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No surprise that Facebook is losing users and stocks… it’s about to become the next myspace…

Ya know, I find it funny that tiktok was to blame that facebook lost uers and its stock market. It’s like, seriously?

Um no, the real reasons everyone is not liking facebook anymore is for several reasons listed here:

  • Massive censorship… all the fact checks, getting suspended or what they call it “FB jail” is a huge problem and people are fucking tired of it. This is one reason people leave.
  • FB being a platform for liberals… it seems that FB is intentionally turning their social media platform for liberals only is that their goal? Seems so. Conservatives are getting suspended like crazy but lefties don’t get any punishment for saying stupid things, what gives?
  • Not enough privacy… this might be one of the big issues FB has… not enough privacy like they keep promising.
  • FB steals information when they claimed they don’t… they’ve been exposed for that, remember?
  • Seems like FB is a cesspool for drama and trolls… another reason people leave is cause of the drama and bullshit. Getting cyberbullied by people is a big problem, ya know? You can’t trust anyone nowadays, including your own friends and family. This is another reason people hit the “deactivate” button.

I can go on but those are the big ones, I would say. Really though, the no. 1 reason people leave is really the massive censorship going on.

Of course Zuckerberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything and blames tiktok.

I’d like to leave FB but I have my own reasons for not leaving. There’s a couple of reasons why I stay but I would rather keep those for myself.

FB losing users and stock market is no surprise and Zuckerberg should have seen that one coming. FB used to be fun but right now it is horrible.


Facebook getting rid of its trending news section as a way to battle “controversial” news… seriously??? It’s just a way to help Dems win the midterms, nice try though, Zuck!

This one is just funny. This is FB’s definition of “controversial” trending news the way I look at it: any news that makes Pres. Trump and conservatives looks good. to them that makes it controversial. Ever since FB launched the trending news in 2014, they had a tough time trying to battle trending news sites that puts Trump and conservatives in a positive light. Conservatives called “liberal bias” in the trending news and Glenn Beck was one of the first ones to point it out. Of course, Suckerberg immediately denied “liberal bias” and ended up having a meeting with Glenn Beck ’cause of it.

Later on, to battle “conservative” news, Suckerberg did something else by having a pop up message when you post news links and it shows you where you get your source from.


FB is trying very hard to battle conservative news, they want to get rid of it all and stop people from talking about conservative things that’s why conservative news has been trying to trend more and more. Now it looks like Suckerberg is gonna get rid of the trending news completely.

FB and twitter are both trying their best to battle conservative news. How is twitter doing it? Well when conservative news stories start trending on twitter, Jack will just simply delete  itoff the trending section. Another way twitter battles conservative news is that they censor conservatives and Trump supporters on twitter by simply shadow banning people, suspending their accounts, deleting tweets, etc.

Deal with it lefties…. conservatism is HUGE again. It really is and it’s obvious liberals can’t take it. All the censorship and liberal bias in social networking is just a way to help Dems win the midterms which isn’t happening. It’s a shame, though ’cause I used to like FB and twitter and both are starting to drive me up the wall. Fuck Mark Suckerberg and Jack Dorsey… both of them are scum bags.


Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on FB. This is a must watch!!!

I’ve always known that Facebook has always been a cesspool for liberal bias… twitter is pretty much the same thing. My support for Ted Cruz has been on and off over the years but I think it’s back on again. This video is amazing! Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on facebook.

In this video, you see Ted Cruz not being afraid to call out Zuckerberg to his face about conservative censorship on FB.  Ted tries to ask him about if FB is a neutral public forum but Suckerberg couldn’t answer the question. He goes off by saying it’s for all ideas and makes a bunch of excuses that FB doesn’t accept “hate speech”, “nudity”, “terrorist content”, blah blah blah so you can see that Suckerberg is clearly denying liberal bias. So Ted Cruz here gives some examples of conservative censorship and you can clearly see Suckerberg couldn’t answer that one. Suckerberg continues to deny liberal bias on facebook as you can see. Since Suckerberg continues to deny it, Cruz gets on to Suckerberg even more by asking him if he’s aware of any liberal pages been taken down by FB and Suckerberg of course, says “No”. Suckerberg clearly couldn’t answer that one and was completely stumped. Cruz just wanted to prove his point about liberal bias on FB and did that beautifully.

This video is golden… I had to watch it a couple of times. This is Ted Cruz defending conservative freedom of speech. Ya know… Freedom of Speech works both ways. It’s not a one way street for liberals, but FB, twitter and other social networking pages wants to make it like that.

I was once a victim of conservative censorship on FB. One day I’ve had something weird happen to my FB and then I looked in my Support Inbox in the settings and FB sent me a message saying they’ve taken a post down due to nudity. I’m like, “What?”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post nudity at all ’cause I know it’s the rules of the TOS. I was pretty sure FB has taken down a post with conservative views or I’ve posted something positively about Trump.

Anyway, it is interesting though how people want to deny liberal bias on social networking. If you want to continue to deny it then why is it that conservatives and Trump supporters are always getting punishment and liberals get no punishment? Liberals are always saying hateful and abusive things to people everyday, you try to report them and nothing happens to them. It’s always the right-wing community getting punishment by the staff. I’ve always believed that social networking pages just wants to destroy conservatives and they are in bed with liberals.

Why is there liberal bias in social networking? Elections is the key, I must say. It’s how they try to make Democrat politicians to win elections. They want to make it seem like conservatives don’t exist and that’s why they censor them. Not only the mainstream media is corrupt to the core, social networking is corrupt to the core too.

I think FB should be shut down and I could care less if it goes ’cause FB is garbage anyways. Always has been and always will be. Liberal bias on FB is not the only reason why it sucks so much. FB is garbage ’cause people are crazy. Too much negativity, soap opera and drama… plus I’m tired of all the baby pics, animal pics and stupid memes.

Can we bring the old myspace back with Tom running it, please? I really miss those days. The old myspace was better. It’ll be great if myspace made a comeback.


Is there liberal bias in the facebook news trends? Of course there is, I always knew it…


If Mark Zuckerberg is denying it then it is probably true. Facebook is being accused of suppressing conservative news in the facebook trends and accusing FB of being liberal biased. Ya know like, FB treating conservative news negatively and always treating liberal news positively. That’s liberal bias.


I’ve always saw that the facebook news trends is full of liberal bias. I have always saw that ever since the facebook news trends was first put up. A lot of people want to pretend that liberal bias doesn’t exist but it really does. Liberal bias is everywhere… in social networking and in the news media.

If liberal bias in facebook news trends doesn’t exist then why does it always treat liberal views positively and conservative views negatively? There’s plenty of evidence of liberal bias in facebook like switching your facebook profile pic to a rainbow after gay marriage was legalized, FB treating LGBT rights positively, FB treating Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders like they’re god, FB treating Donald Trump like he’s the enemy, FB treating Caitlyn Jenner like a sweetheart, etc. Need I go on?

I have never seen FB trends treat conservative news positively. They don’t really trend conservative news anyways for example… they won’t defend traditional marriage, they won’t defend the 2nd amendment, they won’t trend news topics of Muslims hurting people, they won’t trend topics on illegal aliens hurting people either, they won’t trend topics that has something to do with patriotism and loving America, the trends won’t support the 2nd Amendment, the FB trends don’t support pro life, etc. Once again, need I go on? You get the idea.

I’m so sick of liberal bias everywhere. Ya know, I don’t mind liberal news… I just want the news to be fair on both sides of the spectrum, ya know? It’s fine that they want to report liberal news, I don’t give a shit. I just want the news to be honest regardless of political views and I think most Americans feel the same. That’s why we all want Donald Trump as president.


Kanye West asking for money from Mark Zuckerberg, is Kanye in debt ’cause of the Kardashians?

We’ve tried to warn Kanye that having Kim Kardashian in his life would be toxic for him but he didn’t listen to us. Kanye takes to his twitter to rant about how much he is almost broke and he’s $53 million in debt. Now he’s asking for Mark Zuckerberg for help. Some of you are probably wondering what my thoughts about this are well here you go. It was only a matter of time that Kanye would get destroyed ’cause of the Kardashians. He’s gonna go broke ’cause of them. Kim K. married him to take his money.



The Facebook “dislike” (or thumbs down) button is on the way, says Mark Zuckerburg…

Some have wanted the facebook “dislike” or the thumbs down button for many years but it looks like they’re finally getting their wish. Facebook is planning on making that happen.


To be honest, I don’t like the idea of a “dislike” button and hopefully they’ll give you the option to turn it off if you want to in the “settings”.

I don’t want people hitting the “dislike” button even if the post is good, positive and informative. Some will hit the “dislike” button just for the sake of bullying others and that’s my problem with it, ya know? People will hit the “dislike” button just for the fun of it. That’s why I don’t agree with it.

I’m disliking facebook more and more. I came back to it ’cause I have too many supporters and a few friends I like to talk to in there.


Facebook’s gay rainbow profile pics, an experiment to spy on your data???

This is interesting but at the same time, no surprise. While the Supreme Court shady ruling of “gay marriage” got facebook all excited and when they all changed their profile pics into a gay rainbow, they’ve must of fallen for a big scam. The rainbow pic was an experiment to mess with your minds. It was also an experient to get all of your personal data and spy on you.

Check these articles out:



I left facebook in perfect timing. 🙂

This was the big reason I left facebook, the gay rainbow. Seeing it all over people’s profile pics including all the celebrity & bands pages annoyed the hell out of me. So I said fuck ’em and left quietly without telling anyone. I don’t feel guilty leaving facebook as I still feel very happy about it. I’ve grown to hate facebook with a passion anyways. I got better things to do.


The last person you want to trust is Mark Zuckerberg…

Some of you would like to know my thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg publicly calling out President Obama about the NSA spying on facebook. While it may seem exciting that Mark Zuckerberg might be taking a stand on this, the last thing you wanna do is trust this man. I think Zuckerberg and Obama have been working closely behind the scenes of spying on facebook. They’ve been working together on it. Mark is pretending to be against government spying ’cause he’s just helping to protect Obama and trying to help cover him up too. The Facebook company is just as broken and corrupt. Mr. Zuckerberg is a lying hypocrite.

Mark is a liberal piece of garbage who totally ruined facebook anyways.


Is facebook pretty much worthless now? I would say definitely, yes…

A few years back, I signed on to facebook, so I can personally interact with friends, people I went to school with, family members, local musicians around the scene, etc. Just to keep in touch with people I know and see what they’re up to and all that stuff. That is what facebook was originally used for. I hate the way facebook is now. Facebook was originally supposed to be an online community where people can get together, but it’s not like that anymore. Today all we get is nothing but baby photos, pics of people’s pets, facebook is loaded with stupid memes and inspirational quotes, that’s it’s almost pointless to use facebook now.

Don’t get the wrong idea, that I like to add random people and try to get as many friends as possible in facebook. I’m not that desperate for popularity as that is not what I use facebook for. I try not to add random people, but sometimes it can’t be helped, since my web presence is slightly popular still.

In my facebook personal page, I try not to post too much memes and inspirational quotes. I only post something that I like once in a blue moon if it catches my attention and if I agree with. I don’t obsess with the memes too much. My goal on my facebook page is to entertain people the best I can just like I do on here for this site. On my facebook, I like to talk about a variety of topics. I do my best to keep my personal life out of things, although, once in a while, I’ll write in to tell everyone what I’m up to, where I’m going, and once in a while I’ll post a rant about my life off the computer, sure.

I know how to use facebook pretty carefully. I’m starting to dislike facebook now. It is also not the best marketing tool for bands & musicians either, and I’ll have another post about that soon.

This is why I like twitter way better. A lot of people like to shit talk twitter, on how it’s boring and they don’t understand it, but they think like that about twitter ’cause they don’t get much followers and not many people are paying attention to them, even though they have a lot of followers on facebook. Twitter is better for a lot of reasons. I’ll have another post to explain why too. It’s facebook that is bad, that is just my opinion.

People are horrible at using facebook. There are way too many illiterate people around and they’re just irresponsible using social networking sites. Falling for fake “re-share” this giveaway contests, too many accounts has been fished or hacked, people posting way too much drama stuff, etc.

Is it always a good idea to rant about how much life sucks or how much you’re having a bad day? There maybe freedom of speech and you can speak how you please, but in reality, ranting about your personal life which I see people do everyday, is NOT a good idea at all. You can ruin friendships and your family life, get fired from your jobs, all kinds of bad karma will come out of it. I try to stay out of people’s personal business and soap opera stuff when they put that stuff up publicly.

I just want my facebook page positive and entertaining.


Report: Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion…

I don’t use Instagram like most people ’cause I don’t take a lot of photos. I also don’t have a mobile phone yet. I don’t think I’ll ever get one. I do have a cell phone and an Ipad, that’s all the gadgets I need.

If I see something interesting when I’m out, I’ll take a pic using the cell phone. Not sure if the regular cell phone accepts the Instagram app, I’ll have to find out.

Mark Zuckerbrrg purchases, Instagram, the popular photo sharing site.