Um yeah, Trump is such an Islamophobe… take that libtards!!!

Wow. Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend is pretty historic for sure. Liberals spent all year calling Trump a bigot, Islamophobic, Xenophobic and all kinds of names. Making ridiculous claims that he hates Muslims. Bernie Sanders, HRC and die-hard liberals did all that to Trump.

Well here ya go, liberals. Trump seems to be enjoying himself in a Muslim country and they seem to be enjoying him too. They gave him a warm welcome in Saudi and liberals hate it. Liberals tried to make it look like Trump hated Muslims and this weekend those claims has been shut down for good. It’s pissing liberals off as they hate being wrong.

Trump had a historic speech at an Arab Summit today which I did watch speaking about Islamic terrorism to Muslim world leaders which was pretty ballsy.

I used to be against Islam totally but after seeing what happened in Saudi with Trump’s visit, maybe Muslims are pretty cool after all? Maybe Islam isn’t that bad but it’s radical Islam we’re trying to stop. Big difference.

I’m seeing that liberals are going crazy. Going out of their minds seeing that Trump doesn’t hate Muslims and Muslims don’t hate him. Pretty funny stuff. LMAO!

Take that Bernie, you old clown!


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