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RIP craigslist personals… they just shut it down over a sex trafficking bill Congress just passed…

Earlier today, I went over to the craigslist personals section and seen that craigslist has shut it all down. Yep, they shut down everything in craigslist personals. Why? It was due to an “Online sex trafficking” bill that just got passed through Congress.

While many are outraged at this, I think it’s a good idea really so good riddance. Was the craigslist personals a good thing for people? NO! Not really. Craigslist personals are a hit or miss. Sometimes dating or one night stands or FWB type relationships can be good or bad.

I’ve never used craigslist personals to date a woman or have a one night stand or an FWB (No lie) but I have talked with a few women through craigslist personals in the past before. Nothing really good came out of them.

In my opinion, craigslist personals isn’t safe. It really isn’t. The site is full of prostitutes, drug addicts and people with STD’s. You can’t trust people in that site. Some of them may say they’re DDF (Drug and disease free) but you can’t always believe them.

On top of all this, people can be really shallow in that site. If you don’t have what they want, be ready to face a lot of rejection. That site can be ridiculous for a lot of reasons.

It’s good that it’s gone. Good riddance. Will it ever comeback? Craigslist says it’s done for good but ya never know.

I’m sure all the sex addicts will find other internet sites so they can keep doing what they do, though. They’r already talking about it in the “Rant and Raves”. It’s crazy. I just liked to browse the craigslist personals just for laughs, but glad it’s done, though. It’s a danger to our society.


Cool Video: Amber Lyon continues feud with craigslist staff about “adults service” section…

CNN’s, Amber Lyon (who is kind of a cute looking chick by the way) continues to bust on craigslist founder, Craig Newmark. She made a documentary video where she confronts Craig about the “adult services” section and she tries to ask him questions about it. I loved it when she asked him, “What are you doing to protect these girls?”, and he just stood there, staring at her, saying nothing. After that, she kept asking him questions that he wouldn’t answer, he walked away a few times. See the video here at the top of the article. Why won’t Craig talk? Because he knows he’s in trouble, and he knows what he is doing is wrong. Keep up the good work, Amber!


The craigslist “adults service” section is not gone, and it never will be…

There is a bit of controversy with craigslist that just hit the web today. As you can see, the adults service section was “censored”, it has “censored” right on it, with a black marker over it. People would immediately assume that “adult services” is gone and shut down. Really? Do you really fall for this kind of stuff? I don’t.

It is not gone. It never will be. Why?
Because the craigslist CEO, not to mention by name, has always defended the site. He would think he has every right to use the “adult service” section for craigslist, no matter the situation. Look at the craigslist blog for proof. The only reason this guy put the “censored” marker on it, was to help piss off the Connecticut Attorney General, the guy who demanded the craigslist CEO to take down the site. The “censored” marker is a sign that the craigslist CEO is claiming that he’s under, free of speech. If you think this CEO of craigslist guy will shut down the “adult services” section, think again. I think it’ll be back soon enough. Why is he obsessed with this “adult services”? I don’t know, maybe it helps make him money or maybe he is a sex addict himself?

Craigslist should not be used for sex at all. It’s not only dangering children and promoting prostitution, but adults shouldn’t be using it to get a fling. It could be dangerous for everybody. You would never know if people have STD’s or other dangerous diseases that could pass through, and you’ll never know that your sex partner could be some kind of psycho.

Craigslist should be used for an ad site to sell things. That’s what it should be used for. If people are so desperate to get laid, there are plenty of other adult personals online where you can go to that is not craigslist. If you’re desperate to get laid, go to a strip club or go to a bar to get hooked up with people. Many people that go to craigslist personals are not so attractive or hot to begin with because internet dating or casual sex is for people with no social lives, anyway. If the person in craigslist appears to be hot, then it is probably some fake anonymous spam promoting another personals site.

The “adults services” will be back before you know it. If the craigslist CEO were to shut it down for good, then he would have deleted off the site completely, but if he just put up “censored”, he’s not fooling anybody. So don’t get all excited yet. I think it’s a great thing that people in the US are taking a stand on this. Keep up the good work!


Report: Chris Cornell and wife threatening to sue craigslist over Brittany Murphy video…

Craigslist, the popular anonymous advertising site, is in more legal trouble. Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky, are furious over a Brittany Murphy video that has surfaced for sale at craigslist. On the video, had private wedding footage of the Chris and Vicky wedding. In the wedding video had Brittany Murphy partying on it since she was in the wedding as maid of honour. As some of you may or may not know, Chris Cornell and Brittany Murphy were very close friends. The video was immediately pulled off the site, imagining that Chris’s team of lawyers sent them “cease and desist” letters. The Cornell team claims the video was a victim of stolen copyright and argue it’s a federal crime. The Cornell’s wants craigslist to track down the person responsible for stealing the video.

More on it here:


We better hope that wedding video is copyrighted, if the judge finds that it isn’t, then Chris won’t be able to do anything about it legally.


In response to article about Weird Al’s homage to the Doors…

Read this:


I agree that the music of the song itself is very dead on with the Doors. Al Yankovic’s vocals is surprisingly almost close to Jim Morrison, but I think there is a reason that Al’s lyrics aren’t the same as Jim’s styles.

I think there is a legal reason for it. Al respects other people’s work legally and takes it very seriously. Maybe Al didn’t parody one of the Doors songs because Ray Manzarek wouldn’t allow it, for a legal reason. Maybe Al didn’t copy Jim’s writing style because Mr. Manzarek wouldn’t allow it. So I believe it was Ray himself that suggested Al to write something new and different for a Doors homage. I bet it was Ray himself that instructed Al how to perform this song in the studio.

Why would Al want to copy Jim Morrison’s writing style anyways? I wouldn’t like that. Al respected the late Jim Morrison and put Al’s own style in lyric writing for the song.

Al Yankovic made it clear before, his next album is going to be very topical, songs that will be about real events. He’s doing exactly that. His first single before this one which was T.I.’s parody is about the economic times we are having.

Those who are curious about the lyrics of “Craigslist” the new Weird Al tune, here it is here:


In my opinion, I think the lyrics are pretty funny. If you read it carefully, understand what Al is trying to say in it, you would find it hilarious.

Even the craigslist founder/owner found it funny as well!

Again though, I think there is definitely a legal reason behind why Al didn’t write the lyrics on how Jim Morrison would have wrote it. Ray was probably very strict about it. Ray has always been protective of Jim Morrison and the Doors music from day 1 ever since they started.


Cool Video: OMG!!!!!! Weird Al homage to the Doors to make fun of “craigslist”, with Ray Manzarek on keyboards!!!

“Weird Al” Yankovic has done it again. This time, he did a style parody of the Doors. This is an original song written by Al Yankovic, it’s not a parody of the Doors, but a style parody. Al Yankovic collaborates with the Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek in this song. This is “Weird Al’s” latest official video. It looks like Al is finally coming out with a new album soon.

This is just brilliant work. It’s nice to see Al Yankovic finally release an original song for a single, which he doesn’t do very much in his career. Most of his hit singles are all parodies of other work. This song is an original one written by Al himself.

Which I’m sure he got tons of advice and help from Ray Manzarek himself to make this song sound exactly like the Doors.

Enjoy this. Amazing job, Al. This is your best new work in a long time! Al is a musical genius, period. 🙂


Craigslist prostitution is on the rise in the “Erotics” section…

So let me get this straight. Craigslist gets sued by an Illinois Cook County Sheriff to threaten the site to take down the “Erotics” section. South Carolina threatened to press charges against craigslist which they got sued by the craigslist CEO for.

And how about this?


More and more states are fighting to get the “Erotics” section shut down in craigslist.

Why doesn’t craigslist shut down the “Erotics” section? It’s because the site makes them money, that’s why. All they care about is getting some dough in their pockets while innocent young women are being bought by men wanting a fling.

Of course, craigslist and the sites owners continues to defend themselves, maintaining their innocence. Craigslist is not a very good website anyway. I don’t know why so many people bother trying to sell stuff or to get laid on that stupid site when you can do that everywhere else.

If you wanted to sell something, do it at a yard sale or sell it on E-bay. Not an anonymous site like craigslist where you can’t trust anything. I don’t even look at that site anymore. I hope the United States win the battle of taking down the “Erotics” section, or even better to keep people safe…take the craigslist site off the internet altogether. I give the law kudos and respect for fighting back at that aweful website. They are taking a stand at something to what they believe in ’cause they care about people.