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Video footage on Charlottesville violence…

I’ve never watched too much video footage on Charlottesville violence except the only other footage I’ve seen was when the car rammed into another car, the one that killed that poor lady.

Just finished watching this footage and it’s crazy. People beating each other up, pepper spraying each other and police in their full riot-gear just standing there doing nothing. Why did the police stand there? Well, somebody obviously told them to stand-down.

I also heard the Mayor Mcauliffe response to this and it was weak. His response was totally one-sided. He only condemned the White Supremacist side but refused to call out BLM/Antifa.

If you live in a city or small town that has a Democratic mayor then you probably don’t feel safe at all. A lot of cities and small towns in America have a Democratic mayor which is sad, in my opinion. I’m sure they all encourage political violence and they allow illegal aliens to live in their cities/towns.

When it comes to Charlottesville, I’m on no one’s side. This shouldn’t have to happen at all. We really need to unite somehow ’cause this is going way too far. This isn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. They’re reversing everything Dr. King fought for and it’s sad.


Media is still negative on Trump ’cause they’re trying to keep people’s minds off of Trump’s successes as president…

While it’s no surprise to see that the media is still attacking Trump at every turn, I can understand why they’re doing it.  Trump is doing great things for America. He really is making America great again like he promised he would do. Some Americans can’t see that ’cause the media wants to ignore Trump’s successes as president. That’s why they continue to lie about his approval ratings.

Media is attacking Trump over Charlottesville violence, all this violence between white supremacists/KKK/neo-nazis vs. BLM & Antifa… ya know, the whole thing that the internet is talking about. Media was all over Russia collusion 24/7 and now the media turned it’s focus on Charlottesville instead of Russia. Notice the Russia talk has suddenly disappeared?

Good things are happening to America right now. Economy is booming like crazy. Stocks are going up, GDP going up, jobs are improving around here and illegal immigration has gotten pretty low. Now Trump is gonna get our infrastructure get all straightened out.

Trump is already making America a powerful country again; the media and NeverTrumpers are clearly hating it so they attack him at every chance they can get. They won’t simmer down on the Trump bashing ’cause they hate him out of jealousy and that’s the end of it. They know he’s winning and doing good things for America. Trump showing support to our police and the military, something Barack Obama never done.

As far as this whole Charlottesville thing goes, Trump is right that there are violent people on all sides. I just love how he’s calling out the violent left ’cause the left are getting violent. Yeah, no doubt there are scum bags on both sides of the spectrum. There are even scum bags on the conservative side. I’m not denying it.

I do agree that all this hatred toward each other has gone way too far and I totally blame that on Barack Obama and the media. George Soros is to partly blame too. Violence is never the answer, no matter what your political views are. It’s not even cool if a conservative beats up a liberal, I’ll condemn that too.

Back to the media, though, they better be careful. While the media turn a blind eye on Trump’s successes as president, that’s not gonna make him lose 2020. The Trump base is much bigger than ever before. Trump is gonna win the re-election easily. Sit-tight, haters. It’s gonna be a long 8 years for you all.


We finally have a president who’s aggressive at our enemies… this is what we elected him for!

For many years, we’ve dealt with weak presidents who were horrible at responding to enemies when they threaten us or other countries. When was the last time you heard a president who was aggressive at our enemies? We had presidents who either sat back and did nothing or saying weak  things like,  “Cut it out”.

Fat Boy Kim wants to be a tough guy and threaten a tiny little island, well it’s time for Trump  to be a tough guy back. Some  of you may ask why would Trump want to save Guam? Well, Guam is a huge ally for the United States… kind of like Israel is a huge ally for us.  Guam is a US territory which means we’re a part of them, we’re in control of that little island.

I’m tired of our country having weak leaders. We finally have a president who acts “tough”. Fat Boy Kim needs to realize that Obama isn’t running the US now. Just another idiot who thinks the US have a weak leader. To other countries that hate us like North Korea, Iran, etc. — listen up, there’s a new Sheriff in town so take note, y’all.

I  love Trump’s “fire and fury” comments; it scared the hell out of people and when people get scared, you know he’s doing something right. We’ve had weak leaders for decades and yes George W. Bush was pretty weak at responding to 9/11… oh yes he was, I won’t deny it.

I would say it’s finally time to take out Fatboy Kim. That man is very dangerous and evil. I hope Trump drop bombs on him, fuck him for all I care.


This video is a huge part of why I’ve gotten into bodybuilding and boxing to begin with… it’s not safe in America anymore thanks to race baiter Obama…

I’ve been into bodybuilding for at least several years now or a little more. I’ve just started boxing training but now there’s no boxing class at the Y anymore which kind of sucks but I continue to train in boxing on my own, though. I just practice my boxing skills on a heavy bag at the gym. Well, at least I have some fighting skills so I can stand up for myself with.

A few young white kids were just hanging out on the pier just trying to enjoy their day but all of a sudden they were jumped by black thugs.

Like the title says, it’s not safe in America anymore thanks to loudmouth Obama and other race baiting Democrats. This is what people like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder,  etc. all started. Those guys got black people to hate white people again.

In this day and age in America, you gotta learn to defend yourself when you go out. You gotta hit the gym, lift weights and build muscle. Learn how to fight too like get into boxing or martial arts training. I’m still thinking about getting into martial arts.

If something like this happened to me, I would do whatever it takes to defend myself and others. Something like this wouldn’t have lasted this long and the attackers would have been scared of me. I would have gotten the attackers to run off pretty quickly ’cause my temper can be pretty scary when I lose it. People haven’t seen me pissed off in person before but if you ever got to, watch out.

These kids that were attacked were pretty weak and couldn’t defend themselves. They just let those thugs beat them up. If you don’t feel like learning how to fight, then this is a whole reason for a gun permit, y’all. Things like this is what guns can be useful for. Think about it, right?


Was Gen. Kelly & Trump right to fire Anthony Scaramucci aka the Mooch? No, I disapprove of it and here’s why…

Some of you probably wanna know my thoughts about this story going on in the White House, well here ya go…

For once, I disagree with Trump’s actions on something. Gen. Kelly and Trump both agreeing to fire Anthony Scaramucci aka the Mooch who was gonna be the new White House Comms director but sadly the Mooch’s career as comms director was short-lived. Only lasted for several days, unfortunately.

For once, the Trump administration did something that I disagree with. I really liked the Mooch a lot. I watched that one press briefing he did at the White House and I immediately liked him. Why? Anthony aka the Mooch is a very-well spoken guy. Really, the guy is a great speaker and one of the main reasons why I liked him a lot ’cause he was one guy who is not afraid of brutal truth. Sean Spicer was too nice to reporters and Mooch wasn’t afraid to get all over them. On top of all this, the Mooch is definitely a big time “alpha male”. He’s a confident, fearless and dominate guy much like Trump. A guy who isn’t afraid to lead.

As soon as Mooch was confirmed as new White House comms, he got popular pretty quick. He was quickly becoming just as big as Trump and already getting a lot of recognition.

I disagree with Trump and Gen. Kelly firing Mooch from the White House ’cause I thought that it was pretty heroic of Mooch trying to stop all the leaks in the White House. That’s all he was doing really. Mooch was the only guy in the White House who had Trump’s back 100%. Mooch warned Trump about Reince Priebus about leaking stuff and all that and Priebus got fired by Trump all of a sudden. Shortly after, now Mooch gets fired.

For what, though? Sarah Huckabee Sanders the new Press Secretary said Mooch said some inappropriate things in Trump’s admin and she was probably referring to Mooch’s comments in this article…

Mooch saying vulgar things like “suck my own cock” and dropping the fuck word. To me, it’s understandable how Mooch went on a vulgar rant ’cause he was upset with all the leaks going on in the White House and all he wanted to do was to stop it all. That’s why he wanted Reince Priebus gone. Mooch succeeded in ousting Priebus which was a heroic thing and now Mooch gets fired after? Really?

Trump claims Mooch got fired ’cause he was saying inappropriate things about Reince Priebus and others in the admin.but I don’t believe it. I believe Mooch got fired ’cause he was too much of an alpha male and was gaining popularity quickly.

I’m not alone that I think this firing was unfair for Mooch; other Trump supporters are with me on this too I see.

If you look at Mike Cernovich’s twitter, he says all the leaks going on  are coming from the interns working in the White House. Cernovich claims Jared Kushner blocked pro Trump interns in the White House and now they’re recording conversations and leaking them to the press in retaliation which makes a whole lot of sense really.

Mooch is a hero really ’cause all he was doing was trying to stop the corruption in the White House… Mooch was trying to “drain the swamp”.

I thought the firing was wrong and unfair. I’m still on the Trump Train, though, just gotta be real. I’m not one of those that’ll kiss Trump’s ass on everything like I’ve been accused of ’cause I have disagreed with him on things before. A lot of Trump supporters will not admit this was wrong ’cause they’re so one-sided and they’ll stick with him on everything no matter what. I’m not like that, though.

From this point on, whenever Trump says or does things I disagree with, I’m gonna say it. I think it’s time, ya know? I’m not a big fan of Gen. Kelly either… the guy’s on a power trip and that’s what it’s all about.

Remember now, I’m still on the Trump Train… I love Trump but it’s a good thing to finally be real on him. I feel kind of bad for Mooch, though… seeing that he sold his company SkyBridge Capital so he can go for the White House job, went through a divorce and now he loses his White House job. A shame.

Ah well, the Mooch didn’t deserve all this. I thought he was freakin’ awesome and thought he did a great job in that one press briefing he did. I was impressed. I’m even more impressed that he was trying to drain the swamp in the White House. He got Reince Priebus out so I’m thankful for that. We’ve been trying to warn Trump about Priebus for a long time. Priebus is corrupt to the core and glad he’s finally gone. I believe that Priebus only accepted the Chief of Staff position to take down the Trump presidency. All these leaks coming from the White House, we all believe Reince Priebus was the leaker. All those leaks about this Russia/Trump collusion and leaks about other things. The leaks about those Donald Trump Jr. e-mails, I’m sure Don Jr. was a victim of Reince Priebus. Once again, Priebus only accepted the job hoping to destroy Trump and Priebus pretends to be a Trump supporter so don’t trust him, y’all.

Thank you Mooch, you did a good thing for the American people!!! Mooch was just trying to save the president’s ass and that was all! So there’s my rant about all this.







Tried to give John McCain respect but no more… the guy is a piece of garbage and always will be!!!

So Sen. John McCain spent years and years of railing against Obamacare aka The ACA. He spent years railing against Obamacare even under Obama as president. Now here comes McCain voting against what the internet calls the “skinny repeal”… meaning a GOP bill that would take out parts of the ACA. The bill was called the Health Care Freedom Act that was introduced by Mitch McConnell.

The skinny repeal bill failed to pass the Senate ’cause three Republican Senators voted against it and not surprisingly, John McCain is one of them.

My question is why would those three Senators be against the HCRA???

From the article:

The Health Care Freedom Act would have repealed Obamacare’s individual and employer mandate, provided states flexibility on Obamacare insurance regulations through waivers, increased Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits, repealed Obamacare’s medical device tax, and defunded Planned Parenthood for one year.

That sounds pretty damn good to me!!! Why would they be against that? It’s like, huh? Really? It would have gave the HSA more money, get rid of medical device tax and defund P.P. for a year. All that sounds awesome!

I guess the three Senators that voted against that wanted to side with Democrats again. They’re RINO republicans. It’s clear that McCain doesn’t care what the American people thinks ’cause right after he voted down on the HCRA, he laughs with Chuck Schumer as you see in the pic above.

McCain is a traitor and backstabber; he just stabbed Trump in the back, that’s what he did. Anyhow, fuck that McCain clown. He has always been a clown… he’s a terrorist sympathizer and helped start the rise of ISIS so fuck him. Again, I tried to give him respect due to his brain cancer but regardless of that, he’s still a piece of shit. McCain just helped Democrats is what he just did. No surprise. He’s a RINO republican, he sides with Democrats on a lot of things.

It’s going to be very challenging to repeal the ACA when the GOP continues to be divided. Truthfully, I don’t care what healthcare bill the GOP comes up with… I just want the ACA gone. Any bill is better than the ACA ’cause anything is better than Obama.

I tried to give McCain another chance due to his brain cancer but after this — McCain no longer exists to me.


WTF??? Loser Hillary to release new book titled, “What Happened” in Sept. of this year… lmao…

Well… at least Hillary’s next book won’t have her ugly face on the front cover this time. Loser Hillary is set to release a new book titled, “What Happened”, a new tell-all book of her giving details of what it’s like to run for president. In other words, I’m sure this book will be nothing but full of whining and her pointing fingers at people like usual. I’m also sure the book will be full of Trump bashing. *yawn*

Hillary will never get over losing; and she will never get the hint that no one likes her. The people on the right-wing community hates her guts and even many on the left hates her guts. The only people who still love Hillary are those delusional die-hard leftists and there aren’t many of those people out there so it’ll be interesting to see how this book sells. I am predicting that this book will get quickly thrown in the bargain bin just like Hillary’s last book, “Hard Choices”.

Yeah, I read a lot of books on politics; but I refuse to read anything by Loser Hillary. I would much rather read these books on politics instead: Milo’s “Dangerous”, Mark Levin “Rediscovering Americanism”, Newt Gingrich “Understanding Trump”, Sharyl Attkisson “The Smear” and Dinesh D’ Souza’s new upcoming book, “The Big Lie”. If you want to read books on politics, read stuff like those. Don’t read any books by die-hard leftists. I’m actually interested in reading Milo’s book and will buy it soon.

Anyhow, FUCK HILLARY! I wish this evil cunt of a woman would go away forever. What happened is that the American people have spoken. We wanted Trump as president so we got him. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?