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The craigslist “adults service” section is not gone, and it never will be…

There is a bit of controversy with craigslist that just hit the web today. As you can see, the adults service section was “censored”, it has “censored” right on it, with a black marker over it. People would immediately assume that “adult services” is gone and shut down. Really? Do you really fall for this kind of stuff? I don’t.

It is not gone. It never will be. Why?
Because the craigslist CEO, not to mention by name, has always defended the site. He would think he has every right to use the “adult service” section for craigslist, no matter the situation. Look at the craigslist blog for proof. The only reason this guy put the “censored” marker on it, was to help piss off the Connecticut Attorney General, the guy who demanded the craigslist CEO to take down the site. The “censored” marker is a sign that the craigslist CEO is claiming that he’s under, free of speech. If you think this CEO of craigslist guy will shut down the “adult services” section, think again. I think it’ll be back soon enough. Why is he obsessed with this “adult services”? I don’t know, maybe it helps make him money or maybe he is a sex addict himself?

Craigslist should not be used for sex at all. It’s not only dangering children and promoting prostitution, but adults shouldn’t be using it to get a fling. It could be dangerous for everybody. You would never know if people have STD’s or other dangerous diseases that could pass through, and you’ll never know that your sex partner could be some kind of psycho.

Craigslist should be used for an ad site to sell things. That’s what it should be used for. If people are so desperate to get laid, there are plenty of other adult personals online where you can go to that is not craigslist. If you’re desperate to get laid, go to a strip club or go to a bar to get hooked up with people. Many people that go to craigslist personals are not so attractive or hot to begin with because internet dating or casual sex is for people with no social lives, anyway. If the person in craigslist appears to be hot, then it is probably some fake anonymous spam promoting another personals site.

The “adults services” will be back before you know it. If the craigslist CEO were to shut it down for good, then he would have deleted off the site completely, but if he just put up “censored”, he’s not fooling anybody. So don’t get all excited yet. I think it’s a great thing that people in the US are taking a stand on this. Keep up the good work!