, no doubt about it… the right wing/conservative side got the censorship the worse. Not only getting sent to jail is a huge problem… censorship is worse with all these fact checkers ’cause they feel that the things we post is too right wing. Things from the mainstream media is accepted on FB and anything outside of the mainstream media is fact checked? Really?

I got locked out of twitter ’cause I used the word “cunt” in a tweet and twitter didn’t like that, I guess. I haven’t gotten kicked off of FB yet but if it happened, I wouldn’t care. FB is a waste and a cesspool anyways. Twitter is just as bad. Instagram and youtube both sucks too.

This is why sites like Parler and Rumble video got popular. Think about it, ya know? It’s because of all this censorship going on of social media giants.

The question is why is this all happening? I don’t know. I think it’s just more powerful people wanting more control and dominance over real people like us. Kind of like how Fauci and the CDC are controlling us over Covid, same thing. We’re being bullied and controlled by people more powerful than us.

Some of you would think, if you follow the TOS of social media then none of this would be happening. Um no, most of us aren’t stupid. We know how to behave quite well and we do know the rules. It’s just that these social media giants just make up the rules as they go along. Even we post things that aren’t against the TOS, and there’s nothing 100% wrong with the post or comment, we get banned anyways.

I’m sure plenty of right-wingers post plenty of things and they get banned ’cause it’s too right wing, not because of the TOS. It’s happening more and more and it’s disgusting. We all deserve our freedom of speech no matter which side.

It is all getting ridiculous though and it’s gotta stop. We really are in Orwellian times now like they all say… really sad. Trump tried his best to fight social media censorship but failed… expect it all to get worse under Biden, though.


Internet trolls still a problem online? Yes, you just have to ignore them and move on…

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve always had a problem with online internet trolls coming after me and I still have that problem today. I was doing a little research on this stuff and came up with this interesting blog about this so I decided to share it here. Really though, I have seen a lot of these types of trolls online especially “The Insult Troll” and “The Persistent Debate Troll”.

This article describes “The Insult Troll” as someone who is pure hater who does nothing but attacks and cyberbullies this person they are targeting. “The Persistent Debate Troll” is someone who decides to challenge a debate with someone they’re targeting, always thinking they’re right no matter the situation hoping this person they’re targeting would give up the debate.

I have gotten both of these types of trolls over the years mostly.

Yes, I still get online trolls and haters everywhere I go online whether it’ll be this blog, my facebook, my youtube channel, instagram and twitter…. blah blah blah… but I’ve gotten much better at handling the trolls and haters. Lately, I’ve been ignoring them and just block block block and delete delete delete. Most of them don’t like it when I do this but that’s tough. That’s why social media gives you the block and delete features so you can decide what stays and what goes.

The question is, why do people troll online and attack other people for no reason?

Simply put ’cause people out there are “assholes” that’s why. Period. End of story. I would think that’s how a lot of them are in the real world. When they go online, they mostly attack people “anonymously” so the people they’re targeting won’t find out who they are. When anonymous trolls attack me online, they fail most of the time ’cause it only takes me a second to figure out who they really are. Most “trolls” attack someone ’cause they just find it amusing and entertaining to get a rise out of someone. All they do is try to get you pissed off as much as possible ’cause they get a laugh out of it. That’s why they do what they do really. They are like a bully in high school picking on kids smaller than them. They’re just losers with nothing better to do.

I just find it hilarious that the same trolls out there have been following me online for years and the same guys still attack me for no reason. When they do want to start a conversation with me it’s usually them replying to a blog post I posted they disagreed with. They don’t ever want to discuss anything positive with me. All they want to do is argue with me online.

Why do trolls attack? Maybe jealousy is a big part of it for sure. Maybe they’re jealous ’cause they know you have good things going on in your life and they know that a lot of people like you. There could be many reasons why they target you. Maybe they target you ’cause they know that you are smart and they want to challenge a debate with you hoping to make you look foolish. Things like that, ya know? Trolls attack you ’cause they know you’re doing more in your life while they’re doing less. They have a lot of problems in their life and they know you’re a good person. They’re hating that and it’s killing them.

The trick to dealing with negative people is just don’t care what people have to say anymore. That’s all you need to do really. Just ignore the negatives and keep moving forward. I’ve been getting much better at having a “not give a fuck” attitude. Not caring what people have to say about you is the best attitude to have.

You don’t want to focus on the trolls and negative people anyways. There will be people who will truly appreciate for who you are and there will be people who will truly support you. You were not put here to please everyone. Just remember that.

The trolls are still obsessed with me for whatever reason but I don’t care. My life is real good. I’ve been going to the gym a lot and I’m now a competitive powerlifter. People say I don’t do a lot in my life but I am. I try to keep busy and active as much as possible. I do have a lot going on and I’m grateful and happy.

Oh yeah and remember, the trolls are your biggest fans too even if they don’t want to admit it. Deep down, I think some of them actually like me but they won’t publicly admit it. That’s okay, though.


Facebook getting rid of its trending news section as a way to battle “controversial” news… seriously??? It’s just a way to help Dems win the midterms, nice try though, Zuck!

This one is just funny. This is FB’s definition of “controversial” trending news the way I look at it: any news that makes Pres. Trump and conservatives looks good. to them that makes it controversial. Ever since FB launched the trending news in 2014, they had a tough time trying to battle trending news sites that puts Trump and conservatives in a positive light. Conservatives called “liberal bias” in the trending news and Glenn Beck was one of the first ones to point it out. Of course, Suckerberg immediately denied “liberal bias” and ended up having a meeting with Glenn Beck ’cause of it.

Later on, to battle “conservative” news, Suckerberg did something else by having a pop up message when you post news links and it shows you where you get your source from.

FB is trying very hard to battle conservative news, they want to get rid of it all and stop people from talking about conservative things that’s why conservative news has been trying to trend more and more. Now it looks like Suckerberg is gonna get rid of the trending news completely.

FB and twitter are both trying their best to battle conservative news. How is twitter doing it? Well when conservative news stories start trending on twitter, Jack will just simply delete  itoff the trending section. Another way twitter battles conservative news is that they censor conservatives and Trump supporters on twitter by simply shadow banning people, suspending their accounts, deleting tweets, etc.

Deal with it lefties…. conservatism is HUGE again. It really is and it’s obvious liberals can’t take it. All the censorship and liberal bias in social networking is just a way to help Dems win the midterms which isn’t happening. It’s a shame, though ’cause I used to like FB and twitter and both are starting to drive me up the wall. Fuck Mark Suckerberg and Jack Dorsey… both of them are scum bags.


Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on FB. This is a must watch!!!

I’ve always known that Facebook has always been a cesspool for liberal bias… twitter is pretty much the same thing. My support for Ted Cruz has been on and off over the years but I think it’s back on again. This video is amazing! Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on facebook.

In this video, you see Ted Cruz not being afraid to call out Zuckerberg to his face about conservative censorship on FB.  Ted tries to ask him about if FB is a neutral public forum but Suckerberg couldn’t answer the question. He goes off by saying it’s for all ideas and makes a bunch of excuses that FB doesn’t accept “hate speech”, “nudity”, “terrorist content”, blah blah blah so you can see that Suckerberg is clearly denying liberal bias. So Ted Cruz here gives some examples of conservative censorship and you can clearly see Suckerberg couldn’t answer that one. Suckerberg continues to deny liberal bias on facebook as you can see. Since Suckerberg continues to deny it, Cruz gets on to Suckerberg even more by asking him if he’s aware of any liberal pages been taken down by FB and Suckerberg of course, says “No”. Suckerberg clearly couldn’t answer that one and was completely stumped. Cruz just wanted to prove his point about liberal bias on FB and did that beautifully.

This video is golden… I had to watch it a couple of times. This is Ted Cruz defending conservative freedom of speech. Ya know… Freedom of Speech works both ways. It’s not a one way street for liberals, but FB, twitter and other social networking pages wants to make it like that.

I was once a victim of conservative censorship on FB. One day I’ve had something weird happen to my FB and then I looked in my Support Inbox in the settings and FB sent me a message saying they’ve taken a post down due to nudity. I’m like, “What?”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post nudity at all ’cause I know it’s the rules of the TOS. I was pretty sure FB has taken down a post with conservative views or I’ve posted something positively about Trump.

Anyway, it is interesting though how people want to deny liberal bias on social networking. If you want to continue to deny it then why is it that conservatives and Trump supporters are always getting punishment and liberals get no punishment? Liberals are always saying hateful and abusive things to people everyday, you try to report them and nothing happens to them. It’s always the right-wing community getting punishment by the staff. I’ve always believed that social networking pages just wants to destroy conservatives and they are in bed with liberals.

Why is there liberal bias in social networking? Elections is the key, I must say. It’s how they try to make Democrat politicians to win elections. They want to make it seem like conservatives don’t exist and that’s why they censor them. Not only the mainstream media is corrupt to the core, social networking is corrupt to the core too.

I think FB should be shut down and I could care less if it goes ’cause FB is garbage anyways. Always has been and always will be. Liberal bias on FB is not the only reason why it sucks so much. FB is garbage ’cause people are crazy. Too much negativity, soap opera and drama… plus I’m tired of all the baby pics, animal pics and stupid memes.

Can we bring the old myspace back with Tom running it, please? I really miss those days. The old myspace was better. It’ll be great if myspace made a comeback.


RIP craigslist personals… they just shut it down over a sex trafficking bill Congress just passed…

Earlier today, I went over to the craigslist personals section and seen that craigslist has shut it all down. Yep, they shut down everything in craigslist personals. Why? It was due to an “Online sex trafficking” bill that just got passed through Congress.

While many are outraged at this, I think it’s a good idea really so good riddance. Was the craigslist personals a good thing for people? NO! Not really. Craigslist personals are a hit or miss. Sometimes dating or one night stands or FWB type relationships can be good or bad.

I’ve never used craigslist personals to date a woman or have a one night stand or an FWB (No lie) but I have talked with a few women through craigslist personals in the past before. Nothing really good came out of them.

In my opinion, craigslist personals isn’t safe. It really isn’t. The site is full of prostitutes, drug addicts and people with STD’s. You can’t trust people in that site. Some of them may say they’re DDF (Drug and disease free) but you can’t always believe them.

On top of all this, people can be really shallow in that site. If you don’t have what they want, be ready to face a lot of rejection. That site can be ridiculous for a lot of reasons.

It’s good that it’s gone. Good riddance. Will it ever comeback? Craigslist says it’s done for good but ya never know.

I’m sure all the sex addicts will find other internet sites so they can keep doing what they do, though. They’r already talking about it in the “Rant and Raves”. It’s crazy. I just liked to browse the craigslist personals just for laughs, but glad it’s done, though. It’s a danger to our society.