Report: Chris Cornell and wife threatening to sue craigslist over Brittany Murphy video…

Craigslist, the popular anonymous advertising site, is in more legal trouble. Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky, are furious over a Brittany Murphy video that has surfaced for sale at craigslist. On the video, had private wedding footage of the Chris and Vicky wedding. In the wedding video had Brittany Murphy partying on it since she was in the wedding as maid of honour. As some of you may or may not know, Chris Cornell and Brittany Murphy were very close friends. The video was immediately pulled off the site, imagining that Chris’s team of lawyers sent them “cease and desist” letters. The Cornell team claims the video was a victim of stolen copyright and argue it’s a federal crime. The Cornell’s wants craigslist to track down the person responsible for stealing the video.

More on it here:

We better hope that wedding video is copyrighted, if the judge finds that it isn’t, then Chris won’t be able to do anything about it legally.


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