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Can we finally please stop talking about Russia? Trump finally vindicated! He never colluded with Russia…

Yes, the Russians were meddling in the 2016 elections but it’s not what you think. Liberals had this crazy conspiracy theory that Trump was colluding with Russia so he can win the election and make Hillary lose.

Then here comes Robert Mueller investigating this so-called Trump/Russian collusion. He has been investigation this Russian collusion thing for a long while. For a while, it may have looked like he has been trying to take down Trump. It really has been looking like that but turns out, instead Mueller was actually after the Russians and not Trump. Mueller who is the US Special Counsel started the Russian investigation.

As of today, Rod Rosenstein announced that 13 Russians have been indicted and a few other Russian companies as well for interfering in the 2016 elections. They were interfering long before then. Rosenstein made it clear in the indictment that there were no allegations that Americans participated in the meddling with Russia which means Trump and his 2016 campaign didn’t do anything. He also said that the Russians meddling in the elections did not impact the outcome of the elections.

While Trump wasn’t colluding with Russians trying to get him to win, it turns out that the Russians were actually helping him during the elections. Russians were actually helping Trump during the 2016 elections, but once Trump won… they quickly switched to anti-Trump… hope I’m getting this right. They were also anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. Well to me, it’s no surprise since commie Russia are big Bernie fans since Bernie is a die-hard commie himself.

So there you have it, anti-Trumpers. GAME OVER! YOU LOST! No collusion like we’ve all been saying for a long time!

Can we finally shut up about Russia for once and move on? This Trump Russia thing was getting tiresome. Trump is finally vindicated. This was pretty awesome what Robert Mueller did. It’s like playing 4D chess. Hopefully he’ll be after Hillary next and I think that’s his next target. Looks like he is after Hillary and not Trump. My bets are on it.

This is what draining the Swamp looks like.



Sara Idleman gives illegal aliens credit for keeping the local farms going around the North Country… she’ll lose the election for that reason…

Wow. This is crazy and nuts,, but no surprise to see that this Democratic hopeful to Congress is on the side of illegal aliens and not us Americans. Sara Idleman is just another dumb lunatic and insane Democrat like the rest of ’em. Sara Idleman the Greenwich Town Supervisor and former 8th Grade History teacher (Yeah, she was my History teacher back in 8th grade but I’m not afraid to be real about her and call her out on stuff).

I read this article and almost threw up in my mouth when I read the “Farms and Immigrants” part. Idleman making absurd claims that illegal aliens are the ones that keeps the local farms going in the North Country going and thriving. Yep, she gives credit to illegals on farms instead of actual American farmers.

For one, illegal aliens shouldn’t be working on farms anyways. They need to be deported and they need to get the hell out of this country. Secondly, American farmers work real hard on farms putting food on families tables and delivering milk to local stores around here. Really sad that Idleman doesn’t give American farmers credit. American farmers that are actual citizens. Actual Americans too work on farms that nobody wants to do.

Idleman is trying to get bipartisan support on her policies and ideas, but I don’t see how both sides of the spectrum is going to support her views on “illegals working on farms”. Liberals will probably support her over this stance but the “right” will trash her for this. She’ll only get partisan support on this. She and the Post Star calls them “immigrants” like a typical Democrat refusing to say what they really are: illegals.

She thinks she knows so much about farms around this area, but she has done nothing to improve farms. Just “all talk and no action”.

It’s obvious she’s after the Republican vote but I don’t think Republicans around this District won’t support her wacky ideas. We can’t elect Idleman to Congress. We don’t need another insane and delusional Democrat obstructing against Trump’s MAGA policies.

Hey NY21 voters, if you’re planning to vote for the Midterms… I would suggest you vote Russ Finley. If you’re a Republican and a Trump supporter, Russ Finley is the guy you want to vote for. Look him up. Russ Finley is a Trump supporter and MAGA candidate which means he’s probably all for the Border Wall and getting illegals out.

I’m not a big fan of Idleman at all. She’s crazy and insane like a typical Democrat in Congress.

What has she accomplish around the area other than being a 5 Time Town Supervisor? I can’t think of anything. She’s done nothing to improve the Town of Greenwich. When she talks all the good stuff, don’t believe her. She just lies to get votes.






Amazing how overhyped “Fire and Fury” book is… forget that trash… get “American Pravda” instead…

So I went out to Barnes and Noble earlier today ’cause I wanted to pick up “American Pravda” book by James O’ Keefe which I have in my hand as you can see here. So I decided to do a little joking around by making fun of the “Fire and Fury” book by recommending people if they want to read real news read “American Pravda” and not that “Fire and Fury” trash by Michael Wolfe.

When I walked through the Barnes and Noble doors, it didn’t surprise me to see copies of “Fire and Fury” all over the place. It took me a while to find “American Pravda” and I found several copies on a shelf at B & N.

I see all this at B & N and I’m like, “Why is American Pravda kind of hard to find in the bookstore when ‘Fire and Fury’ is all over the fucking store?”.

Yeah, it’s no secret that major bookstores are very liberal. You won’t find many pro-Trump and pro-Republican books in them. You’ll find mostly liberal books in the “Current Affairs” section. While it is appalling that you’ll mostly see anti-Trump books at a bookstore, it’s no surprise to see all that, though.

It is funny as hell how Wolfe’s “Fire and Fury” is over-hyped to death, yet it’ll be a book no one wants to read. “Fire and Fury” will quickly go to the Bargain bin just like it happened with Hillary’s, “Hard Choices”. “Fire and Fury” is tabloid trash, “American Pravda” is real.

I’ve been a long time fan of James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas for a long while. What he’s doing is good stuff and he is waking a lot of people up. I haven’t read “American Pravda” yet but gonna get around to it soon ’cause there’s other books that I need to get to.

O’ Keefe is doing a good job exposing Fake News Media. I’m going to tweet this pic to James O’ Keefe himself and see if he’ll retweet it. I’m sure he would.



The FISA Memo is here… FBI and DOJ corrupt to the core like we’ve all been saying…

If you want to know what Nune’s FISA Memo is all about then you should read the real thing which is posted right here. Don’t read about the FISA Memo through the media and liberal social networking groups ’cause all they’re gonna to do is spin the truth and make lies about Republicans. These Democrats and lefties will never take responsibility for themselves. Each time they get caught doing something stupid, they always rush in to defend themselves like they’re doing now.

Like I said, don’t read about the Memo through the media ’cause they just want to paint a different picture and brainwash you.

Read the real thing and make your own judgements:

I’ve read the FISA Memo twice and it’s crazy stuff. No surprise, though. We always knew that the FBI and DOJ were corrupt to the core. Now we finally have the facts to prove that. No doubt, Barack Obama messed up the FBI and DOJ. Federal law is broken now ’cause of him.

The memo shows that the FBI, DOJ, DNC, Hillary Clinton and the media all colluded with each other to try and sabotage the Trump campaign. The Steele dossier which is a group of documents that includes the already proven fake Russia collusion, but the FISA courts went ahead and approved the warrants anyways. The Memo also shows that Comey knew the information in the Steele dossier were unverified. Hillary and the DNC helped pay for the Dossier. The Steele dossier is phony, we all knew that. No evidence of the Trump/Russia collusion and the FBI knew that. They all did.

There are also other crazy stuff in the Memo too. Comey and McCabe signing away the FISA surveillance applications. There were others that signed the FISA applications too especially Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein. Steele lying on the FISA application about not providing information to Yahoo news when he did. All the stuff with Page/Strzok plotting against Trump. All a bunch of crazy shit.

All these people involved in spying on Carter Page, Trump and the rest of the Trump campaign needs to be locked up. This is a pretty serious Federal crime and they’re all looking at years and years behind bars. Lock ’em all up… that includes Obama, Clinton and Holder. Yes, that Eric Holder. No wonder Eric Holder was freakin’ out about this on his twitter, lmao!

I’ve been saying all along for many years on my blogs that the Obama administration and the Clintons are corrupt to the core. I spent years and years trying to wake everybody up and all people did over the years was laugh at me. They just ignored me and called me nasty names like call me a conspiracy theorist and bat-shit crazy right-winger. Do you believe me now?

Obama was who the media and the left elected in office. Hillary Clinton was the one who the media and the left wanted in office in 2016. The Deep State tried to make Trump lose the election but they failed miserably obviously. They tried to control Trump but they couldn’t. They failed at that too. Even though the media beats Trump up all the time and the Democrats tried to take Trump down… Trump won the election anyways. How? It wasn’t Trump colluding with Russia that made him win… the American people made him win. We voted him in office. I’m glad the government released this Memo ’cause this affects the voters.

This is what transparency looks like. The media and the FBI tried to get Trump to redact the names but Trump wasn’t having it and released the full Memo with names and all. Trump is no Obama, haters. The left worships Obama like a King but he’s the least transparent president of all time. This is a guy who released redacted documents, seals college records, hid birth certificate and all that crap. Remember, Obama is not in office anymore. This means that Trump can release all the confidential Obama stuff from the White House any time he wants to.

Remember this historic day… 2/2/2018. Yes, this is bigger than Watergate. They all need to go prison. This is what draining the swamp looks like and Trump did exactly that today. Another campaign promise. Thanks Devin Nunes!

While Devin Nunes did a great thing for America, it’s not really him who is the hero. Who is the hero of the FISA Memo getting released finally? It’s us! The American people. We fought so hard to get the FISA Memo released and the politicians listened to us. The Trump base are the real heroes. Good job, Trump supporters! I’m proud of you all! Easy Trump re-election in 2020!



Today the FISA Memo could get released any time today…

Well the White House and Trump announced the news that they will release the FISA Memo anytime today. I got up early this morning to wait for it to come. No Memo out yet but I’m sure it will come out later today. Mark this day 2/2/2018 as “Release the Memo” day. Today is gonna be a historic day where criminals in government will finally be exposed. This is what “Draining the Swamp” looks like, y’all.

If the FBI, DOJ and Democrat politicians are all scared to death of this Memo then they’re probably on it. They all had a hand in spying on Trump during the 2016 elections probably. I hope more government crimes will get a mention on the Memo like Benghazi and Operation F&F possibly. We’ll have to wait and see what’s on it. This Memo will finally prove that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are criminals too.

When the Memo gets released today, I’ll read it and give my thoughts on it. Should be interesting. Today is not gonna be a good day for the left. This Memo could finally bring down Barack and Hillary. Lock ’em both up! Long overdue too. Lock everyone else responsible too. Lock ’em all up!

The left is already panicking and attacking the right-wing community like mad about this. Just wait until the Memo comes out and see how the left reacts. They’re gonna get all fired up, I’m tellin’ ya so get the popcorn ready. The shits about to hit the fan!


Trump’s very first ever “State of the Union” last night thoughts… all that did was prove that Democrats and the hardcore left despises America…

Yes, I watched Trump’s very first “State of the Union” speech last night and man, like everyone else, I’m blown away! I’m so glad and very happy that I voted Trump. No regrets at all voting the man in office and I’ll gladly vote for him again in 2020! That speech made me very proud to be an American.

Obama turned America into a negative direction and Trump’s goal is that he wants to turn America into a positive direction. We’re on our way there! How did Obama turn America into a negative direction? Well, he came pretty close to destroying the country’s economy for starters. He divided the country between political parties the right and the left. He also divided blacks and whites again when it comes to race relations. Obama made it okay to hate the police and he made it okay to hate religion and the military. All Obama did was ram Islam down our throats throughout the 8 years of his presidency and he tried to put illegal aliens before the American people. Not only that… Obama is a criminal and fraud. He committed too many gov. crimes and got away with all of them (Benghazi, Operation F &F, Fake birth certificate, etc.). Trump wants to reverse everything Obama has done to us and Trump is doing a good job of that so far.

The economy is in good shape again which feels nice and so refreshing yet Democrats sat down when Trump tried to explain how the economy is good in this country. Democrats even sat down when Trump said that African-American unemployment is now pretty low. They sat down when Trump was talking about tax cuts which are helping big businesses and small businesses in the country.

Democrats sat down throughout most of the SOTU. It was pathetic. I always knew that Democrats were pretty bad politicians, but this time they were the worst ever. They were so rude and disrespectful to sit down through all of Trump’s guests. Why did they sit down for the families of the two girls that were murdered by MS-13? They were a black family and Democrats didn’t stand up for them. Shameful. I thought black lives mattered to the Democrats? I guess not! Black lives only matters to them when a white cop kills a black criminal. When a criminal kills a black person that doesn’t matter to them.

Democrats sat down when Trump was honoring military heroes such as Ashlee Leppert… you want to look at courageous and empowering women… look no further. Democrats are all about being courageous and empowering well they didn’t stand for what Leppert has done. She rescued people from hurricane ruins and she rescued a woman by helicopter… the women Ashlee rescued had four children with her. Appalling that Democrats sat down for that.

Democrats sat down for a cop who adopted a baby and the baby’s mother was addicted to opioids. That was a powerful story and Democrats didn’t stand for that. They also didn’t stand for Preston Sharp, that young boy who placed American flags at soldiers grave.

They sat down to other military heroes and sat down when Trump was talking about the two North Korea captives. Ya know… Otto Warmbier and Seong-Ho. The Seong-Ho story was the most inspiring, though. Democrats were disrespectful pieces of shits to sit down for them.

The guests that Trump had at his SOTU were the real heroes and Democrats disrespected them. The mainstream media or “Fake News” media are disrespecting them right now. I’m seeing some media outlets trashing them already.

The Democrats sat throughout the whole SOTU. The whole thing was obviously planned out by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The facial expressions on those two last night were priceless, though. I had a good laugh watching them. Bernie’s facial expressions were hilarious too.

With all this being said, this was Trump’s best speech. This is why we elected the man. Trump is 100% pro-America just like most of us Americans. That’s the only reason why the left hates Trump and his supporters ’cause they know we love America. The left really showed their true colors last night. They are evil and despicable people. Welp, looks like they’re gonna get voted out on Nov. 6th later this year. I hate to take sides like this but after last night, it’s a good time to take sides. I’ll never vote Democrat ever again.

When Democrats and the left hate Trump, it’s not about his policies and ides at all. It’s not about Donald Trump when the left hates. It’s America that the left hates. The thing is the left are still living under the delusion of Obama’s America, that’s the problem. Well this isn’t Obama’s America anymore so get over it. This is not Trump’s America either. This is our America and Trump made that clear last night. America is for all of us. It’s amazing to me that Democrats sat down throughout most of it, even the good stuff.

I look at all of this going on at the SOTU last night and I ask myself, “Jesus, the left really takes those Democrats seriously?”.

I guess you can say that I can support the Republican Party after last night. They looked really happy. I never saw Republicans that happy before. That’s how amazing of a man Donald Trump is, he knows how to work with people. If only Democrats would ever get off their high horse and unite with us ’cause we really need that. It’s going be hard to get Democrats and the left to unite but Trump will figure it out somehow. This “left vs. right” bullshit gotta end sometime. It’s getting old, ya know? I do know Republicans used to be pretty bad but now they are awesome. It took Trump a while to get Republicans on the Trump Train. There are some Republicans that still hate him though like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and a few others but screw them.

More people saw that Trump isn’t such a bad man after all and we love him even more now. It was such a great speech. Best SOTU I’ve seen in years. Trump gets better and better with his speeches each time. I always loved to listen to him. He’s such a good speaker.

Be ready for the midterms on Nov. 6th and vote all red. Democrats are done. To all you leftards who supported those Democrat politicians, I hope you feel proud of yourselves. The left has always been horrible at supporting politicians. They always support the wrong people. We on the right are good at it. We know who is right for the country and Donald Trump is that man.


My tweet calling out the double standards of Hillary and Donald using curse words goes viral…

Am I a twitter superstar now? Looks like I’m getting close to it! haha…

Over the weekend, a Huffington Post writer dropped this video of a drunk Hillary praising women that are feminists and activists. Then you hear a woman who was holding the cell phone camera got Hillary to say “activist bitches supporting bitches”.

Hillary Clinton Shout-Out To “Activist Bitches” Draws Raised Eyebrows Online

After I saw the video, I posted the tweet above for a laugh. I just posted it as a joke. I go away from my computer for a while after posting it and then about an hour later, I see that the tweet got over a thousand retweets very quickly. As you can see, the tweet has now over 18,000 likes. I guess you can say that the tweet has definitely gone viral for sure.

Even though I was joking, I was serious in a way. Calling out the double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to the left about using curse words. Because of my tweet, my notifications exploded and the traffic on the notifications kept busy all weekend and still going too. A huge debate between the right and the left going on about this on my twitter.

I got the right and the left all fired up which is amazing. Sometimes my tweets does get a lot of retweets but this is the most I’ve ever gotten. Not only that, my twitter has gotten more exposure in the right-wing community. I now have 705 followers for sure.

There is an interesting debate on this, however. I’m getting attacked by the left like mad on this tweet which is all you need to know about the left. There’s a couple of arguments of the left about this tweet and I’m about to give my thoughts on them right here:

The left-argument #No 1: Hillary was referring to some activist group… 

Um, no. She was referring to all women who were all activists and talking about die-hard feminists and all that stuff. I think she was referring to all the women marching, wearing the pink hats and all that, ya know? She was talking about the women who goes after Trump about allegedly treating women badly and all the sexual misconduct stuff going on in Hollywood lately. She wasn’t referring to a particular group. She was referring to all women. Whatever the left came up with the idea that she was talking about a certain group, I’m pretty sure that was a media lie to make her look good. I did research on the such group and no such group. A media lie for sure.

The left argument #No 2: Hillary is not president and Donald is… 

Well, at least they finally admitted that Donald Trump is their president and Hillary is not, lol. It doesn’t matter who is the president and who isn’t. Swearing is swearing. There’s no difference at all. It’s funny as hell to me that the left are trying all their best to explain the difference between them using curse worse. They said Hillary was positive and Donald the racist when he used “shithole countries”. Funny shit. The left is totally brainwashed by the media. They probably get this stuff from CNN and liberal FB groups like Occupy Democrats. It’s pathetic.

Hillary may not be president but she ran for the 2016 election and if she’s planning on running for 2020, she shouldn’t be using that language at all either. If they don’t want Trump using bad language then she shouldn’t be either. That’s the double standard I’m talking about.

The left argument #No 3: Hillary empowering women by calling them bitches… 

I love how the left is desperate in trying to justify Hillary for using the curse word “bitches” and act like she has every right to say it. It used to be offensive to call women “bitches” but wait for it. The left will make it okay to call women bitches very soon. Black people call women “bitches” and “hos” all the time but they get no flak for it but when white men call women “bitches”, everyone will hate you for it. What is wrong with this messed up world? More double standards for you all.

The left argument #No 4: Hillary was just drunk..

Hillary was always drunk. Hillary always had a drinking problem. She looked drunk through all the debates during the 2016 campaign trail. Could that explain all the collapsing? Anyway, the left wants to obsess over Trump’s health, I would take a guy who eats McDonalds over a dumb alcoholic any day, thank you. I’m glad we don’t have an alcoholic in the White House.

I guess I touched a nerve of the left with that tweet. Honestly, I didn’t think that tweet would get that much attention.

If you want to get popular on twitter, just tell the truth. That’s all you gotta do. Also, the right-wing community loves it when the left are triggered and I triggered the left pretty good with that tweet. If I want my twitter to get even bigger, I gotta think up some more tweets to trigger the left even more. If I keep it up, I could be like those popular conservatives on twitter.