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“Make America Safe Again”…

The phrase “Make America Safe Again” is not just some political slogan. It means to make America safe again. Protect us Americans from Islamic terrorism which was the whole point of the 90 day Travel Ban. “Make America Safe Again” also means keeping us safe from illegal immigrant crime and protecting us from criminals who are US citizens too that’s when “law and order” comes in from law enforcement. Like everyone else, I supported Trump 100% ’cause crime and terrorism is such a huge problem in the US. I also got onboard to support Trump ’cause I’m so tired of government corruption like everyone else.

Now that the 90 day “Travel Ban” is back, we’ll see how much terrorism happens during those 90 days. I’m predicting that Islamic terrorism will go down than ever before, we’ll get lesser terror attacks for sure. I’ll bet your money on it. Would be even cooler if we don’t get terror attacks at all during those 90 days.

Sure enough, liberals are in meltdown mode once again… got “triggered” once again. Are you libtards pissed about the”travel ban”? Well wait until Obamacare gets repealed/replaced with the AHCA. Liberals are already getting scared of the AHCA which is funny. Liberals and celebrities really love Obamacare that much, hey? Obamacare is a disaster and it needs to go. Obamacare already is dead and it’s not even going anywhere to begin with so why bother even trying to save it?

I haven’t read about the AHCA yet which you can read more about it here: https://www.healthcare.gov/ but I’ll read more about it. NeverTrump morons are claiming this health bill cuts medicaid but reading a little bit about it on the website, that’s not what I saw at all. I’ll read more about the AHCA and I’ll give my thoughts on it some other time.

If you’re mad at Trump getting the “travel ban”, there’ll be much more winning up ahead. Like I said Obamacare being repealed/replaced is next, tax reform is coming, The Wall is coming, getting rid of sanct. cities, etc. We’ll be doing so much winning, it’s going to make your head-spin.

I’m all for the “Travel Ban”. I don’t know about you but I feel much safer under Trump. Hillary would have had us all killed.

So refreshing to see the Supreme Court go from liberal to conservative. 2 years ago today, the SCOTUS granted gay marriage for all of the US and on the “gay marriage” second year anniversary, SCOTUS grants the “Travel Ban”. LMAO. Enjoy your day, liberals!


It’s pretty obvious Obama hates conservative people, we all know it!

Obama didn’t care to attend the funeral of Margaret Thatcher either. He also never gave any acknowledgement to Navy Seal Chris Kyle as well. So Barack Obama refusing to give any compassion to people with conservative beliefs that just passed away says all about the man. He hates conservatives. It’s pretty obvious I would say. Obama has always been a pretty one-sided guy. Why are liberals in America are always so one-sided? It’s because liberals are just like him. They’re one-sided people ’cause he is.

Obama is always talking positive things about liberal politicians and never talking anything bad about them except the only time I remember him disagreeing with a liberal politician is Elizabeth Warren over the TPP trade but that’s about all. Yet, Obama is always being disrespectful to conservatives. Him being afraid of Donald Trump also speaks volumes of how Obama hates those conservatives.

We can’t have a president who is on one side. Many would accuse Donald Trump of staying on the right but not really. If you’ve been paying attention, Trump has always said he gets along with both liberals and conservatives so he always respected both parties. Trump’s vision for America is in the interest of the country not for the party if you know what I mean. He said repeatedly that no matter what your political views are, he wants to make America Great and Safe again for all… not just for a certain party.

Obama has always been disrespectful and hateful towards conservatives. There are a few things that we know what Obama hates: Conservatives, Christians, white people and most importantly he hates America. Obama loves liberalism, homosexuals, Muslims and terrorists. Quite sad I would say.


Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, the debate against gay marriage supporters gets a lot tougher…

Yeah, so gay marriage is now the law of the land. I would say that I’m not proud of it. I’m very angry and pissed off for sure but what are you gonna do? The liberal left is obsessed with homosexuality. They try to force us to accept gay marriage. A lot of us try to defend traditional marriage, the way marriage was originally supposed to be but we’re losing for sure. We should have every right to disagree with gay marriage. Now that gay marriage is law of the land, the liberal intolerance will get a lot worse. Gay marriage supporters will never listen to people who oppose it at all. The only people they’ll listen to is the SCOTUS and the MSM. Liberals believe gays have the right to marry just because the SCOTUS and the MSM says so. They now believe that gay marriage is now a constitutional right just because the SCOTUS says it is.

Wrong. The US Constitution doesn’t grant the USA the rights at all for gays to marry. People don’t understand the meaning of “all men are created equal” or the 14th Amendment at all. Which those two are the reasons why liberals believe that gay marriage is a constitutional right. There’s no where in the Constitution where it gives gays the right to marry. Not at all. It’s just that we have a broken and corrupt Supreme Court. Last time I remember, liberals used to hate the Supreme Court but now they love them all of a sudden. Ya know, just because the SCOTUS says “gay marriage” is a constitutional right doesn’t mean it is. They could be committing a criminal act themselves. I think they did it out of conflict of interest. They probably did it to avoid a liberal backlash or just to make the Obama admin. happy. The SCOTUS justices were probably threatened by the Obama admin. by blackmail, lawsuit, etc.

Anybody that believes the SCOTUS and trusts them is a loser. Anybody that believes the SCOTUS has the right to change the laws of “marriage” is a loser. The US Government and the SCOTUS has no right to redefine marriage at all.

We gotta get Donald Trump in the White House and get our country back. We can change it back to where it was before. We can ban gay marriage again… there are other ways.

The point of this post is that debating about “gay marriage” with liberals is getting pointless and a huge waste of time. You’ll never win with them now. That’s why I try my best to stay out of the “gay marriage” debate as best as possible.

Kim Davis has all of her right to give the middle finger to gay marriage. Whether you like her or not, it doesn’t matter. I think she’s fighting to bring traditional marriage back is what she’s doing. She probably knew what she did was risky but she didn’t care. She wanted to bring back traditional marriage was her goal. She new that gay marriage is the law of the land but she didn’t care. She’s a real American and fought for religious rights is what she did. It apparently pissed off all the liberals which is great. She may have broken the law but whatever it takes to fight for religious freedoms.

Liberals are a bunch of losers. It’s interesting how they care about the law and the Constitution since gay marriage is the law of the land. They never cared about the law and the Constitution at all before that. Fuck ’em.


Oh come on, liberals were never proud of America until they got their “gay marriage”…

Before the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is supposedly now “legal” in all 50 states, this of course got libtards in America all excited. They were all jumping up and down like little kids at a birthday party. Before their gay marriage corruptly got legalized in the USA nationwide, I could have sworn that liberals hated America. For many years, liberals have shown so much hatred and disrespect. They kept politicizing everything that came their way with things like gun control, abortion, etc. The thing I’m trying to say is that liberals are not happy people until they get what they want. Liberals are these type of people when they are told “No” but they can’t take “No” as an answer. When they are told no, they keep begging until they get what they want. You know how when a child begs for a candy, the child’s mother says “No” and when the child cries and begs, she gives up and gives the child a candy? Well, that’s exactly how liberals act. They’re the type of people who will beg & beg & beg until they get what they want. What I’m trying to say is that liberals are a bunch of little babies. They really are.

I find it hilarious how “liberals” are all “patriotic” all of a sudden when they were never like this before the gay marriage ruling. I shake my head and like, wtf? Liberals were always negative about America… what are some good examples of their negativity? Well all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff for one. Their gun control obsession is another example… them wanting to take away our guns is just showing your hate toward America. Also, what about liberals hating religion and Christianity? Also, they’re hatred toward Conservatives and Republicans is another example. Liberals were never happy people from what I’ve seen. They were always attacking people who were anti-Obama and they don’t respect anyone’s opinions. They always have to fight & argue like children.

So how do you make liberals happy and get them to love America? Just give them what they want.

Us conservatives; however, we’ve always loved America. We love everything about this country and it’s why we’re here. So liberals acting all patriotic all of a sudden it’s just a bunch of bullshit.

I’m sorry but celebrating “gay marriage” isn’t “patriotism”. It just isn’t normal. “Patriotism” is loving the country for what it is and showing your love for the country by defending it and protecting it. What patriotism is, it’s trying to protect our homeland from bad people like terrorism and corrupted politicians. “Patriotism” is also showing that you love to live here. Celebrating gay marriage isn’t “patriotism”. “Patriotism” is the American Flag, not the fucking rainbow flag.

There’s a lot of loud mouth celebrities like Michael Moore and Ariana Grande bad mouthing America… there are tons of liberals with the same attitude. When was the last time you saw a liberal say something positive about America before the gay marriage ruling? I don’t think I have seen any of them say something positive about America. If you hate America so much then leave, simple? I don’t know why Barack Obama hates America so much, yet he became president… doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m sure many others wonder the same thing.


The reason why libtard America won’t go after George Takei for racist remark…

When George Takei made that racist remark calling Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface”… it came to no surprise to me that libtard America was gonna be quick to defend him. George didn’t back down on his offensive comments and never apologized. He played innocent victim and defended himself. I’m still standing by it that what he said was pretty racist and offensive. Why didn’t Al Sharpton and Barack Obama go after him, since they appear to be hardcore civil rights activists? Why didn’t the black community themselves call out George Takei?

I know why. It isn’t because of George’s left-wing beliefs. It’s simply because George is a mainstream “gay rights” activist and internet hero. Another big reason is that George is simply gay himself. If people attacked George for his racist remarks and called him out, the tables would have been turned on them. It would make the liberals and the black community look like a bunch of homophobes if they attacked George. That’s why they were either silent or was quick to defend him. I think George used his “homosexuality” as his shield to protect himself over all this.

Think about if a right-wing conservative said something like “clown in blackface”… libtard America would have attacked him for it for sure.

If people called out George, it would have made the “gay rights” movement look bad. That’s probably why they refused to hold him responsible. It’s pretty much bullshit really. I don’t care who someone is. If they say racist and offensive things, then they should be called out. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi or transgender. If you think gay people are nice and wonderful people… not all of them. A lot of gays can be douchebags and George is one of them. I mean, George and William Shatner still don’t get along and they still want nothing to do with each other. They’ve been feuding for years so that says something about George. I never liked George. He was always a bit of a whack job. I can’t understand why so many like him. It’s just bullshit.


Facebook’s gay rainbow profile pics, an experiment to spy on your data???

This is interesting but at the same time, no surprise. While the Supreme Court shady ruling of “gay marriage” got facebook all excited and when they all changed their profile pics into a gay rainbow, they’ve must of fallen for a big scam. The rainbow pic was an experiment to mess with your minds. It was also an experient to get all of your personal data and spy on you.

Check these articles out:



I left facebook in perfect timing. 🙂

This was the big reason I left facebook, the gay rainbow. Seeing it all over people’s profile pics including all the celebrity & bands pages annoyed the hell out of me. So I said fuck ’em and left quietly without telling anyone. I don’t feel guilty leaving facebook as I still feel very happy about it. I’ve grown to hate facebook with a passion anyways. I got better things to do.


Valerie Jarrett came up with the idea to light up the White House in rainbows, of course she did!!!

Whose idea was it to come up with the White House being lit up in rainbows? It was Valerie Jarrett’s idea, of course. Do you honestly believe Obama himself could have came up with that idea??? Hell no. If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, Obama wouldn’t have came up with the idea himself. Valerie Jarrett is the White House boss, not Obama. Valerie is calling all the shots on everything. If you noticed in the White House youtube channel, you can see that Valerie spends so much time with Barack. She’s always by his side, always.

The way I’m seeing it, I think the White House is full of lesbians and homosexuals in this administration. Valerie is a closeted lesbian, Joe Biden is gay and so is Josh Earnest. The White House is being run by homosexuals, all of them. Why do you think they’re desperately trying to shove this gay lifestyle in our faces? Them lighting the White House in rainbows is just their way of showing that the Obama admin. is full of gays and they just came out of the closet.


Valerie Jarrett is cancerous. Something needs to be done about her too. She’s Obama’s puppet master. If you wanna take down Obama, gotta take her down first.


Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely…

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? I think you would probably figure out right away that it was probably the big gay marriage celebration and I’m sure it’s still going by libtards in facebook now. Ever since the ruling announcement by the corrupt, Supreme Court, the rainbow has taken over the internet. The rainbow is everywhere you look now.

The rainbow was all over my newsfeed all over facebook yesterday. It did drove me crazy so right away, I deactivated my account without telling anyone I was leaving. That’s okay, though. I’m sure people won’t miss me and won’t care ’cause I’m not that important. At first, I thought about deleting and blocking everybody that put the rainbow as their profile pic but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just leave facebook completely”? That’s what I just did. Just my way of telling gay marriage supporters, “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.

The rainbow is even all over celebrity pages, musicians & bands pages and all that stuff. A lot of people in the entertainment industry kept politics out of their careers but when the “gay marriage” ruling came, it turns out that liberalism is everywhere. Even from your favorite bands & movie stars are liberals as well. When celebrities & bands would change their profile pic to a rainbow, it would anger their conservative fans. Many conservatives have threatened to “unlike” their page. I know it sucks but just get off of facebook completely like I just did. It’ll save you a headache.

Liberals and “gay marriage” supporters think they are winning but they aren’t really. So liberals wanna start a fucking war with “conservatives”? Well, they’re gonna fucking get one and us on the “right” are gonna fight back real hard now. Liberals think that “gay marriage” being the law the of the land now is gonna end well for them but it’s not gonna end well for them. It’s gonna get back to them somehow. Well, they’re so obsessed with wanting “gay marriage”… well how are gay couples gonna divorce when they find that they don’t really love each other after all? A gay divorce is gonna be kind of tricky. So if “same sex” marriage is what they want, they better make sure that they love each other for life ’cause “divorce” is never gonna happen. Someday, liberals are gonna realize that “gay marriage” is impossible after all this time ’cause of the “divorce” part. Think about it, right?

Back to facebook, I deleted it ’cause it was also too liberal for me for the most part. Most everyone in my friendslist were all liberal people. I did have some conservatives in my friendslist but not too many. I feel proud what I did, seriously. After several years being on facebook, I decided it was best for me to get the hell out of there. There are other reasons why I left… too much drama & negativity. I also felt I had better things to do in my life and wanted to spend more time away from social networking like work on my guitar playing and music. Leaving facebook was probably the best thing I’ve done and I really mean it that I’ll probably stay away from there, permanently.

In facebook, I tried my best to tell everybody about Barack Obama and the US government but nobody wants to listen to me. The left is pretty one-sided, it’s crazy. As usual, all the left wants to do is defend Barack Obama and dispute everything I say of what’s going on in the country.

I have noticed that more and more people decided to leave facebook and I can see why. It’s crazy as hell in there. Twitter is better so I’ll stay there. I’ve always liked twitter more than facebook, anyways.


Glenn Beck warns that liberals fight for “gay rights” is far from over, this is only the beginning…

Yeah, so liberals and gay rights activists got their dream of “gay marriage” all over the USA but it’s NOT gonna stop there, Glenn Beck warns. Now they’re gonna find other ways to fight for “gay rights” for example things like forcing Churches to be acceptance of homosexuality and if you still believe in “traditional” marriage, they’ll do whatever they can so you can have a change of heart with gay marriage. They’re going to be stripping away your rights for having an opinion when you should have every right to.

They’re gonna try to censor anyone who believes in traditional marriage like me.


The gay rights activists or the “Homosexual Mafia” (as to what ET Williams calls them) is already on the move of censorship ’cause it was the gays that had the Dr. Of Common Sense’s youtube channel shut down for a while.

The homosexual Mafia and liberals are gonna attack hard. They’re gonna try to ban Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and other famous right-wing people. Hell they might even try to ban me… which comes to explain is the reason why I deactivated my facebook page. Facebook has gotten a bit too liberal. That’s because Mark Zuckerberg is a liberal and he’s an Obama supporter. I deactivated my facebook account this morning ’cause I grew tired of the newsfeed of rainbows. That’s part of the reason I deleted my facebook page. I don’t feel bad about it at all as I feel pretty damn good that I did that. I’ve been thinking about leaving facebook for a pretty long time and actually did it today! It’s probably gonna be permanent and I don’t think I’ll be going back ever. I really mean that too. Another reason I left facebook ’cause I felt I had better things to do in life and wanted to spend more time away from it.

Back to the topic, we’re really doomed. Our Freedom of Speech is in serious danger ’cause of liberal intolerance. Liberal intolerance is gonna get much worse. This is only the beginning, y’all.

I’ll always be a traditional marriage believer. I agree that “Love” is for everyone but not “Marriage”. Sorry but I’m always gonna stick to that no matter what anyone says or does. Liberal politics is getting way out of hand.


James Woods responds to yesterday’s Gay Marriage ruling and gets twitter all fired up!!!

Seriously, is this kind of behavior that we’re gonna have to accept? We’re gonna have to get forced to accept this? Is this what we want to teach our children in America that this perverted behavior is okay?

Really, libtard America??? Are you out of your freakin’ minds? Wow! Un-fucking-believable!