Is facebook pretty much worthless now? I would say definitely, yes…

A few years back, I signed on to facebook, so I can personally interact with friends, people I went to school with, family members, local musicians around the scene, etc. Just to keep in touch with people I know and see what they’re up to and all that stuff. That is what facebook was originally used for. I hate the way facebook is now. Facebook was originally supposed to be an online community where people can get together, but it’s not like that anymore. Today all we get is nothing but baby photos, pics of people’s pets, facebook is loaded with stupid memes and inspirational quotes, that’s it’s almost pointless to use facebook now.

Don’t get the wrong idea, that I like to add random people and try to get as many friends as possible in facebook. I’m not that desperate for popularity as that is not what I use facebook for. I try not to add random people, but sometimes it can’t be helped, since my web presence is slightly popular still.

In my facebook personal page, I try not to post too much memes and inspirational quotes. I only post something that I like once in a blue moon if it catches my attention and if I agree with. I don’t obsess with the memes too much. My goal on my facebook page is to entertain people the best I can just like I do on here for this site. On my facebook, I like to talk about a variety of topics. I do my best to keep my personal life out of things, although, once in a while, I’ll write in to tell everyone what I’m up to, where I’m going, and once in a while I’ll post a rant about my life off the computer, sure.

I know how to use facebook pretty carefully. I’m starting to dislike facebook now. It is also not the best marketing tool for bands & musicians either, and I’ll have another post about that soon.

This is why I like twitter way better. A lot of people like to shit talk twitter, on how it’s boring and they don’t understand it, but they think like that about twitter ’cause they don’t get much followers and not many people are paying attention to them, even though they have a lot of followers on facebook. Twitter is better for a lot of reasons. I’ll have another post to explain why too. It’s facebook that is bad, that is just my opinion.

People are horrible at using facebook. There are way too many illiterate people around and they’re just irresponsible using social networking sites. Falling for fake “re-share” this giveaway contests, too many accounts has been fished or hacked, people posting way too much drama stuff, etc.

Is it always a good idea to rant about how much life sucks or how much you’re having a bad day? There maybe freedom of speech and you can speak how you please, but in reality, ranting about your personal life which I see people do everyday, is NOT a good idea at all. You can ruin friendships and your family life, get fired from your jobs, all kinds of bad karma will come out of it. I try to stay out of people’s personal business and soap opera stuff when they put that stuff up publicly.

I just want my facebook page positive and entertaining.


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