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It’s pretty obvious Obama hates conservative people, we all know it!

Obama didn’t care to attend the funeral of Margaret Thatcher either. He also never gave any acknowledgement to Navy Seal Chris Kyle as well. So Barack Obama refusing to give any compassion to people with conservative beliefs that just passed away says all about the man. He hates conservatives. It’s pretty obvious I would say. Obama has always been a pretty one-sided guy. Why are liberals in America are always so one-sided? It’s because liberals are just like him. They’re one-sided people ’cause he is.

Obama is always talking positive things about liberal politicians and never talking anything bad about them except the only time I remember him disagreeing with a liberal politician is Elizabeth Warren over the TPP trade but that’s about all. Yet, Obama is always being disrespectful to conservatives. Him being afraid of Donald Trump also speaks volumes of how Obama hates those conservatives.

We can’t have a president who is on one side. Many would accuse Donald Trump of staying on the right but not really. If you’ve been paying attention, Trump has always said he gets along with both liberals and conservatives so he always respected both parties. Trump’s vision for America is in the interest of the country not for the party if you know what I mean. He said repeatedly that no matter what your political views are, he wants to make America Great and Safe again for all… not just for a certain party.

Obama has always been disrespectful and hateful towards conservatives. There are a few things that we know what Obama hates: Conservatives, Christians, white people and most importantly he hates America. Obama loves liberalism, homosexuals, Muslims and terrorists. Quite sad I would say.


It’s a shame to see that the libtard left has no compassion for Antonin Scalia… fuck them one-sided losers…

I understand how libtards have so much hatred toward those evil “conservatives” but come on, man. Why don’t they have some compassion and leave “politics” out of things for once? As soon as Antonin Scalia’s passing was announced, liberals get all excited about his death and right away they’re already talking about replacing him. Politicizing over his death which is so evil and cruel. Speak volumes of who these libtards really are.

It also proves even more how one-sided these liberals are. They’re only on the side of the left and hate everything on the “right”. So damn lame and stupid.

How much do you wanna bet that Barack Obama is gonna appoint a new justice who is black and is a liberal? That way if this new justice gets rejected, Obama can play the race card. Either that or Obama will appoint a justice who is a Muslim or a homosexual. Antonin’s replacement is gonna be any one of those three. My bets are on it.

Instead of showing respect or compassion, they have to politicize over his death right away. So damn stupid and they should feel ashamed of themselves. Proves those libtards are evil and cold-hearted bastards.