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5 years ago today the music world loses Chris Cornell…

Before anyone accuses me of liking a musician after his death, not true. I’ve always been a massive Chris Cornell fan for a long time. I’ve supported everything he did over the years. Everything through Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and I’ve bought all of his solo albums too.

He was a great singer, guitar player and great writer. He’s mostly known as a rock and metal singer but one thing people seem to forget that he’s an overall singer. He can do it all… he could sing from really low notes to wicked high pitch screams. He can sing clean and he can go to a raspy voice. He can do all genres of music pretty much. I think that’s why he started a solo career so he can be able to do other stuff besides heavy rock.

He was mostly known as a singer but he’s also a guitar player himself. Some may think Kim Thayil wrote most of the Soundgarden material but it was actually Chris that wrote most Soundgarden songs on guitar. All Kim Thayil did was serve the song but yes, Kim did wrote some Soundgarden songs and Kim brought in some riffs but it was Chris that did most of the writing in the band.

Another great thing that people missed about Chris was that he was a great lyricist too. That’s another thing I respected him about was his unique lyric writing. No one else wrote lyrics like Chris and Chris helped inspired me to write lyrics of my own.

Chris was a musical genius, though and I remember I was bummed that he passed due to committing suicide. It shocked me like everyone else ’cause he didn’t seem like the suicidal type. We’re all human, remember that.

After Soundgarden emerged in the 90’s when the Grunge scene exploded, I followed Chris’s career since then. I’ve listened to Soundgarden throughout high school and bought all 3 Audioslave albums when they came out. I bought all of his solo albums.

He is still missed even today. Maybe gone but his music lives on.


4 Years ago Today, the Rock music world lost Chris Cornell…

Chris Cornell has always been my favorite and I’ve always tried to follow his music career over the years back when he was alive. Whether he was in Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo career… I tried to support it all. I loved everything he did.

While Chris definitely was one of the greatest rock singers of all time… he was one of the very few rock singers who could sing in such a high range but there are a few other things that are overlooked with this man.

Nobody wants to talk about what a great guitarist and lyricist he really was. I mean, from what I’ve heard and read through interviews and stuff, Chris was a real musician. He was such a great guitar player that he was able write songs that he hears in his head and get it all out of him on the instrument.

I try to buy every Soundgarden album which I have most. I have every Audioslave album I think. I also have all 4 Cornell solo albums that he recorded when he was alive. I don’t have his “No One Sings Like You Anymore”, the album that was released after he passed on yet but I’m planning on getting it soon. I used to have the Temple of the Dog album but I’m gonna get it again, I think but like to try and get it on vinyl.

I’m a huge fan of Chris. Man was a genius. Another thing that was overlooked was his personality… he seemed like a real good dude… he was always real humble and never full of himself.

I don’t want to talk about this heated Soundgarden vs. Vicky feud that’s going on right now but I want to talk about Chris and his musicianship. How he was important to the rock world. I mean, Chris was the one who helped the grunge movement explode in the 90’s.

A lot of people like to become immediate fans after a musician has passed but not this time. I was always a fan of Chris Cornell long before he passed ’cause I was always trying to buy his albums no matter what project he was in. I’ve always loved his solo stuff for sure, though.

Before Chris passed, I believe Soundgarden were gonna work on their 7th album and they wanted to finish it for Chris but they don’t have the master tapes of Chris’s songs and don’t know who has ’em. That was the last I’ve read. So I take it that Chris was the primary songwriter of Soundgarden? Yes, pretty much… although I’m sure Kim Thayil helped out with the songwriting a lot. I know Ben Shepherd the bass player wrote some songs for the band too. They all wrote, I think.

The rock world isn’t the same without Chris. A real shame what happened to him.


Soundgarden still wants to finish recording 7th studio album…

Soundgarden may never be able to play a live concert ever again but the band still hopes to finish their 7th album that they’ve been working on before Chris Cornell passed away. Before Chris Cornell committed suicide, the band were in the middle of recording their 7th album which would be the follow up to “King Animal” (released in 2012).

Cornell already recorded the vocals and guitar parts for the album; however, the songs don’t have a backup band and rhythm section yet. That’s what the band hopes to complete. They want to finish the album by recording additional guitar parts, bass lines and the drums so they can release the album someday in the future.

Only problem with that is that Kim Thayil doesn’t have the masters to Cornell’s demos. He has copies of the demos so he already knows what the songs sounds like but what he needs are the masters so they can overdub. Thayil says they are not in possession of the original masters and none of the guys in the band knows where they are.


I wonder if they talked with Cornell’s wife, Vicky about the masters? I bet Chris has them stored and locked away somewhere in his home. Maybe Chris has them on a laptop or on a burnt CD? Either Vicky has the masters or maybe the record labels do.

Who’s ever is keeping them is making a mistake ’cause I think Chris would have wanted the final Soundgarden album to get made and released. That’s why he recorded the demos to begin with. Somebody does have the masters, though and is keeping them to himself or herself.

Who knows, though… just wait ’cause now that Thayil spoke out maybe who ever has the masters will give them to the band soon. Like they all say, never say never!


Chris Cornell was laid to rest earlier today in a private funeral, a lot of famous people attended…

Chris Cornell was laid to rest at a private funeral in Los Angeles today. A lot of famous people and celebrities attended. Famous musicians & celebrities who attended: surviving members of Soundgarden (of course), Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield of Metallica were there, members of the Foo Fighters were there, popstar/rapper Pharrell Williams, Krist Novoselic, Courtney Love, Dave Navarro and Joe Walsh.

There were a few movie stars that were there like Christian Bale, Josh Brolin and Brad Pitt. Why were Bale, Brolin and Pitt there??? Were they close friends with Chris? Probably. I’m also sure Chris’s family members attended too, of course.

Chris’s remains were cremated but they made a headstone for him for the cemetery. The headstone for Chris is nothing all that fancy, no huge statue of him or anything. They set his ashes next to his friend Johnny Ramone’s. I believe Chris was a huge fan of the Ramones.



Wonder why Eddie Vedder wasn’t there at the funeral. Did they try to invite him but couldn’t make it?

Anyway, even though this funeral was made private, I heard the family is planning a public memorial for fans. That will be the time when all these famous bands & artists will be covering Chris’s songs from over the years. We’ll have to wait and see how they’re gonna do the public memorial.


Soundgarden is probably gonna announce a breakup soon but will they still release one more studio album??? They probably will…

So Soundgarden didn’t play Rock on the Range over last weekend. They took off the rest of their tour dates on their official website too:


So there’s a few signs that the band is probably gonna announce a breakup real soon. They’re pretty much done, I think. They can’t go on without Chris Cornell being the band’s main frontman ’cause Chris is Soundgarden. It’ll be a mistake for the band to continue without him.

Even though it’s looking like the band is gonna call it quits due to Chris’s passing, will they still release another studio album? That’s a definite possibility and I can see it happening ’cause the band was working on a new studio album before Chris died. I don’t know how many songs the band completed before Chris’s death but hopefully they have enough for a full length album.

I would think Soundgarden will release the new studio album ’cause they know that’s what Chris probably would have wanted. Soundgarden releasing the new album would be a nice way for them to tribute Chris and they would probably do that. I hope they do release the new album and they’re probably gonna.

When will the surviving members do a little tribute for Chris on the Soundgarden website? I’m sure they’re gonna do something. They probably need more time to grieve and then they’ll do something for Chris when they’re ready.

What will the new Soundgarden album sound like? Will they go back to their heavy & hard rocking stuff or will it sound more like “King Animal”? A lot of fans said “King Animal” was kind of a disappointment but I loved the album. Soundgarden was another one of those bands who was not afraid to sound different every album and I would think the next album will be different once again.

If Soundgarden doesn’t have enough material for a full length album, maybe they’ll release those songs for a Greatest Hits album or something? They’ll figure something out.

Even though Soundgarden is pretty much done, I’m sure the surviving members: Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron would move on to other projects. Matt would probably go to Pearl Jam full time but I don’t know what Kim and Ben are gonna do, though. They’ll probably start new bands of their own. For right now, though, the boys need to find out what they’re gonna do with their next album.

They’ve been silent since Chris’s passing which is understandable but I’m sure we’ll hear from the band soon.


All the Chris Cornell band tributes start coming in… they’re all good but…

While I’m enjoying all these rock bands tributing Chris Cornell, the only thing though that so many of them try to sing like him but it’s impossible to do. Chris was quite a singer and had quite a range so it’s gonna be hard to sing like him. In fact, nobody can sing like Chris. There maybe a few singers out there that maybe pretty similar but nobody could copy Chris’s singing voice.

Singing Chris’s songs is hard to do… even I tried it. Whether you try to sing Soundgarden songs, Audioslave or his solo material, you’ll never reach his extremely high notes. Nobody will ever be able to sing like Chris, ever. Chris was totally unique and was a total original.

All these bands do a good job but the vocals man, that’s the thing, even Ann Wilson seems to be struggling when she was trying to sing “Black Hole Sun” on Jimmy Kimmel. (see video in youtube) Chris was that type of singer. He touched all of us with his singing, even me. I listened to Chris’s music throughout my whole life pretty much.

Chris may have been a liberal guy politically but still he was very talented and plus, Chris was a cool guy. He was one who didn’t ram his political opinions down our throats. Kept his focus on the music.

I think the best Chris Cornell tribute I’ve seen so far was Train’s version of “Black Hole Sun”. Train killed that. I’m not a big Train fan but Patrick Monahan is a great singer. I might get into Train music more.

Will I do a Chris Cornell tribute video? Thinking about it and probably will. Trying to decide whether I should do a guitar cover or a vocal cover. Probably a little bit of both.


When Metallica performs their set at Rock on the Range tomorrow night, what song by Soundgarden would they cover?

Metallica is set to perform the headlining slot for tomorrow’s Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio and you know Metallica will probably tribute Chris Cornell in some way. They will probably perform a Soundgarden cover, I would think but what song would they do?

I hope Metallica doesn’t do “Outshined” ’cause I’m thinking that song has been overplayed by a lot of metal bands out there. I think James Hetfield would sound great singing, “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Room a Thousand Years Wide”, “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”, “Big Dumb Sex”, “The Day I Tried To Live”, “My Wave”, “Limo Wreck” and “Rhinosaur” (a song off “Down on The Upside” album).

I’m sure James and the boys will do something for Chris ’cause I’m sure Soundgarden was a major influence on Metallica. I’m sure Soundgarden and Metallica both played shows together in the past before but I’m not sure how many times, though. I do know that Metallica and Soundgarden were on Lollapalooza ’96 together. That’s about all I know.

We’ll have to wait to see what Metallica are gonna do. I’m sure Metallica will put on a killer set like they always do. I’ve always liked listening to Metallica live.



Even though Chris Cornell passed on, Soundgarden is still scheduled to perform on “Rock on the Range” festival as headlining act tonight…

Even though Chris Cornell passed on yesterday, Soundgarden is still scheduled to perform at Rock on the Range festival tonight in Columbus, OH as a headlining act. The question is will Soundgarden still play tonight? Did the surviving members Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron get a last minute replacement for a new singer or will they use Chris’s pre-recorded vocal tracks?

We still don’t know if Soundgarden will even play tonight ’cause they might cancel on the last minute. They might cancel the rest of their tour ’cause they have 6 more dates left.


They might not be able to go on without Chris Cornell so I’m predicting a breakup is gonna get announced by the band possibly sometime today.

I can’t see Soundgarden moving on without Chris so they probably won’t play tonight. The band will probably break up and call it quits.

I’m sure the Festival will honor Chris in some way tonight which will be interesting. I’m sure all the bands will be paying their respects to Chris on that festival all weekend. I also predict a lot of bands on this Festival will be performing Soundgarden covers for sure. I’m sure Metallica will put on a tribute for Chris for their set this Sunday. Maybe even Metallica will perform a Soundgarden cover ’cause that would be badass.


RIP Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017…

Sad and heartbreaking news. The music industry lost another music legend but this music legend was an important one. He was important to all of us.

Chris Cornell was mostly known for being the lead singer and guitarist for the Seattle metal band, Soundgarden. Everybody liked to call them a grunge band but I always looked at their music as “metal”. Soundgarden has been a huge part of all of our lives whether you were into their music or not. They were definitely a huge part of mine.

I was a young teenager during the 90’s when all this so-called “grunge” music was going on: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, etc. All of their videos were being played all over MTV back in those days and all of their songs were being played on the radio. Soundgarden pretty much started the whole 90’s hard rock movement.

If you’re a long time Soundgarden fan then chances are, you may have seen them in concert before. Maybe you saw them once, maybe you saw them many times. I never saw them before wishing I did, though. When I was a kid during junior high back in those days, I would listen to Soundgarden albums on CD: “Badmotorfinger” and “The Superunknown” were two albums that I listened to a lot during my high school years. I was also a big fan of the Temple of the Dog album too.

I was always fascinated with Chris’s voice. He was undeniable the greatest singing voice in rock n’ roll. The man had it all vocally. He could sing really low to high pitch screams.

I followed Soundgarden’s career over the years and even followed Chris Cornell’s solo career after Soundgarden’s breakup. Then Soundgarden reunited to release the latest album, “King Animal”.

Chris Cornell was one of the biggest inspirations to me of wanting to become a musician. He was the one who helped me want to become a singer myself.

Then we have Audioslave which is another Cornell band that I followed, I have all three of their albums. For Chris Cornell solo albums, I only have three of them “Carry On”, “Euphoria Morning” and “Higher Truth”. I tried to follow all of his projects as much as I could.

I just loved listening to him sing like everyone else. He’s just one of those singers you would never get tired of hearing. Each time you hear him sing, he gives you goosebumps.

One overlooked thing about Chris Cornell is that while he’s a great singer and guitarist, he was also one of the best lyricists too. He would write unique lyrics. He had a different style of lyric writing and his lyrics was always so deep and inspiring. A lot of people don’t recognize him for his amazing style of lyric writing. When I listen to his music, I’ve always read along to his lyrics as he sings ’cause his lyrics were so amazing.

Chris Cornell was a hero of mine and an inspiration to my own music as well. Thanks Chris, you are now up there with Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone doing a duet together.



Temple of the Dog will reunite and tour for the first time…

Chris Cornell formed the band, Temple of the Dog in the year 1990 ’cause he wanted to pay tribute to his friend Andrew Wood (who died of drug overdose) who was the singer for Mother Love Bone. The band Temple of the Dog featured Chris himself and members of Pearl Jam. Yes, even Eddie Vedder was in Temple to sing backup vocals for a few  songs and sung parts of “Hunger Strike” w/ Chris. The song “Hunger Strike” became a huge hit… the video was played constantly on MTV/VH1 and the song was all over the FM radio back in the day. I’ll never forget it. “Hunger Strike” is one of my favorite songs of all time and I still love the song now. Will Eddie himself be a part of this tour so he can sing “Hunger Strike” with Chris? Probably. That song can only be sung by those two guys, nobody else. I can’t see anybody else singing Eddie’s vocal part toward the end of the song, “I’m going hunnnnngggggrrrrryyyyyyyy” and then Chris goes, “going Hungry aaahhhhhhhhhhhh”. You get the deal.

The Temple of the Dog tour just announced, yeah, this is the band’s first tour ever ’cause the band never toured. They just recorded in the studio ’cause they wanted to make a tribute for their friend. That’s all they made that album for.

They’re doing this as a celebration for the 25th anniversary of that album they did. I used to have that album on CD but not sure what happened to it. Maybe somebody borrowed it from me and never gave it back or whatever but this reminds me that I should get this album again. I’ll probably buy it from Itunes sometime.

Question is, will Temple of the Dog record a second album together in the studio? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see what the band decides. I’d love them to do a second album.