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Happy birthday, President Trump…

I don’t feel ashamed at all for being a Trump supporter. In fact, I think it was one of the best decisions of my life to support him for the 2016 elections. We haven’t had great candidates in elections in decades and finally we get a good one. There was just no way in hell that I was going to support Hillary. Couldn’t do it. Yes, people gave me shit for supporting Trump but I don’t let that crap bother me. If people are ripping you for supporting Trump then chances are they supported Obama over the years. They were die-hard Obama fanatics.

So far, I’m very impressed with President Trump in office. No regrets voting for him and no regrets supporting him at all. I feel very proud. While it is disappointing that Trump didn’t build the wall yet and Hillary is not in jail yet, who cares. What matters most is that Trump really is making America great again. If you believe that Trump hasn’t been delivering promises then you really are brainwashed by Fake News and liberal social networking. Trump’s been delivering most every promise so far with the exception of the Wall and locking up Hillary but other than that, Trump is doing a great job so far and I’ll gladly vote for him again in 2020. Trump is going to win the re-election no matter what you think. After the successful Trump and Kim Jong-un meeting, I think he’s definitely going to win the re-election.

I know the IG report has been released today on Trump’s birthday and I’m going to get around to reading reports about it tonight. I don’t feel like reading a 500 page pdf documents so I’m just going to read articles online about it instead.

Happy birthday, Mr. President and I’m sure he’s having a good day today despite getting sued by the NY AG over the Trump foundation. I respect the man so much ’cause people beat him up verbally everyday and he just keeps working. The man is the master.



President Trump responds to tough guy Robert Deniro!!! Hilarious!!!

At the Tony Awards over the weekend, Robert De Niro had some things to say about Trump while introducing Bruce Springsteen as a performer. De Niro happened to go off-script and go on a rant about Trump. De Niro dropping F bombs saying, “Fuck Trump” which seems to be a favorite liberal saying. Well De Niro said that on live TV, he said “Fuck Trump” twice actually.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that De Niro publicly attacked Trump remember in 2016 De Niro did a video saying that he would like to punch Trump in the face.

Well today, Pres. Trump himself responded to De Niro on twitter. Once again, Trump saying the same things like we’ve all been thinking. You see Robert De Niro may have played a lot of tough guy roles in the movies but that’s how he thinks of himself in real life. De Niro really does think he’s a tough guy. No doubt De Niro is a big narcissist and egomaniac. Notice that De Niro only picks movie roles that makes him look tough. Look at all these tough guy roles he did over the years: “Raging Bull”, “Taxi Driver”, “The Godfather Part II”, “Goodfellas”, “Cape Fear”, “Midnight Run”, “The Untouchables”, “The Deer Hunter”, etc. Doing movie roles that only feeds his ego.

If De Niro and Trump did a celebrity boxing match together who would win? I’m rooting for Trump, of course.

Look at Trump in this video when he appeared in WWE. Yeah, WWE is fake but you can’t deny that Trump is tough with those punches. You better watch it, De Niro. Don’t mess with Trump.

I think De Niro is a great actor and I respect him but his politics do suck, though. I wish he and the rest of Hollywood would shut up about politics. It’s a shame. I love movies and there are so many talented people in Hollywood but their politics are alienating movie fans and they aren’t realizing it yet.


Facebook getting rid of its trending news section as a way to battle “controversial” news… seriously??? It’s just a way to help Dems win the midterms, nice try though, Zuck!

This one is just funny. This is FB’s definition of “controversial” trending news the way I look at it: any news that makes Pres. Trump and conservatives looks good. to them that makes it controversial. Ever since FB launched the trending news in 2014, they had a tough time trying to battle trending news sites that puts Trump and conservatives in a positive light. Conservatives called “liberal bias” in the trending news and Glenn Beck was one of the first ones to point it out. Of course, Suckerberg immediately denied “liberal bias” and ended up having a meeting with Glenn Beck ’cause of it.

Later on, to battle “conservative” news, Suckerberg did something else by having a pop up message when you post news links and it shows you where you get your source from.


FB is trying very hard to battle conservative news, they want to get rid of it all and stop people from talking about conservative things that’s why conservative news has been trying to trend more and more. Now it looks like Suckerberg is gonna get rid of the trending news completely.

FB and twitter are both trying their best to battle conservative news. How is twitter doing it? Well when conservative news stories start trending on twitter, Jack will just simply delete  itoff the trending section. Another way twitter battles conservative news is that they censor conservatives and Trump supporters on twitter by simply shadow banning people, suspending their accounts, deleting tweets, etc.

Deal with it lefties…. conservatism is HUGE again. It really is and it’s obvious liberals can’t take it. All the censorship and liberal bias in social networking is just a way to help Dems win the midterms which isn’t happening. It’s a shame, though ’cause I used to like FB and twitter and both are starting to drive me up the wall. Fuck Mark Suckerberg and Jack Dorsey… both of them are scum bags.


Kim Kardashian hangs out with President Trump in the oval office… yes this is for real…

Well this one is unprecedented. Kim Kardashian, a die-hard liberal who doesn’t really hate the president? Wow. It may seem weird and all the liberals in America are thinking to themselves, “WTF?”. People would expect somebody like Kim K. to hate the president, but they are probably shocked to find out she has nothing against him. Yeah, no doubt Kim K. is a very liberal woman, so it looks like Kanye taught her well. I bet it was Kanye who taught her to respect and love the president. Is Kim a Trump supporter as well? It’s looking more and more likely that she is a secret supporter.

Anyhow, the reason she is there is ’cause she wants President Trump to pardon her great-grandmother who was jailed over non-violent drug offense and she was also there to talk to Trump about prison reform.

After Sylvester Stallone and now Kim K. visiting the president, other celebs should take note.

You don’t have to agree with Trump’s politics but that also means you don’t have to go hating on him either. It is possible to disagree with people but love them anyway. You should try it, liberals. It’s not that hard. It’s understandable that celebrities wants certain things from the president but hating on the guy is not how to get things done. Why don’t they try talking to the president himself to get things done? That’s what Kim K. and Sylvester Stallone just did. They worked with him instead of hating.

It may seem weird but I am liking Kim K. more and more. I think I’m a fan of hers now.


Thoughts on this whole Roseanne getting cancelled over tweet joking about Valerie Jarrett thing… just more double standards and left-wing hypocrisy… nothing to see here, y’all…


Some of you are probably wondering what my thoughts about this are by now. Ya know, Roseanne show getting canceled all of a sudden over a tweet Roseanne herself posted on twitter making fun of former Obama official, Valerie Jarrett. The reason Roseanne is in hot water for this is ’cause Roseanne made a joke about comparing Valerie Jarrett to Planet of the Apes and Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, liberals and the die-hard left are outraged… calling her racist and they’ve even gone as far as calling Roseanne supporters racist too. Sickening.

When will the left ever apologize for their harassment and bullying toward people who don’t think the same way they do? The left has said 10x’s much worse things to people on the right. So it’s okay to call Donald Trump an ape too? It’s okay to make fun of his weight and pick on his so-called health problems? It’s okay to pick on his hair and other things???

It’s okay for the left to call conservatives all kinds of nasty and horrible names like racists, white supremacists, nazis, misogynists, bigots, homophobes, teabaggers, islamaphobic and on and on and  on????

It’s okay for left-wing TV personalities such as Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Kimmel, Keith Olberman, Rosie O’ Donnell and others to spew their hatred toward Trump and conservatives?

This is the media’s view of the world: it’s good to be a liberal and bad to be conservative. Messed up.

As far as Roseanne comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape and a Muslim, she did nothing wrong, in my opinion. I thought it was funny and she’s so right on that. Liberals are upset ’cause it’s racist and Valerie is a black woman. Really? Um, no. Valerie is not a black woman at all. If you look at her skin, she’s definitely white. I don’t see how it’s racist at all. Just stupid libtards looking for a reason to call Roseanne a racist.

This whole thing was planned out and orchestrated by the media. They wanted Roseanne’s show pulled off the air and they got it. They waited for Roseanne to say something stupid and they jumped in on the opportunity to make her look bad. This is just more liberal double standards and hypocrisy like usual.

The left never gets hold to account for their horrible things they said and did, but it’s conservatives are always the ones that are getting in trouble. It’s so sickening.

Never apologize to the left; no matter how outraged and offended they get. I never did. We’re in an age where conservatives get in trouble for saying certain things even if there’s nothing wrong with them. Always stick to your guns and never cave into the left. I never did.

Roseanne didn’t do anything wrong and you know it, too. She got attacked ’cause of her support for Trump and for her “free thinking” beliefs. Period. End of story. When it was announced that Roseanne’s comeback show was going back to ABC, I predicted ABC would be the wrong network for it after the same network cancelled “Last Man Standing” over politics.

I’m tired of the ass-kissing toward Obama and his former administration officials.

Once again Valerie isn’t black, she’s an Iranian woman. She’s not African-American at all, lol. So what Roseanne did wasn’t racist.

I’m tired of the term “racist”. Most overused term in history. Come up with new attacks, idiots.

With all this being said, I stand with Roseanne Barr. All this makes me love her even more now. Her show will possibly be moved over to FOX which means even bigger ratings.


The rest of liberal Hollywoood must be shitting in their pants after hearing about Sly Stallone visiting the White House today…


Dear liberal Hollywood,

This is how you treat the president. Treat them with respect and gratitude. While most celebs are awful, Sly is one of the few good ones with an actual brain. You hear that, Robert Deniro?

Sly is a good man. He’s just one of those that doesn’t go around hating other people ’cause he’s better than that. Sure, I’m sure Sly doesn’t agree with some of Trump’s political views but he’s smart enough to treat him with respect and gratitude anyways.

Sly’s looking very happy, though, you can tell. Jack Johnson getting a pardon by the President was long overdue. Barack Obama was asked to do it in the past but refused. If it wasn’t for Sly, this wouldn’t have happened.

There was a time where Trump asked Sly to work for a position in his admin. but Sly refused. Trump and Stallone still remain friends as you can see here.

Most of Hollywood must be pissed as fuck at Sly for this but fuck ’em, though.


Sylvester Stallone was at the White House today to meet with President Trump about pardoning legendary fighter Jack Johnson (the fighter, not the singer)…

This is pretty cool. While taking a break from filming “Creed 2” in Philly, Sly takes a trip to Washington D.C. to meet President Trump about pardoning legendary fighter, Jack Johnson. The legendary fighter, not the singer. Trump just pardoned the famous boxer today.

What was fighter Jack Johnson in trouble for? Well he was arrested twice for crossing a white woman across state lines and it was against the Jim Crow laws at the time. Johnson was in a romantic relationship with a white woman named Lucille Cameron at the time. Johnson died at the age of 68 in the year of 1878. Johnson was also the first black world heavyweight champion in boxing.

Looking at the picture above, Sly looks very excited. It’s no secret that Sly is a huge Trump supporter which makes me an even bigger fan of Sly.

When is the Sly and Trump oval office photo coming? I’m sure it’s coming sooner or later.