All the Chris Cornell band tributes start coming in… they’re all good but…

While I’m enjoying all these rock bands tributing Chris Cornell, the only thing though that so many of them try to sing like him but it’s impossible to do. Chris was quite a singer and had quite a range so it’s gonna be hard to sing like him. In fact, nobody can sing like Chris. There maybe a few singers out there that maybe pretty similar but nobody could copy Chris’s singing voice.

Singing Chris’s songs is hard to do… even I tried it. Whether you try to sing Soundgarden songs, Audioslave or his solo material, you’ll never reach his extremely high notes. Nobody will ever be able to sing like Chris, ever. Chris was totally unique and was a total original.

All these bands do a good job but the vocals man, that’s the thing, even Ann Wilson seems to be struggling when she was trying to sing “Black Hole Sun” on Jimmy Kimmel. (see video in youtube) Chris was that type of singer. He touched all of us with his singing, even me. I listened to Chris’s music throughout my whole life pretty much.

Chris may have been a liberal guy politically but still he was very talented and plus, Chris was a cool guy. He was one who didn’t ram his political opinions down our throats. Kept his focus on the music.

I think the best Chris Cornell tribute I’ve seen so far was Train’s version of “Black Hole Sun”. Train killed that. I’m not a big Train fan but Patrick Monahan is a great singer. I might get into Train music more.

Will I do a Chris Cornell tribute video? Thinking about it and probably will. Trying to decide whether I should do a guitar cover or a vocal cover. Probably a little bit of both.


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