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Lefties are hypocritical losers when they advocate for “No Hate”… Ugggghhhh… I’m so tired of it all!!!

Just a short rant… I’m tired of lefties going off about advocating for “hate” is not welcomed to people. It’s getting so boring and tiresome.

Yes, hate toward blacks, asians, mexicans/hispanics, etc. is not cool toward people of color but…

… these are the same people who has really strong obsessive hatred toward conservatives. Hate is not welcome, hey? What about their obsessive hatred toward people who think Republicans/Right-wing like their never-ending hate toward Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc.

These are also the same people who hate on black conservatives like Sheriff David Clarke, Herman Cain, Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens and people such as those.

How that’s unity going for ya??? Hate not welcome in America but what about this country’s hatred for “conservativism”??? LMAO!!!

Ugggghhhhh… I’ll rant more about this later this week but make it short for now… until then…


Liberals in facebook are obsessed with re-sharing memes, sad that most of them believe them…

I try not to be obsessed with political memes. I try not to re-share them too much ’cause I know most political memes are all bullshit… even the right-wing political memes are bullshit too but the liberal memes are the worst, in my opinion. FB liberal groups are awful. We have liberals in FB re-sharing a lot of garbage from well-known liberal FB groups like “Being Liberal” and “Occupy Democrats”. Here comes another dumb liberal facebook group that’s been getting a lot of attention by the left lately, “The Other 98%” is what I think they call  it.

I see liberals everyday re-share stupid liberal memes from various groups everyday. It’s annoying as fuck but I gotta deal with it, I guess. Most liberal memes are so one-sided. That’s all they are pretty much. Why are there so many liberal facebook groups? Well all those liberal groups would do anything they can to make the “liberal” party look good. That’s why they always re-share these memes that makes liberalism look good and make conservatives look bad. They’re always resharing quotes from liberal political figures that will make liberals drool over it. They also drool all over the liberal political memes that attack conservative political figures such as Donald Trump.

All these liberal facebook groups do is just to help promote “liberalism” and ram it down our throats even more. That’s also how a lot of people become “liberals” in social networking because most of them are totally brainwashed by these groups. If you want to know why a lot of liberals are so uneducated and dumb, it’s these liberal memes getting re-shared in facebook all the time that’s making them dumb.

If you think the MSM is bad with “fake news”, these liberal groups in social networking are much worse,  in my opinion. I just read these liberal facebook groups just for entertainment alone and it’s amazing how one-sided they all are. Wow.

It’s amazing that these groups try their best to make liberal political figures such as Barack, Michelle, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders look like “heroes” and good people when they are not. Most of us aren’t falling for their garbage ’cause we’re not that “gullible”. Liberals are trying to make themselves look good with these social network groups but it isn’t working. They lost the election this time ’cause of their “one-sided” opinions and dishonesty.

I don’t follow political FB groups too much well except for Breitbart News and that’s about all. I also try not to re-share political memes as I said above… the only time I re-share a political meme is if I agree with it or if it’s accurate. If a meme is accurate and actually “true”, it’ll probably be worth re-sharing but I try not to get into all them “memes” too much ’cause I have better things to do.



Donald Trump is getting a lot of endorsements from famous people, how many are Marco and Ted are getting?

Those so-called “conservatives” are all over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They think either one of them would be the best guy for prez but look at Marco’s and Ted’s polls. Marco and Ted are doing horrible in the polls. Marco and Ted aren’t getting too many endorsements either. Marco and Ted do get endorsements but not too many. Donald Trump however is getting too many endorsements from other politicians, celebrities, actors, sports stars, etc. Both Marco and Ted are in a desperate attempt to destroy Trump… they continue at it on their twitter pages. It’s just pathetic. Marco and Ted are just desperate to get all the Trump haters to vote for them, that’s all they’re doing really.

That’s the thing with the other GOP candidates. They live in this delusional fantasy world that attacking Trump is what America wants to hear when it isn’t. What America wants to hear are stuff that are best for the country and that’s what Trump does. It’s why we all support Trump ’cause he focuses on the country. The other GOP candidates are doing bad in the polls ’cause all they do is attack Trump instead of concentrating on America. Don’t you get it? The other candidates think they’re gonna get more votes by attacking Trump but their polls keep getting lower the more they do. America doesn’t want to see candidates attacking each other. We want to see candidates saying stuff that is best for the country, that’s what we all want to hear.

America is so hung up on trying to bring down Donald Trump when they should be focusing on bringing down Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. What kind of GOP establishment are we going to have when they go after Trump instead of Obama? That’s just more proof that the GOP are too friendly with Obama and always has been. When the GOP goes after a candidate in their own party… man that is messed up. I find it funny that all of these conservatives that go after Mr. Trump are still calling themselves conservatives.

Especially Ted Cruz whose new slogan is “Conservatives are uniting, This is our Time”. LOL! Really???


Ted Cruz just divided the conservative party, he’s not uniting us at all. It’s Trump supporters vs. Cruz supporters. Anybody that attacks Trump is not a real conservative, I’m sorry, y’all. I’ll always stand by it. If you attack Trump and call yourself a conservative, you’re a fraud. A closeted liberal is what you really are.

Conservatism wins when Trump wins the election in Nov.

Like I said before… when they go after Mr. Trump, he decides to retaliate, he gets them to drop out. That’s what happened to Jeb, Carly and Rand Paul. Give it time… Marco and Ted will drop out too ’cause they can’t handle the pressure from Trump.


It’s pretty obvious Obama hates conservative people, we all know it!

Obama didn’t care to attend the funeral of Margaret Thatcher either. He also never gave any acknowledgement to Navy Seal Chris Kyle as well. So Barack Obama refusing to give any compassion to people with conservative beliefs that just passed away says all about the man. He hates conservatives. It’s pretty obvious I would say. Obama has always been a pretty one-sided guy. Why are liberals in America are always so one-sided? It’s because liberals are just like him. They’re one-sided people ’cause he is.

Obama is always talking positive things about liberal politicians and never talking anything bad about them except the only time I remember him disagreeing with a liberal politician is Elizabeth Warren over the TPP trade but that’s about all. Yet, Obama is always being disrespectful to conservatives. Him being afraid of Donald Trump also speaks volumes of how Obama hates those conservatives.

We can’t have a president who is on one side. Many would accuse Donald Trump of staying on the right but not really. If you’ve been paying attention, Trump has always said he gets along with both liberals and conservatives so he always respected both parties. Trump’s vision for America is in the interest of the country not for the party if you know what I mean. He said repeatedly that no matter what your political views are, he wants to make America Great and Safe again for all… not just for a certain party.

Obama has always been disrespectful and hateful towards conservatives. There are a few things that we know what Obama hates: Conservatives, Christians, white people and most importantly he hates America. Obama loves liberalism, homosexuals, Muslims and terrorists. Quite sad I would say.


GOP candidates and radio talk show hosts trying to “redefine” conservatism but doing a horrible job at it…

There are too many losers on the right claiming to be “conservatives”. That’s what those jackass GOP candidates are trying to prove. I think Jeb, Ted, John Kasich and Marco Rubio are trying their best to redefine “conservatism” just so they can try to make Mr. Trump look like a closeted “liberal”. Seems like a lot of people wants to believe that Mr. Trump is a fake conservative but I don’t think he is at all. All of these famous radio hosts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are also calling themselves “conservatives”… but they support Ted Cruz. I can tell you for sure that all those GOP candidates I listed (Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio) are not real conservatives ’cause if you do your research… a lot of those guys still have some liberal views which is a term called RINO. Most GOP candidates are RINOS except for Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump who are the true conservatives.

Allow me to define on what “conservatism” is. “Conservatism” is someone who truly believes in America 100%. They believe in the Constitution 100%. That’s who Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump are, they are the true constitutionalists and true patriots. Both of those guys show their love for America while guys like Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio have some left wing views still… they also have some views that are against the US Constitution. I know Mr. Trump is a true conservative ’cause all of his views are that he believes in America 100%. A real conservative is anybody who doesn’t agree with anything “liberal”. Those are the people who stay away from liberal views. That’s Mr. Trump.

All Mr. Trump is doing is exposing all those fake conservatives and I fucking love it! He’s even exposing all the Bush’s who claims to be Republican/Conservative and that includes George W.

Yeah, I know Mr. Trump attacking the Bush’s may seem kind of “left-wing” a little bit but come on, y’all. 9/11/01 happened under George W’s watch so we should go after him no matter what side we are on. I’m not on one side at all as some would mistakenly believe. I too think George W. should be held accountable.

Mr. Trump is the real and true blue “conservative”. I know he is. That’s why many other so-called “conservatives” are going after him ’cause they know he’s too “conservative”. Think about it, right? I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a conservative and hating on Donald Trump then you’re not a real conservative. You’re a closeted liberal and have been all along. There are way too many fake “conservatives” out there and all Mr. Trump is doing is exposing them all. You’re a real “conservative” when you support Mr. Trump.

That’s also why so many bash us for supporting Mr. Trump ’cause they know we’re too “conservative” and it’s pissing them all off.


Why you shouldn’t listen to liberal opinions or viewpoints…

Liberals are very one-sided people. They’ve always have been and always will be. I ignore liberals like the plague these days. I don’t debate them at all. Why? Read Laura Ingraham’s tweet above and you’ll see why. It’s a proven fact that liberals won’t let us have our own opinions or viewpoints. When they disagree with us they’ll do anything to silence us. They’ll go as far as calling us every name in the book like “racist”, “bigot”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Whatever they could in order to silence us.

Liberals will only believe what the mainstream media tells them. If you call yourself a “liberal” then you probably get all your political info from sources such as NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. You also probably get your info from other liberal rags like the Washington Post, NYTimes, Gawker, Media Matters, TIME magazine and all that crap. Once again, that stuff is not journalism. All they do is just feed ya one-sided views. The mainstream news is so liberal I can’t stand it and anybody that takes what they say seriously is dumb.

I can’t stand it when liberals defend liberal politicians all the time like Bernie Sanders, Hillary, Obama, etc… then they continue to act like the GOP are the bad guys. That’s because the mainstream media brainwashed them into getting them to think that way. Yes, the GOP are bad guys and evil. I would have to agree there but the Democrat politicians are no different. I wish liberals would think the same for Democrats but nope… nothing is ever wrong with Democrat/liberal political figures. They’re just normal people, doing good things for America (sarcasm).

The news is garbage. All of it. When liberals attack a GOP figure like Donald Trump for example and they show me an article that makes him look bad — chances are, that article will come from a liberal source like I listed above. I don’t pay attention to any of it. If you look at the news as something credible then you are really dumb and naive. Once again, I don’t watch or read the news anymore.

I don’t listen to liberals opinions and thoughts. I ignore all of that too. We really got to get rid of this “right vs. left” crap ’cause there’s no such thing. Stop calling yourself liberals. Stop calling yourselves conservatives. Get rid of the labels. I’m not on either side anymore. Liberalism is getting worse in America and conservatism is getting just as bad. All that garbage with Ted Cruz proves how bad conservatism has gotten. Donald Trump proves that the “right vs. left” just doesn’t work and that’s why he gets my full support.


When people claim they are in the “center” of politics, it probably means they are “liberal” and being secretive about it…

Don’t trust people when they claim they are in the center of “politics”. Meaning that some people claim to have some liberal views and some conservative views. Also meaning that they are “independent”. They can’t really make up their minds on what party they belong to so they declare themselves as “center”. You see some “center” people these days and there are more and more people claiming to be “center”.

When this happens, I look at it as these “center” people being secret liberals and they are afraid to admit that they are liberals. I mean, think about it, right? When they claim to have some “conservative” views, I think it’s just a cover that they are liberal and trying to hide it the best they can.

There’s a lot of people who claim they are “center” but still though, most of their political views are pretty left-wing. A lot of them still believe in gay marriage, gun control, abortion and many of them thinks the Republican party are evil but thinks Democrats are good guys. They also believe there is nothing wrong with Barack or Hillary.

I never considered myself “center” or “Left-wing” at all. I’m not ashamed to be “far-right” at all as I’m quite proud of it. A lot of people stay quiet on their “conservative” views ’cause they’re afraid of a liberal backlash. I’m not as you can see. I’m not afraid to be open and honest about my conservative views. I feel no regrets being a die-hard conservative at all. Yeah, there are plenty of people who hate me for it and there are some who love me for it.

Most everyone I know in my life… family members and friends are mostly either die-hard liberals or somewhere in the “center”. I’m probably one of the very few die-hard conservatives around here in my hometown of Greenwich.

So when people claim that they are somewhere in the “center” of political views… don’t always believe them. There are some out there that are afraid to admit to being a full-on liberal. Why? Is it because they’re afraid of being insulted by other conservatives? That’s probably a part of it. They’re afraid of a “right-wing” backlash is probably what it is.

There are also too many liberals pretending to be “conservatives” as well, no doubt about that.

Most people don’t like me for my die-hard “right-wing” views but I’m proud of what I am and won’t apologize for it either. People give me shit for hating on Barack Obama all the time and people give me shit for supporting Donald Trump but I don’t care.

I am who I am and won’t change for anybody. I’m proud to be a “right-winger”.


I love how people accuse me of not being smart when it comes to politics, if you say that, you’re an obvious libtard!!!

Sometimes I get that from people. People declaring that I’m not smart with my politics. People saying that I’m dumb and misinformed. That’s what they say to all conservatives in general. So because we have different opinions, different views, we don’t agree with the media and Obama… we get labeled as uneducated by the libtard left?

No… let me correct you. A lot of us on the “right” are very smart. More smarter than most people. If you’re saying we’re uneducated and dumb, chances are you’re probably a dumb liberal. I get accused of not being smart all the time but those accusations are mostly coming from the left. Very rarely I hear those accusations from the “right”. Sometimes I do get those accusations from the “right” but not that bad. Honestly, I get a lot of positive feedback by mostly “right-wing” people. They love the stuff that I do. I’ve gotten other conservatives who has told me that I know what I’m talking about most of the time. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten mostly right-wingers liking my posts on this blog. I’ve gotten conservatives liking some of my posts on my own facebook page.

What’s being smart is waking up about what’s really going on in America. What’s being smart is realizing what Barack Obama is really doing to our country. The smart people are the ones who get themselves informed and has greatly researched material that is not in the media. That’s what being smart & intelligent to me is. All the misinformed and naive people believe everything they read in the media and they believe everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. That’s what being uneducated is. What’s being uneducated is you falling for all this political correctness crap.

The smart people are the ones who have already woken up about America & Obama years ago while the libtard left are still worshipping Obama like he’s their king. If you’re still blind and ignorant about Obama, that’s what being uneducated is.

Anyone that says I’m uneducated, thanks. I’ll take it as a compliment ’cause it shows me that you are the ones with no brains, not I. If you still see that there is nothing wrong with Obama and still can’t see what he’s doing to America then you’re the one who is dumb.

So get off your high horse, stop acting like you’re better than everyone and shut the fuck up.


We just want the media and liberals to stop sticking up for Democrats, that’s all we want in America… it’s that simple really?

Conservatives are not afraid to be realistic on our own party which is the GOP but why can’t liberals be realistic with their own party which is the Democrats? The reason why it’s because of our corrupt media who seems to be taking political sides. The media are the ones trying to make Democrats look good and Republicans look bad. I agree that the GOP is a corrupt party and Democrats are just as bad when will liberals ever think the same? Liberals believe that politics is a black and white world which it isn’t really. Liberals believe that liberals stay on the left and the “right” stays on the right but it really isn’t like that at all. Us conservatives are not afraid to say which GOP politicians is corrupt and criminal… we’re not afraid to say that we disagree with some things in the GOP so we’re absolutely not on one side at all.

I’m tired of liberals pretending there is nothing wrong with Democrats. Whenever people try to expose Democrat politicians as criminals and liars… liberals will be quick to brush it off and then they’ll accuse us of watching too much FOX News, really? Democratic politicians should be held accountable for their crimes. Democratic politicians should receive some “flak” on the offensive things and all the lies they say but they get none of that. To liberals, it’s always the GOP that are the bad guys. I wish liberals would stop blaming George W. on everything. I wish they would stop blaming the GOP on everything too. It’s never the Democrats fault, it’s always the right-wingers that are bad people. Liberals think the GOP are destroying America

This is exactly how a liberal thinks nowadays:

Me: Barack Obama and Hillary are criminals and should be locked up.
You: Well, you watch too much FOX News and listen to too much right-wing talk shows.

I think you get the idea now. It’s all bullshit really and I’m getting really tired of liberals “one-sided” opinions and I totally believe they’ve been brainwashed by the corrupted MSM. They won’t listen to right-wing criticism and they’ll be quick to judge you as a “conspiracy theorist”.

That’s how bat-shit crazy America has gotten and it’s getting worse for sure. I’m tired of the MSM protecting liberal politicians like most people. The media really needs to be realistic on both sides. If the media wants to be taken seriously then they need to be realistic on both sides of the spectrum. If they want more ratings and more subscriptions then then they should start being realistic on Democrats too.

I don’t pay attention to the news ’cause it’s all too one-sided for me. I don’t watch NBC, CNN and I don’t read garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times. Those are all liberal rags. Anybody that takes them seriously is a naive idiot for sure. I’m not a big fan of the news and the way the media is going.

When Donald Trump gets elected, he’s gonna change it all. He’s gonna change the media for sure and end this “right vs. left” crap. Trump said he’s gonna be a great “unifier”? Well I totally believe it.

The divisiveness of the political parties is pretty disgusting and has gone too far. Nowadays you can’t tell the truth about Democrat politicians or liberal political views and you’ll get a backlash if you do. Tired of it. Time to elect Donald Trump and unite this country!


Have you noticed? Not many care for liberal opinion anymore… we want honesty… not political correctness…

I have been noticing that the liberal community has been losing more and more respect as time goes along. Not many care for liberal opinion anymore is why. Liberalism is getting weaker for sure thanks to Donald Trump and Ben Carson. We would have no problem with liberals if they can be more tolerant of others. Ya know, respecting others opinions and beliefs in politics even if you don’t agree. It’s a fact that liberals can be cool with you but when you express an opinion that liberals don’t agree with or don’t like, they can be assholes about it for sure. I have proven that fact many times. Liberals are only cool with you if you agree with them on certain things which is sad and pathetic if you ask me. That’s why it’s called, “political correctness”. Liberals think they are the only source of credible information… everything in their world is true. Anything different than their view is bullshit. They won’t believe any opinion that is different than the liberal media, ya know? It is a proven fact that liberals will only follow what the media says.

For example, liberals will only believe that gay marriage is a right only because NBC or the Washington Post says it is. They won’t listen to any other opinion that is different than that. Liberals will agree that Islam is a peaceful religion only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They believe that Obama is saving the economy and the USA only because NBC or the Washington Post says so. They will only believe that Trayvon Martin was just a good kid just getting a snack only because liberal media says so.

They won’t believe any opinion outside of liberal media like for instance… they won’t believe anything FOX News says and they won’t believe anything Breitbart News or they won’t believe anything that Alex Jones’s Info Wars says ’cause they are not mainstream media outlets. They won’t believe any right wing commentary or opinion.

This is how “one-sided” liberals are nowadays and it’s why it’s pointless debating politics with them. They will never side with “right-wingers” on anything at all.

Most Americans are fed up with liberalism and it’s about time too. More people are finally waking up for a change.

I get accused by liberals that my politics are always “negative”, a bit too “extreme” and “harsh”. No. Not at all. I don’t see how. My politics online are actually very positive as a matter of fact. If you think I’m being too extreme and aggressive chances are you’re probably a misinformed libtard. Other conservatives have no problem with what I do at all as most of them enjoy what I do. I get a lot of great feedback by other conservatives. I’m only trying to protect and defend America like what most are doing. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to let my opinion get heard, I don’t care whether it offends people or not.

All of this “political correctness”… all this “right vs. left” shit needs to stop. I’m tired of liberals having exact opposites of opinion than us which is getting old and tiresome.

I hate having to ignore liberals completely but it’s the best thing to do nowadays. Liberals are a piece of work ’cause they’ll never agree with you on anything. They will only reply to you if you post something they disagree with. When they do that, chances are you probably were right and they didn’t like hearing the truth.