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Thoughts on Elon Musk officially being the new owner of twitter… bye bye Jack Dorsey and good riddance!

Well yesterday was a pretty history making day as you all know Jack Dorsey the man who founded/started twitter has sold his “twitter” platform to Elon Musk, aka the billionaire who owns Tesla. Elon Musk offered to buy twitter for $44 Billion shortly after Elon bought some of twitter’s stock. The twitter board tried to block Musk’s offer and sale at first but later Jack and the twitter board accepted to sell twitter to Musk. Now Elon Musk is officially the new owner of twitter.

That was a deal they couldn’t refuse… 44 Billion is a lot so now they are all rich people ’cause of that deal. I’m sure the former employees and staff of twitter split that money with everyone. I’m sure Jack kept most of it, of course. I think Jack Dorsey was looking like that he was getting ready to move on from twitter anyway.

This is a big deal… twitter censorship is way out of control and it’s ridiculous. Finally, someone came around to stop it all. A lot of prominent conservatives were banned from twitter like Milo Yiannopolis (SP?), Bill Mitchell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump and Juanita Broadrick was just banned on there a few weeks ago, I think.

So many conservatives were banned/locked out of twitter permanently including myself. Yes, I guess I got banned on twitter just for using the word “cunt” in a tweet and I got banned for that, lol. I didn’t get banned by a moderator or anything, it was an automatic algorithm thing. I tried to restore my regular account but twitter intentionally makes it difficult on ya to keep you out. I still try to get into my original twitter account but still can’t.

Now that Elon Musk is the official new owner of twitter, hopefully ALL banned conservatives would be coming back and restoring their original accounts. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into my original twitter account real soon and hopefully none of us will ever get banned again just for having “conservative” opinions.

It’s pretty obvious that lefties hate “free speech” and “conservative opinion”. It’s hilarious, ya know? I’ve had lefties get on my ass for years for having different opinions and view points than theirs. I’ve had lefties get onto me about the usual topics like gay marriage, abortion, lgbt, gotten called a racist for criticizing Islam and been attacked for saying stuff about “black lives matter” and shit like that. If that isn’t hating “conservative” opinions then I don’t know what else it is. The thing we say aren’t offensive or controversial at all. The media just wants to make it seem like it’s wrong to have conservative views. We shouldn’t get banned or censored for saying any of this stuff, it’s ridiculous.

What Elon did was incredible. He’s definitely a master negotiator… I’m impressed and blown away. What he did was very heroic. Hopefully he keeps his “free speech” promises and twitter will no longer target conservatives.

Twitter is now under the ownership of Elon Musk so there will be lots of upcoming changes. I’m sure the twitter design and features will stay the same, though… it’s just going to become private pretty soon and lots of changes. Hopefully we get our banned accounts back too, lol.

We’ll see how this goes and yes, I’m a die-hard conservative and pretty proud of it!


No surprise that Facebook is losing users and stocks… it’s about to become the next myspace…

Ya know, I find it funny that tiktok was to blame that facebook lost uers and its stock market. It’s like, seriously?

Um no, the real reasons everyone is not liking facebook anymore is for several reasons listed here:

  • Massive censorship… all the fact checks, getting suspended or what they call it “FB jail” is a huge problem and people are fucking tired of it. This is one reason people leave.
  • FB being a platform for liberals… it seems that FB is intentionally turning their social media platform for liberals only is that their goal? Seems so. Conservatives are getting suspended like crazy but lefties don’t get any punishment for saying stupid things, what gives?
  • Not enough privacy… this might be one of the big issues FB has… not enough privacy like they keep promising.
  • FB steals information when they claimed they don’t… they’ve been exposed for that, remember?
  • Seems like FB is a cesspool for drama and trolls… another reason people leave is cause of the drama and bullshit. Getting cyberbullied by people is a big problem, ya know? You can’t trust anyone nowadays, including your own friends and family. This is another reason people hit the “deactivate” button.

I can go on but those are the big ones, I would say. Really though, the no. 1 reason people leave is really the massive censorship going on.

Of course Zuckerberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything and blames tiktok.

I’d like to leave FB but I have my own reasons for not leaving. There’s a couple of reasons why I stay but I would rather keep those for myself.

FB losing users and stock market is no surprise and Zuckerberg should have seen that one coming. FB used to be fun but right now it is horrible.


The Problem With Facebook…

I’ve stumbled upon this interesting video in facebook where a guy talks about “The Problem With Facebook”. He talks about how facebook/youtube and social media makes their money and how we’re the facebook advertisers and shit like that. He also goes into a little discussion where he explains it’s very hard to get people to like your posts like your status, photos, etc.

He is so right though that all people care to see in facebook are wedding photos and baby photos. Plus, people get obsessed with photos of their pets and selfies.

It is hard to get people to like your stuff.

When I post on my personal facebook page… a lot of people don’t hit the like button on my posts too much even though I try to make them positive and fun as possible. Sure, like one or two people will hit the thumbs up button on my posts but not a lot of them. It seems that the only time I get people going on my facebook page is when I post a controversial political topic or if I post something everyone disagrees with… those are the only times I get a big discussion going but other than that… people ignore everything I post like the movies, music, etc. I don’t know why that is but facebook proves that people can be really weird and they can be honest in a way too. Sad but it is what it is.

I also try my best to promote my facebook music fanpage and while I try to get a lot of people to join my page only very few are kind enough to support it. My facebook fanpage has only about 47 fans. That page is just for my musician stuff related only. It’s really hard to get people to support and like you in facebook.

This is part of why Facebook is not a good social media tool for promoting music. To all those bands/artists that do have a lot of fans chances are they paid for those, “likes”. So just because a band has a lot of fans on their page doesn’t necessarily mean they are something special. There are all kinds of bands/artists in facebook who try to make themselves look big and popular when technically they are nothing.

This is why bands/artists shouldn’t rely on facebook to promote themselves. If you want your music to become a little more well-known then your must promote yourself the best you can and market yourself everywhere as much as possible besides the computer. Bands/artists rely on the internet only with their music these days. A lot of them can be lazy at promoting themselves.

If I only have very little support in my social media world on the internet, I’m okay with that. I’m not desperate for popularity. A lot of people are these days. I would like to get more support, of course, but I’m not too worried about it. I’m happy with the small support I have now.

Check out this interesting video, this video has nothing to do with bands/artists but the same advice applies to them too when it comes to facebook.



Thought: Why Facebook is the place for famous bands to announce big news…

A certain reader on this site was making claims, famous bands don’t use facebook to announce big news. This reader also claims that if a famous band were to announce breaking news, they would do more. Not true. You see, bands use facebook to announce huge breaking news is not only most national bands have around 6 million to 10 million fans or way more following their page, another reason bands use facebook for exclusive news is ’cause of the media. The Entertainment news media is always on facebook looking for exclusive things to report.

Before the Rolling Stones announced their greatest hits album, they were doing similar teasers in facebook, then Led Zeppelin did it. After both bands announced their big news, the media were all over it. The media loves to look for official news from bands. Famous bands don’t need to do more when announcing big official news, ’cause all they have to do is post it on facebook, and everyone will be all over it. Facebook seems to be a huge marketing tool for famous national bands in major labels. It’s where everyone looks at these days, and like I said before, no one looks at their official “(name band here).com” sites anymore. Fans do look at the bands official sites still yes, but it’s most likely their longtime die hard fans that mostly like to look at them. If a band wants to draw more people to their sites, they would post a link their facebook pages.

Just the other day, Neil Young just exclusively announced in facebook that he’s releasing a new album with Crazy Horse called, “Psychedellic Pill” (I didn’t see him post about it in his website yet), and next thing you know, I’ve seen the news media doing articles about it. Ac/Dc also announced today FACEBOOK exclusive that they are releasing their first live album in 20 years, “Live At River Plate”, sure enough, the media started publishing articles about it. I believe Bob Dylan announced his new album “Tempest” in facebook as well, before everything else got to it. Lady Gaga used facebook to announce her next album, “ArtPop”. If I remember correctly, Metallica used facebook to announce their own Orion festival.

The entertainment news and media are all about social media. Facebook is a huge part of this world now. It seems that’s where everyone lives on. The facebook band “like” pages has millions and millions of fans, that’s why the media concentrates on them. Facebook seems to be the only way for fans to see what their favorite bands are up to. Why do famous national bands use facebook for big news? Well, it’s a quicker way to get the news out. Instead of wasting time posting it on their official sites or doing marketing else where, all you need is a post in facebook, the world would be all over it in a second.

That’s the way social media works and that’s how facebook is changing the music industry. It’s called technology. Get with it.