“Make America Safe Again”…

The phrase “Make America Safe Again” is not just some political slogan. It means to make America safe again. Protect us Americans from Islamic terrorism which was the whole point of the 90 day Travel Ban. “Make America Safe Again” also means keeping us safe from illegal immigrant crime and protecting us from criminals who are US citizens too that’s when “law and order” comes in from law enforcement. Like everyone else, I supported Trump 100% ’cause crime and terrorism is such a huge problem in the US. I also got onboard to support Trump ’cause I’m so tired of government corruption like everyone else.

Now that the 90 day “Travel Ban” is back, we’ll see how much terrorism happens during those 90 days. I’m predicting that Islamic terrorism will go down than ever before, we’ll get lesser terror attacks for sure. I’ll bet your money on it. Would be even cooler if we don’t get terror attacks at all during those 90 days.

Sure enough, liberals are in meltdown mode once again… got “triggered” once again. Are you libtards pissed about the”travel ban”? Well wait until Obamacare gets repealed/replaced with the AHCA. Liberals are already getting scared of the AHCA which is funny. Liberals and celebrities really love Obamacare that much, hey? Obamacare is a disaster and it needs to go. Obamacare already is dead and it’s not even going anywhere to begin with so why bother even trying to save it?

I haven’t read about the AHCA yet which you can read more about it here: https://www.healthcare.gov/ but I’ll read more about it. NeverTrump morons are claiming this health bill cuts medicaid but reading a little bit about it on the website, that’s not what I saw at all. I’ll read more about the AHCA and I’ll give my thoughts on it some other time.

If you’re mad at Trump getting the “travel ban”, there’ll be much more winning up ahead. Like I said Obamacare being repealed/replaced is next, tax reform is coming, The Wall is coming, getting rid of sanct. cities, etc. We’ll be doing so much winning, it’s going to make your head-spin.

I’m all for the “Travel Ban”. I don’t know about you but I feel much safer under Trump. Hillary would have had us all killed.

So refreshing to see the Supreme Court go from liberal to conservative. 2 years ago today, the SCOTUS granted gay marriage for all of the US and on the “gay marriage” second year anniversary, SCOTUS grants the “Travel Ban”. LMAO. Enjoy your day, liberals!


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