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The last person you want to trust is Mark Zuckerberg…

Some of you would like to know my thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg publicly calling out President Obama about the NSA spying on facebook. While it may seem exciting that Mark Zuckerberg might be taking a stand on this, the last thing you wanna do is trust this man. I think Zuckerberg and Obama have been working closely behind the scenes of spying on facebook. They’ve been working together on it. Mark is pretending to be against government spying ’cause he’s just helping to protect Obama and trying to help cover him up too. The Facebook company is just as broken and corrupt. Mr. Zuckerberg is a lying hypocrite.

Mark is a liberal piece of garbage who totally ruined facebook anyways.


Rand Paul vs. President Obama, it’s officially on!!!

Sen. Rand Paul has been planning a lawsuit against President Obama over the NSA scandals and he’s had a petition making the rounds of the web. The lawsuit is officially filed.

Check it out, here.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this lawsuit plays out. I’m having a feeling that this will get Sen. Paul no where ’cause with money, power and professional lying… Obama could win the dismissal easily.

I’m fearing for Rand Paul’s safety now… hope he doesn’t get himself into a fatal accident.

I’m wishing Sen. Paul good luck, though! Get him!


Obama’s NSA reform…


I didn’t bother watching Obama’s speech ’cause I knew that all he was going to do is spew out a bunch of lies and bullshit.

Pauper says that Obama is shredding the Constitution to pieces? I agree. He’s doing no different to what he’s doing with the NSA… shredding the Constitution to pieces. Oh yeah, and the Patriot Act doesn’t make this legal either so don’t get me started.

Obama is such a piece of garbage. It’s amazing he hasn’t been impeached yet. He hasn’t yet ’cause him and Boehner are gay lovers and sleeping together.

If you believe everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth at any of his speeches then you’re an idiot too.


And this is why Rand Paul is my choice for President 2016, I’m praying for his safety, though!!!

Get ’em, Sen. Paul! The judge may have declared NSA spying and phone records legal but that still doesn’t make it legal.

I’m afraid this will get Sen. Paul no where, though. With money and power, Obama will win the dismissal easily.

Sen. Paul should be careful, though. I really meant it when I said I’m praying for his safety. Sen. Paul could end up like Paul Walker or end up getting the heart attack gun on him.

A president is not above the law, guys. Quit acting like he is.


NSA and US government spying… finally declared unconstitutional!!! HELL YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Well, well, well, look at what we have here. After Edward Snowden exposed the government that the NSA has been spying millions of Americans, it was debatable whether or not Edward Snowden was right/wrong or the NSA was right/wrong. The government defended themselves and claimed that Edward Snowden was wrong and the NSA was right. Turns out that it’s now the other way around. Edward was right all along and the Government was wrong!

The judge said that the NSA and US government weren’t doing this to fight terrorism either.

More on the story, here.

This should be GOOD enough for the articles of impeachment papers to be handed in. Richard Nixon lied about spying/wiretapping but he got in deep trouble for it. Should President Obama get in trouble for this too? Yes. Absolutely… he should be held accountable.

I always knew what the government was doing was illegal. It was no surprise to me and people kept defending Obama and the government making claims they had every right to do it.

Get with it… Obama’s a liar and he was just exposed in another HUGE lie. You see? That’s all the man ever does. Pathological liar. I don’t see how you can defend him over this.

Thanks Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest news I’ve heard all year long!!!!